New Hairstyle

The weather was so beautiful yesterday; I was inspired to get a new look for spring. We enjoyed full sun and temperatures near 65 degrees, so I wanted to wear light colors while keeping warm.

The white blazer was the perfect topper over a long sleeve white tee and light floaty scarf. I paired dark-wash jeans with suede short boots in honor of the sunshine. I chose a bag in a similar light color in cool tones. I wore a soft gray linen mask (not pictured).

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That’s my replenishment of Beautycounter products on the newel post behind me. The delivery arrived while I was shooting these photos. I use oil and nighttime moisturizers less often when warm weather arrives. Tweaking my skincare routine helps me to avoid breakouts.

Now, on to the hair situation.

Before: My hair looked dull and lifeless after a winter inside in arid conditions. It was also too full at the sides, which tends to pull my face down, making me look tired and older. I have also been cutting it myself for the past seven months, so it needed professional attention.


My stylist is April at Van Kye Salon in Johnson City, TN. I shared Christine Lagarde’s hairstyle images to show the cut and style I had in mind. April also applied a special deep conditioner to restore shine and body to my hair.

Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank.

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  1. Lovely. I can’t wait to go to the hairdresser—- over one year and my short short hair is to my shoulders. You haven’t said you’ve had the vaccine. Did you risk going to her? I know you think you picked up the virus last year from your trip to Johnson City. I am still scared, limiting my inside contacts to the grocery store and my daughter (masked always). Soon maybe this will be over!

    1. My age group is not allowed to get the vaccine yet. Everyone in the salon wore a mask, and there were only four people there. I didn’t remove my mask or visit the restroom this time, so I hope to remain safe. COVID cases have diminished greatly here. We are no longer under a mask mandate, but I still wear them.

  2. Very becoming haircut. It’s amazing how getting the fullness removed from the sides lightened up your face.

  3. I love your hair! It actually is cut very similar to mine as mine is stacked a little more in the back. I find it so much easier to deal with and I can keep my silver/white locks bright and shiny. I also find “It’s a 10” leave in hair treatment wonderful for keeping it from getting frizzy or fuzzy especially in the dry air and again in the summer it helps with the humidity. You look wonderful and ready for spring. Enjoy your day!

  4. Your haircut is darling and very flattering! I recently retired and have let my hair go grey (parts are pretty white and there are sections of my original dark color sprinkled in). I have it cut pretty short and I love it! It is naturally curly so it is very easy to take care of. I have thinning hair in the back crown of my head and I am thrilled the natural curls help hide my scalp. Before when I had it colored my thinning sections were so noticeable that I invested in a beautiful human hair topper. Now I just wash and go! Thanks for letting me share my story!

  5. Lovely, Susan. And of course the color is beautiful. I’m convinced that going natural is best for most older women. I took the opportunity to let my hair transition during lockdown and I’m delighted. Haven’t felt this good in years.

  6. You look fabulous, Susan! And we have virtually the same haircut, which we have enjoyed for several years. So easy to care for. I love your blog, and your observations about your own style and wardrobe are really helping me refine my own. Thank you!

  7. I love the shorter length….I wear a pixie cut….when it starts growing out it drags me down…when I go for my cut I say it’s like a face lift!!!!

  8. Very pretty!! What do you use to keep it so white without the brassy color that sometimes happens to white hair?

  9. Just the lift you needed! I always thought your hair looked great on your blog, but I love the shorter hair style. A great way to greet the coming spring.

  10. I really liked your hair before so I was surprised how more youthful your new cut looks. Can’t explain why, but it does.

  11. Oh, the new hairstyle suits you very well indeed. Your lovely outfit feels almost like spring. I wish ! It’s zero, with lots of snow here at the moment !

  12. I love your new hairdo! I also like to see you when you allow your natural curl to emerge. I hope you will show us the curly version of this cut someday. Thank you!!!

  13. It’s wonderful that you had such warm temperatures yesterday. Your hair looks so full and gorgeous! You always look so put together and stylish. Thank you for helping us all with your recommendations.

  14. Love the new look! Nothing like a new hairstyle to lift the spirit. Had my second vaccine yesterday so hairdresser and dentist are top of my list! Enjoy the beautiful weather.

  15. Very flattering hair style! And the outfit is stunning….casual, yet very “pulled together”. I will have to duplicate it. I think I have everything except the light colored boots. Thanks for all your hard work on this blog.

  16. Your new hairstyle looks great! Christine looks like she could be one of my German relatives. I love the short hair but I have a terrible cowlick at the front that I have a lot of trouble managing. Partly because of you I did let my hair go grey though and get compliments on it almost every day, which I never expected.

  17. Hello Susan,
    Oh my gosh, this is too funny! You now have the hairstyle that I got when I showed them your picture with the previous style. At first I was a bit stunned by the short length and lack of bulk at the neckline but I’ve actually come to enjoy this style.
    I like it on you as well and hope you’re enjoying it. I find it to be much easier to style overall.

    Have a nice day,

      1. Susan, I meant to comment on your remark about how the sides of your previous style were ‘aging’ you. After I got my new hairstyle, so many people remarked that I looked fabulous which helped me to feel more confident in the new style. Even though it was much shorter than I had asked for , it really does lift my face and give me a much more youthful and healthy appearance. I tuck the sides behind my ears most of the time which helps as well. BTW, your hair has always looked very healthy to me.

        I hope my stylist can just trim my hair next visit and not change the style again. Fingers crossed!


  18. I love your new spring look. Spring updates will feel very good. I feel like I’m emerging from a cave, and I’m looking forward to my first haircut and pedicure in a long time. It’s scheduled for 2 weeks after my second vaccine. I may even wear pants with belt loops and a zipper!!!

  19. As always, Susan, you inspire your readers to strive to be the best we can be, to try something new and not get stuck in a rut. Your hair was great before and now it’s even better – thanks for the encouragement, hair can be so tricky.

  20. Very elegant. Suits you very much..2 more months before we can get our hair done in the U.K. Time to wear a wig or a hat

  21. I love your new do! It is younger looking and the way the darker gray peeks out from underneath is pretty sharp. I wish I could get cut like that but my hair is very fine and thin. Dale

  22. Perfect style on you! Shows off your lucky and lovely “Audrey Hepburn” neckline! Compliments to you and your Hairdresser! Chic outfit as well! Beauty Counter was a great tip for my 60+ skin regime! Thank you!

  23. Spring has definitely arrived in Central FL. Some days more like summer as it’s supposed to be 88 on Sunday. I have long hair that is considerably longer since my last cut over a year ago. The salons where I live in Fl have been open for quite awhile with precautions in place but my reason for not going is just feeling stuck with a long hairstyle. Your post gives me some ideas on a new style not as short but definitely a spring do. I have a question about dark denim because I live in denim, I find the dark denim no matter how many times has been laundered still bleeds onto light colors. I was wondering if you had any concerns about the white blazer and do you have any advice of what to do about the dark denim. I have had issues the denim rubbing on leather seats in cars also. Thanks again for motivational tips.

    1. I have had the same issue with some dark denim. After you wrote, I double-checked, and I did have a tiny bit of bleeding. Here is the fix: Fill a bucket with cold water and add a cup of white vinegar. Turn your jeans inside out, and submerge them in the bucket for at least an hour, up to overnight. After soaking, place the item in your washing machine. Add either a cup of vinegar or the recommended amount of detergent formulated for dark clothing.

  24. LOVE the new hair style, but your hair is beautiful no matter what. You continue to inspire so many of us with your fashion sense, good advice, and graciousness. God bless.

  25. You look great! I did the same thing on Friday and it’s almost the same cut. You’ve been a very lovely influence in my life. Thank you.

    1. I used the Beautycounter shampoo and blow-dried it with a one-inch round brush today. I lift from the roots and dry those first. If you have flyaways like me, you can spray a bit of hair spray on your fingers and tousle it.

  26. Your new hairstyle is beautiful! I just had mine cut and it’s similar to yours. Since I have some curl in my hair, opted to leave the salon with it wet and let it air dry to see what it would do. I want to wear it smooth also. Would you mind sharing how you style your new cut?

    1. I try not to do much to it. It took about four minutes to blow dry it today. Use a one-inch brush to lift and dry the roots, then fluff it out and let it air dry from there.

  27. I love you new haircut. It is very flattering and chic. Christine Lagarde has a fierce style – I love the way she wears scarves!

  28. Susan, your new haircut is much better for your face. It accentuates your beautiful cheek bones too. I love your outfit too. I have just ordered a white jacket and looked through my closet to copy the complete look. Thank you so much for the inspiration. Beautiful day here in New England, sunny and around 50 degrees. Lots of melting going on. Looking forward to spring! Enjoy your new look.

  29. That haircut is so cute on you! Love it and I bet you feel sassy to boot. Have a great weekend wherever you two travel.

  30. Oh my goodness, Susan! Your new style is fantastic!! Thanks for sharing the views of your new look. I’m sure you’re going to love it!! I can relate. I’ve had my daughter cutting my hair for a while and haven’t been to the salon since last January, before the pandemic. I have grown out my color, though, so that has been a big change which I love! Thanks for sharing your pics!

  31. Love you new hair style. I know how great it makes you feel to have a new cut and like It! I must say it makes you looks much Younger! Enjoy!

  32. I know you’ve done makeup tutorials in the past but would love to see an update on your eyes. They always look so warm and friendly!

  33. Would you please share again the link for the beautiful piano print, like yours, that you gave to Mr Mickey? It is beautiful!

  34. Hello Susan: Your new hair cut looks fabulous on you, and I can see that it will grow into a nice shape as well.
    Enjoy your spring wether as there is still piles of snow (but warming up) here in Oakville, Ontario.
    Peggy Ann

    ps . . . I am ready for a new hair cut too, soon!

  35. Hi Susan…I’m 63 and just to say how I loved your hair shoulder length….it looked so good and young . I’m just telling you what I think because I can. Lol. I do have 3 daughters, who tell me to let my hair grow a little longer, as they think I look a little younger. 30, 27, and 24….. I believe they re You looked so youthful with a bit longer hair.

  36. Very flattering new hair cut. Gives extra height to the crown and a lovely smooth wave over your ears.
    My hairdresser retired a month ago. Hard to find a replacement as we both used to work in the same salon.

  37. Your new haircut is fantastic. Classy, as is your wardrobe and decorating. Thanks for taking time to share. I also cut my own hair (at least 10 years now) and my style is similar to yours. Very easy to maintain and getting rid of the length at the neck and sides makes a big difference. Cheers from Judy in sunny Arizona.

  38. I love your new hairdo; I think you look younger.

    I have a favor; I know you did a blog about “unmentionables” could you link that again.

    With all of us in quarantine for almost a year and unable to shop at stores and gaining some weight, I need new undergarments.


  39. I bought the plum color lipstick you often mention and like it a lot. Do you have a color for spring and summer to recommend? My hair color and skin tone are very much as yours.

  40. I had to laugh when I read your piece about your new haircut which is beautiful. I have been taking pictures of Christine Lagarde to my hairdresser for several years as a model for my own haircut. Funny what catches ones eye now and then.

  41. You look wonderful with your new hairstyle! How do you figure these things out? What and how to wear clothing and how to do your hair?

    1. As a blogger for nearly ten years, I’ve seen thousands of photographs of myself from every angle, in every weather, and attending numerous types of events. The process of editing those photos has taught me to be much more aware of what works for me and what certainly does not. The aging process has taught me to work with what I have now instead of fighting to remain as I once was. For example, my hair is much thinner and straighter than it was in my youth. When I saw pictures of myself in longish stringy gray hair with my scalp showing through, I knew it was time to make adjustments. Looking at myself in photos instead of in the mirror has forced me to face reality. I want to look healthy, effortless, and natural, so those are always my guidelines. If anything requires trying too hard, I abandon it.

  42. Wow! Your hair looks great. You are such a beautiful lady. I have been following you for years now and I believe you get prettier with time!

  43. I love your softer version of Christine Lagarde’s hair style. My muse is Maye Musk. I love her look – sometimes high fashion, sometimes completely down to earth. I have the same hairstyle as your new cut, and often wear it swept back, up and away. Sometimes tie it up in a scarf. Love my grey/white hair. Susan, Do you have a good system for storing scarves? I fold them neatly, but seem to always end up rooting through my scarf drawer for one on the bottom. Thanks!

    1. Hi Suzy. I agree with you about the importance of a storage system. If I can’t see it, I’m not likely to reach for it. The post here shows my current way of storing my scarves and other items.

  44. Your hair looked good when you cut it yourself and it looks good now. I’ve gotten both vaccines and hope to go to my hair stylist soon. I haven’t been since the beginning of the virus so I need major help. As always you inspire me. Thank you. Enjoy this beautiful weather.

  45. Love your new hairstyle, Susan! You always look amazing. You mentioned you want to look healthy, effortless, and natural. I think that sums it up for me too! I’ve worn short hair, similar to yours for many years and am always striving for a stylist look that is effortless.

  46. So pretty and ready for spring! Thanks for all your ideas. Pretty outfit! I think everyone is ready for sunny days! Love the cut on you too!

  47. Love your new hairstyle! It is very flattering and sophisticated. Thank you for sharing your positive posts throughout this past year. Hope that you will be able to receive your vaccinations soon.

  48. Lovely spring look with lighter colours. Although you mention your hair is thin, it looks full of body to me .
    Longer days now in the North of England and spring is springing !

  49. I love your new haircut…it looks so healthy and alive !!!! I have been trimming my own for months with some help from my husband. I can’t wait to sit in a professionals chair again. I enjoy you & your tips so much. Stay well !!

  50. Hi Susan , love the new hairstyle , very Chic indeed and it suits you too. I did like the other style too but I think a refreshing change is a tonic and a pick me up .
    You are right about being indoors for so long a good cut to get rid of ‘ tired hair’.
    You look truly lovely, I still think of you and Mr Micky being so poorly last year but now you look a picture of health, well done both.
    Hope Mr Micky treats himself to a groom and brush up too, not that he ever ever looks sloppy but well you both can take on the world and Spring on the way,
    Best wishes Pamela Wales UK x
    PS Outfit smart, you make jeans look Chic too,

  51. Fantastic change in the hair style/cut. You look so refreshed with the shorter length. It should be easy-care too. I too agree most of us need to change our moisturizers between colder weather and warm/summer weather. Using the same ‘heavier’ year around gives me mild break-out and itchy skin. Again, your change in hair makes you look even younger! Thanks for sharing. I believe as we age we need to pay attention to our hair do. Same year after year after year, makes us look older.

  52. It looks great!! I swear you look 10 years younger! It inspires me to cut mine short again, I haven’t been in awhile due to COVID. Thank you for the post!

  53. Thanks for another lovely and inspiring post Susan. I too love the new haircut you have. I cut my own hair and have been for over 10 years, mostly with great success. But would love to visit a stylist and will take your pictures as guide since my cut, color and hair condition is pretty much identical. I appreciate all the angles you show as thats going to be very helpful!
    I have a question about the mirror vs photos…from your reply one of the comments here, it seems youre saying that photos are actually better to check your look than the mirror; am I getting that right?

    1. You are correct, Olivia. I can look in the mirror and think my look is fairly good. When I see the photos, I’m not nearly as happy with what I see. It is a different perspective. When we look in the mirror, we see a reflection and the opposite of what others see.

  54. Love your new spring hair cut and the outfit (styling) too!
    Am enjoying your blog posts and I appreciate sources to shop.

  55. Love your new ‘do! I may be biased, though, because I have silver hair and a similar style :~).
    The white blazer and floaty scarf look so lovely and fresh for the coming Spring.

  56. I like the old style. I cannot believe that you were cutting it yourself. You look beautiful in that style contrary to what you say. I have been have been cutting my hair too. The last time It was cut by a professional was on October 24. Shortly thereafter I was warned by the Will County Health Department that I had been exposed to the virus. I did not get any other explanation.. It was the only place that I had been on that day. So, I have not been back to the beauty parlor since then. I am 86 years old and do not need the challenge. Fortunately, I did not get the virus. I will return to the shop after I am vaccinated.

    DO NOT GO BACK TO GET THE HAIR CUT. YOU LOOK GREAT IN THE OLD STYLE!!!!! and to think that you cut it yourself.

  57. Susan,
    This style is stunning on you! It’s long, yet short–brilliant! Can you please share your stylist’s conditioner with us? My hair also tends to be dry and brittle during winter months, and I’m sure I’m not alone. Thanks!

    1. Thank you, Sharon. I’m sorry, I don’t know what the conditioner is. It is something they used in the salon. I’m sure if you ask your stylist for a deep conditioning treatment, they will have something similar. April applied the conditioner after shampooing and wrapped my hair in a warm towel for five minutes before rinsing it out. Maybe that will help your stylist figure out what it is.

  58. Hi Susan,

    I hope you are happy with the new cut shape and style, I think she did a wonderful job especially on the back, it looks so pretty. It’s so wonderful to get a hair cut, really gives you a lift, and we all need to keep our spirits lifted.

    I just got up the courage to get my teeth cleaned today, it had almost been a year. I usually go every six months but because of COVID I’ve been so reluctant. As it turned out my wonderful dental hygienist gets tested every week for COVID because her mother is in a care home for dementia. That made me feel extra safe.

    So glad you have some nice weather. I am in Arizona, and we had one day of 80 degrees, the sun is usually always out.

    Sending you a happy weekend with your “Adventure Partner” Mr. Mickey,

  59. Your hair has always looked gorgeous but a new style surely makes us feel good! You dress classy and are an inspiration to many of us. I do love the new hairstyle!

    Thank you for being you!


  60. Love your new hair style and your scarf! We r still in winter, months with the biggest snow fall in March/April. Enjoy spring!

  61. Love your new haircut. Super cute! I have started wearing my hair cut very short and have stopped perming and coloring and my hair is in much better condition. I’m 77 and decided it was time to except my gray and I’m loving it! Love your website.

  62. Susan,

    I love your new hairstyle. But then you would be exquisite in any style, for you are the most stylish woman I have seen on the net or in life. Best wishes always,


  63. Hi Susan,
    You look fabulous as always!
    I love your blog and very much appreciate the effort and work that goes into it.Thanks for sharing.

  64. Dear Susan, love your new hair style, I also went to stylist after months away for new style. Maybe spring really on the way. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas, may your days and nights be filled with life’s best- Nora Handy

  65. Love the new hairstyle, Susan! Very fresh and flattering. I have let my hair grow longer over the last year, and tomorrow will have my first cut in months! I’m so excited to see my stylist again. After becoming fully vaccinated, I’m ready to cautiously venture out into the world again. Your blog has been such a lifeline during this time. Besides enjoying your adventures with Mr. Mickey, I have learned invaluable styling and self-care tips. I have re-evaluated my wardrobe and purged many things that just don’t work for my body, coloring and/or my recent retirement lifestyle. I’ve used end of season online sales to replace and add basic pieces. I think I may have single-handedly wiped out Talbot’s scarf line!
    Thanks for what you do, and cheers to more adventures for all of us this year!

  66. You are more more beautiful than Christine Lagarde!
    I wish you a nice free from Covid fear month March and Spring time !

  67. I like both of your hairstyles. It appears to me that you’re smiling a little in the pic with your shorter hair & it may just be the slight difference in lighting but your lipstick seems a bit lighter than in the pic with your longer hairdo. Maybe that is why you feel that the longer style drags your appearance down. I personally love how the sides feather back with the longer style but I really like the back of the shorter style. You look great either way but it is refreshing to have a change. Especially in Spring.

  68. I love your new hair style! You always have such a good perception of what looks good on you, and I’m am continually inspired by you!

  69. Susan,

    I enjoyed this post on your new hair style. You are stunning in it. Thank you for sharing with your admirers.

    Best wishes,

  70. Do you have natural curl and body. My hair is grey and fine and I have a round face I still work so I need something quick and easy what do you suggest. My hair is short now!

    1. If your hair is fine, like mine, the best cut for you might be one with longer bangs and texturizing at the crown to give you height there and a feminine sweep near the front. I like to cover part of the border of my face with hair so that it doesn’t appear so round.

  71. I love, love, love the new haircut. I recently discovered you online and have been going back and seeing all your old posts! It is a lot of reading, but I find your journey very inspiring but also very real! You are honest and down to earth while being so elegant and classy…hard combo to achieve yet you pull it off so well! Thank you so much for sharing your life in so many ways!

  72. I am a big fan of Christine Lagarde’s style as well. She is always so put together in that sort of nonchalant French way. I think you new hairstyle is fresh and modern and suits you well. Happy Spring…..almost!

  73. It’s so interesting to see before and after shots. People always say oh I can do my own hair. Of course with shut down every one did there hair but what a professional does is so beautiful. Great job as usual.

  74. Love your new hairdo! Well done! I’ve been cutting my shoulder length gray hair myself for the past year and am so looking forward to a real haircut! Thanks for the ray of hope.

  75. Just love following your looks, professionall retired hospital administrator. These looks fit my life stle to a T. Keep blogging please.

  76. Love your new Hair Style it makes you look years yonger, not that you didn;t look great before.

    Sandra Biltoft
    St Helens
    Tasmania Australia

  77. Love your new haircut! also, have become a loyal Beautycounter fan. The first products I’ve used that I can see a noticeable difference. About to start to add more makeup products to my arsenal!

  78. I copied your style with my stylist today and love it. Perfect for hair with lots of body and for the coming season. I am a Susan, too in my 80’s and love following your blog..

    1. A good cut is a priority for me. I often leave my hair to air dry in the summer. If I want to be a little fancy, I will blow-dry the roots with a small round vented brush to heighten the crown.

  79. I love your clothes, and how the clothes are coordinated. However , I live in a small farming community, many of your outfits , would be too much. Too expensive and would be considered too dressy. Any clues for ladies like me, whom envy your style but impractical for small town life.

    1. Wear the colors, shapes, and fit that look best on you, and add whatever accessories you like. It might be small earrings, a watch, and your wedding rings, but they can make even a tee and jeans with sneakers look more polished. Choose shoes and bags in neutral solid colors such as tan in the summer and black in the winter. Keeping your looks clean and simple while wearing only two or three colors can look elegant. I’ll use my walk around the neighborhood yesterday as an example. I wore a white sleeveless shirt with faded jeans and white sneakers. I added a hat and sunglasses since the sun was shining. Every person I met along the way commented on how fresh I looked. A baggy crewneck logo tee and shapeless shorts are the go-to looks for many when they get comfortable, but that combo isn’t flattering on anyone. Fit and simplicity are the keywords. It matters not where you shop or how much your items cost, but you will get the most use out of solid color good quality pieces in classic styles. I hope these tips help you.

  80. Need some advice/ help with packing tips.

    Need help in keeping it simple and to make next trip easier.

    It seems like each time i go its like starting over and a monumental task vs joy.
    Do you know what causes this?

    Ideas on What to pack and wear. Travel out fit ideas on plane.

    Also ideas for skirts/dresses during ministry.

    I leave Aug 18th – 24. Flying out to Camp at Calvary Campground at Ashland Virginia.

    Will be helping minister where my Pastor is speaking .

    Dont want any more night before leaving late night or all night packing.

    1. Limit your selections to three colors that go together and mix and match. Take three tops, two skirts, and two dresses. Wear the bulkiest shoes on the plane and take another pair for the event. Wear the darkest colors to travel. My travel wardrobe often includes gray, white, and navy. Pink, red or blue can be accent tops.

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