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  1. This is such a good idea. I can save the individual pics for inspiration. A catalogue of outfits. Looking forward to more great ideas. Thank you for taking the time to do this!

  2. One thing I have not seen you mention-labels at the back neckline of tops. I think they make the back look tacky. I always carefully remove them, along with the extra buttons. You have helped me so much in identifying my style and sticking to it. Another hint: if something needs to be repaired or hemmed, be sure to have it done by someone who is good at it. Nothing worse than a bad heml;ine. Your formula works even for an 84 year old on a budget. My favorite shops: Chicos, Talbots, and My Fair Lady/ tops by Sun Woo. I have been a Color Me Beautiful advocate since the 80’s and always get compliments on my color choices and style. My granddaughters brag about me to their friends. Their friends wanted to have an ugly Christmas sweater party and suggested they all ask their grandmas if they could borrow one. Their reply: our grandma doesn’t have any ugly sweaters. Carmona Adams

    1. I always remove irritating labels, extra buttons, and the labels on the side. You are correct that properly executed alterations make a garment look and fit much better.

    1. When you click on the words under the pictures, you will be shown the original post, which will have links to similar if not the same items. I often wear my things repeatedly for years, so I try to find a similar item for sale now.

  3. I retired three years ago & have a closet full of corporate clothes & accessories. I grew up wishing I had more and better things, so being able to afford the well-made garments in fine fabrics has always been a symbol of success to me. My signature style always involved accessories and interesting shoes. Since I retired, and in response to the pandemic, I started gravitating toward simple, classic separates to make use of the tailored trousers I already have – Grace Kelly cardigans, V-neck tees, sweaters and button-down shirts. Lately, however, I’ve been doubting my new direction. I don’t want to become boring or invisible. Then I stumbled onto your blog through Pinterest, and it reassured me I’m on the right track – nothing too complicated, a few well-chosen accessories and an eye-catching handbag. I’m seeing my stuff with new eyes & look forward to following your lead. Unfortunately, the insecure teenager still takes up some of my space and I’m resistant to let go of the clothes I no longer need (or wear). Can you and your readers give me a mantra to make it easier to purge.

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment.

      I remind myself that I have enough material things, but I want to have more experiences. So focus on what is important to you, and don’t let the next shiny object steal your momentum.

  4. I love reading your styling tips and appreciate that you tell the reasons why you like it and why it works for you. Thank you.

  5. I have tried subscribing to your blog several times but never receive a confirmaqtion. What do I have to do to get your blog posts?

  6. Susan, I’m enjoying the process of building a basic capsule wardrobe of quality pieces that fit well and will easily stand taller than the trends. I would appreciate a few specific suggestions for those of us who live in high heat and high humidity climates. We live near the ocean and I’d like to add a few casual but practical pieces that are interesting without layering and can stand up to sand and salt water. Thank you for sharing so much of what you’ve learned that works. My recent favorite is using small zipper bags in your purse that makes changing your look easily.

  7. Hi, I’m from Cape Town South Africa and we are now going through summer. I cannot seem to find or pickup the outfits you wore during your summer months….Where do I find them…Thanks Terry.

    1. You can click on the page numbers at the bottom of each post or visit my Instagram page (here) where you can see a summary of many of my looks on one page. You will also find a summary of looks on Pinterest here.

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  8. I really appreciate this site. I am a triangle shape long torso and very short legs. I have just let my hair go gray (salt and pepper)with the pandemic -can you tell me what would look good on my figure?

    1. Hi Lisa. You will look best in high-waisted styles. Wear long pants and the same color shoes. Choose a wrap dress that stops at the knee and wear nude shoes with bare legs or black shoes with black tights. Cropped jackets will look best on you. Avoid wide-legged pants with an ankle length. Avoid horizontal prints and oversized boyfriend jeans. Carrying crossbody bags too low or bulky shoulder bags that land near the hips will add visual volume there.

  9. Nice clothes , my dilemma is what to wear for a summer wedding indoors I am 79:years old
    Thank you

  10. I’m not certain that you’ll receive this post but have recently found your blogs on Pinterest. Have so enjoyed your sense of fashion and sweet sensibility. I am hoping to follow your most recent blogs as many items are sold out or have limited availability as blogs are older. Thank you for
    providing me so many useful ideas.

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