A Day In The Country

Having grown up on a farm in western North Carolina, my soul is still soothed by being in nature. A part of me always enjoys the stillness and the beauty of rural…


A Spa Day

I routinely wake up at about three in the morning. This happens even when we…


Go For A Walk!

I spent many extra hours at my computer this week devoted to learning the program that allows me to publish this new blog. My hands are now aching! For more than ten…

Living Well

Many of you have asked me about my exercise routine and what I eat on…

Saturday Evening

After a long day of attending the car show and exploring the area, we dressed…


Aging Gracefully

Many have asked how my style will change in my seventh decade. Owning lots of…



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  1. Susan, I’ve been following you since Fifty Not Frumpy and love and appreciate all you and Mr Mickey share I’ve been battling some sort of autoimmune problem for years and am about to have MRI of brain. I desperately want to learn to Eat To Live as you have. I’m married but husband doesn’t comply with his own diabetic diet and our adult daughter and grand baby are living with us. I’m retiring early on 4/30 at age 55 because I can’t tolerate working any longer. I was diagnosed in 1999 Fibromyalgia and now possibly MS. I want to focus on my health at retirement to hopefully get stronger and able to return to part time work. I’m wondering if you would post more/ current how you “transformed”? You’re an inspiration especially because I don’t have very supportive people around. Thanks so much!

    1. Eat food as close to the way it grew in the ground as you possibly can. Do not ever eat fast food or packaged convenience foods or snacks. Avoid beef, pork, and all processed meats. Eat beans, greens, grains, seeds, nuts, vegetables, and fruit in small quantities. Drink only filtered water. Walk and move around as much as you can during the day. Go to bed at the same time and rise at about the same time each day. (This is my lifestyle in a nutshell.) I hope you have success in your pursuit of better health. Best to you, Susan

  2. Susan, Thank you for being the bright spot in my email in box! You always offer usable information and beautiful photos. I appreciate your disclosure and judicial use of advertising in your blog. You are successfully maintaining your “brand” by doing so. Its disappointing when a blog turns into just one more piece of advertisement.
    I have a difficult shape (ie: short waisted, long legs and arms, and hips that are fuller immediately below the waist). So I need to camouflage the short torso and high hip issue when I dress myself. Never able to find an of the rack dress, never a belted waist. I dress in separates always. I’m 5′ 4″, 135 pounds and 68 yo. I would appreciate additional ideas for dressing my specific issues. Thank you Susan and Mr Mickey.

    1. I have the same short waist, high hip situation! I never fully tuck in a shirt. I also never show more than the bottom half of my behind. We might think the answer is to cover up with oversized or long clothes, but that always makes me look larger than I am. Now that I wear more low heeled shoes, I am still re-evaluating what I can and cannot wear.

  3. Susan, your website is great! I have shared it with friends and we all love it. I especially like when you show outfits and compare which is better, like the recent utility jacket. You are very informative, clear, and offer valuable tips for consideration – whether shopping or evaluating what to keep in my closet. Right now, I am debating about shrugs! What are your thoughts?

  4. Pushing 70 I dont wear old people clothes…looking for a style for the young at heart..always wore jeans an d tee shirts…help me

    1. I also wear jeans and a tee often. I pair the look with slingbacks or nude loafers and carry a structured bag. The accessories can elevate basics and make them appropriate for most occasions. The fit is essential. Look for jeans that fit without being too tight and tees with feminine details like a V-neckline. Stay away from faded or torn jeans and tees with logos or designs.

  5. I have been pinning your outfits for inspiration. You always look classy & well
    dressed. Thank you so much for showing
    such style.

  6. I have two questions. Can you suggest organic body was for very sensitive skin? How do you find restaurants that have such healthy, clean eating?

  7. Hi Sonia Rosario here, saw your pins on pinterest and I like what I see. You do a great job putting fashion things together and I’m looking forward to seeing more. At 55 I have a pretty good idea about fashion but I always appreciate more help and for that I say thank you.
    Keep up the good work!

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