Styling Summer Dresses

When the temperatures and humidity rise, a dress is the most comfortable clothing option. Packing for travel to warmer climates is a breeze when you take a few dresses. If they can be worn with other items to create different looks, that’s even better.

I added a two-inch wide black belt instead of the self-belt that comes with the dress. A wider belt would have taken up too much room and made my short waist look even shorter.

A similar dress to the one above is here. A similar belt is here. The shoes are here. A similar bag is here. A similar bracelet is here.

I occasionally enjoy wearing prints if they include a small repeating pattern such as dots or stripes. Midi length is much more comfortable for me than a knee-length dress. Dresses with buttons down the front, a V-neckline, or a wrap-style waist are the best options for my inverted triangle shape. Since I have a short waistline, petite sizes often work for me. The best styling tip is always to wear the shapes, colors, and fabrics that flatter your shape and coloring.

I chose this chambray dress because it buttons up the front, making it also perfect as a beach coverup. It has long sleeves to allow me to wear it as a topper over a black turtleneck, leggings, and boots in the winter. A similar dress is here and here.

Similar shoes are here. Similar tote bag here. Similar sunglasses are here.

The block heel nude shoes are here. The handbag is here. The jacket is here. A similar belt is here.

A tank-style dress can be worn in countless ways. Dressed up or down, it will be cool and comfortable. I always feel most authentic when I am dressed up, but I’m also showing you how I might wear the linen dress during my next beach trip.

The linen tank dress is here, and a similar one is here. The white denim jacket is here. Similar sneakers are here. A similar straw bag is here.

I purchased the items in today’s post over the past several months or years, so the exact pieces may no longer be available, but as always, I looked for similar current items for the shopping links.

Pearl earrings are the perfect Mother’s Day gift. The updated styling of the pair I wore in all the looks today means that you can even wear them with jeans and sneakers. They have a timeless appeal.

(Use the code SAS10 For $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.)

In honor of Mother’s Day (in the USA), I am teaming up with my very talented friend Suzanne, the designer of Beauty in Stone Jewelry, to give away a pair of these beautiful pearl earrings (here).

I am also giving away the new fifty-one-inch silk scarf pictured below. Please leave me a content suggestion in the comments section below to add your name to the “bowl.” I will randomly choose a comment next week, and the winner will receive both items.

I used the timer on my Sony Alpha a5100 camera and a tripod to take these photos. Shopping links sometimes allow me to earn a small commission at no extra charge to you.

  1. Thanks for great ideas. How about thoughts on purging clothes? I’d love to hear about letting go of sentimental pieces, clothes that don’t fit but just might if I lose a couple pounds, things I spent so much money on but never wear….. I could go on!!

  2. I think you are beginning to think about vacationing in a warm climate. Good post on options for dressing up and down.

  3. I would like your comments on sleeping positions to promote healthy back and minimal pulling on the face and neck. Thank you, I enjoy your posts!

  4. I like all of the dresses shown! Our hot weather requires a few dresses to keep cool and look our best! Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the great idea of pearl earrings for Mother’s Day!, does sound like the perfect gift. I do look forward to your posts seeing how you elevate your clothing making basic items look so put together.

  6. I so look forward to your posts. Love the denim dress! Thank you for your time and continuation of the blog.

  7. Thank you for this wonderful post showing the versatility of the different dresses. I was most inspired by the black and white tank dress and how you elevated it from a very casual look to a style perfect for a nice dinner out, church, club meeting, etc. Like you, I very much enjoy the beach and am wondering if you have ever done a post about stylish hats to wear to while sunning or being a tourist. Thank you for your continued inspiration!

  8. I do think you look slimmer in maxi dresses, as opposed to pants.
    I think I do, too, and when I (very rarely) see my friends in maxi dresses, I think the same.
    Do you agree? I’m not sure why, though. Do you have any idea?

    1. An unbroken line from the shoulders to the most slender part of the leg visually elongates the body. Continue the line by matching the color of your shoes to your leg or stockings.

  9. I liked all of your looks today. I’m short so petite styles in dresses work best for me, too. A dress really elevates your look and they’re very easy to wear.

  10. I would love to see your best tips for shopping online, small changes to update an outfit, and reviews of what you wore the most last season. The three ways to wear it is especially helpful- it would be great to see more of that. Thanks so much for a great and most helpful blog.

  11. Dear Susan,
    I have been following you for almost two years now. By using your suggestions I have replaced much of my wardrobe with items that you have modeled. The most common compliment I receive is that I look “put together”. Your choices always result in a classy look. Thank you, Susan!

  12. I get so much good information from your posts. We are of a similar age but that’s where the similarities end – I’m under 5′ and overweight (no waistline to be found) – yet I’ve been able to apply much of what I’ve learned to my own wardrobe to elevate my look. Thank you!

  13. Hi Susan, I also love dresses in the heat of summer.i love the ease of wearing a casual dress over shorts and I don’t care for a restricted feeling around my waist. I’m all about comfort first content ideas: haircuts/ hairstyles for the round face shape, stylish orthotic footwear, Keto diet, teeth whitening. Thanks and have a great day!

  14. I would like to know more about how you planned your retirement wardrobe. I’m still working as a nurse administrator at the VA, but know that I will be retiring in a few years. I’m not sure how to plan for that transition.

  15. I love dresses in the summer! I like dresses with a sleeve but often find it hard to find them.

  16. I happen to have just purchased a polka dot button up dress and a denim shirt dress. Good timing on my part.

  17. You look great in all the dresses! I especially like the chambray dress – I love long sleeves on dresses.

  18. I’m always inspired by your fashion choices, and your commitment to stay true to yourself. What about swimsuits? I have a cruise coming up and am struggling to find something modern and age appropriate but not matronly.

  19. I am very interested in how colors work and wonder if you might show similar pieces in different colors to demonstrate the impact.

  20. Those earrings are the perfect one and done! They would be great for travel because they go with absolutely everything! would like to see a post on shoes for those of us who have ankle “issues” and must wear footbed custom orthotics but definitely don’t want to wear “old lady shoes”!

  21. Your suggestions for styling outfits for different situations are very helpful. I would love to see more ideas on shopping our own closets for outfits to wear to summer weddings. Thank you for all the work you do to share your expertise!

  22. Love your style. It would be nice to see articles on linen, how to care for it, styles, packing for a trip etc.

  23. Your waist looks so small in the picture of the dress with polka dots. It is going to make me try different styling ideas with my dresses… changing out a belt like you did. Thank you for all your helpful ideas.

  24. I appreciate your styling skills. Enjoy your partial retirement. I hope you keep you blog and FB page.

  25. Just came across your Instagram account and am so thrilled to find a site that shows such great trends and ideas for someone who is not the proverbial spring chicken, . Love the way you mix mix new and old pieces together and the ideas you demonstrated. Again thank you from a classical dressing cohort.

  26. Love the earrings! So delicate!
    Susan, will you be doing a bathing suit post this year? I have enjoyed the ones you have done in the past. Thank you!

  27. Love these looks! I like the way you showed several ways to style the same dress, and also like the versatility of the chambray dress.

  28. Love the earrings and scarf. I also would like some suggestions for the pear shaped woman, and some stylish but comfortable summer shoes to pair with dresses.

  29. I enjoy wearing dresses in warmer weather, but sometimes want to wear pants and still stay cool enough. It’s challenging! 🙂 Do you have any tips on which type of fabric, which colors might be best? Thank you for all of your style inspiration, Susan.

  30. SUGGESTION: what to look for in a good scarf and where to find good deals. I am not a fan of scarves with frayed edges, and so many have them.

  31. Dresses are so easy and comfortable in warmer weather…one and done! I appreciate the time you took to post two ways to style the linen tank dress. Both the earrings and the scarf are beautiful

  32. Beautiful, as always! I am loving the return of split skirts. They are not as structured as culottes, but a bit more dressy than crops. How about a post styling the skirts?
    Thank you!

  33. Hi Susan, I love your style and enjoy your blog very much. I would love to win these earrings and scarf!

  34. Love those dresses! My only content suggestion is to continue showing us how we can stay cool and comfortable without showing too much arm or leg!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win the beautiful earrings and scarf

  35. Hi Susan, I would love to see a post on what volunteer opportunities you may take advantage of in your community. With covid on the decline, I would like to volunteer more in my community. Kathy

  36. Hello Susan, as usual you have given us great information. I also like dresses and have quite a few summer ones. However, I find my printed at the knee beginning to make me feel silly and..old? Time to rethink and update. I’m often at home in super casual but could use some sprucing up when I get to go out. Any help for the ultra casual ladies is welcome. Thank you as always

  37. Love the blue dress! My favorite dress during my young working years (1970’s) was a dark brown with white polka dot wrap dress made out of shiny polyester. Throw it in the washing machine, dry for a few minutes, no wrinkles! I love polka dots (and those pearl earrings!)

  38. I always like your advise to take your body-type into account when purchasing clothing. The clothing we may be attracted to may not necessarily look good on our frames.

  39. I’ll be hinting at pearl earrings for Mother’s Day! I would love to see your ideas on what to wear around the pool.

  40. Hi Susan, I love to wear dresses to especially in the warm weather. I do not wear shorts or capris outside my own yard lol I feel happier and more comfortable when I dress casually like this. Thank you for the belt ideas.

  41. Like your classic style. Would love to see more how to transition from at home style to going out easily by use of accessories etc.

  42. Dresses are great in hot weather and you look great all the pictures. I have large calves so most dresses look bad on me. I like dresses and skirts that come down to the ankle, but very few people wear them. Wearing light weight pants is warmer then a skirt. What do you think about the long skirts and dresses? Too dated?

  43. How about at-home leisure wear or even pajamas/lingerie? When I don’t think I’ll see anyone I fail to keep it classy. 😉

  44. Accessorizing in a way to use what I already have is my favorite posting that you do. The scarf and earrings are so pretty, and would certainly work in my wardrobe. Would love to be chosen. I look so forward to your postings, please dont ever stop!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  45. I would love to know your impressions of best finds of the season type thing especially from Chico’s, but other brands as well. Perhaps you could show how similar items you have could be styled if you are not going in shops.

  46. Thank you so much for these ideas. I always struggle with what shoes to wear with dresses and I too am short waisted so this has been very helpful. You look lovely in all of the pictures.

  47. I’m beginning to wonder if I should purchase more dresses for the hot days ahead, or maybe just wear some that I already own. (It’s snowing here in Western PA today!) I love all of your choices; my style aesthetic is very similar to yours, although I am petite. And the pearls and scarf are both lovely!

  48. I would love to see content about how you care for your houseplants or maintaining a small collection of plants! (Not style related, I know)

  49. Susan … thank you… love your giveaways … also love when you have different styles with the same ‘basic’ and then add different accessories ❤️ Thanks again~ gail pawl

  50. Every single dress looks wonderful on you. I loved the way you styled them. There is no way you do not look stunning in a dress!

  51. I know you stick to classics, but I’d love your approach to addressing a current trend and how to integrate that into the season in a way that works for women in our age category. Also, if you have a friend who is not as fit/slim as you, perhaps that person would be willing to model outfits that work on someone of that size/proportion. I am 5’6” and because of steroids (autoimmune disease) and COVID stress, I’ve gain 20 lbs (I’m at 176 now)that I’m working to try to get off in a healthy manner. I don’t wear jeans, nor tuck in a shirt in the front because now I have belly and rib fat that I never had! Nothing feels good around my waist – just layers of material. Appreciate your tips! Thanks for encouraging all of us!

  52. At 70 years old, you’d think I’d have it all figured out (do we ever?), but alas, I still struggle deciding what to pack for a week long, warm weather, out of town visit. I’m always overpacking! How can I trim down my selection of what to take?
    What would be your essential take along wardrobe?

  53. I would like you to explain how to tell what body type we are. I have read so many explanations but still come away confused. You have a straight forward way of explaining so many things I think I would “get it” if you explained it.

  54. I especially like the posts where you style one item several ways. You inspire me to play dressup with items in my closet. That sounds like a fun activity on this cold spring day. Thank you and take care.

  55. Always enjoy a blog post from you. Pearls are a favorite of mine. The earrings look fresh and modern. Love the elephant in the scarf design.

  56. I love your style and your posts. I have even started wearing and feeling very comfortable in dresses. I really can’t think of anything you could do to improve it.

  57. You always keep your content fresh and relevant, so no complaints!
    Please continue showing dresses worn in multiple looks, as well as suggestions for those of us with large busts and short waists.

  58. Love your posts! I especially like how you mix it up …..with food , travel and fashion . Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  59. My content suggestion would be to explore how to find happiness each day as we age and to be positive about our changing looks as we get older. Embrace the changes!(sometimes a hard thing to do). I love how you dressed down the linen dress to be very modern and fresh.

  60. Hi Susan. You look terrific in everything! Love the chambray dress and while it’s not short, it made me think about hemlines. I know we’re in an era of “you do you” and that we’re not supposed to be judgmental, but I cringe a bit when I see baby boomers wearing skirts or dresses that to me seem “too short.” So I wonder, is that all just personal preference and what someone thinks they can carry off, or does a time come when we should consider how we look to others (including, in shorter hemlines)? Best/GeriR

    P.S. Another thorn in my side is stretch jeans. Call me crazy but I’d like to see a return to jeans you had to wear a while to break in.

  61. Since you mention that one of the dresses would make a good swimsuit coverup, I’d like to see what kind of suit you would put under it. And different types of suits for different body types.

  62. I know that dresses are “big” this year and have always loved them! Thanks for showing the styling tips and, as always, you look great!

  63. Susan,
    Your classic put together look is wonderful!
    We will be moving to a very warm area for our retirement. I would love to see a capsule wardrobe based around Bermuda walking shorts but still looking put together and classy. Not just surviving the heat. New adventures await but they will be hot!

  64. Perfect spring and summer dresses….light weight, perfect lengths and dressy or casual. Thanks for your tips!
    Pearls and scarf are very pretty.

  65. Glorious colours in the scarf! The earrings are as always from you, classy and timeless. What about clothes for a 14 day trip to the Caribbean? We are all optimistically starting to think about a vacation next year.

  66. Susan, your blog has been such an inspiration and helpful guide. I have become far more discerning when it comes to purchases and I am wearing all my clothes with more confidence. Thank you for sharing your fashion (and life) journey with us!

  67. I see I didn’t read the directions – to include a content suggestion! I have been reading so much about serums – vitamin C seeming to be the most popular. I’d love to learn more generally and hear what, if any, serums you include in your beauty/skin care routine. Thank you!

  68. Susan, this post just reinforces to me that you can wear anything and look smashing! I layed out five outfits last night (nothing new except one pair of sboes) that I’ve never worn the pieces together so to me that means new outfits lol! Just need somewhere to go and do know it’s coming ☺
    1. I would love to see a post on using pins/brooches in traditional and unexpected ways, and especially casually. Jean jackets, utility jackets, military etc. I never consider them out of style and know eventually they will be more current again. I just could use some fresh ideas for them.
    2. Comfort/stylish orthotic shoes. Our generation is fortunate to have stylish options not available in the past.
    Thank you for the opportunity for the gifts. Both earrings and scarf are lovely.

  69. Absolutely Beautiful scarf, the colors are magnificent! It would brighten just about any outfit, especially for spring and summer.

    Thank you for keeping us informed of fashion looks and wise choices!! Love all your looks, I love especially the light pink jacket in your recent post!!

  70. Very pretty. I am liking dresses but I have nowhere to wear them. I like the last one best with the belt and jacket. All the dresses look great on you.

  71. Susan, Thank you for such a timely post. I especially love the first two dresses on you. Two very different looks, but both are flattering in different ways. I’m always looking forward to your next post.

  72. I enjoy your posts about dressing outfits up or down by varying accessories. I would like to see a post about how to do this while traveling. I have started accompanying my husband on business trips and in one day I go from sightseeing alone (walking a lot) to a business casual dinner, while 2000 miles away from home. I am not even sure what business casual means for women. The female attendees seem to wear business suits ( although the men do not) but other accompanying female spouses seem to be all over the place. I would like to know how to dress appropriately within the confines of a travel wardrobe.

  73. Hi Susan. I really enjoyed your warm weather dress suggestions. I was wondering what could be worn for summer athleisure wear, such as, for talking an exercise walk, probably in the morning on a hot summer day, that would not look frumpy. I find looking sophisticated in very hot weather (which I truly dislike), very challenging. Thanks so much for all you do, I love reading your posts..

  74. Your posts on styling shown three different ways is so helpful. Please continue. I have been reading your posts for several years and have learned so much.

  75. Seeing your white platform sneakers makes me want more ideas of how to style them. I just bought some! What ideas can you share?

  76. Hi!
    I can’t believe what a difference a belt can make to outfits. Thanks for the tip!
    As for a suggestion – I always appreciate a hi/lo version of outfits. Keeping costs low are so important for me right now – but I still want to be fashionable as I head into my mid 60s!
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  77. You look absolutely fabulous, Susan! You are SO ready for summer. We’re heading up to Gatlinburg in a couple weeks and hoping winter will be over by then-lol. We were going to go this week but the forecast was only in the upper 30’s today with a bit of snow in the afternoon. Strange weather for late April.

  78. Love your style! I’d enjoy a piece on creating a capsule wardrobe to stay stylish while losing weight. I don’t want to make a huge investment while I’m still losing weight–saving that for when I hit my goal–but I’ve lost enough that my original sizes are falling off, and that could be embarrassing in public.

  79. Love how you styled the tank dress to look dressy & casual. How about suggestions for beach wear…swimsuits, coverups etc. Clothing that could be for resort wear or a pool party ? Love your practical suggestions & your concept of purchasing quality over quantity.

  80. Always look to you for great advice. How about a tutorial on your hair care? Your cuts are great, but how do you maintain the look? Thanks!

  81. Hi Susan,

    How about a post on the “right” size of handbag to use in comparison to height, weight, etc.

    Love your posts and I admire your lifestyle!!

  82. I love these dresses for summer- the first is my favorite and the sort of style that I think could flatter most of us. I’m on the hunt for something similar. You’ve inspired me to add more dresses to my wardrobe (I stopped wearing them completely somewhere along the way) and after moving back to Austin, I can see they’ll be lifesavers in the summer. Sometimes it’s challenging to find affordable cotton, rayon or linen blends- polyester in high heat is miserable.

    Content-wise I’d love to see a post about energy and how to keep it up as we age. I’ve found diet and exercise with a little strength training to be the biggest helpers- I’d love to know what you’ve found helpful. You seem like a very energetic person!

  83. Always enjoy your posts –
    Would love to see how you change your home decor from winter to summer
    Also how you decorate your patio

  84. I am hoping that spring comes to Wyoming soon so that I can start wearing dresses and skirts. Currently it is 32 degrees and snowy.

  85. I love the way you pulled together these outfits including a dress. I’m typically very comfortable in a dress so these really spoke to me! I’m also a lover of pears and scarfs to this post is one of my favorites!

    As always, your elegant, classic style is always in fashion and you wear it beautifully:) Thanks for sharing!


  86. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for another entertaining and informative posts. I struggle with prints and with dresses, but I keep trying. I appreciate your suggestions.

    As for content suggestions, I would love to hear more about developing one’s personal style. Also, capsule wardrobe packing for different types of vacations/trips. How to keep a classic style wardrobe “modern” without chasing trends. I love your travel posts too – in fact, we are coming to Asheville next month and will make a day trip to Jonesborough, TN as I was enchanted by your post about it.

    Thanks for sharing your style secrets with us!

  87. I love your dresses! The tunic one seems so versatile. I have a black tunic dress and a gray one. Now I have some ideas on more ways to wear them! I always really enjoy your blog posts, thank you for sharing!

  88. Thank you for always showing us such classic options. I need a belt so the belted dresses appeal to me. I’ve learned thru your blog that I can wear belts and still feel slim.

  89. WOW! All those years that you thought dresses weren’t best for your figure have been proven wrong! The longer length and classic designs look wonderful on you.

  90. What better gifts than a beautiful scarf and pearl earrings. Reminds me of my trip to China…pearls and silk!

  91. So many great looks here; I can’t pick a favorite. You look fabulous in every outfit. I love the scarf. It provides a great pop of color and the earrings are truly timeless!

  92. It is so nice for me because I am too are an inverted triangle. There are not many of us out here!
    You look wonderful as always. Where do you get your scarves now? Do you wear a scarf and a mask at the same time?

  93. I always look forward to your posts, I always learn so much! Since summer wedding season is upon us, I’d like to see what you would suggest in regards to what to wear, also for outdoor weddings.

  94. I would appreciate suggestions on where to buy shoes that come in narrow widths. Hard to find! Thank you

  95. Love the ideas for how to wear a dress this summer. Earrings and scarf are beautiful. Have a great day!


  96. Hello Susan,

    Thank you for your many years of helping us ladies fine tune our style! I look forward to all you posts. I would love a new scarf or set of pearl earring to celebrate the Spring season!

    Thank you,

  97. Always enjoy your style tips and sources.
    Please enter me in the earring and scarf give away.

  98. I especially love the polka dot dress, although all three are great. I would enjoy a post, or maybe two?, on what we have been reading during the pandemic. I am always looking for book suggestions and reading has been my salvation the past year.

  99. My favourite posts are your holiday ones. Also the unique items, like the ruanas. Your tips are easy yet bring an elegance and class to everyday items

  100. Thank you for the inspiration in today’s blog. It will certainly help me put together looks with the three dresses in my closet that I did not have an opportunity to wear last summer. The polka dot dress on you is my favorite. Elegant and yet “playful”..

  101. I always enjoy your posts, Susan. Would you please consider a tutorial on the color wheel and how to determine what colors look best with different skin tones and hair color? I have an olive complexion and would like to learn about different clothing color combinations with “warm” tones. But, I want to gracefully go gray so I don’t have to color my hair. Once I am gray, do I wear clothes in warm tones or cool tones with my olive complexion? What about lipstick for warm skin tone and gray hair? The earrings and scarf are lovely!

  102. Thank you for your lovely, informative posts! The pearl earrings would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift. I love how you styled your accessories with your dresses. May the sunshine give you comfort and warmth each and every day.

  103. I love your look in the polka dot dress! I would love to see you dress up a t-shirt dress. I’m seeing those wherever I go.

  104. Pearls, whether a necklace, earrings or bracelet are TIMELESS! You can’t go wrong with them and they never go out of fashion. The same goes for a beautiful scarf…so many ways to wear it and it elevates a look to Next Level! Susan’s looks are a perfect example of fashion that never goes “out of fashion”. 🙂

  105. I like your dresses but you should have some sort of necklace in silver or gold to brighten up the image as a whole.
    thanks for all your tips, I love them!

  106. I enjoy your blog and always look forward to your posts. Pearls are indeed a timeless classic. I would love to hear what other pieces of classic jewelry you think every woman should own. Or how a change in jewelry and accessories can take a look from casual to dressy.

  107. This is such a beautiful look on you Susan. You look so youthful in that denim dress. I would love to see a post on swimsuits, summer tote and summer accessories as well as wearing scarves in the summer.

  108. These are such good choices for warmer weather. The dresses seemed to be too big but with the belt – much better.

  109. Thank you for helping me put together several outfits and looks from one dress that I could never have visualized. I love what you did with all three looks of the tank style dress.

  110. Your posts are always a pleasure to read for several reasons. One reason is that you give really good suggestions and then show several different ways to style a particular item of clothing. I also enjoy your posts because you get to the point. I’ve read several other fashion blogs for women of a mature age, and the writers tend to just keep rambling and rambling. Thanks so much for your blog.

  111. Susan, I completely agree with you, dresses in the summer are the best way to beat the heat. I prefer them instead of shorts. As a June baby pearls are my favorite. Thanks for your blog. I have learned a quite a lot. Joann

  112. Always love your posts, Susan and I’ve always been pleased with your recommendations, too! Thanks!

  113. Hi Susan, I like all the looks you styled today. I would love to see a post that includes a video demonstrating either your evening beauty routine, or your morning beauty routine, or both! I know you have done them before, but it has been a long time. Maybe demonstrate how you use the skincare line you sell. Also, talk about any spa facial services you have tried currently, or in the past, and what you thought of them. Now that things are open, and I am fully vaccinated, I am thinking of trying BBL and DiamondGlow. Thanks!

  114. I admire your style and always take note of your choices and advice! Any input on bathing suits?

  115. I have been an avid follower for several years and thoroughly enjoy your posts and all the helpful tips. I wish that I had the willpower to think my purchases through the way you do. Then I wouldn’t have so many impulse purchases that I never wear!

  116. I love the dresses and the way you style them. I would love to win the scarf and earrings. Since I retired two years ago, new items are few in my wardrobe, but I love pretty clothes and following your dressing tips.

  117. The blue dress is my favorite tonight. You look happy and ready for a trip! Thanks for all of your ideas.
    I always look forward to your posts.

  118. This post is a winner. All of the looks are great and when I look at the links, I find your modeling of the clothes so much better! I agree about longer dresses being more comfortable and classic. The freshwater pearl earrings are lovely. They would go with everything and so classic looking. Thanks for the always new and interesting posts about clothes and other life interests.

  119. The dress looks are great especially for hot summers in FL. I am only 5’2”, not overweight but have thick ankles which keeps me from wearing dresses. I am going to try and give dresses a chance. For future content I would like to see more information on organizing a closet for a fashion capsule. I have to many clothes and sometimes nothing to wear.

  120. I love seeing what your posts are daily and get many ideas on how I might use items in my closet in ways similar to what you have shown us. If you had to give us one suggestion for an item to buy for the upcoming summer, what would you recommend? I have recently lost some weight and need to replace several key items in my closet, mostly pants.

    1. I would buy a comfortable, simple cotton dress in pale blue. The color goes with most other colors, and if the dress is a plain design, you can easily add various accessories and toppers.

  121. Beautiful give away items…please add my name to the bowl. Would be nice to know how to fold t-shirts, knit tops and sweaters when closet space is limited. Thanks!

  122. With summer coming and grandchildren who want me in the pool and on the beach, i need help with swimwear. My thighs at 74 look terrible. When i wear the swim dresses they float up and hang poorly when wet. Not to mention how much I avoid bending over when wearing one! I’ve tried the lands end type swim shorts but they too look awful. Please help us older but active seniors find swimwear that makes us comfortable in our own skin! Pls enter me in the drawing. Thank you.

  123. Susan, I am wondering if you would ever wear a pullover sweater over a shirt with a collar? It could be a v-neck or round neck sweater, with the shirt collar out. I guess I wore those maybe in the 60’s’ I can’t remember for sure. I freeze always, whether it is winter months or air conditioning in summer. I keep a sweater on or have one with me. Would that look totally dowdy, old fashioned or too young for a seventy year old? I’m finding I need more comfort than anything these days. I’m thinking that no necklace only earrings like you wore today would look best.
    Thank you for always helping us with new ideas, visuals are worth everything.

  124. Very timely post as I am planning a trip to a warm climate next month! I was toying with the dress and sneakers trend – it looks really cute on you so I might try it. Thanks! And I love the earrings.

  125. You have such wonderful taste in good quality garments and cosmetics (and your home always looks as well put together as you do). Maybe you can suggest the same for bed linens, towels, and other household needs.

  126. I would love to know what steps you went through to go from your earlier longer hair to your current shorter hair? I find it’s not easy to make that jump as it takes a long time to grow it back out if I don’t like it. I think your shorter hair is very flattering on you. I’ve never had short hair so it would be a leap of faith to go in that direction. Thank you.

  127. I would love to see more dresses. They are my weakness, but I feel I don’t style them as well as I do skirts.

  128. I enjoyed how you styled all the outfits. If I had to choose a favorite ,it would be the linen dress with the black jacket and belt. Thanks so
    Much for demonstrating the many looks you successfully achieved by adding a few changes. Regards to you and Mr. Mickey. Rita B.

  129. Hi Susan,
    I would love a posting from you sharing your cleaning routine and products. Your home always seems to be spotless and I would love to know your routines.
    Thank You,

  130. I always enjoy your posts. Perhaps some advice on transitioning from a work to retirement wardrobe?

  131. Dear Susan . . . You continue to inspire! I love the first dress, navy with buttons down the front. Looking forward to warmer weather when I can transition to wearing a dress! Thanks for including my name in your next draw.
    Best regards,
    Peggy Ann

  132. For as long as I’ve been following your blog, dresses were not your preference but it seems you’ve picked them up again. You look great in these dresses and I love how you styled them all.

  133. Love the way you show several ways of styling the same outfit. You have great style. And the earrings are lovely.

  134. Susan, can you please talk about nail care? Since COVID, my salon visits ended and now my nails are all natural but not in great shape. Thank you!

  135. Perhaps you’ve done this before, but I’d be interested in a post about how you organize and store your jewelry.

  136. I love reading your blog because I have the same body type as you and you are always teaching me how to look my best. Jane

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  142. Susan,
    I love the earrings! Tried to order them and couldn’t get to checkout. Not sure what was wrong.
    Pam Reid

  143. Your posts are always so interesting with lots of good ideas. I love the dresses, but for some reason do not ever feel comfortable wearing one. Maybe I will give it another try!

  144. In regard to the content, I like the suggestion of taking dresses to warmer climates when on vacation. They are easy to dress up or down or as a simple cover up. Love the use of casual as well as dress shoes too. Thanks

  145. You always look stunning – even when dressing for the beach. You have a knack for dressing well. Thanks for helping me with my “looks”.

  146. Dear Susan,

    Yr blog is informative & helpful! Thank you.

    Blog suggestion: Do you own shoes in colors other than beige/black? How do you coordinate/match yr shoes to ye clothes? Or, do you match yr shoes to your handbag?

    Thank you!

  147. Susan: I am a devoted follower of your blog….and a resident of Naples, FL. Sorry to miss you when you were here.
    Please enter my name for the new 51” silk scarf give away.
    Thank you.
    Carol DiMento.
    PS. Just ordered the pearl earrings from Beauty in Stone

  148. Susan: I am a devoted follower of your blog….and a resident of Naples, FL. Sorry to miss you when you were here.
    Please enter my name for the new 51” silk scarf give away.
    Thank you.
    Carol DiMento.

  149. Would love to see some summer casual type tops you might wear for summer or any suggestions you would have. Wearing capris I often end up wearing tees but would love some other ideas. Have learned so much in following your blog. Keep teaching!!

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  152. These are absolutely beautiful items. I assume that I would not win them though because I am from Canada. I would just like to say that I think you are lovely and I admire your style.


  153. Wow, that scarf is beautiful! I’ve stopped wearing dresses for awhile now, but might dip a toe back in and try one of these styles. The button front is flattering I think.

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  156. Hi, Susan:

    As do you, I love to wear dresses and skirts in the summertime, as they are so cool and look polished and “put together.” For a content suggestion, could you, please, show us summer pants that are genuinely cool to wear in hot/warm weather? I don’t wear denim jeans in the summer, as they are way too hot. I think your readers would appreciate suggestions for “cool” pants .. . using “cool” in two ways: cool stylewise and cool fabrics. And, I’m a Tennessee girl myself. Although I live in Michigan, Memphis, TN is my hometown.

  157. I wholeheartedly agree with you about midi length dresses being most appropriate.
    Suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts always leave me a bit melancholy.
    My dear, sweet wonderful mother passed in 2011, and I’m not a mother.
    Love those pearl earrings.
    Carolyn Shaw

  158. Enjoy your styling tips! I am very much looking forward to traveling again next year and would love more advice on choosing a capsule wardrobe with regards to appropriate fabrics and multi-purpose items. Thank-you!

  159. Love the posts showing how to style an article of clothing multiple ways and would love to see more. Thanks for the reminder about how comfortable dresses are in hot weather.

  160. I would love the pearl earrings! I had some pearl earrings a long time ago, but do not have them any longer. I think I lost one and tucked the other one away somewhere.
    I purchased two of your scarves when you were still selling yours, but I don’t have one in these beautiful, bright colours! I would love to add it to my small collection!

  161. Thank you for your blog which I always look forward to. It has inspired me to ‘level up” my appearance! I really enjoyed seeing how you styled your dress for casual and more formal. I also appreciate your showing us some of your meals that are Fuhrman ‘inspired”

  162. I’m a polka dot fan, so love that look. I’ve not been able to find a good fit in a dress, because I’m smaller at the top and have a short waist as well. I’ll check out the petite section and look for similar styles. Dresses are truly so much cooler and I may be tempted to pull out the sewing machine and make my own if I can’t find any.

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  164. You look lovely in the dresses and I especially like polka dots. Enjoyed the dresses and suggestions for different styles.

  165. I so appreciate your styling tips and would love to know what fashion mistakes you think are easiest to remedy! (And thanks for the giveaway opportunity!)

  166. Always enjoy your posts. You provide so much useful information about style and how important to dress according to individual body types. You inspire me to do better

  167. I am curious how you know what to look for When you are shopping? Do you have a written list, a list on your phone, or is it all in your head (more difficult for me than it used to be)?

  168. Hi Susan – I’m interested in how you prepared for retirement. What areas did you downsize – wardrobe, life, home? Love your gracious style and attitude – thank you for sharing!

  169. Our coloring and builds are so similar that I have gained a world of knowledge and have gained self-confidence from following your posts over the years. Thank you.

  170. You do a beautiful job of accessorizing your outfits. The jacket and belt that you paired with the black print dress looks stunning. Accessories are like icing on a cake.

  171. The scarf is just drop dead gorgeous! I would like to wear earrings. I don’t have any pearls in my earring collection. The linen dress looks great on you, especially with the black jacket.

  172. Susan you look lovely as usual.. I like to dress up too, but my life style doesn’t call for being too dressed up! How about a blog post dedicated to you choose your destination, what clothes you take, how you stay safe when you travel alone, etc..

  173. I’m always amazed how you change the entire look of the same out by adding a coat , changing shoes, etc..
    It’s wonderful how this helps me with my wardrobe.
    Thank you!

  174. Shopping cheers me up because I am a widow and I get lonely sometimes. Maybe some ideas for other things to cheer one up. Maybe there’s some way I can use my shopping skills…and I am good at it…to help others.

  175. Did that comment get to you? There was no indication that it did. My idea was ways to use online shopping to help others.

  176. Hi Susan,

    Love your blog. I am petite so I enjoy going to the stores to try clothing on. My favorite store is Talbots which I order a lot of clothes online. I just reach out to J Jill. I look forward to your post.

  177. As my Grandmother would say, You look like you just stepped out of a bandbox! Always impeccable and timeless!

  178. Hi you look great in all the dresses but then you look great in anything it seems. love your blogs, always learn something. I also would like to see different ways of wearing pins/brooches as i have quite a collection! would love the scarf and earrings. thanks for all you do.

  179. I have been looking to update my traditional pearl earrings, these certainly fulfill that item on my list! Thanks to Susan, scarves are now in regular rotation in my wardrobe. A versatile accessory for any occasion. Thanks for always having great tips.

  180. I love today’s blog, as I live in Florida with the heat and humidity. I too find loose dresses the coolest option in the summer.

    Please enter me in the drawing fir those beautiful earrings and scarf. You’re the best!

  181. Susan,

    I love your posts and I am excited each time I see a new one come in my email.

    Your taste in clothing is impeccable.

    It would be very helpful to me and I am sure many of your readers if you might offer some advice for those of us who are more pear shape.

    When you refer to being larger on the top I understand. We pear shape girls deal with just the opposite challenge.

    Thank you again for the wisdom you bring with each of your posts.

    Jacquie Turner

  182. The changing spring weather has really been a challenge this year but all your helpful ideas make it a little easier.

  183. Thanks so much, Susan. I really enjoy the posts where you show outfits styled various ways. I would appreciate more of them! Perhaps you’d like to show us how you arrange your wardrobe? What hangers you use, how you fold Tshirts, tanks jerseys etc.

    Many thanks!


  184. Hello Susan,
    I love the fact you are introducing dresses and giving advice as to pattern and style as well as demonstrating how they can be worn in different ways. Following your advice over many months, I was quite chuffed recently when a shop assistant said I looked very elegant. However, It is difficult to think of ways you can improve on your output but, perhaps with the easing of Covid, many of us are keen to take holidays so packing tips as to clothes suitable for a couple of weeks in a warm climate would be greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards,

  185. Great suggestions for summer dresses. I live in Georgia where it gets very hot in the summer. I prefer to wear dresses as they feel much cooler. And, you can dress them up or down depending on where you’re going. Thanks for all your great advice and tips!

  186. Susan,

    I love all your posts. You are very elegant. I strive to be but as a nurse I’m most comfortable in scrubs!
    I have enjoyed your posts on the foods you eat. I tried black rice because of one of your posts and it’s my go to rice!
    Have a great day,

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    Please continue with the content you have been showing us. I can’t think of a suggestion of anything that would be more appealing to your fans. You seem to cover everything anyone could want.

    I love, love love the scarf. I love any clothing or accessories with animals as long as it overwhelming. I also love the simplicity if the earrings. I would love to have either.

  190. I look forward to your posts! Staying current feeling pretty at 60 can be challenging. I enjoy your lifestyle and healthy food tips too. Would love some of your recipes!

  191. I, also, enjoy dresses in the warmer seasons of the year. I always receive comments from co-workers that I am “dressed up”, but I feel that it is no “dressier” than the blazers and suits we wear with slacks. I enjoy your blog and your practical and beautiful fashion style.

  192. Susan, love your thoughts on style and would love, love your thoughts on “ good, better, best” approaches to undergarments, bra fittings etc.
    The foundation to any outfit is the foundations, and I am so confused on this issue.
    As always, you’re an inspiration.
    Be safe, be well,
    Brant ( Bea)

  193. Hi Susan,
    I would love to see some warmer weather tops and what you put over them for day wear, if the weather turns cooler, and also for a dinner date if the weather turns cool or to manage in cooler aircon places. With the holiday season approaching and being mindful of how much luggage to pack for a vacation, some of your hints for day and evening wear would be appreciated!

  194. Please give more ideas on alternatives to wearing jeans and tee shirts for everyday clothes. I have enough nice clothes for going to social gatherings. However I realize that 90% of my time is spent around the house (during the pandemic) doing gardening, office tasks, cooking cleaning and relaxing. I struggle to look nice during the bulk of these activities and in spring it’s often chilly weather which needs some layers. I also would like to see more colorful clothing that is not too bright. Thank you for all your great ideas.
    Pam Glazer

  195. Would love to see your take on the length of tops. What’s too long, what’s too short.
    [Love your style!]

  196. Thank you, Susan, for the giveaway of the unique pearl earrings and scarf. I would enjoy wearing
    both. I love posts about how to style one item
    several ways. I hope you are having a great week.

  197. Love the versatility of the dresses you chose today. I can’t wait for warmer weather to wear my own spring/summer dresses. Hi to Mr. Mickey.

    Yes, please put my name in to win the earrings and scarf. Thank you.

  198. Susan, I love your suggestions for multi uses for a few items when traveling. I have always had difficulty choosing clothing to wear when vacationing. Now I can see I need to become more creative when I mix and match. Thank you!

  199. Thank you, Susan, for the unique pearl earrings and scarf. I would enjoy wearing both. I love posts about different ways to style one item. I hope you are having a good week.

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    You are an inspiration! I very much enjoy your blog and look forward to it.
    Happy Spring!
    Alice M. Stueber

  201. You look beautifully cool, calm and collected in the dresses, not to mention elegant. I have learned a lot from following your blog. Would it be possible for you to post some ideas and inspiration for both casual and smart casual clothing? I struggle to manage to look put together in those areas of dress.

  202. Susan,
    Thank you for showing the dresses. I also wanted you to know that I am now a fan of Shapeez. I have just ordered my 3rd item and found that the tops help smooth the curves but are also comfortable.

    Keep posting and stay well!

  203. You continue to inspire me! I have taken your suggestion about wearing scarves and am slowly buying a few. My suggestion for content would be summer skirts and how to style them. The longer ones do look like they would be cooler in the heat so I may give them a try if I see how cute they look on you!

  204. You are an inspiration to me. I love how you put things together and share ideas. You look great. Thank you!

  205. Susan, I love the dress post and would appreciate winning the scarf and earrings. I have learned so much about dressing to look my best from your posts. Thanks.

  206. Classy! Thank you for these great style ideas! You have inspired me on many different levels. A new butterfly is soon to emerge

  207. I love your blog! Now that you aren’t working on a set schedule of publication, I look for a new post nearly every day and am very pleased when you’ve written a new one. Could you please write about what you wear to the beach or the pool? Your advice is always spot-on, Susan!

  208. Maybe an article on how to accessorize or style with necklaces. Especially, as to length etc.Thanks for all wonderful tips.

  209. I am intrigued by your comment about how you feel your most authentic self when you are wearing a dress. I am pondering that idea about myself and clothing; so my content suggestion is how to you make that determination/come to that conclusion? I still wear so many hats…but I’d like to explore the notion!

    1. I feel most comfortable dressed up, not necessarily wearing a dress. I like accessories and well-fitting garments of high quality worn classically. I never feel like I am true to myself when I am dressed down or very casual.

  210. I so enjoy your styling tips and put many to use in my daily life. Thank you for all your expertise and direction

    and for sharing your travels and outings. In this hectic time your journeys have allowed me to not feel so


  211. Pearls are so classic. I love them and wear them with both dressy and casual wear. They remind me of my mother.

  212. With your lovely open wardrobe do you ever have a problem with moths? I wonder if people might be interested in any steps you take to keep your clothing safe?
    Kind regards and many thanks for your inspiring and helpful blog.

  213. Hi! I love your style and confidence! You are an inspiration to us ladies in staying modern with our styles as we age. Love your take on adding a pop to classic looks. I love your adventures with Mr.Mickey and would like to see more of the two of you! Thanks for making my morning coffee reading time an enjoyable way to start the day. I’m a pearls and scarf girl (love the fuchsia) and hope I get in the drawing! Enjoy your day……
    Liz Miller
    Louisville Ky

  214. Your posts are always the first ones I read when I open my mail. I love the way in which you present yourself and your surroundings and the pictures and history of the places you visit. I am especially fond of the meal and snack suggestions and the wonderful photos you take of those. Please don’t stop!

  215. Hello Susan,

    It’s fun to follow your blog. I’ve learned so much. I especially enjoy your solutions for how to visually improve proportions according to body type.

    I’m an Apple shape now, but started life as an inverted triangle, that is, until menopause hit. I had an elegant mother, and always loved dressing with refined taste, but didn’t understand why a beautiful belted dress or winter coat could look totally wrong on me. No one but you addresses the issue of being short waisted.
    I also would love your addressing how to camouflage a crepey neck. I know: A scarf! Which reminds me, thank you for your generous giveaways. Love that gorgeous African print scarf. I have bought a couple of yours, and can assure your followers that they have a wonderful “hand” and the quality is excellent.
    Continued best wishes.
    Love, Annette

  216. Hi Susan, I enjoy your blog. You mentioned that you have a short torso. How does one determine whether they have a short or long torso? Is there a measurement for a “normal” torso?

    Thanks for considering this for your content.

    1. Place your flat hand above your belly button. Do you have enough space remaining to place your other hand flat on your belly above the first without reaching your bustline? If so, you don’t have a short waist.

  217. I always enjoy it when you include various options for styling the same pieces. The earrings and scarf are both beautiful.

  218. You’re dress options are so helpful. I have not been wearing dresses much. At just5’ tall, I feel slacks give me a longer line. Perhaps I will try the midi dress!

  219. Love your articles! I have learned so much about dressing. Please enter me in the Bowl for the beautiful scarf. Thank you so much for all the information you share!!!

  220. Thanks so much for all your posts and great ideas. What about doing a few posts specifically designed to help petite, full figured, and tall women? Thanks again!

  221. Hi Susan! I always learn something new in your posts. I was hoping you might do a blog on fabric and garment care. I am particularly confused by some content labels, such as “elastin, Dacron, modal”,etc. I’m not familiar with these fabrics, and although I follow washing instructions to the letter, I find these fabrics often shrink. Rayon, in particular seems to be in everything, and very touchy to care for. I would appreciate any suggestions you may have. Thank you, Kathleen Gibboni

  222. Susan, I would love to win the scarf and earrings. Both fit well into my own color and style preferences.

    Here is my content suggestion. The fashion police usually advise us to wear only one or two pieces of jewelry at a a time. Yet you often appear in a necklace AND earrings AND a bracelet AND a watch AND a ring—managing to make these combinations look entirely tasteful. Please devote a whole column on “how to combine jewelry pieces to good effect.”

  223. Very nice blog post and I love how you styled things different ways. I would love for you to do a post about using an outfit on different body types and incorporating yourself and guest models into the post as well. Perhaps show one outfit on 4 different body types and what works or what adjustments could/should be made to make it work for each. Thank you for all you do and for you posts. I have learned so much from you!

  224. Beautiful! I so enjoy your posts giving me inspiration to dress with grace and style.
    Thanks so much,

  225. Thanks for all your advice, which has helped me immensly. I also appreciate that you are not afraid to talk about areas on your body that you play up or down. It reminds me that all of us ladies have things we don’t like and need to learn to just love ourselves and play up what is a great feature.

  226. Susan, you have an amazing collection of handbags! I would like to see a post about the types of handbags every women should own.

  227. I especially love the shirt-waist style dress on you! Unfortunately, I am pear-shaped, and shirt-waist style dresses make me look dumpy. The linen tank dress, which also looks really good on you, would also make me look dumpy. Any suggestions for the best style dresses for a petite, pear-shaped lady?

    1. Try an A-line. The roomier skirt falls away from the hip instead of clinging to it, which helps streamline your bottom half. A fit-and-flare style would also look nice with your frame and shape. They are similar to A-line dresses, but usually with a more defined waist and more flounce in the skirt.

  228. i have followed you for years and look forward to your posts each week. Loved your post on dresses today. It is a challenge to find cute age appropriate dresses . Great suggestions.

  229. My favorites! Wearing pearl earrings and adding a big print scarf is perfect when I want to “up my game”. I never fail to get compliments. Please keep doing what you do. You are such an inspiration.

  230. I love when you share how you style dresses! I find myself drawn to dresses as it warms up. Thanks for all the ideas and tips.

  231. Amazing the different looks with the tank dress that you accomplished with simple easy changes. The midi length looks very nice and I will give that a try. I seldom wear dresses but this post has me thinking differently. Again thank for your time to put these post together. You make it so easy to look classy and elegant and I know it certainly is not. Thank you for helping a 72 year try new looks, that always end better because of your suggestions.

  232. You mentioned a beach trip. It might be nice to see more of what you would take on such a trip, including appropriate bathing suits for body shapes. I enjoy reading all of your material and seeing your pictures. Thank you.

  233. Thank you for all of your suggestions, but especially the short waist/wide belt one. I have a very short waist and am going to my closet after I type this to donate all of my wide belts. They never felt right. Now I know why.

  234. I would love to see a swimsuit edition for some flattering one pieces. Suggestions on brands and stores would be helpful. It is a pain to sift through all those “cute, but not appropriate for me” suits!

  235. Thanks for all your good advice Susan. I would like more suggestions of recipes that are easy. I’m a pretty healthy eater but not a cook ! Your meals look very similar to mine.

  236. I love seeing how you styled the different dresses. Your ideas are so easily adapted to items already in my closet. And if I don’t have a piece already, it’s easy to go to your links and find something new! Thank you for making shopping so easy!!!

  237. Susan, I would love to see you do a post on wearing denim skirts. In my area people dress very casually, and the looks you showed (with the exception of the chambray dress) would be considered too dressy for most occasions. Even for a Saturday night dinner date in an upscale restaurant, most women here wear some version of pants with a “dressy” top. I’ve been thinking about buying a denim skirt, that could be styled either very casually or to fit the smart casual category with the addition of a blazer.

  238. Susan, I wear narrow withs shoes AA or AAA Can you advise me of a store that sells these widths in up to date styles. Mostly all all I can find in narrow shoes are old granny styles. I am a 78;year old granny, but
    I refuse to wear these shoes!

  239. Susan, my suggestion is a post on how to dress when you are big busted but also have a tummy. I’m 5’3” and short-waisted.

    Thank you for all the great outfits. You always look wonderful!

  240. Since beauty starts from the inside, perhaps additional information about diet and health would be helpful for all of us! You have a most valuable site for all of us as we age and want to remain involved, well presented and engaged!
    Thank you.

  241. Love your shorter hairdo. You always look so together. I’ve learned many fashion hints from you. Please keep up the good work!

  242. I love the way you combine easy pieces and accessories to show how they can be worn for different occasions. When I worked, I wore a lot of scarves. I still have most of them, and I am going to try using them as you suggested. Mine are not 51 inches, but I think they will work OK. Thanks for all you do.

    Please put my email in your “bowl” for the earrings and scarf.

  243. I love this post about styling summer dresses. Would be very interested to hear your suggestions across body types…for example, how would the styling change for a pear shape?

  244. I am hoping to make this sound easy so it will be of interested. You are recently retired and I am sure not looking for a task but please consider putting all you dressing ideas in a book. I would be very interested in buying a book that had all the your advice and suggestions in one book. I have some ideas which are probably not of interest but if all your ideas on shoes one in one section, dresses in another, coats in another, etc etc. it would make a great reference book to pick up and read that subject before heading out to shop or shopping our closet. Just an idea that hopefully you will consider. At 72 I still prefer to have a nice hard copy book in my hand instead of reading on a kindle or other device. Thank you.

    Gayle Guidry

  245. Good Morning
    Thank you for all the wonderful ideas! I have big calves, so the length of your dresses is a great idea to hide them. I have 10 more pounds to lose and than will be investing in clothes to wear that goes with retirement. Love all your blogs!
    Have a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to your next email….
    Kind Regards

  246. Pearls are always good. I have a gold set of pearls: necklace, earrings and bracelet, but no silver pearl earrings. Just the right length for a woman with a shorter neck. I LOVE scarves! I have two or three standards that I wear quite often. I recently got rid of the bulky wool scarves I had as they seemed to make me feel overwhelmed and heavier. The soft feel and multi colored scarves are more useful.

    As always, you look elegant and strong, Susan.


  247. I always look forward to your informative and inspirational posts. I love your manner of styling more than any other blogs that I follow. You consistently show modern, elegant yet edgy styling, with innovative ideas for the age group 50 and above. Thank you and keep up the inspiration!

  248. Thank you for your wonderful suggestions of how to make the same clothing pieces have a different look each time you wear them. Love the colors of the beautiful scarf!

  249. What lovely outfits! I’m going on a trip next week and thinking dresses might be the way to go. We’re going to Shenandoah Valley.
    Content ideas: Hmmmmm
    What shoes to wear with what?
    Which neckline works best with your face?
    Hats. Hats. Hats.
    Which fabrics are best for a non-ironing person?
    Where do you place your purse in the car? – I know that’s a weird one, but down here in the Lowcountry you NEVER put your purse on the floor, if your money is low it will stay low, you gotta keep your money high. So, if you are not the only person in your car, how do you keep your money high and your purse clean? This might just have to be a side note in one of your awesome posts.

  250. I too love wearing dresses now that Arizona is warming up. From grocery shopping to dinner out it’s amazing how a dress can transform from casual to dressy. and Pearl earrings are a must for every occasion. They just go with everything!

  251. My only comment would be to continue doing what you have been doing! I first heard

    about your blog from a clerk at Talbots, who suggested I check “you” out when I asked

    to pair shoes, purse with “outfit.” It was a happy meeting!

  252. Susan, you look so elegant in the linen dress with the dark jacket and so delightfully casual in the blue chambray dress
    For future content…
    -as you’ve done above, show how to style an item several ways
    -accessories/glasses/jewellery/bathing suits that flatter thick & small wrists, narrow & wide feet, different face & body shapes, long hair vs short hair
    -how to camouflage thick waist, protruding tummy or other parts we don’t like
    -colour groupings, like colours to wear with orange
    -how to restyle an out of date item that you just can’t part with due to its cost or for sentimental reasons/mixing expensive jewellery languishing in a jewellery box with inexpensive pieces so you wear them often
    -twice (or more) monthly: book suggestions from readers & yourself/Susan’s Healthy Cooking Class/Susan’s Local Travel Tips (love your photos!)
    -a readers’ forum where one is presented with a question from Susan and you answer with only one sentence (maybe I should follow my own advice!)
    Thank you for the chance to win these absolutely gorgeous items! A thought…maybe 2 draws instead of one?

  253. Oh my gosh! I have always loved that beautiful scarf and the pearl is my birth stone. Crossing my fingers really, really hard.

  254. The dresses all look wonderful in today’s post. It’s nice to receive inspiration to get properly dressed
    again. I would really appreciate a post on how to pack for a short trip but with only a few pieces that would all ft into a single duffel or small carry on. I often need to do this and can never figure out what to bring to cover all the bases!

  255. Dear Susan, this is such a great post, I am short waisted, love dresses, and have needed help and inspiration, which I always get from your posts. I was not familiar with the brand Leota and so happy to see that it is made in the USA. I would love to see a post on American made clothing, shoes, and, accessories.

  256. Love the dress ideas, especially when a garment can see multiple uses though finding that garment is a challenge at 5’3″ and 105lbs. Sometimes a Tall shirt works over leggings or jeans. Fell in love with the pearl earrings but I’d add posts due to past experience with losing half the set.

  257. I always need suggestions on how to dress for our upcoming 80+ degree heat! Thank you, Susan!
    P.S. I love my new sheec socks! They are everything you said they are!

  258. I absolutely love the updated pearl earrings, so modern looking! Thanks for continuing your informative posts which brighten my day and give very insightful advice.

  259. I appreciate your blog so much! Would love a post on shopping Ebay and tips on dressing a short waist!!

    Thanks and enjoy the warmer weather.

  260. I would have NEVER thought the tank dress could have been elevated so nicely by adding a belt and jacket.

  261. Love your fashion sense. Even though I am built differently, I can adapt your ideas in a way that works for me. One question—does the split front on these dresses open in a too-revealing way when you sit down?

    1. I left the buttons undone a bit higher than I would in “real life”; otherwise, the detail didn’t really show up in the photos. I prefer not to show anything but an occasional glimpse of a knee as I move.

  262. How about comparing celebrity high end outfits, with more suitable and less costly pieces that achieve the same look?

  263. Very helpful to see how you style your dresses. Lovely items you are giving away. Thank you for the uplifting posts and outlook.

  264. I love the three stylings on the tank dress!! The chambray dress is just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks for sharing your style! – Pattie Raymond

  265. I really appreciated how you show different ways to wear the same item. Thank you for always being stylish & classy.

  266. I so enjoy your tips on how you style your wardrobe. I would love it if you would offer styling tips for other body shapes.

  267. Do you ever wear knee length shorts? I would be interested in seeing how you style those for various looks.

  268. Dear Susan,
    I love your style and fashion advice! Would you consider writing a post for a summer travel capsule? Since more people will be planning to get out more this year, I think that would be great!

    Thank you!

  269. I have recently lost my husband and coming across your posts have really been uplifting to me. I love how you put things together and it inspires me to get up each day and go through my closet or check your sites to put together an outfit for the day. Thank you for your posts.

  270. How about a post on beachwear? As a woman over 50 I hate going to the pool or beach but sometimes family gatherings require it. Swimsuit options as well as not-getting-sunburned-options would both be appreciated!

  271. Susan, I always love your classic styling of clothing. I am 74 and subscribe to several fashion blogs, however I always look forward to yours because you always look on trend with your classic clothing and accessories.

  272. So many great ideas for posts. I would be interested in how you would dress for a very active day in very warm weather. I don’t wear shorts, but capris or cropped pants or even ankle pants look so frumpy with sturdy shoes. Also, more beach/pool ideas sound great. Love your blog, even though I feel less like my authentic self when I dress up!!

  273. I like dresses that just skim over the body. We called them skimmers in the seventies. This linen tank dress might be perfect for the Souther heat.
    Lovely scarf and it would be nice to add to my list of things I’ve won, A set of CORNING WARE playing Bingo and a silver cigarette lighter for winning a twist contest, that’s a dance not a game, Oh, and a luscious coconut cake at a cake walk.

  274. I enjoyed one of your posts a few weeks ago about what you would not wear again and why. In the picture you had on a pair of capris and a shirt with dropped shoulders. You explained why this didn’t work on you. I would love to see you post more of those.

  275. Hello!

    I love your style! Am also following you on Instagram. I am 62 yrs old and retired.

    Thanks so much for your postings as I am a bit fashion-challenged.

    Am putting my name in the pot.

    Nancy Abell

  276. You “planted” this idea for content in your post today…beach/pool cover-ups! I’m never happy with what I have on hand.
    There never seems to be something cute on the market. either. I’m 5’2″ and have tried a very loose long t-shirts, actual tank dresses, some shirts, lacey things, which I really don’t like, and have just wasted lots of money over the years on cover-ups. We have a pool and we also go to the beach, so an attractive cover-up would come in handy. Anyway, that’s my two cents and I hope I win the scarf! It’s gorgeous! Crossing my fingers that I’m your random pick!

  277. Hi Susan, I would love to see a story on choosing makeup colors especially choosing a tinted moisturizer. I want to convert from traditional foundation to tinted moisturizer, but am having issues with choosing the right shade. I tried going with the same shade as my foundation with the same brand, but it just isn’t the same! I recently grew out my hair to my natural silver from dark red, so maybe that’s the problem?

    You always have such great advice, maybe you have some ideas to help my search? Thanks bunches!

  278. Love posts like this which give us different looks for the same items of clothing! Thanks for all of the time and research to present is with such applicable and informative info.

  279. I love it when I see your email in my inbox! Your photos and suggestions always inspire me to look for ways to upgrade what is already in my closet for a more polished look. Thank you!

  280. You look fabulous in all those dresses! I haven’t worn a dress in many years, nor do I wear crop pants because my ankles are thick and covered with unattractive veins. I would like to try a maxi, but being only 5′-1″ I feel like the dress is wearing me. It’s a good thing that we live in a time where we have so many choices! I look forward to all your articles! Thanks for your hard work!

  281. Susan, you always look so well put together. I appreciate how you demonstrate how to style the same item in different ways. I would love to see some plus size suggestions as I continue on my weight loss journey. Forty pounds gone and on my way to my goal!

  282. Hi Susan. My idea for a future topic is showing us what you actually wear in a week. What are your normal daily outfits?
    Thank you for all you do.

  283. Beautiful looks as always. Thank you for all your wonderful classy ideas. I am slowly changing my wardrobe for a less is more approach to dressing. As I’ve gotten older a quality over quantity is definitely working for me now. Thank you for your insights on fashion and enjoying life. Have a great day.

  284. You look lovely in all the dresses. Please show more casual summer dresses!
    So cool and easy to wear in the hot days ahead! Oh my, just love those earrings!
    Judy Whitmore

  285. It’s great to see you in a dress- nothing looks more like summer. I don’t wear dressy dresses much anymore but I love an easy, breezy casual dress in hot weather.

  286. Several years ago I found a lightweight denim dress that I just love. I had given up on dresses but this one turned me around. My dresses are all casual and I only wear flats with them but a few accessories can change them.
    Thanks to you I’ve invested in a couple of nice colorful handbags and that’s usually where I start with the accessories.
    Any new tips or ideas like that are the things I look forward to.

  287. Look forward to all of your posts. You look lovely in all of the outfits that you featured today. I have a similar chambray dress and never thought of pairing it with a turtleneck and leggings for fall/winter. A great suggestion! May I offer as a content suggestion, your thoughts on what you consider to be the most important pieces in building and investing in a capsule wardrobe. In addition, what are your thoughts on those items that one may not want to invest as much money in.

  288. I wonder what your fitness routine is, besides walking? (I do enjoy your blog, even though you are younger than I.)

  289. Hi Susan and Suzanne,

    What a special treat to receive the beautiful time less pearl earrings and the colorful gorgeous scarf.

    With hope and gratitude,

  290. Hi Susan, l thoroughly enjoy your blog because we are exactly the same age (my birthday is also 9/13/56) and I also have a long time adventure partner (that is a great phrase!!). I find you very relatable.
    Your articles and videos about healthy eating and getting multiple outfits by just changing jackets, accessories and shoes very helpful. Thank you for your terrific ideas snd clear explanations.

  291. Love this post! My suggestion is more for warmer weather clothes. Summer dressing. Appreciate your give aways. Beautiful scarf! You are my favorite blogger. Thanks!

  292. Hi Susan,

    I love your posts and always look forward to them. Your clothes are so classic and show us the we don’t need a closet full of clothes! I would love to see a post about what types of necklaces/jewelry go with certain necklines or styles .

  293. Suggested topic: How to chose handbags & shoes for outfits. Do you match handbags with shoes, select them in the same color family, or pair opposites.

  294. I LOVE the scarf! Just beautiful!! As far as content, I enjoyed when you had the posts on how to store scarves & hanging sweaters. I learned a lot that I have put into play in my own closet. I would like to see how you store your shoes. In boxes? Stuffed with paper? In boxes? And your jewelry. Do you have a jewelry cabinet or do you hang necklaces from hooks? What about belts? How do you store them? And lastly, how do you organize your closet? By category (long sleeve blouses, tanks) & then by color?
    Thank you Susan for all the knowledge you impart to us!

  295. Recently bought a “denim” (tencel) dress from Chico that was similar to your chambray dress . I had sandals and a bag that looked OK with it, so I bought a new belt and I was set. Or so I l thought. I love your styling idea of wearing a turtleneck, leggings and boots under it Fall/winter. Your styling ideas are like opening a Christmas present, a happy surprise. Thank you for helping me think a little differently about style.

  296. I enjoy reading and learning from the content you share. I would like to read about the fashion and life changes you would do differently if “do-overs” could be done.

  297. Content ideas…hmmmm…..I am thinking that we will travel again and needs some ideas. In my opinion it is better to gradually buy things as I find them (rather than in a rush before a trip) so clothes that travel well and can be mixed and matched would be my suggestion for blog content.

  298. Suggestion for content: How to buy clothes online. I never have any luck. I remember years ago it seems, when we were allowed to actually shop in stores. Even then, I found that I would take different sizes of the same type item, say pants, from one piece to another. How to do it when we cannot try on clothes? Well, I suppose people buy the same thing in 3 sizes and return 2, or maybe 3, but for me that means paying huge shipping return costs. But you buy successfully online all the time, and you provide links for us. So, how do you approach the problem?

  299. What a difference between the two looks…one dressy and one casual. Great idea!
    You are an inspiration. Thank you!

  300. I have learned so much since I started reading your articles! I would be interested to learn more on how to pair jewelry with different types of necklines.

  301. You have inspired me so much. I am retiring soon and your help has been invaluable in deciding what direction my new wardrobe should be taking as my lifestyle changes. Thanks again.

  302. Hi Susan
    I look forward to your emails, they are very helpful. I have learned a lot from you. I also like to wear casual midi or maxi dresses in the summer, so this week’s email was quite timely. Those earrings and the scarf are really nice too, I especially like the fuchsia color and the wild animals. thanks for the opportunity to win them!

  303. Lovely spot dress, looks so good on you. Would love an update on your make up routine for summer. Thanks for giveaway, generous of you. X

  304. Would you consider hints and tips on wardrobe organising and optimum storage / keeping of clothes to prolong their life, please

  305. Most of all love the linen tank dress on you with sneakers and straw crossbody bag
    ( sleeveless is beautiful on you ).
    Suggested topic : beach dress or tunic

  306. I enjoyed this piece about dresses, and would love to know what you think about dressing for special celebrations like weddings, since there will be many as things open up. (I will be going to three weddings in November and December, all in Virginia and North Carolina.)

  307. Thanks so much for your classy looks and fashion suggestions. I have been following you for a couple of months and just love so many of your ideas. These dresses are just great .

  308. Susan, thank you for showing us how to style summer dresses, which you wear beautifully. Being from Canada, I try to find Canadian equivalent so as not to deal with customs, excessive shipping,etc. Look forward to your blog. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  309. Susan, I forgot to add suggestion for content. Would you consider vintage shoes and purses styling with newer clothes. I love a vintage purse I found in Kentucky. Thanks. Linda Z.

  310. Hi, Susan! I love your blog! It has become my fashion “study” and work book. You have shown me so many ways to create a look from pieces I already own. I am now adding scarves. Thank you for the suggestion of laying a large scarf, folded into a triangle, across the shoulders and then allowing the jacket to hold it in place. That was truly a Gem of information!

    All the best to you and Mr. M!


  311. Loved the post. I just ordered a similar chambray dress from Nordstrom. I always love your suggestions and look. I hope I win the scarf! Thanks to you, I am known for my scarfs which are always a nice touch.

  312. I have been looking at midi dresses as an alternative to shorts now that I’m over 60. What type of undergarment do you wear with your dresses? When I was growing up we wore slips but I assume this is old school now. Thank you fir all your helpful hints.

  313. Could you discuss the difference between crop length and ankle length pants and how to style them, especially which shoes to wear with them. Thanks for what you do, Susan!

    1. Ankle length pants stop a couple of inches above the ankle bone. Cropped length stops a couple of inches higher at what is usually a wider part of the leg. Shoes that flatter the foot and ankle while being comfortable to wear are always a good idea.

  314. Hi Susan,

    In today’s post you noted, “I always feel most authentic when I am dressed up,” and I wonder if you could sometime do a post on how to find one’s most authentic style. I would love to hear your suggestions!

    Very best,

  315. apologies if I am duplicating – I’m not sure that my previous attempt got sent.
    Would you consider sharing your hints and tips on caring for clothing so prolong its life, please?
    Thank you

    1. My biggest tip to prolong the life of your clothing is to use a clothes dryer only when you must and for the least amount of time you can. Hang your garments on a hanger and a hook or rail to let them finish drying.

  316. Susan, I would like to see content for Bridal/Baby Shower and Wedding Attire. Also, maybe Mother of the Bride and Groom Attire.

    Thank you — Maricella Garcia

  317. Thank you for sharing so many great ideas. One column suggestion is to address ways to update traditional pieces of jewelry. Many of us have pearl necklaces or studs. How can we adapt them to go with today’s more casual outfits?

  318. I love your sense of style and get some great ideas on many subjects from you, I look forward to your posts.


  319. Really enjoyed this post! I love pearls but they seem to really make me feel too dressed up. Love the scarf also.

  320. I would love to read online shopping tips. I wear dresses all for 3/4 of the year since it is quite warm where I live and I find them comfortable. I usually wear dresses that stop at the top of the knee – at just under 5′ tall, it’s my best length.

  321. SUSAN, I loved the black mottled dress on you. It was so very stylish. My problem is for almost two years I have been very immobile. Several operations and probably one more to go. But maybe that will get my leg back. Until then, I would love some ideas to do some exercises that the PT person hasn’t used. I’ve got a weight to lift for my arms. But my problem is I’ve started to gain weight, of course, and I need some ideas to stop the inevitable. I’m 5’2”. I went down to 100 pounds then inched up to 103 and now I’m at 107. My problem is opposite of yours. No breasts but ample from my waist through the top of my legs. I guess that would be a pear shape. I lost about 35 pounds 8 years ago. I do not want to go through losing weight again. If you could address this, I’m sure there are others that would appreciate it also. Thank you.

  322. I love seeing a piece of clothing that you “dress up” and “dress down” in side by side comparison.

  323. So love how you model how to wear a select piece in several ways. Our age and styles are very much in tandem so I’m always intrigued with your “looks”. Thank you for respecting the classics but with a modern twist!

  324. Hi Susan,
    I love your look in the poka dot dress! You look great in all your dresses in this post! The earrings are very classic and can go with many things in my closet! I hope your enjoying retirement!!!!!
    Bl sidings,
    Mary Scarpa

  325. I love both the earrings and the scarf – you have great taste and I enjoy looking at your style choices 🙂

  326. I have learned so much from you. I am now more confident when choosing clothes.
    I love the pearls and the scarf!

  327. Hi Susan.

    Thank you so much for continuing to post your blog. Your photos are beautiful as well as the helpful info.
    Would like to see content including how you decide what to eat to maintain your health. What are the guidelines you use?

    Thank you

  328. Thank you for the ideas regarding dresses. I have been looking for a summer dress. Unfortunately for me all the similar dresses at Nordstrom have sold out and I will have to keep looking. It shows how popular your recommendations are.

    I have noticed that pant styles are changing. They are not as tight as they once were. Can you give me some advice as to what the coming trend is regarding slacks. I am rather conservative in my style and like to look stylish but not ‘trendy’.

    As always thank you for your great ideas in your blog. I am hoping I will be the one you draw for the scarf and earings.

  329. Susan,

    Your dresses are peettt. Being petite I wear shorter length dresses with a sandal that has a straw heel and a sheen jacket.

    The earrings and scarf are both beautiful.

    If your traveling soon hope you have a wonderful time.

  330. I just love when you wear an item that I have already purchased for my wardrobe. Feel validated that I made a good decision. So look forward to your new blog installments. Thanks.

  331. I loved seeing how the use of a nice but simple belt made such a huge transformation! I appreciate you always showing how we can stretch our current wardrobe rather than having to run out and buy more all the time.

  332. I’m a 77 year old lady who enjoys dressing appropriately every single day. I’ve learned so many style tips from you that have served me well. I’ve always enjoyed wearing a classic style but your suggestions of varying certain looks has broadened the look of my wardrobe. I enjoy receiving numerous compliments on my appearance and I believe that many of these compliments are owed to your inspiration. I would feel honored to be selected as a winner of this beautiful scarf and/or pearl earrings. Thank you for all your efforts on the part of women everywhere. I appreciate you very much.

  333. I love your classic style and enjoy reading your posts geared towards those of us that are over 60. I’d love to see something about light weight jackets for cool temperatures. Thanks!

  334. The post on your closet was amazing. I would like ideas on how to begin to purge a closet.
    I really enjoy reading your blog!

  335. Dear Susan,

    Just found you a couple of weeks ago. Your panache and practicality have motivated me to really look at my clothing. I am ready for spring and summer. Thank you!

    Thanks, too, for your generous survey and drawing. There is a topic I’d love for you to address. During the pandemic I let my blonde hair grow out and now it’s silver, white, and a tad gray – a lot like yours, I think. Now my sun hats don’t work with my coloring.

    What can you find for outings like boating, baseball games, farmer’s market, outdoor festivals, backyard BBQ….

    I’m so glad to read you’re over your illness.

  336. I always look forward to your blog, you have such excellent style and taste. I would love to win the simple but elegant wishbone earrings and the fun and classy giraffe, zebra and crocodile scarf.

  337. Because of Covid many of our retail stores in my area have closed, even some malls are planning to be replaced with department buildings.. There are however a few outlet malls so if you have any suggestions for shopping at outlet malls It would be greatly appreciated.

  338. I always enjoy your styling tips. I am trying to learn to make better choices when buying my clothes. I am an impulse buyer and have a closet full of things I no longer wear.

  339. Thanks for doing this, Susan. I love how you use the same clothes to create different looks. I’m also interested when you talk about how you approach food. Enlightening!

  340. i have missed your writings for months now but was able to read and see this one this morning. i’m a little confused because a while back you stated that you rarely if ever wore dresses. also always basic solid colors and no prints. what changed?

    1. When I last visited Florida, the temperatures reach the 90s in February. I quickly realized that my uniform of jeans and a top were way too hot and uncomfortable in subtropical climates. Dresses from natural fibers that skim the body are infinitely more comfortable than form-fitting layers around your waistline. Dresses in a small repeating print can be a pleasing option when you can not find a solid color. I still don’t wear bold plaids and large floral prints. Refusing any change can be the thing that ages us the most.

  341. Suggestion:
    First of all, thank you for sharing your beautiful self.
    Second, the panel where you show the same tank dress styled three different ways right next to each other works really well to showcase your points and the versatility. Not many blogs have that but it’s genius! So my suggestion is to always add a three panel side by side showing the 3 possibilities above.

  342. Susan you have inspired me over the years to be my best self! I am having a hard time giving you suggestions – you always are very helpful. I guess a topic that might be useful for me is my struggle to find things for my tummy, hips, upper thighs – they are my heaviest part of my body – if you could come up with styles / pants for those challenges I would greatly appreciate it! Happy mothers day!

    1. Keep everything plain and in dark colors at your problem areas. For example no flashy prints or colored details in the bottom part of your shirts. Keep the emphasis up around your face and across your shoulders. Dark-colored pants are also your best option.



  344. Thinking of downsizing in the not too distant future, I would like to see suggestions for paring down my closet to essentials and accessories that work together.
    I already have smallish closets but take good care of my clothes and they seem to last forever. However, I am frequently gifted lovely clothes for special holidays and now I just seem to have too much.
    I enjoy donating to my local charities where others might need, appreciate and enjoy wearing what I pass on.
    I am new to your site and really enjoy your posts!
    Thank you.

  345. I’ve just recently found your blog and I love it! You have great style and your outfit selections are very much in line with my taste. Would you mind sharing your height? I’m 5’2″ and frequently find that items I see modeled online are just not suited to my height.

    Thanks so much!

  346. As always, I enjoy your tips and comments on styling and wearing dresses. I agree that dresses are cooler in the summer.
    Betsy Gardner

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