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For the past few years, I’ve told you that the bras by Shapeez are my all-time favorites. After breast cancer surgery (lumpectomy and a lymph node removed) in August, I gained a new level of respect for Shapeez. Going braless for even a few minutes caused pain and extreme discomfort, so I even slept in a bra for about two weeks. (Thankfully, the Ultimate Pretty bras are indeed so comfortable you can sleep in them.) The radiation treatments are now completed, so I am focused on healing and regaining my energy.

Please get your yearly mammogram. Early detection is the best tool to fight breast cancer.

I was still in my thirties when I first noticed bra bulge in the three-way mirror while trying on a knit top at The Limited. For decades afterward, I made sure my tops didn’t show those rolls and bulges caused by wearing banded bras all those years. I now have the confidence to remove my jacket while wearing slim-fitting sweaters and knit tops, thanks to the back smoothing support provided by Shapeez bras. Bra bulge is no longer an issue.

The necklace is here, and the earrings are here. The ring is here. The mock neck top is here. The pants are here. The heels are here. The belt and bag are both a couple of years old. Similar belt and bag. (When I buy men’s belts, I buy them two inches larger than my waist.)

A styling tip to remember if you have a larger bust. When you wear a loose-fitting sweater or top, you don’t conceal your bust. Instead, you look larger if the garment falls straight from your bustline.

The Ultimate Pretty Bras are here. Your 15% off discount code is Susan1023. Shapeez is not compensating me, but I am always happy to share discount codes when I can get them.

I’ve also been wearing the Retro Brief from Soma here for several years. VPL (visible panty lines) are no longer a concern.

Recent posts are summarized here. I purchased all the products I show since I no longer accept gifts or products to review. However, referral links on this site may allow me to earn a small commission without cost to you.

  1. Vous êtes superbe dans ce nouveau style . Je vous préfère mieux ainsi qu’en jean slim et vaste tunique .
    C’est ainsi que je m’habille depuis longtemps , mais cela nécessite d’acheter des produits de grande qualité .
    En France il est impossible de se procurer le type de soutien gorges dont vous parlez ,et ce a mon grand désespoir . Je cherche au moins des caracos gainant qui sont aussi très difficiles à trouver .
    Il reste les culottes hautes qui montent jusque sous la poitrine .
    Elles sont inconfortables , s’enroulent parfois et sont difficiles à enlever lorsque l’on est pressée…
    Je suis très entêtée….Je vais trouver …hihihi

  2. Susan, you look radiant and absolutely fabulous! I love the wider leg, high rise, flare slacks you are wearing. I think that style flatters many figure types. Regarding the Shapeez bras, several months ago I wisely took your recommendation and ordered two. They are the best bras I have ever worn, and no longer having the back bulge is a boost for my confidence. Thank you! In addition, when you were first diagnosed with breast cancer, you suggested your followers should consider a mammogram if they were in need of one. I got one and it was normal. That was quite a relief and I have you to thank. I greatly appreciate your posts with your excellent fashion advice and sharing of your travels around your lovely area.

  3. I’m very glad to hear your treatments are over. I hope you have a very speedy recovery and are back in top form very soon.

  4. Because of you, I stated buying both Shapeez and the same briefs from Soma about 4 years ago! My self confidence went through the roof. The bras are pricey but I take gentle care of them and the customer service is awesome.
    Thank YOU for great advice. It is always good to know how one can positively affect someone.

  5. Dear Susan,
    It’s heartening to see your smile! Like all your online community, I am delighted that your treatment is completed and rest is the order of the day. Your posts are always informative and practical. Thank you for taking time to bring a smile to so many faces!
    Healthy wishes!

  6. So happy for you that all your treatments are completed and you can begin “normal” life again. Whatever that means. Ha. My question is : Do you usually wear the longer Shapeez bra and do you wear a minimizer? Thanks

  7. Thank you for sharing your breast cancer journey. Many are dealing with the same issue (or may in the future) and can learn something that might be helpful when facing the same experience. Your overall thoughts on so many topics have been a learning tool, regardless of the subject. Excellent job!

  8. Wonderful to hear you are healing and taking care of yourself well. You look fabulous as always. I think that look is so classic and can be appropriate for many occasions. I’m ready for another reminder about the food you eat to keep your lovely glow.

  9. I have been wearing Shapeez since you first advertised them! Glad to here your treatment is over and your recovery has gone well!

  10. Glad you are feeling better and finished with radiation. After reading your blog I tried the shepeeze bras. The are very comfortable and give me the look I want. I also have the shortee one. Thanks for the tip.

  11. I enjoy your articles very much as we are built the same. I am a 23 year survivor if the same procedures. As the affected breast has healed, it is smaller than the other one. If course, I have to buy for the bigger side. Please let me know as you find a fix for this issue outside of reduction of the non-affected breast. Blessings for your complete healing.

    1. I have already noticed the same, but I have not found it shows so much when dressed. My surgeon said the healing process would take two years, so I’m sure there will be many more changes in that time.

  12. I’m so glad everything went well and this is behind you. You do look good in these pictures so your healthy eating is definitely showing. I have one of these bras I’m definitely going to check out the website and get another.

  13. You look fabtastic! I tried the Shapeeze and really wanted them too work for me, but as a short waist, short torso , pear shape- they roll up on me I’ve tried everything I know to keep this from happening.. Maybe they will come up with something. I really like their concept.

  14. Love Shapeez bras. They are the only ones I wear. They are so comfortable!! Thank you for the recommendation. Glad you are on the road to recovery!

  15. Such a classic outfit, unfussy but chic and smart Susan. Grey can be a difficult colour to wear next to face , a charcoal totally drains me, but a lighter classic
    soft grey is much mor flattering next to our face . The grey you are wearing is a lovely flattering soft grey, black trousers, well
    say no more always in vogue..You look radiant and I will continue to take inspiration of your cancer journey. Mine is just beginning.
    As I mentioned in last post I had a recall after routine mammogram and the Ultra sound scan of right breast showed a small tumour.
    A core biopsy was taken there and then and this Friday I have an appointment to see the Breast Surgeon as to what treatment I will require depending on
    results of Biopsies. Again I am deeply thankful for you sharing your cancer journey , the saying is a problem shared is a problem halved , I am a true believer of that saying .
    I love the concept of the shapeez bra, I don’t know if they are sold in U.K. maybe Amazon I will have to research, The one you show is very pretty and right now I feel like pretty in my life . Do take care and thank you.
    Regards from Pamela in Wales UK

  16. I have been wearing the shapeez bras for several years along with the retro brief from soma. You recommended these undergarments on your blog and I tried them. I love both, I won’t wear anything else! Great tips for the perfect style of bra and underwear!

  17. Thank you for your sincere kindness and strength you have given me and others . Like you I could not feel this lump so thank goodness for Mammograms. I will share my journey with you and other ladies who read your blog not to be afraid.
    Well done Susan for having completed your treatment successfully, such a relief for you and those close to you.
    Regards to you and Mr Mickey.
    Pamela from Wales UK.

  18. Susan you are looking well and ready to take on whatever comes your way. I’m so happy that you are done with radiation. I know first hand that it is a lot to go thru. Keep up the positive thinking and starting your day by doing what makes you happy. Hope Mr. Mickey is enjoying good health now too.

    Thank you for your posts. I enjoy reading them and looking at the pictures.
    Patty V

  19. Well Susan, this picture is one I am going to copy and print for my “Susan” album of clothes to wear. I love the classic look and you inspire great tastes as well as good advice to go with the outfits. The pictures are to remind me of the details you take to complete your outfits. Many times I would forget the belt or a scarf that really completes the outfit and the reminder comes in handy many times when I check the pictures.
    Tears and smiles for you with the completion of your radiation treatments. A long road you have traveled and a fairly long one that remains but know you are in the minds, thoughts and prayers of many followers on your site. We are selfish, well I am, as I want you to be healthy so you can continue your blog for a very long time, wink!
    Take care and God bless you and Mr. M.
    Clara from Iowa

  20. Hello Susan, I’m so glad to hear your lumpectomy and radiation are complete and you can begin to move forward with life. Wishing the best for you and Mr. Mickey.

  21. So happy for your recovery and being finished with treatments. I know it must be stressful but you show such strength and poise always.

  22. You look great Susan! So glad your treatments are done. Great tips as usual. I’m afraid I’m one of these women that tend to wear looser tops to hide my larger breasts. I guess I’m not fooling anyone! LOL

  23. Hi, I’m very happy your treatments are over so you can focus on life ahead.
    I just love the colours and the look in this picture. I would wear that any day!

  24. I’m so glad to hear you are through your treatment & healing. I have a question about the Shapeez bras. Do they make you hot? I am always hot & wonder if they would make it worse? Thanks

  25. Hi Susan! Heartfelt happiness for your recovery. Your diagnosis awakened my need for a mammogram. Women are always taking care of others!

  26. I Susan and thank you for the good advises you give us. I am interested in the Shapeez bras, I was wondering if it’s available in stores? I will be in Naples Florida for 3 weeks in January and I would certainly love to try the bras. I am 78 years old and I do have a few bumps here and there that I would love to hide but I am heavy chested DD so it’s important that it fits properly. Being in Florida for only 3 weeks it won’t give me time to try and send back if needed so would appreciate your help in this matter. I love the high back…. Thank you so very much.

  27. I’m so glad to hear that you’ve finished the radiation treatments, Susan. You continue to be in my prayers for a complete recovery and a return of your strength.

  28. Susan glad you are doing well. Following my lumpectomy / node removal I haven’t been able to wear any underwire bras.
    I have found honeylove tanks, camisoles or v neck bras to be comfortable with my scars. https://www.honeylove.com/products/liftwear-tank?color=Sand

    Also in addition to mammograms remember to do monthly breast exams. That’s how my cancer was found about 7 months after my mammogram.


  29. Susan and followers, I had breast cancer surgery almost 11 years ago. As one of the ladies commented on the “new” size of the surgical breast, I have the same issue. I get new bras every year at no cost to me from our cancer center. I use a prosthetic in the affected side so I can’t really try any other bras. I need ones with pockets for the prosthetic. Just thought I would mention that this is my fix of the issue. I enjoy reading your blog and follow you and Mr. Mickey along on your travels. Glad your radiation treatments are behind you. Take care. Patricia from Iowa

  30. I excitedly clicked into this post thinking you were talking about make-up! Lol! Not disappointed though. I have bought some Shapeez “foundations” on your recommendation and I love them. In fact, I wore one today to go out to lunch. They do make you feel sleek!
    Love the mock neck.
    Glad you are doing better and now able to focus on regaining your energy.
    Continued healing Susan.

  31. I’m glad to hear your radiation is finished. I too am a breast cancer survivor, 16 years now! It was detected early, thanks to annual mammograms. Early detection is so important. There are many of us out there who have or will go through this. Sharing your experience is an encouragement to all of those women. I enjoy your blog!

  32. So glad to hear your treatments are done. You are an inspiration of strength and courage, and thank you for your health reminders. Lots to be thankful for as we head into the giving season.

  33. Susan I had the same cancer experience as you 12 years ago and I’m doing well. I found radiation treatments drained me of energy. I rested when the body needed rest – only one big activity a day for the first few months – it made a difference. Take care and take it easy.

  34. For some reason I no longer get your emails. I sent another request but still seem to be kicked off? I have checked all my boxes, trash, etc with no sign of you . My daughter has been forwarding your emails to me so hopefully I have not missed any. I have been following you for years so I am very confused.

    I love your style and have told many of my friends to follow you. They love you too!!! Sending prayers that you continue to be healthy.

    1. You aren’t kicked off, Joyce! I didn’t see any problems with your subscription at all, so you should be getting the emails. Is there a chance the email notices are landing in your spam folder? That happens sometimes.

      You can always go directly to my website to see what’s new. SusanAfter60.com

  35. Very happy to hear you’re done with your treatments and are in the healing process! Thank you for your posts. They’re always so informative.

  36. You must be relieved now that your treatments are finished up. My mammo is next month.
    Always admire what you wear and I must admit, our clothing choices + colour choices are almost exactly the same.
    Thank you for recommending Shapeez bras a few years ago. I starting wearing them & find they are the most comfortable bras I’ve ever worn. I prefer the silkee tankee over the ultimate pretty because I don’t like padded bras. Also like the fact that the silkee tankee long keeps me warm in the winter ( cooler months ). Our summers tend to be hot & humid here west of Toronto, Canada, so I wear the silkee tankee short bras during the summer months. I love them, too.
    Looking forward to your next post, Susan. Best wishes from over the boarder!

  37. So happy to hear that you are finished with your treatments! I’m sure you have saved many women from serious problems with your experience and encouragement to get regular mammograms.

  38. Susan, congratulations on the wonderful news! You look healthy and beautiful, and thank you for sharing health tips with us. I have a quick fashion question. I’m 5′ 4 1/2″ tall and 129 lbs, hour glass shape, legs longer than torso. Is it fashionable or appropriate for me to wear good quality leggings with a fit and flare style tunic? I’m 74 and my legs are in good shape. But I don’t want to look like “mutton as lamb’.

    All the best to you and Mr. Mickey.

  39. Thank you for your suggestion on a chunky sweater and tall boots for a more current look. I’m now on the hunt for a sweater that covers the bum. And I’ve always loved tall boots! You are the only blogger I follow. You always share healthy food choices, current but classic clothing styles and your travels with pictures make me smile every time. And thanks to Mr. Mickey, my husband would like some printed socks! Kudos to you both!

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