Before today’s deep dive, I wanted to share some pictures from our drive through the countryside on Saturday. It was the perfect fall day, so we headed northeast to Abingdon, VA. We planned to enjoy lunch on the Peppermill restaurant’s porch if we were lucky enough to get a table.

I wore dark wash jeans, a dark navy V-neck knit top and a soft burgundy knit jacket. I took the white, tan, and gray tissue-thin scarf in case I got too cold. The casual knit jacket reminds me of a comfortable sweatshirt. A similar jacket is available in several colors here. TopJeansBootsBag – similar Scarf

The Peppermill Restaurant is located in the historic former home at 231 West Main Street. We enjoyed a light lunch on the porch.

The view from our table included the beautiful tree in the yard and the warm sunshine.

While driving home, I snapped the photo below of a distant cabin in a meadow. The clear blue skies of autumn are so refreshing.

Let’s talk about the importance of the garments no one sees… or do they? If our undergarments do not fit correctly, everyone can see the results. A bra that fits poorly or isn’t constructed well can ruin your look, but it can also make you uncomfortable for the whole day. Likewise, the pain will show on our faces when we wear an ill-fitting pair of shoes.

When my new bras arrive from Shapeez, I get that same giddy feeling that came with buying new school supplies as a kid. This time I ordered the Ultimate Pretty here. It still has a smooth shape but a lovely delicate design that feels more special. I’ve never understood lace or other designs on cups. They always show under your clothing and look rumpled.

The smooth shape continues to the back also. After seeing the difference the Shapeez bras make, I have never purchased any other type. I was still in my thirties when “bra bulges and rolls” became a reality, so finding Shapeez thrilled me. Now I put on my Shapeez, wear whatever I want, and forget about my bra for the rest of the day. They never dig into my skin or make dents in my shoulders. The lady in the photo below shows you the difference it makes to wear proper foundations.

I would never wear body-skimming tunics with any other type of bra. Shapeez bras are the only option for me. I wear black under dark colors and nude under light clothing. Pull it on like pantyhose using the body of the bra; never pull on the straps. Slip your arms into the straps and adjust the cups. I wash the bras in my machine on the delicate cycle with cold water. I always hang them to air dry.

Patented Vanishing Edge technology with stay-put silicone at the leg openings keeps panties in place without panty lines. Visible panty lines (VPL) can show even under denim, so I never wear any other type. Pulling them on over my Shapeez bra’s hemline keeps everything in place and gives me a hint of a waistline. As with bras, I only buy nude or black panties. (Your best ‘nude’ is the color that is as close to your skin color as possible.) The Vanishing Tummy Retro Brief shown below is here.

Bare legs with a knee-length dress are not an option for me. Donna Karan nude control top hose here are the prettiest hose I’ve found. The key to not looking frumpy in stockings is choosing sheer ones that are as near to the color of your skin as possible. Handwash tights and pantyhose, then drape them over a towel or shower rod to air dry.

The opaque matte black tights here are excellent. I often wear opaque black tights to stay warm in the winter. When it is safe to go out for the evening and wear heels again, I wear very sheer black stockings found here.

The best no-show socks I’ve ever found are here. I blogged about all the different styles they offer here. In the photo below, I’m wearing the Secret 2.0 Mid-cut thin liner no-show socks in cream. I wear the Active-X high-cut styles with my walking shoes. They never slip, even when I walk very fast for three miles.

My all-time favorite pajamas are perfect for lounging or sleeping. They look elegant while providing full coverage and superb comfort. I toss them in the wash with similar colors. I’ve had some of mine for a few years, and they still look great. You will find the pajamas here.

Instead of fluffy or stiff quilted robes, I enjoy sleek, soft, comfortable ones that move with me. I also prefer no zippers, buttons, or other uncomfortable details. The robe pictured below is here.

I step through a spritz of cologne before getting dressed, which is always very subtle. I wear fragrance for myself, so I spritz it on again before bed. My current favorite is here.

My skin is dry and ultra-sensitive, but I never have any reactions to Beautycounter products. I’ve been using the skincare line exclusively since 2017.

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  1. You always look so pulled together. It all starts with what goes on underneath for sure. I always enjoy seeing your blog. As we get older, it’s kind of a fine line between looking frumpy and still stylish. I tend to get very warm easily so all the layering doesn’t really work for me. Do you have ideas for us warm-blooded ladies?
    I actually live in your neck of the woods. We’re in the Smokey’s in North Carolina.

    1. Look at the way I dress in summer for more ideas. I tend to limit the colors I wear to no more than three and limit the accessories. If I wear a statement item such as a hat or a dramatic tunic, I keep all the other elements very plain.

  2. Good morning, Susan

    Do you know if there’s a major store in Ontario, Canada where Shapeez items can be purchased? Once I have established what size works for me, I would be okay ordering online.

    Thank you for any advice you could give; I find your site very helpful and interesting.


    1. There is a tab at the top of the Shapeez website. Click on Shop Canada to find out where the nearest store is. The fit specialists on the website are also super helpful in ordering the correct size. I wear a size 36DD bra and a size medium top, so I order a Medium-DD bra, and they fit perfectly. I hope this helps.

    2. Ideal Ladies Wear in Mt. Forest, ON carries Shapeez and will ship to you.
      Their phone number is 519 323 1970
      Their in store service is lovely.
      The owner is Dianne Hill.

      Honey Bee

  3. I love the Shapeez bras, which I first learned about from you and have been spreading the “Good News” to friends ever since! Back rolls are a sad reality even for those who do not have a weight problem. Bras digging into our skin as the day goes on and we become increasingly hydrated and/or filled with food leaves one wanting to just rip them off in the evening! I find Shapeez to be the most comfortable bra I have and have even worn them during Pilates. They give plenty of support for the “girls”. I have one suggestion for petites out there–I wear only the (unlined) Silkee Short style and the back comes down almost to my waste. I cannot wear the longer style as it is too tight and too long–I don’t want to hem lingerie.. I am a DD so I like the unlined cups and the minimizing effect. I also like the Sheec no-show socks! Thank you Susan for a great post.

  4. Thank you, Susan. Your suggestions are so appreciated. You’ve introduced me to several new (for me) brands and saved me tons of money.

  5. Susan, I have been using Beauty Counter Nourishing Day Cream. When I tried to reorder, it was gone. What has taken its place

  6. You look so sharp in today’s outfit, and thank you for such an important post. Undergarments have come a long way, and I used to tackle the problem years ago by wearing less fitted clothing, even though I maintained a decent weight with the help of Nutri-System, Weight Watchers and for many years now, a plant based diet. These days with so many options, there’s no excuse for wearing ill fitting undergarments and clothing that’s too small, especially stretchy tops and leggings, which looks like they’re stretched to its limits and shows more than anyone needs to see.

  7. The bra certainly looks like it supports, but is it too hot in the summer months?
    I too enjoy those pajamas.

  8. Susan, at your suggestion I bought my first Shapeez bra last year in the Nude tone. I loved it so much I bought another in black. I will never buy any other bra again. Life is too short to wear uncomfortable bras! Thank you so much for your helpful posts!

  9. Thank you for this wonderful article. I need some new unmentionables and to have this list all in the same place is a godsend. You are so sensible and classic in your clothing choices for us women if a certain age. My husband and I spent Monday night in Abingdon on our way back from up north. I wish I had seen this…we will try the Peppermill next time! We have to order takeout as we travel with our dog.. Best to you and Mr. Mickey. Stay safe.

  10. Wonderful, informative blog post today. I want everything you’ve presented! Lol. I already have the no-show socks. Love them and recommend you all get them.

  11. Susan, I thank you for the pyjama contact, satin brushed ones are difficult to find here in Canada, but I was able to call Macy’s and they are sending a blue pair to my daughter in Dallas as part of her christmas parcel. There was a nice discount and free shipping as well, I am very happy with this choice, thanks all to you! best wishes, Ann Lee S, Vancouver Island, Canada

  12. Thank you so much for this article. I am definitely going to try these undergarments! I especially appreciated your recommendation about the hose. I don’t like to see my bare legs under dresses or skirts, but I don’t want them to look unnatural either, so I appreciate your suggestions very much!

  13. I have 3 Shapeez long bras, first one I ordered without padded cups, I have 1 breast smaller than the other and it was not filling the cup so they suggested getting some inserts, after that I buy the padded cups, have 1 black and 1 nude. I bought the short one and for a Fall trip to Disney World with our family I bought the more sports like think it would be cooler but it has removable foam inserts that tend to bunch up! It also rolls up under my breast. Have been a little disappointed. I recently started wear my panties over the long Shapeez and seems to help with the hem wanting to roll up to my waist. I talked to someone at Shapeez and she suggested a smaller size (S instead of M) but I still have the problem. Other than that I love the smooth back. I love the So a Cool Night PJ’s! All I wear! After loosing weight had to order a small! So comfortable. I prefer knit over button up styles.

  14. I purchased my first Shapeez bra this summer. After I received my order I needed to change the size. The customer service was excellent & I was able to reorder the correct size. The Ultimate Pretty in nude is absolutely perfect. So comfortable. I will definitely order more. Thank you Susan for introducing me to this beautiful bra.

  15. I just enjoy your blog, Susan. no matter the topic. It’s refreshing, uplifting and inspiring ! Thank you!

  16. Susan, thank you for the information. I need a wireless bra and noticed that they carry one. Have you even had any experience with their wireless? Thank you in advance.

  17. Susan, I have not been able to wear a bra with underwire since getting older and have a larger tummy. I’m fine as long as I’m standing but when I sit, the tummy pushes up under my breast and the underwire is very uncomfortable. Do you think I would have the same problem with the Shapeez? I have wanted to order one but have been leary. Be honest because I respect your opinion

    I look forward to your reply.


  18. Hello Susan…I about your size and height. Can you tell me what size your Burgundy military jacket is. Thank you. You look great.

  19. Lovely but due to having had breast removed because of cancer cannot wear. Enjoyed the scenery, you always show us such beautiful flowers etc. Thank You Happy Thanksgiving to you Mr Mickey and your family. Joy

  20. Thank you SO MUCH for this much needed info. Very expensive to experiment with “unmentionables”, and not achieve the result we hope for.

    I love that at our age, you can still turn heads with your very well chosen outfits! You’ve helped me up my game (and I am an 81 active, lady. So the foundation info is most useful.

  21. Susan do you EVER wear socks? I know you wear hose and the no show socks with loafers, etc…
    I wear socks ALL THE TIME – my feet stay so cold! I match them to my pants, but I definitely wear them. I realize I am sacrificing style when I insist on wearing my socks, but it is an absolute necessity. I even wear them to bed in cool weather – if my feet get cold they cramp. My husband of 40 years just laughs at me. Do any of your readers do the same? Enjoying these posts – thank you!

  22. Got my Shapeez bra last week. Thank YOU! It looks great and my girlfriend asked me what had I been doing, it was so obviously I lost weight. Well, I had to tell her that I hadn’t lost one pound.

    Thank you Susan!

  23. I ordered both the Shapeez and retro briefs on line, after reading them here. They arrived in western Canada no problem, within a realistic time frame. I am super pleased with the products, and am really glad that you shared this important part of dressing yourself each day.

    I have also really enjoyed coming along on your drives and adventures, in the scenic and historic part of the country you live in.

    Stay date & well,

    Calgary, Canada

  24. I ordered the pyjamas, finally arrived to the Lake District, England today – look fabulous and so comfortable, very well worth the wait. Thank you

  25. I saw you on an advertisement video for Goldie bras. Can you tell me if they live up to the claims they make? Are they comfortable? How is the sizing? Thank you

    1. My friend Belinda just told me about that ad yesterday. That company is using my image without my consent or knowledge. I do not recommend them or their products at all.

  26. I bought the bra because of your endorsement and really like it. Did you know that I saw your image on a Facebook ad for a different bra? The name below the picture was not you, I tried to find it again. It is something like Helly.

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