Top Ten 2021 Posts

10 – Let’s begin with the number ten position and proceed to the number one position. From the more than one hundred posts I shared in 2021, the tenth most popular was “The Spring Edit” here. I shared my closet organization and a few storage tips, as well as a favorite jacket. I still own the jacket and have enjoyed wearing it many times. A denim jacket similar to what I shared in the post is here.

8 – Number eight on the top ten list is “Cardigan Tips” here. Current cardigans are here, here, and here.

Cardigan Tips Outfit - Susan Street

7 – Number seven on the list is “Inspiration To Eat Clean” here. I still use Beautycounter every day and eat various vegetables, leafy greens, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Learning what to eat twelve years ago vastly improved the quality of my health, sleep, skin, nails, and hair.

5 – “A Denim Jacket” here landed in the number five spot. I showed you a few ways to style a denim jacket up or down. Here is a favorite denim jacket style.

3 – “The Magic Formula” here showed jeans and a tee styled up and down in three different looks. Here is a similar tee.

2 – “Cardigan Styling Tips” here landed at the number two spot. A good cardigan for slender ladies is here, and an excellent choice for busty gals is here.

1 – The number one post featured the new haircut and was shared more than nine hundred times. Here is the post for “New Hairstyle.”

  1. Love this recap! I often search for past posts on how you would style something before purchasing or pulling an outfit together. I especially like creating the “column.” It’s amazing how simple yet stylish it can be and the healthy food choices have been very helpful and motivating as well. I have to say one of the funniest posts/videos I’ve watched was what NOT to do with make-up. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Your blog process is so interesting. The planning, writing, picture taking, and watching the shares, etc., seems like a job in itself. You wrote once in a response that you had to filter (um) untoward types of responses. (I think you actually said porn.) Thank you for your efforts. A post about your blogging might be interesting. About how many hours do you spend on average for each entry?

    1. It depends on the content, photos, research, outfit changes, and the information I share. A post can take as much as twenty hours to create. For example, I worked on this post for about nine hours since finding similar reasonably priced, currently available items can take a while. However, if I’m sharing a look from an outing, there isn’t nearly as much work.

  3. I read your blog every time you post and enjoy it very much. I absolutely love the way you have your hair styled in Post #4. Thank you for sharing your tips.

  4. I find all your posts instructive. I certainly need reminders about how to achieve my best looks. I really enjoy your posts on improving diets. They remind me that I’m not the only one that has to curtail my eating to maintain a healthy weight. As I’ve gotten older I have to be careful to eat nutritionally packed meals and a lot less calories than when I was younger. I love the power porridge for breakfast and have been using it without the sweeter ingredients as a side on my salad at dinner. It is good that way too and keeps me from feeling hungry.
    Thank you for those many hours you devote to informing and entertaining all of us every week.
    Keep safe and healthy!

  5. Love the recap! I love the way you think about food, and I love the way you organize your clothes. I have begun to organize a weekly capsule to practice making my clothes work harder. I love the scarf you are wearing in the #9 post. It has such great colors!
    I really love that I don’t have to ransack my closet or do so much daily thinking about what to wear. And I love the compliments I get for being “so well put together”.
    Thanks for all your hard work and time. Your posts are really a great resource for me, and I’m sure many others.

  6. I really enjoy your blog. Your cardigan posts are the best. I LOVE those hat boxes in your closet. Where did you get those? Have a fun day.

  7. I always enjoy your styling tips and advice and save the ones most useful to me. I do have a question with regard to what choices would be good for a 4 PM wedding in August I am stumped as to what to wear at 79. While I am not in the wedding party I am the grandmother of the groom. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    1. Plum or navy are great colors to wear as a wedding guest. Look for dressy pantsuits (here is an example) or a dress that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Nude or metallic shoes and a similar handbag color in a small clutch will look great with almost any color.

  8. Always happy to see each and every blog posted by you! You are a truly inspirational person and I love your style! Best wishes for a fabulous 2022!

  9. You do such a great job….. you always look so well dressed and classic regardless of the occasion. You are truly an inspiration! Thank you so much.

  10. Hi Susan! I read all your blogs when they show up in my email so I know I saw number 1 but at the time I was still a brunette. This fall I let nature take over. Both my mom and grandma had gorgeous white hair so I was curious to see what was hiding under the dye. Lol. Turns out my front is white but still have some dark in the back. Took me awhile to get used to but now I love it. I just now noticed that you still have a dark patch at the neckline as well. IIt looks awesome!

    Thanks for all the hard work you do for us and here’s hoping for a fabulous and improved 2022!

  11. Your posts are always both useful an enjoyable and I like the outfit tips even though my style is different. My fave posts overall are your travel pix and outings with Mr. Mickey and the wonderful scenery and places. Btw, your haircut is FAB! Enjoy 2022 Susan!

  12. Susan, I so much enjoy all your posts.

    I “discovered” you in 2021 so I have lots of posts to catch up on. I find them all delightful and interesting.

    I tried a Shapeez bra, and what a transformation! I’ll never go back!! Expensive but so worth it.

    Your observations on proportion in clothing are brilliant and spot on. I’m learning a lot.

    Your recommendation of Joel Furman’s books have changed my health in wonderful ways. Have never felt better as I’ve incorporated his knowledge into my life.

    I am wondering how you store cashmere sweaters. I have several, and I keep them in a cashmere keeping bag I purchased on Amazon, with a little bag of cedar chips inside, but it’s not very practical or beautiful to look at! Any suggestions?

    I wonder if you’ve read Jennifer L. Scott’s Madame Chic’s series of books about her transformative time in Paris as an exchange student. Very inspiring. My favorite is “Polish Your Poise.” You two seem very similarly elegant and are both excellent wordsmiths!

    Thank you for all you do, Susan. You are a lovely inspiration in the world!

    All the best,


    1. Thank you for the lovely comment, Robin. I have indeed read all of Jennifer’s books. She is delightful.

      When spring arrives, I handwash all of my cashmere, give it a couple of days to fully dry and then store it folded in a drawer with cedar blocks. During the winter, I turn them inside out so that the shoulder bumps will be on the inside and then store them on felted hangers.

  13. I find all your posts about putting items together extremely helpful – your advice has sharpened up my own style and made me far more relaxed about planning combinations and dressing appropriately. You also stand with such poise and elegance in your photographs: it reflects confidence and grace which add so much to the garments you have chosen. I’m working on that!

  14. Love all the looks. Looking forward to the new year and all the styles. Just operated on my back yesterday. So looking forward to spring and all the outfits I can wear. Thank you


  16. I loved this post…..I’m retired as well……..rarely wear a dress, because of shoes that are required. And now make most of my clothing, so I read your post for sewing ideas to fill in my bespoke wardrobe. Thank you.

  17. Susan you always look so polished and well put together! Question…I have been diagnosed with early pancreas cancer and have lost 20 lbs in 2 months. I am swimming in some of my clothes. Almost all pants fall off of me so wearing things with elastic in waistband when I go to doctor visits. Otherwise I am staying home. Could you tell or show some of your favorite belts that could be worn with tops that don’t fit your frame anymore? I own very few belts but hate the thought of taking in side seams on many of my items as hopefully with chemo, radiation and surgery the cancerous mass can be removed and eventually I might gain some of my weight loss back. I am 5’1″ tall and currently weigh 130 and 70 years old so nothing too big with buckle possibly and nothing too sparkly as thats just not me. Thank you in advance for helping me with this problem. Blessings, Betty Hurst

    1. I hope your recovery is swift, Betty. Tucking in a shirt, rolling up sleeves, and wearing simple neutral belts that measure no more than two inches may help you style most of your clothes to suit you for now. If a top is too long, you can wear a belt on top and fluff it out a bit so that it isn’t too strict. Layering is also a trick that might help you keep wearing the same clothes for now. Keep the inner layers slim to the body to balance the fuller pieces you wear over the top.

  18. Hi Susan,

    Greetings from Massachusetts!

    Love, Love, Love, your year in review and top ten! Thank you for putting that together for us. It was so much fun to look back and reflect on your posts that have made a positive difference in my life. I am almost finished reading “Clean” based on your recommendation.

    Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and countless others! . . . Best, Julie Johnston

    1. Thank you, dear Julie and everyone else, for your comments. I enjoy hearing from you and learning what benefits you glean from my website. It certainly encourages me to continue blogging and put extra effort into each post.

  19. Thank you for sharing these rankings. These were some of my favorites this year. Your style is wonderful and fresh and chic and classic. I appreciate the thoughtfulness that you put into your style and outfits and that you share this with all of us as readers.

  20. What a fabulous idea – I have just spent a wonderful evening browsing through your Top 10 thoroughly enjoying the journey, thank you so much

  21. Susan,
    Thank you for your inspirations for so many of us. I wish I had learned how to shop and put outfits together when I was younger. However, I’m not sure I would have been able to afford some things. Now I can afford basic pieces and new accessories for my wardrobe thanks to your advice. I truly feel confident and pleased with my look. “Clothes make the person” is really true and I was able to find pieces at prices I can afford.
    All the best to you and Mr. Mickey,

  22. I love seeing how you put clothes together and it’s always inspirational for me. I remember spending literally hours looking at the polyvore (outfit suggestions) you created some years back on your Fifty Not Frumpy blog. You have such a wonderful sense of style and color. I’ve learned a lot from you and your wonderful blog.

  23. Although we are still in the winter season, spring clothing will start to appear in catalogs. Items sell out quickly. When those items begin to show up could you make some suggestions for cool early spring as well as warmer spring outfits.

  24. Thanks, Susan! I always learn so much from you (especially the little tips and tricks). Speaking of haircut posts, would you be willing to write an updated version? I love the side-swept hairstyle you’ve been sporting lately and would love to show various angled photos to my stylist at my next salon visit. Happy New Year!

    p.s. In reference to Diane Chapman’s question about wedding outfits below…I always ask what the bridal colors (or bridesmaid dresses) are going to be. Then I can incorporate a tad of that color into my outfit scheme. This makes me look more congruent and cohesive in those large family wedding photos. Just a thought! xo

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