A Lovely Afternoon

Our weekend adventures often include a lunch date, so we visited a favorite restaurant in Asheville on Saturday. Carmel’s in the Grove Arcade is a delightful spot for people watching and enjoying delicious food.

All of the items I wore are more than a year old, so I’ll share similar current items in the links. BlazerShellJeansBagBootsNo-Show SocksWatchBraceletRingRing.

Happy Springtime!

As we shared a piece of carrot cake inside the Grove Arcade, my heart was stolen by this sweet Yorkie.

Above is the adorable Whitney. A few hours later, her humans were like friends we’ve known for many years. We look forward to spending time with them when they return to their Asheville getaway. Lenora and David and their sweet pup are a pure delight!

As soon as I sat down in their condo, Whitney came to sit on my lap. This is my giddy “Life is good; I have a dog on my lap.” face.

Lenora and David took the photos below on their building’s windy rooftop garden. It is a blessing when serendipity leads precious new friends into your life.

Thanks for sharing part of your day with me. I hope you have a lovely week. Some of the links on this website may allow me to earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

  1. You truly are fortunate to have so many lovely places to visit, gorgeous scenery for drives, upscale dining and shopping. And new, interesting friends.

  2. Our Gracie is our latest dog. She turned 9 in February and we love her so much. She motivates us to move when we’d rather curl up with a good book. Lots of walking with Gracie. The only draw back is when we go away. We had a very good pet sitter before covid, but they are deciding whether they will continue with their small business as they are getting on in years. Keeping our fingers crossed they will.
    How nice to meet new people when you don’t expect it! Lucky you

  3. What a sweet pup! You look delighted. I’m thinking you might enjoy having a sweet little pup of your own. It is always fun to see you and Mr. Mickey loving life.

  4. Thank you so much for recommending the Walking book series by Richard Paul Evans. I enjoyed it so much. I just wish there were more then 5 books in the series.

  5. Hello Susan,
    Can you recommend lightweight pants to wear to Italy in May? I find jeans too hot for warmer temperatures. I also welcome any other packing info you could send my way. I am 68.’
    Thank you,

    1. The pants here are 98% cotton and they look nice with various tops and shirts. I would pack one nicer outfit for evenings out – 2 pairs of pants or skirts – 4 tops – 1 light jacket or wrap – two pairs of comfortable walking shoes, and one nicer pair to wear with the evening look. Dark colors will wear better than light.
      Italians are more formal than we Americans in our very casual daily attire. It’s always safer to look like a local since tourists are often easy targets for petty theft.

  6. It looks as if you had a lovely time. It’s really nice to read about nice things happening in these particular times. I love your handbag Susan.

  7. I also loved that small piece. Thanks for the look into your lives. I have told you before I also broke my hip z3 years but a series of accidents and not one but two bad doctors have made our years a nightmare. I’m so glad Mr. Mickey got the correct procedure and seems to be fine. I’m glad. I was having a nerve block this morning and when I awoke your blog was there to greet me. Believe me,Susan, what you do twice a week IS important. I’m going to get my life back. Thank you.

  8. Such a sweet, uplifting story about meeting your new friends & their precious Whitney! It’s always nice when we get a special blessing such as that. Loved the pic of you & Mr. Mickey on the rooftop deck! You all are such a nice looking couple!

  9. Your afternoon sounds absolutely delightful, Susan!! We have had similar experiences happen, quite unexpectedly, and we have continued to be “long distance “ friends through the year and then re-visit once we are back in the same spot…God is good!! Blessings to all…just a fun thing to happen. It reaffirms our faith in our fella man…and woman…hope it has happened to many more…

  10. Love the look and that last photo is fabulous.
    You are glowing and happy and beautiful!
    Thank you for all you do for us.

  11. Hi Susan! Maybe you need a puppy of your own now. Holding her made you so happy! Dogs are so good for our health. We have 3 now! I no longer have high blood pressure and my husband’s cholesterol level is down. Not only do they make us laugh A LOT but they keep us on the move.
    Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful adventures!

  12. LOVE this post! Your face looks so giddy and joyful with the doggie. What a great adventure amd meeting new friends. You and Mr. Mickey are not only a very good looking couple but also a fun one. Love seeing your adventures living vicariously haha as I’m still raising teens here. Thank you Susan!

  13. You always looks so smart and polished – never frumpy or boring. You are my one of my handful of go-to style inspirations and I looked to your posts when assembling my travel wardrobe for my current trip to France. You’d fit right in! The stylish French ladies in our age range lean towards neutrals (lots of black – it is not a cliche’) focusing on well-fitting, classic pieces, nice shoes/bags, and perhaps an occasional pop of color.

    Thank you for sharing your life and your style with us!

  14. What a lovely day meeting nice people and “Whitney” … (I’m a small dog lover and mine is my constant companion!) Could you share the link to your steam ironing tips for travel & at home? Many thanks in advance …

  15. Susan, you look fabulous. Love your purse and boots. They echo your hair color and cause a happy harmony that is always flattering.

  16. Oh wow Susan, “over the top adorable,” fur children can bring out the best of you. I can tell you fell
    “head over heels in love,” how could you not with such an amazing face like Whitney. New found friends too!

  17. Susan I wear my hair short also. I wonder if you could show the back and sides of your newest trim.Thank you

  18. Hi Susan…….it’s so wonderful meeting new friends or even seeing old ones. Asheville is such a lovely city. Enjoy new friendships and the city.
    Karen Z.

  19. What a lovely day, Susan! You and Mr. Mickey look so handsome together and truly enjoying life. Your joy with that little dog touched my heart. We lost our 13 year old little maltese last spring, and I was miserable without her. She was irreplaceable. After a summer of down in the dumps and lots of tears, my husband knew I needed another dog and talked me into it. We got another one, and while she is a handful having a puppy at 62, I feel whole again. The time was right. Thank you for sharing your day with us.

  20. Oh how nice to meet friends that way! I love both of you outfits and with your hair blowing in the wind you look 17 in this pic! 🙂 xo

  21. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us. I love your look here and I think that cut of pants is most flattering on you.

  22. Thank you for sharing, yet again, some wonderful photos! I love & miss Tennessee & North Carolina – lived 4 years in each state. So, little did your new friends know that when they “befriended” you & Mr. Mickey, many, many more friends came along! And, I’m sure little Whitney now has a “fan club”! She’s adorable.

  23. How sweet is that! New friends with a cute pup! I’d say you had a great day; which proves, it’s great to get out and about!
    Love the blazer Susan. Adding one to my shopping list. I have a polyester navy one with shoulder pads that I purchased online a few years ago. I think with blazers, I need to try them on first. Not sure about shoulder pads anymore.

  24. Susan, did you change the buttons on that blazer. Mine has bright crested buttons on it and I tend not to wear it for that reason. I can feel your happiness in those pix. I love that beautiful area.

  25. I always love your style. What do you suggest for a wedding in mid October at a farm. I was thinking white denim jeans, at shirt and a denim jacket. Any opinion is helpful.

    1. I would wear a midi dress in a plum or navy color. Walking on soft ground or gravel will require block-heeled or wedge shoes. Even though the venue may be casual, you will likely see a variety of looks, but more dressy than you might first think appropriate.

  26. The last picture of you and Mr Mickey is my all time favorite. Everything looks so alive, from the breeze that lifts your hair, to the clouds in the sky. Just lovely.

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