The Anniversary Weekend

When I met Mr. Mickey at a neighborhood Christmas party in 2006, I didn’t know I was about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. He asked me to have dinner with him about four months later, so I accepted, and we’ve been enjoying each other’s company since then. On Sunday, we had brunch at a lovely new place in Asheville.

As always, I wore old favorites, I’ve had for a while, so the links I share will be for similar items, if not the same. Summer weight navy blazerWhite ShellWhite Jeans.

The baroque pearl necklace here is the only new item. The matching pearl bracelet is here. (Use the code SAS10 for $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.) The watch is here. Other similar items are the earrings here, bracelet here, and ring here.

A similar bag is here, and similar Stuart Weitzman pumps are here. Thin liner no-show socks are here.

We visited a new restaurant in Asheville for Sunday Brunch. Have you tried Bargello in the Hotel Arras? We thoroughly enjoyed the delightful staff, the delicious food, and the lovely ambiance of the hotel. From the valet to the bartender, everyone was professional and helpful.

The French Toast was delicate and delicious! There were leftovers for Mr. Mickey to take home.

Jonathan, the host, and Christine, the manager, were delightful. We are looking forward to our next visit.

We also enjoyed a Bloody Mary in the lounge area called District 42. The bar is named after the original forty-two lots running along Biltmore and Broadway Avenues in downtown Asheville.

On Friday evening, we revisited the consistently excellent, Gourmet and Company, which was the location of our very first date. I wasn’t surprised that he showed up for our date wearing the same colors as me. It has happened many times over the years. We are both wearing cashmere sweaters and other classic basics that are several years old.

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  1. Congratulations to you and Mr Mickey on your anniversary and on enjoying such a sustained relationship as adventure partners! You both know how to dress and how to live.
    What is the stone building in the background of your first photo? I spent some time in Asheville many years ago, in the earliest stages of that city’s more recent revival, but I don’t recognize that older building. A church, perhaps?

  2. What a stunning location, it looks beautiful . And of course you both look amazing. Sadly, dressed like you, I’d quickly succumb to hypothermia here in the UK right now. But warmer days should arrive soon and at least we are not fleeing our homes while bombs and shells rain down. Love and respect to all in Ukraine. Best wishes to you and Mr Mickey on your Anniversary.

  3. Happy Anniversary! After 46 years my husband and I often find ourselves dressing alike as well.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Looks like you had a great time! Asheville is a lovely city and I hope to visit it again soon.
    You both look very happy. Love your gray cardigan.

  5. You are such an elegant couple. Congratulations! And, of course, you look stunning.

    Several years ago, I spent a few days in Asheville and was charmed by the Arts District, the 1920’s houses and the quirky nature of the downtown. Would love to return. Is the restaurant/hotel downtown?

    1. It is in the old BB&T bank building on Patton Ave, Packs Square. The McKibbon Hotel Group invested more than eighty million dollars, turning it into a boutique hotel.

  6. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! You two have had many adventurous times together and we’re lucky to have you share them with us! Life has more meaning with a partner by your side. I will look for Bargello next time in Asheville. Looks like a beautiful place! We’re always wondering what to try next there.

  7. Congratulations on 16 years of a loving relationship. Thank you for taking us on your and Mr. Mickey’s journey.

  8. Cari auguri che possiate gioire delle reciproca compagnia per molti futuri anniversari
    Siete molto carini e traspare un grande affetto e stima

  9. I’m contrasting Mr. Mickey with the other guy sitting at the bar with his big old hairy legs hanging out in a fairly formal setting. Yuk.
    You both look great!

  10. Absolutely lovely…..thank you for continuing to assist us in our quest for aging gracefully and elegantly!

  11. Happy Anniversary! As usual, you celebrate in fine style. The greatest lesson for me is to spend the time to mark these occasions by dressing elegantly. This makes it much more memorable. The best to you both!

  12. So glad you enjoyed my hometown of Asheville again. Congrats to two obviously classic and loving people. You two seem meant for one another.

  13. What a wonderful adventure y’all have had. You both look amazing That Mr. Mickey is very dapper!
    Happy Anniversary to you both! Keep enjoying each other’s company and enjoy life!

  14. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Mickey. You are lovely people. You both look great and I am so happy for you.
    Keep forging on!

  15. What a lovely weekend for such a lovely couple! Happy Anniversary to you & Mr. Mickey. Love reading your blog!

  16. Congratulations on your anniversary! Mickey and you look fantastic in your matching gray and black attire. I always look forward to reading your style tips and your fun adventures.

  17. Happy Anniversary!! I greatly enjoy your posts. Would you please do one for summer business attire? Thank you.

  18. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Mickey. Mr. Mickey is quite the catch I do believe. Wishing you many more return of your special day, good health and many special adventures yet to come. My husband and I have ben visiting Asheville for 39 years. It is always a pleasure.

  19. What a lovely couple. You’re a good reminder for those of us who are single to go ahead and get out-even if we aren’t very social. You just never know who you’ll meet. Congratulations on another anniversary.

  20. Congratulations you are a handsome couple ! Continue your celebration. Sincerely Sandra, Riverside Ca.

  21. Congratulations on your anniversary! You are such an inspirational couple. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and adventures with us.

  22. Happy Happy Anniversary to a lovely couple
    Your journey thru your blog has been an informative & lovely journey

  23. You two make a great looking couple. Happy Anniversary! I love your style and add to my basics based on a lot of your items! I purchased my first of what I’m sure will be many of the Beauty in Stone necklaces from one you shared recently. It is stunning!

  24. I’m so pleased to be able to wish you a happy friendship-versary! After Mr. Mickey’s health scare a couple years ago it is so good to see him look so well. And of course you are always beautiful. I need to make plans to visit Asheville.

  25. Hi! Congratulations! You and Mr. Mickey look wonderful. Hope his leg is better! Love your jewelry.I ordered earrings and that same bracelet! It’s my favorite! We pass by Johnson City twice every summer and I am determined to get to Gourmet and Co. haven’t made it yet as we have a dog with us…maybe takeout? I am older than you , but you are an inspiration to all of us if a certain age. Stay safe…

  26. Aahhh …. such a cute couple! Congratulations on finding each other and enjoying each other’s company all these years. Makes my heart sing to see such happiness.


  27. Thanks for sharing your story. Always a delight to read about your wonderful dinners. Pam Dieterich

  28. Happy Anniversary. I do so love your posts.
    The French Toast looks beautiful. I recognise sultanas and nuts in the sauce. Is pineapple the other ingredient? I’d like to try and copy that delightful looking dish.
    I love your pearls.

    1. Here are the details on the toppings for the Brioche French Toast – Apple Compote, Whipped Bourbon & Maple Mascarpone Crema, Sorghum Pecans, Brandy Raisins.

  29. Hi from Florida,
    Love seeing you and Mickey together. You make such an attractive couple. So nice that you two can enjoy each others company and the enjoyment of good food. Love all the pictures of places you visit…..

  30. You both are lovely inside and out. Your friendship adventure of a lifetime is so celebration worthy.


  32. I would love to see a post about proper length to hem pants. Should a bootcut be longer than a straight leg? Should they break in front? Should they be a certain distance from the ground? I have a ladies chorus of seniors and (imo) they are insistent upon high waters. I’m in charge of costumes and wellbeing hemming bootcut slacks and wearing a variety of shoes so I’m leaning on the long side.

    1. The wider the pant leg, the longer the hem should be. Any length above the ankle should stop at the most slender part of the leg and is most flattering if the pants fit slim to the leg but not tight.

  33. Happy Anniversary….you both smile and brighten our days with your adventures and style! We will be in Asheville early in May and may visit the Bargello for dinner. Thanks for the recommendation.
    We live in central NC and enjoy reading of your on location experiences in western NC. I expect this summer we will do the same.
    Cheers to you and Mr. Mickey!

  34. You make a lovely looking couple.
    You’re both very blessed to have found one another. May you celebrate many more happy anniversaries!

  35. Happy anniversary! Thank you for sharing your adventures and your elegant and often coordinated outfits. Wishing you many more happy anniversaries.

  36. Congratulations on your anniversary!!! May you have many, many more!!! Y’all are such a handsome couple and it’s obvious you you’re so happy together!!!

  37. What a great story of how you met, and what a strikingly handsome couple you make! I met my love of 13 years online and he truly is my soul mate. We enjoy traveling together and head to France next week. Third trip for me, second for him but our first to that country together! Finding the right person to share you life with especially at a stage in life where you know who you are and what you want, is magical. Here’s to many more happy years – and many more adventures together – to you and Mr. Mickey.

  38. Congratulations on your anniversary! What a great way to remember your first date! I love the pictures of the hotel. So much ambience.
    I’m wondering if I dare take white jeans to Europe later this month. It’s still before Easter! And it’s still so cool in Northern Europe and the UK. Would love to read your thoughts on these old, Southern traditions.

  39. What a lovely couple you and Mr. Mickey are. I enjoy your local travel experiences, meals shared and activities to keep you active. Cheers to many more to come!

  40. You two are so lovely and elegant together! I thoroughly enjoy your posts about your ramblings and restaurants. I wish you Happy Anniversary and a hope for many more adventures down the road.

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