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We’ve had rain and dark, gloomy skies for most of this week, so there is only one outfit photo today. I took this on my way to the grocery store on Tuesday morning during a brief break in the clouds.

The jacket is at least four years old. If you have my build, here’s an important tip: Slim-fit means the hip and upper thigh area are cut to fit the woman with a flat behind and narrow hips. The best-fitting jeans I have ever found are these.

The bag is here. The striped top is here. Similar BlazerShoesBelt

I am fortunate to have a finished room over the garage to use for storage. These shelves were leftovers from when I had my online shopping site. I decided to use them as storage for boots, shoes, and larger bags. The blue and white hat box holds my leather care supplies. Shining shoes, boots, and bags protects and prolongs the life of leather goods. Some of my shoes are ten or more years old.

Black and white pants and jeans are stored on the upstairs rolling rack. My dresses include crepe tank dresses, one black, one navy. I don’t enjoy wearing dresses at all.

Arranging items by color and type helps me shop in my closet as if it were a boutique. If what you own is organized and you can see it all, getting dressed will become a joy, and you are more likely to use everything. It’s easy to forget items that are packed away in boxes and bags.

The closet tour from last year is here. The newest video is below. Have a great weekend!

The purpose of this blog is to share what I’ve learned. It is the information that is important. Please focus on that, not the size, not the price, not the quantity. Apply the tips (and learn from my mistakes) to help you create a style that suits your personality, your shape, and your budget. I use myself and my style as examples since I can’t find anyone else to work for free.

  1. Good Morning Susan! Thank you for the Jean recommendation. I am shaped very much like you and always like to see what you are wearing because I know it will probably look good on me too. I will be trying this style of Levi’s and I think they will be perfect for me. I need a new pair of the dark blue. Hope you have a nice weekend!

  2. I like this style of jeans very much. Unfortunately, I need them in a 28 length which they don’t show on the website. I’m seeing many stores turn away from carrying petite clothing. For example, Kohl’s petite department is a lame shadow of its former self. Retailers: there are still a lot of us shorter gals out there. Don’t abandon us!

    1. I have also had great fit with the Jessica Simpson brand jeans. I get them at Costco! Great price, only about $15.00, and they are ankle length and therefore shorter. Give them a try.

        1. Oh Susan, you would love Costco. If nothing else, for the walk around the store. They have lots of organic produce and other products.

  3. I am happy IT IS Friday! The reason: I can read a new article on your blog !
    Like always very useful and pleasant (the whole philosophy )
    Thank you!

  4. Thank you for sharing the closet organizing tips. I really enjoyed the video. Inspires me to purge! Most of all, thanks for all you do for free. You help so many of us.

  5. I take it you don’t have any clothing in your dresser drawers then? My drawers are full of pants and tops that I don’t hang. I don’t think I could ever stream line my closet as much you have because my weight fluctuates by 5 pounds or so and it’s just enough to need 2 sizes of pants because I can’t stand anything tight around my waist! Do you keep “bigger sizes” somewhere else? Would love for someone to address this issue. Love your closet and your video is so inspiring!

    1. I can gain ten pounds so fast you would be amazed, but I’m determined not to let that happen again. I’m in the process of filtering out all of the bigger sizes and buying the ones that fit. I keep undies, socks, tights, and jewelry in drawers.

      1. I was wondering if you were purging many items since you have lost weight. Seeing your current closet video I can’t imagine that all those items I see hanging there fit you now that you have lost weight. Do you actually give your items away, (Salvation Army, Goodwill, second-hand store) or do you box them and store them, “just in case” some weight comes back over winter? I found I kept hanging on to things that were too big and after two full seasons, simply had to purge to make room for my new size. I was wearing size 6’s and for the past two years been size 2-4. I found that losing weight even my shoes were too loose. Did you find this too? And have you rid some of your shoes? I find that when I wear panty hose with some of my shoes they feel sloppy and foot slips around.

  6. Thanks for sharing tips and ideas with us. I have a similar build…a flat behind. I hate it. Just in case you’d like to add to your jeans collection, the jeans you’re wearing in this picture are buy one get one half off right now. I’m going to give them a try. Jeans are the hardest clothing item for me to purchase. I really dislike shopping for jeans! Fingers crossed these work for. They look cute on you.

  7. In with you I own one black dress, one blue dress. Both sleeveless so I can add whatever top I want. I’m much more comfortable in jeans.

  8. Hi Susan, I struggle with doing a front tuck and making it blouse right. Your slight tuck here is perfect. Any pointers? Also, do you match the metal on your buckle to your jewelry? Thanks.

    1. I’ve given up matching my hardware with my jewelry. I wear mostly silver or white gold, the majority of hardware is gold. Tuck in the front of your shirt and then roll under the sides a little. This trick makes it look a little neater.

  9. If I may suggest another brand of slim-fitting jeans for those of us in a lower price points is Old Navy These are my go-to’s jeans..

    That certainly is a LOT of shoes!! Your system is a great one!

    Thanks for the tips!!

  10. Thank you for the tour of your closet. You are always giving good, practical advice. It is interesting to see how you have limited your color choices in order to mix and match easily. I know you do this, but to actually see it organized in your closet is an eye opener!

  11. Just love this post on how you organize your closet! I’m inspired to work on my closet this weekend. Absolutely love your blog. I look forward to all your fashion, diet, exercise, and organizational tips and strategies. Also enjoy your pictures and descriptions of outings with Mr. Mickey.

  12. I dream of having an American style walk in closet. They’re becoming more common here in the UK in new build houses but most British homes have freestanding wooden wardrobes.
    Yours in so beautifully organised. One day………..

  13. Organizing my clothes, shoes and accessories just makes my life so much easier. Aside from that, maintaining these items is just as important, and I was wondering if you could share how often you clean accessories such as shoes, bags and jewelry.

    1. Anytime I get caught in the rain, I come straight home and dry my shoes and then polish them. I polish wallets, leather belts, bags, and all leather shoes at least once a year. I have natural and black wax.

  14. This is off topic but would you consider doing an article about the future of retail stores? I just read where Chico’s is having problems and wonder how many good stores will still be around in let’s say five years. Malls are dying in some places and I would like your opinion on what the future holds for clothes shopping. Will most of it be on line?
    Thank you.

    1. I fear that bricks and mortar stores will continue to close in the coming years. It is incredibly difficult to compete with online shopping when your overhead is so high, and staffing is becoming more and more of a challenge.

  15. When I saw your white and black pants hanging in the photos, I got to wondering. What are the different styles of pants that you own in your basic colors? For example, black ankle length, black full cut, black jeans? It would make a great post!

  16. Thank you for the closet tour! So nice to see how another woman arranges things. My closet is set up similarly but I have a little less clothing. I arrange one side for casual and the other side is for church/meetings. I had a shower to go to a couple of weeks ago and thought I had to shop for the outfit. Then back I made myself go through my “dressier” side and found a perfect outfit. We need to slow down our shopping tendencies and not overbuy!

  17. Thank you for suggesting affordable items similar to what your picture shows. That bag is definitely on my Christmas list!

  18. Susan, I have looked for the cuff guards you show n this video and are unable to find them. Please share where I may purchase some. Thank you.

  19. LOVED this so much – beautiful closet – I would LOVE to have that much room! New England has SMALL closets unless
    your home is newer!

  20. I use to shop for my jeans in the boys dept. because they fit my flat behind and small hips better. Most womens pants are cut too large in the hips for me. I have a similar problem with shirts. If they fit my bust, they are too large in the shoulders. I guess we all have our burdens to bear. I’m glad to hear that slim means smaller fit in hips and seat. I’ll have to give them a try.
    Thank you for closet tips. My dream is to have a year round wardrobe with just a few adjustments for the seasons.

  21. Thank you for sharing your closet with us, Susan. You’ve provided a great example of how to organize things. I love how neat and airy everything is.

  22. I love seeing so many pairs of same color. I actually take index cards, punch holes in the top to hang on the hangers to describe individual jeans – such as perfect fit – needs belt – flares – super long to wear with highest of heels, etc. this way i know how i’m wearing whatever pair i pick cause hanging up they all look the same ha.

  23. Great blog about closet organizing. Thank you! This is on my bucket list, an ongoing attempt to get organized.

  24. Thank you for the tour of your closet. My style is similar to yours, I’m short on closet space in my home, you have given me some great ideas, thank you

  25. Thanks so much for your closet tour. I have been using rubber bands to give my sleeves that pushed-up look because I did not realize that sleeve, or cuff garters existed. Ordered some! Love how organized your are.

  26. What size belt do you generally take, Susan, for instance this one which appears to be a thin belt? I always have trouble determining sizes on belts. The middle hole is the one to be used, correct? Love your blog so much, have now gone back and read all since discovered you several weeks ago! Thank you!

    1. I often take a size medium since I like to wear belts low on my hip, not at my high natural waistline. The second hole is the old guideline, but I fit belts to the area lower on my waist so that I have more styling options.

  27. I enjoyed your video. I actually keep all of your posts! I run into the concern of deodorant stains on my jacket armpits when I wear a sleeveless blouse. What do you do to avoid the underarm stains?

  28. Thank you for the closet organizing tips. What type of hanger do you use for your cardigans? I would like to prevent those peaks on the shoulder that some hangers leave behind.

    1. I use the hangers here for sweaters and other items that tend to slip off the other types of hangers. One trick is to turn your sweater inside out to hang it. That way, bumps are on the inside when put the sweater on. You can also fold sweaters instead of hanging them so that they can rest. Heavy sweaters always lose their shape when I hang them.

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