Spring Weather Styling Options

Dressing for spring weather outings can be challenging when the morning starts at thirty degrees with frost, followed by afternoon temperatures of sixty degrees and sunshine. I’ve learned to dress in layers that can be removed or added as needed.

I wore this look on Saturday to drive to Abingdon, VA. We enjoyed beautiful sunshine and fresh air for a few hours as we shopped and took a short stroll through town. I wanted the option of layers to wear as needed, so I wore a merino wool sweater and a large silk twill scarf. Keep scrolling to see some of the outfit options.

The scarf dictated the color choice of the jacket, sweater, and bag. The white flare-leg jeans need to be worn with a bit of a heel, so I wore nude suede pumps.

This combination offered several styling options for comfort. On a warmer day, I might have worn a camisole or tank top, but I do not remove the cardigan or jacket if I wear a sleeveless top.

Directions for the scarf tie are here. The final photo to the right shows the scarf folded into a triangle and draped over one shoulder with the ends crossed over the other.

As is usually the case, none of my items are new.

  1. I really like that you showed several options with the same articles of clothing. Very helpful. I really like the Talbots flare-leg jeans. I tried them on the other day and have decided to return and purchase them. They are in a nice warmer weather fabric too. Amazing how just adding a colorful scarf can change such basic pieces in an outfit. Thank You!

  2. Gasp! White pants before labor day! (joking). How can I get my mother’s voice out of my head? You look great as usual.

  3. The style of the white jeans make your legs look a mile long. Isn’t that a plus! Do you think a person 5’2″ could wear the wide leg and have the same long leg effect? The colors you used are very attractive and fun.

    1. Try the flares on with a short jacket or tuck in your shirt to see how they look. I think if you get all the other proportions right, you can wear anything and look great.

  4. I love how you know JUST how to accessorize your outfit to raise it to a classy level. You’re such an amazing inspiration. Thank you for your blog, Susan. You’ve helped me so much.

  5. SUSAN, as I am home bound for a while longer, I am shopping on line exclusively. Talbots has the wide leg crop chinos on sale and I had another $20 gift card. I’m 5’2”, 103 pds. I’m not going to be wearing anything but flats or sandals for a long time. How will this look? Have I made a mistake? They were $42 and I love the look. I guess I’ll either be disappointed or delighted.

  6. Susan: You look great in everything (even if you don’t think so.)

    With Spring here and wearing white jeans I need some help. Did you do a piece on the best white or even just jeans for women sometime back. I would really appreciate that link.

    I thought I was looking pretty good the other day and then I saw myself in a full length mirror in my white NYDJ jeans and looked short and squat. Now, I am 5’7″ and 155 lbs. so not exactly short and squat. I think it was the jeans. Help!

    1. The secret is to get the proportions right and continue the line from shoulders to toes if you want to look taller. Every horizontal break cuts your length and draws the eyes to that line. Think about a dark color shirt that stops at the widest part of your hips with white jeans that flare out at the hem, and then dark shoes with round toes. You would have three horizontal breaks dividing your body and making it look shorter and wider. A similar tone and color top, jeans, and shoes with almond-shaped or pointed toes would make you look much taller and more slender.

  7. Love your outfit Susan ,The white flares look great and I really appreciate you wearing clothes you have had for a while in different ways I am enjoying your blog so much, it is a ray of sunshine at a very difficult time in our world . Best wishes, Christine x

  8. I seem to remember in the past you have talked about the bra/cami that you wear. Can you share links to that again please? Thank you.

  9. Another beautiful look for spring!
    I have a question today. I want to try the Flawless In Five collection from Beautycounter. I don’t know what shade of makeup to order. Can you help? I wear Fresco in Ester Lauder Doublewear if that helps.
    Thanks, Elaine

  10. I love the layering and the sweater would also look nice with sleeves pushed up to 3/4 in the warmer afternoon. I have always loved the fresh look of white slacks but have trouble finding the right fabric. Although my legs are fairly slim I have the cellulite curse and find white the worst for bumpy show thru. It is difficult to find that magic combination of fabric weight and looseness that still looks good and prevents the bumpiness! How do you feel these Talbots slacks would rate in that regard? As always, thank you for your insightful and enjoyable posts!

  11. All set for another well coordinated day courtesy of Susan (thank you) Now if I could just get this scarf arranged right.
    71 and cloudy in Florida (tri-state) Panhandle, the sweater is perfect. Off to the grocery store.

  12. I love your scarves. The substitutes just aren’t as pretty. Any chance you’ll open your scarf business again?

  13. I don’t care for the wide legged pants! You look best in tight leggings! I know this style is coming back in but being under 5 feet, well, this type pant is not flattering to my body type!

    You are beautiful and classy no matter what you wear!

    1. I am 5’ 7” and I do not care for wide legs either! Susan has said not to be subservient to fashion so I wear my straight legs with closer fitting tops and skinnies with tunics!

      1. The trick is to wear what flatters your shape and suits your lifestyle. I’ll still wear my straight slim-fitting jeans at times. Boot cuts and flares are just other options.

  14. I love this look. Spring is indeed tricky, I wish I had worn layers when I went to get my outdoor second vaccination yesterday. I had been out in the garden in the morning and thought the weather was warm (forgetting that I was working out there, not sitting and waiting to be safe after the shot :). Thanks for the post.

  15. I have always loved your scarves and am grateful that I was able to purchase a few when you had your shop. This one is lovely and I wish I had it too 😉 I’ve learned so much from you and feel that at 67 and have a “style” that reflects me. For California, I appear “over dressed” compared to everyone in exercise wear – worn everywhere and at all times here. I don’t care, because I feel my best when I’ve made an effort to not fade away as a mature woman – but choose to shine. Thanks for the inspiration, Susan!

  16. I look forward to your posts. So informative! I have been on a weight loss journey for the past eight months. Down from 204 (Just exactly how did that happen?) to 168 with about 20 more to go. I am in no rush, but I am glad I have been reading your blog and keeping up with pant widths as I continue this journey. I have purchased very few pants as I am sure to go down a size or two. Seeing your gradual switch to wider leg widths has been helpful. Had I purchased more, I would have been out of style just as I am on the home stretch.
    Thank you for all the information you have shared with your readers.

  17. I love the look, as usual. I do have a couple of questions, however. I have been editing my closet this week and still have a few pair of “jeggings” . Would you let them go? Secondly, I tend to keep things longer than average and I have a pair or two of flare leg jeans from a number of years ago. The only problem is I can’t wear heels anymore due to ankle and knee pain. Any suggestions about shoes to wear with them despite the fact that heels look better than flats?

    1. The jeggings will still look good with short boots and sweaters, so hang on to them. Wear your flare-leg jeans with flats, but make sure to get them hemmed so that they mostly cover the foot but don’t touch the ground.

  18. I have been a reader of your blog for a very long time and enjoy the photos and commentary very much. Your haircut has made such a difference in your look! It’s marvelous! I have a fitting issue that I have not seen addressed anywhere and I have really been searching for an answer. I use the same undergarments you do for smoothness (Shapeeze), but when we get older, particularly if we have heavy breasts, there is an indent above the fullness of our breasts even with a really well fitting bra on. It’s like the upper part of our chest has gotten flatter. You can only cinch the girls up so high! Loose tops conceal it but I love to wear tops made out of ITY, which is a very drapey, lightweight knit and light weight sweaters. I have begun using the very smallest, soft shoulder pads to make my shoulders appear squarer, and eliminate any appearance of roundness, which has helped tremendously. Do you have any answers or suggestions for this dilemma? It is most obvious from the side view of course.

    1. I know exactly what you mean! I have the same problem. I used to buy the Enhancing Shape bra (with padding at the top of the cup) from Soma. They have discontinued that bra but, I will try to find an alternative to suggest. You might like the WACOAL Simple Shaping Minimizer Bra or the CURVY COUTURE Tulip Smooth Underwire Bra. Both those bras are available at Soma. I’ll let you know if I find additional options.

      1. I am going to jump in here and say what I have discovered lately in bras. I, too, had bra fit problems and the Shapeez just didn’t work out for me, probably due to my height (5’2″). I noticed that Susan of Une Femme, who is petite, recommended the Prima Donna Deauville bra because she said she had fit problems. This bra has been a game-changer for me. I did go down to a 32 from a 34, and I am able to scoop the entire breast from the side into the cup and it fits great. I wear the Chico’s microfiber tank in a smaller size for smoothness beneath fitted tops. The bra has held up magnificently with hand washing and I have very few back bulges with this system. The bra is pricey but in the long run it is worth it because it has held up. (And holds me up!) Don’t know if this helps anyone but I am very pleased. I had tried so many bras and had so many “fittings” but love my new bras!

          1. Susan, I didn’t fully explain, but a really well-fitting bra that allows for the “swoop and scoop” maneuver, bringing the breast tissue and holding it in the cup (without slippage) will eliminate that teardrop shape problem for the most part. All my other bras just wouldn’t keep everything in the cup, and that is why I am pleased. However, everyone is shaped differently. And a bra band that fits snugly and correctly and doesn’t sag after a few washes helps eliminate some of those unsightly bulges.

  19. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the beautiful outfits you create with basic pieces. I really wish that you would show us some beautiful dresses to wear for spring weddings, Mother’s Day, graduation and other upcoming events. I also would like to see your selections for a robe, pajamas and slippers.

  20. This is why I’m tired of cropped pants. Why wear cropped, when full-length pants look so good, so slimming, and add the illusion of height? Hint: white full-length pants add even more height visually. Flared pants balance hips, for anyone who needs it.

  21. I love the pop of color in your red purse! The pearl bracelet giveaway on your instagram post is so classy! Love it!:)

  22. I feel more comfortable wearing dresses in the warm weather but I really need some compression support so my legs don’t throb. Do you know of any kind of support hose that are comfortable enough for summertime? I would love to hear your suggestions.

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