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Have you ever felt that something was not quite right about your outfit, but you couldn’t put your finger on the problem? Small details add up to create a pleasing overall look. Let’s concentrate on a few of those points in my very casual outfit to run errands on Tuesday.

Note that I let the bold necklace stand alone. The earrings, watch, and ring are barely noticeable.

The shorter fitted charcoal gray sweater makes the long cardigan more attractive. Even the suggestion of a waistline improves the proportions to help me look taller and more slender. A slightly fitted shorter first layer also makes the wide-leg jeans flattering. If I had worn a first layer that was also long and loose, I would have looked sloppy.

I often mention how important it is to harmonize your lip color with your top. For example, I am careful not to wear red lipstick with a burgundy top. My lip color today is Plum: True Berry here. The skincare routine I use every day is here.

If you have a generous bust, wearing a long necklace can bring too much attention where you don’t want it. The most flattering length lands mid-way between my collarbones and the fullest part of the bust. I avoid shorter necklaces since I have a full face, but when I wear a longer one, I try to make sure the pendant falls a few inches below the fullest part of the bust.

My recent outfits are summarized here.

(Photo added 01-07-2022) I love the necklace so much I’m wearing it for the third time this week.

This is another staying-at-home look for a very cold snowy day. SweaterJeansBoots (Similar items linked.)

  1. Great tips on necklace length! Your photos capture the soft silver finish of this necklace so beautifully! I’m glad you love it, my favorite now too!

  2. I have a question about necklace length and size. I usually don’t wear a necklace because I want the attention to be on the clothing I am wearing and to my face. I am only 5 foot tall I weigh 128 lbs. I do always wear earring a bracelet and a watch. Not sure but maybe that is what I have always done. I am a retired nurse and earrings and a ring were about all I ever wore. Everything else always got in the way. I am retired now and want to keep myself up and stylish. I love your web site and all your fashion and the tips you give. Thank you for continuing. I so look forward to the new things you show and the information.

  3. Susan,
    You look ready for the day. Beautiful necklace too.
    I am open to the wider leg jeans and wish I could go direct to store(s) to try on a few. Sizing has changed and I have four pairs of jeans that don’t fit that are being returned due to being too large (yet the same size I have worn before). My weight is the same.
    Here in Michigan, the Covid cases are off the charts. As much as I miss going out to shop I won’t risk getting sick.
    Even on the days I don’t need to go out I like to be presentable.

    Have a great New Year.

  4. Susan, the necklace looks beautiful on you! My question for you is regarding wide leg vs bootcut jeans. In your opinion, does one look a little more elevated than another? And do you find the fit similar or different – i.e. wide leg is looser overall than bootcut? Happy New Year!

    1. I am most happy with the Wide Leg Trouser Jeans (here) since they fit well in the waist and hips and flare out slightly below the hip area. The side pockets look a bit more elevated. The Barely Boot Jeans (here) are a little more casual with five-pocket styling but still high-waisted. I find that the legs have about the same width, neither style is extreme.

  5. Susan, I am 5’2” 125 lbs with hourglass shape and longer torso. I mostly wear skinny jeans. The wide leg jeans look so nice on you. Wondering if they would just make me look shorter than I am. Suggestions for this petite woman? Thanks for all you do.

    1. Wear the jeans long so that they almost cover your foot, and pair them with either a short fitted jacket and a sweater or another top fully tucked in. If you keep your waistline visible, you will look fabulous. Another tip that will help visually lengthen your body is to wear a top in a similar tone as your pants.

  6. Hi Susan, love your blog and have been looking forward to reading it
    every time I find it in my mailbox. It is wonderful to see someone caring about women our age and giving us terrific ideas and tips to look and feel better about ourselves.
    The necklace is beautiful and more affordable than other necklaces you have shown. Thank you.
    Could you tell me what length you have on, 22 ” or 27″
    Thank you, all the best this New Year

    1. I have the 22″ chain, but it is easy to use the clasp in other loops to make it shorter. Thank you for the lovely comment. I enjoy sharing what I have learned.

  7. I really like this casual everyday style. The pant leg width looks good and comfortable. Thank you for furthering your advice to the short gals in one of the comments. That is much appreciated! I now feel confident in styling the wide legged pant for this shorty.
    Stay safe friends!

  8. Thank you for this post. I am truly curious about one thing–do you really wear lipstick under your mask? I stopped, because it just ended up on the mask, so how do you handle it?

  9. Yes! Yes I do sometimes put layers together and wonder what in the world went so wrong? How do I look sloppy when I have just the right colors on? The under the sweater or jacket layer is always the issue! When I read your post this morning I got a very clear mental picture of what I was wearing the other day. The top was cut longer in the back than in the front. So what I saw at first glance, front view, was just right. The side view? Thank you for continuing to help all of us navigate the journey of aging and dressing with grace no matter our age or size.

  10. So that’s why I feel so sloppy when I wear a shirt (knit) and a cardigan! Because the shirt under the cardigan is too long! Thanks for the tip. You are awesome and look wonderful and healthy today.

  11. This is my casual outfit formula! The Karen Scott cardigans are at an awesome price (marked down) right now; they suggest sizing down and I wonder if you did and are you happy with that decision?

  12. Beautiful cardigan. I don’t often see quality cardigans in stores where I live. Most lose their shape too soon. Quick question. I would appreciate your knowledge and resources for jewelry organization. I don’t want one that stands on the floor. Prefer one to be on top of a dresser. I want to reduce my jewelry collection but even more organize my favorites altogether in one cabinet or chest. Thanks for any and all suggestions.

  13. Speaking of necklace length……..as you have noted many times our bodies are ever-changing. I had a few antique necklaces, on the shorter side, that used to lay flat over where my collarbones meet the sternum. But I noticed recently that those bones jut out and disrupt the necklaces, making them crooked or turning the chain on its side. I just spent a substantial amount of money to have them lengthened 4″ so that they lay flat (unfortunately extension chains wouldn’t work for either). However, I will be more inclined to wear them now! Any necklaces I buy in the future will have an adjustable length feature, so I can adjust depending on the neckline etc. It’s all in the details! Great post!

  14. Thank you for pointing out these subtleties that make such a big difference. I love your new necklace and your guide for ‘correct’ length is very helpful. I do enjoy all your posts, stay safe

  15. I’m not sure how the three colors of grey burgundy and denim tie together. The random selection has me wondering why you didn’t add something to make it all belong. Nothing about it seems intentional or fashionable.

  16. Hi Susan Happy New Year. This is just a random comment. While browsing Pinterest, an ad came up about the Goldie bra. You appear in it as a satisfied customer under the name Brenda Grace age 68!! Just thought I’d let you know. I have been following your blog for a few years now and I love your style. Have been trying to emulate it.
    Elaine (from Scotland)

  17. Hi Susan I really need some styling advice for a 4:00 pm wedding I need to attend in August. I am 79 and look much younger ; however I am the grandmother of the groom
    although I am not in the immediate wedding party. It will be hot in Tennessee I’m sure.

    Any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    1. A dress or dressy pants suit in plum or navy would be appropriate. Wear nude shoes and carry a metallic clutch. It will be hot here, so make sure the look is cool and floaty so that you will be comfortable.

  18. My jeans end up baggy in the thigh at the end of the day, looking very sloppy. I have one pair of jeggings and I think they will be the answer. Any other suggestions? Where do you get jeggings?

    1. Buy your jeans to fit you like a girdle to start with so that when they stretch, you will be happy with the fit. Alternatively, look for jeans with no more than 2% elastane.

  19. Hi Susan! This isn’t beauty or fashion related, but your taste is impeccable in your home also! Would you be willing to share the paint color you used on your walls? Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much, Elen. I’ve always enjoyed interior design and the art of gathering things from a life well-lived to remind you of your adventures. The paint color is Almond Paste from PPG Paints.

  20. I have learned so much from your tips, but always “second guess” myself. I have had the recent feeling that big jewelry pieces don’t look good with what I wear. I’m thinking maybe it’s my age? I’m in my 70’s now, does youth allow for more jewelry? I always loved large pendant style necklaces and thought if I wore a v-neck of any type I should have a necklace in that v area of my neck??? Now, I like your look when you show a bare neck. I also read somewhere, maybe from your information that 3 pieces of jewelry should be the limit? Does this include wedding rings I wonder.
    You always look perfect with your choices and sometimes I have the confidence that I got it right but many times something just feels “off”.
    Thank you for wonderful ideas and illustrations.

    1. Thank you for your comment and question. Intuition plays a large part in putting together a look. If something seems a bit off, I will replace it with something less obvious or remove it; however, I rarely go without a watch, a ring, earrings, and sometimes a bracelet. If I wear a necklace, it is only with small, barely noticeable earrings. I always try to avoid the visual overload of too many accessories around my face, especially when wearing a hat.

  21. I enjoy keeping up with you. I agree with all your styling tips and have shared many of the same tips over years with my closest friends. When I told a friend that you said a white shirt and jeans is a classic style she said you told me that years ago! So yes classic never goes out of style!

  22. Tku fior sharing your timeless style!! So very helpful in many ways . Love the piano picture in background! Where did u find it? Tku

  23. Love your selections and suggestions. It’s not easy knowing how to dress/look in our 60’s. I am always searching. Thank you for keeping it simple

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