Summer Wardrobe Additions

Many requests for summer item suggestions have come in, so I’m sharing what I have recently purchased or things on my wish list. If you’ve followed along for a while, you know that I make a list of things missing from my closet or replacements needed. I do lots of research and planning before I make a purchase, so it was well thought out by the time it went in my cart.

Recent sunny days have me thinking about warm weather options. The look above is one I wore for a lunchtime date with Mr. Mickery. However, layers will soon be too much, so I’m taking a serious look at my summer items now. Pieces similar to what I’m wearing above are linked since none are new.


In summer’s heat and high humidity, a loose-fitting dress made from a lightweight woven fabric is unsurpassed for comfort. In addition, we usually wash summer clothing after each wearing, so they show wear faster than the cold weather options. I purchased the blue and the black versions of this dress and I found them here.

As summer clothing needs replacing more often, summer shoes also need more frequent upgrades. So I purchased these Soludos chambray wedge espadrilles to wear with white ankle pants and midi-dresses. I found them here.

I bought several colors and multiple white oxford cloth shirts last fall, so I have a fresh supply for summer. They are great to wear with the collar and cuffs turned up with a few buttons undone. I often wear them with white or light blue jeans. Unfortunately, the shirts are out of stock now, but you will find them here in a few more days.

A trip to the Farmer’s Market, my neighborhood pool, or the beach means an oversized tote is essential. I already have two excellent totes from Mar Y Sol, but I am very tempted by this one. The timeless style and high quality are rare in summer totes. The pictured tote is here.

For those who asked for a skirt recommendation for warm weather, neutral colors with button details will look great with tees of nearly any color. The denim A-line skirt is here.

The previous recent posts about summer 2022 purchases are here and here. Examples of summer looks I will be repeating are here, here, and here. Recent outfits are here.

  1. This was helpful. I do sometimes just buy something but not sure where it will fit into my closet. Sometimes I don’t even wear it at all.
    You have reminded me to take an assessment and then buy what I need.

  2. I’m curious to know about your method for shopping for items you want to add to your wardrobe. Do you ever shop in-store, or is most of your shopping online? Sometimes online shopping can take quite a while, and I seem to spend a lot of time returning items. And you seem to visit a wide variety of online retailers (with a wide variety of prices!) If you’re shopping for a new pair of espadrilles, for example, do you Google ‘espadrilles’ or ‘summer dresses’, or do you have certain sites that are favorites for different types of items?

    1. I do almost all my shopping online, but I stick to brands and retailers I know and trust. When I find something I like a lot, I’m likely to return for similar items from the same maker.

  3. Do you find that the LL Bean shirts fit true to size? Also, do they live up to their wrinkle-free name or do you have to iron them? I know they must be a great shirt if you are buying them repeatedly. I have lost a lot of weight this last year and now I am buying new clothes. I am starting from scratch and keep all of your tips in mind when purchasing. You help all of us so much. I look forward to each of your emails.

    1. The shirts are generous in size, and they do crease a little, but nothing like a flat broadcloth fabric. I iron them, but I could get away with not doing so. Well done on your weight reduction! Thank you for the lovely comment.

  4. Like so many in your community of followers, I am truly appreciative of the ideas you share with us. From the first day I found SusanAfter60, I realized your understated, tailored style was what I needed to help me understand how to create a better sense of style myself. Your beautiful gray hair and your color choices caught my interest, and I loved what — and how — you shared your ideas about wearing styles that best suit one’s shape. I have learned a lot from your informative, gracious postings, and a few of my friends have occasionally complimented my “style” during the four years since following you. But over the years, I have realized that your real beauty is in your honesty, your life lessons, your cherished relationships that you have shared so thoughtfully with us. I am often amazed and delighted at how “real” your photos and videos are. As others have stated — a posting from Susan is a bright spot in the day, a note from a friend unlike any other! You are like the wise, caring sister who helps her other sisters along their ways. I suspect we’ll never really know the time and thought you put into your posts. It must be overwhelming at times, but you keep coming up with terrific, new ideas — the seasonal trends, the comparison pairings, the various looks for one basic piece. We never tire of your style know how. And please know your suggestions for petite women are greatly appreciated. So, as an older (mid 70’s) and much shorter (5’1”) grey haired sister, I am thankful for you, Susan. And I love the scarves I purchased from you.

    As a petite, I find that even petite blouses are often too long and typically end 3-4 inches down my thigh. Since I sew, I would like to shorten them. Could you suggest a good place for a blouse to end? I tend to tuck them in during the winter and often out in summer.

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment, Dana. I’m honored that what I share has been helpful to others. That was always my hope.
      A blouse that ends at the top of your leg at the joint with your hip is most flattering. You will find that you can tuck it in or wear it out with success.

  5. So wise! After retiring from a professional job & moving cross country to a very warm climate, I realize how very few clothes I actually need. Your advice helps a great deal!

  6. Would you wear white trainers with black trousers or keep to the same colour. I notice that in some outfits you match your shoes to your handbag that is a smart look

  7. Susan, my question is about the fit of a jacket or cardigan. Is there a rule about how wide the front opening should be? For example, in the photo for this blog, the jacket is much more open than the one in the previous post, Things I Avoid. Does it depend on the style of the garment?

    1. The jacket should close, even if you always plan to wear it open. This jacket has a cropped (shrunken fit), and the fabric is textured, so it looks more fitted. If you have a large bust, extra material can add more volume where you don’t need it. As a side note, I gave the jacket away this week because of the shrunken fit. Even though, in theory, it should be more flattering, I prefer a classic fit made in a smooth fabric.

  8. I read your comments on Facebook with interest. What you have done is understandable, and I applaud you for taking that stand. To be brief, I’ll only say that it’s more than sad that the FB forum is being destroyed by trolls and others with bad intentions.

  9. Hi Susan, I love your posts and thanks to you I’m learning to look at my retiree wardrobe in a new & better way! We are around the same age and rather “solitary” as you mentioned in an earlier post. I let my natural gray appear a few years ago and am loving the freedom from chemical dyes. Petite with an (aging!) hourglass figure, I would love to purchase those nice wrinkle-free (figure-flattering) shirts you post but am concerned about the formaldehyde treatments usually applied to combat wrinkling since I have various forms of skin dermatitis. Have you had reason to research this? Love the cool summer dress in this post and can picture it looking elegant on you!

    1. I find that these shirts are not as stiff as some of the other similar shirts and blouses I’ve tried. I can’t tolerate formaldehyde in skincare products or clothing either.

  10. Thank you so much for this! Do you have some dress recommendations for shorter ladies? I’m 5′ 3″ and feel frumpy in maxi dresses.

    1. You can wear slim-fitting skirts and dresses ending at the most slender part of your knee. The skirt should be tapered slightly. You are wise to avoid wearing anything that overwhelms your stature.

  11. Along with the summer clothing, I’ve been thinking of a new swim suit. Also, you mentioned once that you swim for exercise sometimes. Could you tell us how you keep your hair dry in the pool?

  12. I have looked at the Dooney website and am not sure about the color that you are wearing. Could you be specific? Love your jacket. I purchased the dress from Old Navy in pink last year and I am happy to see this dress is back this year.

    1. It isn’t that I don’t purchase new clothing; I don’t often shop anymore. So, what I am wearing in the photos may be more than two years old, meaning the same thing won’t still be available.

  13. Susan, another helpful post! You look wonderful. Do you starch your shirt collars to get them to stay up? I like the look occasionally but haven’t had great success with my shirts. Thanks for any advice!

    1. I don’t starch my shirts, but most of the ones I wear with the collar popped up have some structure. Unfortunately, the ones made from thin, soft material won’t stay in place. It works best with oxford cloth or no-iron shirts.

  14. I am taking a short airplane trip this spring and I am interested in wearing the swing dress from Old Navy. I think this dress in the chambray would be very nice. How would you accessorize a chambray dress?

    1. I try to match the formality of my look with the bag—for example, a small clutch bag with after five. On the other hand, I might carry a tote large enough to hold everything on a day filled with errands.

  15. Discovered your YouTube channel yesterday and binged watched with enjoyment. We have similar backgrounds. My “transformation” began in August 2013. Thank you for sharing your journey! Keep on blogging – women need to know they are not alone.

  16. Good day Susan, Can you let me know what to wear when in a very hot summer at the beach while camping?

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