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When I share close-up photos, readers always ask me about my skincare and foundation. If you’ve been visiting with me for a while, you know that I use Beautycounter skincare and rarely wear even a tinted foundation. More about my skincare is here.

My daytime skincare includes lip conditioner, Serum, eye cream, and daytime moisturizer. I have stopped wearing makeup when staying at home for the day. My shampoo and conditioner are here.

This very casual staying-at-home look includes a warm sweatshirt that is here. (I’m wearing a size medium.) The jeans are here. Similar sneakers are here. The no-show socks are here.

Combining great skincare with wise food choices are two steps to help keep skin looking its best. Getting daily exercise, enough rest, and spending time in nature, help us keep our glow. Drinking lots of water is imperative as well. Avoiding things like sugar, alcohol, too much sun, and smoking will also vastly improve your skin’s health.

My learning to eat well journey includes inspiration from knowledgeable food bloggers. I’m sharing my favorites below, along with pictures of lunches I have prepared recently.

From left to right: Sauteed kale, avocado slices, black rice, sauteed green cauliflower, parsnips, and tempeh, slices of carrot and red pepper. (Tempeh or tempe is a traditional Indonesian soy product that is made from fermented soybeans.)

The plate above includes slices of raw carrot, Udon noodles with shavings of aged sharp cheddar cheese, on a bed of mixed greens, chickpeas, green olives, sauteed purple cabbage with sweet onion, and steamed cauliflower.

The bowl above includes a vegetable and bean soup topped with fresh chopped arugula and feta.

To learn more about food choices that can improve your health and vitality, visit Sadia here. She is a Registered Dietitian who shares great videos and lots of recipes.

Lisa shares great tips, inspiration, and guidelines for eating to diminish inflammation and autoimmune diseases. Her website is here.

Nisha is a lawyer turned foodie who also shares plant-based recipes and tips. Her website is here.

I’ll share more tips and inspiration soon. Since there isn’t much going on here this winter, future posts will be published randomly. Keep yourself safe.

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  1. Thank you for the healthy food websites. I’m especially interested in Lisa’s recommendations and recipes to diminish inflammation and autoimmune problems.
    I like your comfortable ‘stay at home’ outfit!

  2. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for graciously sharing your ideas and helpful websites. I love the idea of wearing a warm sweatshirt around the house again. Since my retirement a few years ago, I took up acrylic painting as a hobby. I am often chilly, but don’t like to feel too “bulky” with painting. These sweatshirts will fit the bill. I also appreciate the links to the vegan eating sites. Just wondering how often you eat fish? My husband and I eat salmon 3 times a week. My most recent blood work showed an increase in my HDL by almost 20 points. My doctor says this is a good thing!

    1. I try to eat fish at least twice a week. In order of nutritional importance: Salmon – Atlantic Mackerel – Sardines – Herring – Fresh Water Trout (Always only wild-caught fish.)

  3. I shall have to read up on charred vegetables as it’s not something I’ve ever cooked, even as a life long vegetarian !
    Congratulations on such a wonderful day yesterday; a very different inauguration but very inspiring nonetheless. When the world returns to normal President Biden and Vice President Harris ( what a superb role model for girls and women everywhere) will have a very warm welcome in Britain.

  4. The food all looks great, I’ll check out the blog. I wanted to make sure that you are wearing a mens sweatshirt, as usually the shoulders are pretty large. Also, the link for your pants is not bringing me to any pants. Thank you taking your time to share all the helpful things you have learned though the years, much appreciated.

  5. Susan, thanks for the eating tips and sites. I would love to see a post about your how you are doing/feeling post COVID and have you been able to get your vaccine?

    1. I am feeling OK now. I have some scarring in my lungs, but my circulation is slowly improving. As soon as the vaccine is available to my age group, I will get in line.

  6. Thank you for continuing to blog! I look forward to reading each one. It’s how I start my day. Be safe!
    I love everything Beauty Counter I have tried. My skin looks so much better.

  7. Susan,
    Thank you for sharing. I really needed to hear this today. I need to make some serious changes in my life and you have inspired me to do so!
    Love & Thanks,

  8. Thank you Thank you Thank you for today’s information. I enjoyed every word on each item. Have already ordered some items and signed up on each food posting. I look forward to each of your postings every week. Your information is always helpful and wanted. Have an amazing day.

  9. You have inspired me to try plant-based eating as described in Dr. Furman’s book, Eat to Live. Several years ago I tried going vegetarian but didn’t succeed. The book and your wonderful hints are most helpful and I’ve been having fun trying all the grains and seeds you’ve suggested. Besides shedding some weight, I hope to be able to eliminate some of the medications I take and to improve my overall health. Thanks for all you do!

  10. Susan, I’m really loving your “Covid hair”! It is relaxed and natural looking as well as classic. Please share tips! My hair is very similar to yours. Same color, but mine tends to be curly in an unruly manner.

    1. Thank you, Alice. I’ve been cutting my hair myself for about the past seven months. Here is a post where I shared drawings to show how I’ve achieved the look I have now. As for styling, I use a small one inch round vented brush and start with the roots of the crown area. I lift and smooth until the hair is dry.

  11. Susan, Thank you for sharing your healthy meals and the links. My mouth is watering as I view the pictures. I don’t know much about your journey to vegetarianism but I made the transition back in 2001 when I searched for a physician to help me recover from taking a medication that harmed me. My Functional Medicine doctor changed everything about how I think about my diet and lifestyle. I had been a vegetarian when I was in my 20’s and preferred a plant-based diet my entire life but fell onto the path of least resistance in my 30’s and 40’s. Working around other people in an office, snacks/snack machines, company lunches and dinners, dinner parties, etc… paved an easy path to an unhealthy diet. I always hated to be a ‘bother’ and just ate what was served but even so, many of the veggie dishes were not prepared in a healthy way. A vegetarian woman cannot survive on french fries, mac and cheese and green bean casserole alone! It’s much easier to be a healthy vegetarian or vegan now with all the healthy and affordable options available to us. I prefer to eat organic veggies, homemade soups and grains most of the time but I like to add meatless proteins every so often. Fermented soy like the Tempeh in your picture is the best soy to consume ( in my opinion, the only soy to consume) but for some reason, it doesn’t sit well with me. So, I take Nattokinase every day as my ‘fermented’ food supplement.

    Some of the soy-free meatless protein products that I truly enjoy are made by Quorn. I’ve served Quorn to guests and they never knew that it was meatless until I told them. Kroger carries the largest selection of Quorn that I know of. I tried a new product over the holidays made by Field Roast. I served the Cranberry Hazelnut Roast for Christmas dinner and it was incredible! So elegant to serve and tasted wonderful. I loved it so much that I purchased two more to keep on hand for special occasions. Their website is here: I haven’t tried their other products yet but I do plan to. My local Whole Foods store carries some of the their products but I’m not a big fan of that store so I rarely visit. I generally shop at the Fresh Market or Food Lion.

    My favorite online doctors are Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Joseph Mercola. A good book that I recommend for anyone wanting to make educated dietary changes is ” Choose Your Foods Like Your Life Depends On Them” by Dr. Colleen Huber.

      1. Excellent point Susan and I agree about the salt and also sugar. Vegetarian doesn’t mean healthy unless it’s done properly and that’s why I highly recommend a doctor who knows nutrition. I rarely eat any processed food- including restaurant food for that reason. I was wondering if you get your B12 levels tested and if you take a supplement. I was reading about B12 on Medscape yesterday and how difficult it is to absorb/metabolize. My doctor gives me B12 injections every now and then and I supplement those with a sublingual spray. I also take whole food vitamins.

  12. Thank you for sharing the great food suggestions. First we eat with our eyes & that was so well illustrated with your dishes. Also the more colorful our food the healthier it generally is. Eat the rainbow ! Like your comfortable at home look. Not a personal fan of white sneakers ( I remember reading once that in Europe they could always spot the American tourists because of their big white sneakers ) Many people are fans of them however & that is ok. Just not my thing. I am impressed that you cut your own hair. Don’t think I could do that very well. Have a good rest of your week !

  13. Hi Susan. Am I correct in thinking that you had stopped eating all grains and legumes for awhile? If so, how did you decide to go back to eating them?

  14. Thank you for continuing to blog! I look forward to each one, and so enjoy reading about your outings with Mr. Mickey! Even though those outings have changed, we still eagerly await every post! Please don’t ever think you don’t have much to share since things are quieter now. I am intrigued to learn about your daily routines now that you are home more. I still work full time, but am starting to consider what my life will look like when retirement comes in just a few years.

  15. I really like seeing the combinations of foods on your plates. They are very appealing. I also appreciate the simple prep. So many recipes for healthy foods seem to be more complex with sauces and ingredients I won’t buy just for the one recipe. I purchased a stacking Bella electric steamer and am in love with it! I can steam all my food quickly and separately at once.
    It is good to hear you are continuing to heal. I’m anxious to get the Covid vaccine also. I think it will be available in my state in mid-February. Please keep blogging. We all appreciate your efforts.

  16. Sad to see you downgrade going to more random postings. You may not realize how your posts about life in lockdown conditions helps so many of your readers; the forgotten group as you yourself have termed it in the past. I am often amazed by the number of blogs etc that continue with the materialistic approach even though this is clearly something that needs to be revisited. Of course, most of these are in the younger age group. Since you’re an established blogger with all the know how and following, it’s such an ideal place to reach us women who may not have the foresight to see how and what we can do to stay feeling valued and alive. Reading your blog and a few others that do exist is honestly a life line at the moment and obviously much appreciated by many from reading the comments. Its so awesome to read them knowing I’m not alone. And reading about so called ‘nothing’…when compared to the stuff we were able to do ‘before’ is not only very nice but essential I believe. We likely all need help with coming to terms with the idea that less Iis now more and less may lead us to a life of looking after ourselves that many were not in touch with ‘before’. With that thought I hope ‘before’ never comes back as it was, and look forward to finding online inspiration from you and your fellow bloggers for quite some time ahead!

  17. Thank you so much for sharing information about your diet and links to more information. I am at a point in life where I have GOT to do something to improve my health, and this information is very beneficial to me. I’ve followed you for several years and have been impressed by your health quest and determination to increase in good health. You’re a good example!

  18. Did you eat mostly organic foods and do you share your recipes? I enjoy all of your posts.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Mim In Chambersburg Pa.

    1. I do eat mostly organic vegetables and fruits and also grains if I can find them. If I follow any recipe, it is most often the one on the package. Even though I have many recipe books, I am not very good at using them.

  19. Dear Susan,
    Thank you for sharing some of your favorite food choices. Everything looks so good. I will definitely visit your food bloggers for some advice and recipes. I always look forward to your weekly blogs..
    Stay safe and Be well..

  20. Susan, I have been following you for some time now and you continue to look so amazing.
    Would you consider doing an episode on how you prep your food. Every dish you post must take a long time to prepare or do you prep in bulk?
    Thanks for sharing so much with us!

    1. Since it is just me and I don’t have a lot to do during the day, I don’t meal prep above making a batch of rice or roasting a few vegetables. If I make a big pot of bean soup, I will save the extra in ziplock bags in single portions and freeze it.

  21. I look forward to any and all posts you put up. Your content is just so fresh and current, so thank you for all you do.

  22. Thank you so much for another wonderful blog. I make soup and eat it most nights for dinner. I never thought to top soup with arugula. I’ve added it to my grocery list. The vegetable and bean soup looks yummy. Can you please share the recipe with your readers. Many thanks — keep up the good work! Please stay well.

  23. I so look forward to your blogs …not only for the fashion and beauty articles, but also touring your area of the world and especially healthy eating. I was wondering, what would be a typical breakfast?

    1. Breakfast happens in stages since I don’t feel hungry when I first get up. A typical winter breakfast is half a red grapefruit after two cups of black coffee. I usually have oatmeal made with almond or coconut milk, and I add nuts, seeds, and berries. Sometimes I have a small omelet with a few steamed or sauteed vegetables on the side. Cauliflower, cabbage, kale, garden cress, bok choy, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, or similar green leaf vegetables are a large part of my meals each day.

  24. Hi Susan, I have contacted you before about your wonderful website, it greatly inspires me.
    Thank you for this one especially, I really need to change my diet and this is great.
    Blessings, Charmaine

  25. Please continue blogging as you do now !
    It is very important to read your posts Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    They give us inspiration and joy !

      1. I would love to see some of the jewelry you made when you were into that and even hear more about how you were set up to do it in that chapter of your life. I would love to do some of that as a hobby for myself. I am also impressed by your shoes and boots, they always look so new and fresh. Tips on footwear maintenance/care would also be interesting.
        This was such an inspiring post – love seeing your meals. I will definitely try those beautiful combos and also the black rice from the previous post. I learned some new things from you today, thank you! Love all your posts!

  26. Hi Susan! I am very interested in adapting your eating style, but I’m not sure where to start. My husband had intestinal surgery recently, and is on a very starchy, low fiber diet which is adding to my waistline rapidly. I’m going to have to buckle down and cook two separate meals! Could you possibly give links to some of your recipes, or more meal suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinners? Thank you, and stay safe! Kathleen Gibboni

    1. I rarely eat more than two meals a day. More food isn’t necessary while I am so inactive during winter, and as we age, fewer calories are required. Eat more leafy greens and other vegetables, a few berries, and a few grains if you can tolerate them. I rarely use a recipe or even cook anything. The more ingredients and heat you use, the less healthy food is. Most of my meals include lightly steamed or sauteed vegetables or raw ones, washed and sliced, then arranged on a plate. As with my wardrobe, I’ve found that keeping it clean and simple serves me best. Be sure to visit the bloggers I mentioned above. They are the experts on nutrition and diet. 🙂

  27. Thanks Susan – you stay safe also! I am looking forward to a more normal life with vaccine immunization scheduled next week!
    Thank goodness I live in Arizona and am a golfer. Golfing is the one activity that is relatively normal – Best to you, Ann M.

  28. You look wonderful in your casual clothes…really put together. The meals look delicious!! I am enjoying all of your information and tips!!

  29. Good morning, Susan,
    Just want to tell you how much I enjoy your posts. I love all of them…style, food, skincare, interior design, travel. And you are a lifeline and inspiration during Covid. I look for you every day. Thank you!
    Terri in Ohio

  30. Thank you for these healthy eating web sites I already know and love Sadia’s food and look forward to trying the other two.

  31. Hi Susan
    I enjoy your posts and often think of you when I go for rides to get out of the house. I live near a very rural area ( western NY, (let’s go Buffalo ) and love the beauty of it. I dress much more casually than you. Boots, parka, gloves and hat so I can get out and photograph in case I feel the need to paint what I see. I pray for a time when we can return to friends, family and outings that are more normal. Please stay safe and I look forward to your posts.

  32. Hi Susan, When did you change your diet to what you usually eat today?
    What have been the benefits and do you miss eating in ways you used to?
    Also, I’m curious if you’ve seen improvements In your hair since using Beauty Counter’s shampoo &
    conditioner. Don’t know if you dye your hair or if you’re one of the lucky ones who have a pretty
    natural grey hair. My reason for asking is because I need a shampoo & conditioner that won’t strip
    color (the website says it won’t “strip hair” but doesn’t specify “color” or “hair dye”).
    I buy the skin products (with you as my consultant) and have seen an improvement in my skin.
    Also, I put in another order today of the socks you recommend as I like them and they really do stay in place so,
    I appreciate all your good suggestions!

    1. I notice a significant difference in how I feel since I changed my eating habits ten years ago. I lost more than forty-five pounds and improved several health issues. I wrote about my diet and issues here.

      I stopped the dye at fifty, so I’ve had my natural gray hair for fifteen years. It feels fuller and healthier after using Beautycounter products for a couple of years. Thank you for your comments.

  33. I was already a vegetarian, but my diet seemed to revolve around cheese, which was doing me no favors at all. My New Year’s resolution for 2021 was to give up the cheese and other dairy and invest more time in the veggies, beans, fruits, grains and seeds diet promoted by Dr. Fuhrman. At first, it was a challenge to my intestinal serenity, but I am hanging in there and I’m SO glad! It’s doing wonders for my skin, waistline, sleep, and energy. I’m fortunate that my husband loves anything at all in the food department and is 100% on board. I go for my annual physical in a few weeks and I’ll be curious to see the lipid and other labs. Thanks, Susan!

  34. Hi, Susan – Thank you for this post – it is truly inspiring me to clean up my eating habits. May I ask which recipe did you use for the bean/vegetable soup?
    Thank you!!

  35. I would happily eat the way you do, but my husband would think I was trying to kill him if I stopped feeding him meat and potatoes! He’s still a farm boy at heart. We do eat pretty healthy though. As a pre diabetic, I’m very diligent about avoiding sugar. I drink only wine and that only occasionally and in very limited amounts. I find it hard to include as much fresh produce as I’d like to in our diet though as we don’t have access to much variety where we live, especially in the winter time.

  36. Hi Susan,
    You are an inspiration to me and I look forward to your messages. I make the porridge recipe you posted. Do you still eat the porridge for breakfast?
    Thank you.

  37. Hello, Susan. I’m going to miss your weekly posts. They’re always a great start to my day-like starting the morning with a quick, friendly chat with a neighbor. I do understand that none of us have any new experiences with this pandemic and its isolating effects. In the meantime, I will enjoy reading all your previous posts and learn some new things along the way. Thank you for your wonderful blog.

  38. So enjoy your posts. Your lunches look delicious.
    I enjoy following The Green Smoothie Girl, Robyn Openshaw.
    She emphasizes plant based eating as well as very helpful information on alternative medicine especially cancer treatments. Ocean Robbins from the Food Revolution also offers excellent nutritional information.
    Thank you for sharing all your photos and such classic fashion ideas.

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