A Denim Jacket

Great style isn’t about jumping on the latest trend or how much you spend. For me, it is more about creativity and using inspiration. Dressing effortlessly in things I already have in my wardrobe while using modern styling feels authentic. Trying to look young or anything else I am not is never effortless. A wardrobe including modern yet classic basic pieces means I will always have something appropriate to wear.

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Today I’m showing you some of the ways I wear a basic denim jacket. (Mine is a size medium.) They’ve been a classic for decades, so I’ve owned a few. This type of jacket is an excellent option for travel since they are so versatile. Last year, I shared a post about different styles of denim jackets here. Finding a style that looks good on your frame is the secret.

Above, I paired olive ankle jeans with a black and white stripe cotton tank. The salmon-colored tote complements the cognac loafers. This combo works well for almost any casual event. Below I dressed up the jacket with white jeans and a white shell. Then, I added a more structured bag and block-heeled loafers to change the attitude completely.

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Above, I wore the jacket with a cashmere vest, faux leather front Ponte trousers, and pumps. Below, I wore it with a black knit tank dress and espadrille sneakers for a much more casual look.

Jacket here. Similar items: DressBagShoes.
Jacket here. Similar items: DressShoesTote.

A tiny print lightweight dress gives the jacket a more feminine vibe. I would wear this combo while shopping on a summer day. Below, black jeans and a black top allow for endless accessory combinations. Black and denim have been a favorite combo for many years.

Jacket here. Similar items: Top Jeans BootsBag.

I hope that showing how I wear the same garment in various ways helps you put together more looks with what you have in your closet.

My latest outfits are here. Shopping links on this website may allow me to earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. I no longer accept gifts, promote, or collaborate with brands because it became too overwhelming to manage. Sharing a link to similar if not the same products that I have carefully chosen and wear repeatedly is also much kinder to the planet.

  1. Denim jackets are almost as elusive for me as a swimsuit. After several fails with online ordering, I found two that work for my long-waisted pear shape. One is a chore jacket with room in the sleeves for my chunky fall sweaters. The other is shorter and more fitted. It has no side pockets. This was a compromise I had to make for aesthetics. I plan to treat them well, because I don’t want to do this again! Hips as re not my friend in this instance.

  2. Thank you again for another informative post. These types of posts are so useful to me. I am learning how to mix and match basics for different looks–something I have never been able to visualize before. Your examples are so helpful as I slowly acquire this skill and apply it to my own closet.

  3. I love my jean jackets. Just waiting for it too cool off to get them out again. Summer on the Prairie is not jean jacket (or any jacket) friendly.

  4. My question concerns the sleeves on a jean jacket. When does one roll the sleeve or push up the sleeve? All of your pictures on this blog show the sleeves rolled. In the past, I have seen outfits when you have pushed them up. When the sleeves are rolled the two tone of the material is revealed. If the sleeves are pushed up, how far should the sleeves be pushed up and how does one keep them in place. Thank you for your response.

    1. When the weather isn’t too cold, I do push or roll up my sleeves. Showing the forearm and ankles is feminine and also provides some cooling. When I fold up my sleeves, I keep the elbows covered. Opening a button, rolling sleeves, tucking in all or part of a shirt, or popping the collar are styling tricks to help us look more modern and energetic. Adding accessories also finish and define a look.

  5. Very Informative, Susan. I have a question about how you find the looks you end up with. Do you carve out a time to examine and try on your clothes and find a combination of outfits to go to? Or do you just do it on the fly. I have a feeling I’m not allowing enough time to actually try things on and see how they look. So my success is hit and miss. Thank you for sharing your strategies.

    1. It starts when I make the purchase. I make sure the item is right for me. After that it is just a matter of getting the proportions right as I mix and match. I put all these looks together in about two minutes.

  6. Susan, thank you for all these different looks for styling a denim jacket. You have given me so many ideas and inspirations. I also appreciate the link to Pinterest and added these photos to my Pinterest board for clothing looks I love. I love and appreciate your blog very much!

  7. I’ve always loved jeans jackets, so they are in my closet, but……I never wear them. I never feel “right” in them but your suggestions are motivating me to wear them more often after the weather cools! If they seem so perfect for me and my style, I am always perplexed about why I never reach for them. Your post is so helpful and you look great in all poses! I’m going to start with the olive pants and striped top!!

  8. Very nice looks, I love them all.
    I switched to dark denim last year and wonder if you have any tips on how to to keep it from fading? I do use the Woolite Darks detergent and avoid the dryer but still come up with faded fabric after a time.

  9. I found a Marc Cain dark denim jacket on Halsbrook’s website that does not have pocket flaps. An improvement, I think, for big busted women.

  10. Your blog is an inspiration. I have learned much by your posts. I am petite and apple shaped, but I have managed to put various good outfits together inspired by your blog. Thank you 🙂

  11. Thank you so much for this most informative post! It was full of useful ideas for styling with pieces I already have or can purchase, if needed, to augment my wardrobe.

  12. Showing different ways to wear the same item of clothing is always one of my favorite posts that you do for us! Inspires me to do more with less.

  13. I have a number of jeans jackets as wardrobe staples. Most are from Chicos and now 80% of them come from EBay. I have found that “Chicos Ladies” definitely aren’t hard on their clothes; therefore I get to enjoy them for 25% of their original price.

  14. Love all these looks. Is there an age where denim is inappropriate? I wear jeans every day and love my denim jacket. I’m 72. Thank you.

  15. Thank you for another wonderful post. Love all the versatile looks! When selecting the size, is it important to be able to button the front? I share the same physical attribute of a large bust and front closures can be frustrating. I immediately noticed you didn’t secure the front and left it to hang open. Also, I hope your area didn’t see any flooding from Ida and all are safe.

  16. Have you ever considered asking your readers for photos of themselves wearing outfits they put together using your advice? I would enjoy this. You definitely have influenced the way I shop and dress for at least four years.

  17. I’ve so enjoyed your blog and always ‘click on’ it first when you pop into my inbox!
    Your style is very much like my own as classics are what I prefer. However sometimes I ‘try new things’ and
    enjoyed ordering the sleeved, button-front red 3 tiered ankle length dress from Old Navy. Love it!
    Also I’ve meaning to compliment your hairstyle! The ‘new’ shorter length looks fantastic on you — here’s
    a shot of me with one of your scarfs! (humm, I don’t see a way to attach a photo – oh well!)
    Keep on bloggin’ — (we’re the same age!)
    Your friend,
    Sharon Coolidge
    from California

  18. Thank you for the inspiration! Off topic…I tried to send an email with my question but there seems to be a glitch and it wouldn’t go through, so I hope it’s okay to ask here—any chance you can share the name/contact info of the cottage you stayed in during your visit to Beaufort, SC? Because of that post, I’m planning a trip there next year and could use a few options. Thanks so much!

  19. No one wears denim as well as you, Susan. Thank you for a stunning post and again for making my day. Best wishes always.

  20. I love denim! What is your thoughts on wearing white denim jeans (not winter white) in fall and winter. I saw an article of an older lady wearing white jeans, denim jacket, and brown mid calf boots. Houston is too hot for boots until Oct. But it was a very cute look. And I would love to try it-even though I am a very senior female. I just purchased 2 tailored jean jackets from Talbots.i have several pair of Fly London wedge boots. Very comfortable shoes and I make sure I purchase something that is stylish.

    1. I wear white jeans on dry weather days since it is nearly impossible to get splashback stains out. The weight of the fabric, not the color, makes a garment more appropriate for hot weather. Bright colors can seem garish on a gray winter day, but white is a lovely neutral that I wear with other colors all year long.

  21. Susan, Your examples side by side is a great help to me. The jacket with a striped top and olive pants is a combo I have but never thought to put together. I have the shoes too. All the pants/tops are doable for me with what I already have in my closet. The dress/jacket looks are nice too.
    Your advice to use the clothes we have already has proved to be valuable to me. I look forward to your posts and appreciate the work you put into each one.
    Thank you.

  22. Loved this post Susan. It is so helpful when you show how to wear one item in different ways. I’ve got a few jackets like this in different colours so have plenty of ideas of to freshen up my look now. Thank you.

  23. Love these combinations Susan. I’ve been on the hunt for a perfect dress with a little print for years. This post has given me some ideas for my own wardrobe. Thank you for sharing.

  24. What great combo’s, I love that pretty red dress on you , the jacket gives it a dressed up but layer back casual feel
    If that makes sense lol.
    Best wishes,
    Pamela from Wales U.K x

  25. Hi Susan – I just turned 79. I had been thinking I really needed a denim jacket when I ran across your website. You inspired me to get a nice haircut and look for something new to wear. There was quite a sale going on over Labor Day (and have to brag here). I spent $100 at Talbots. I scored two pairs of jeans, a long sleeved knit top in a wonderful green color, and a pair of sandals.. I spent another $100 at Macy’s where I got a green tropical print blouse, a green rain jacket AND the perfect denim jacket in a medium dark blue “Lyon Wash”. These items will go with other things I have. I have seriously been searching for something in a true green which I consider to be a good color for me, so I am a happy (and thrifty) camper.

    I love your denim jacket with the blue and white polka dot blouse. When I was hanging up my new jacket, I realized that I have a very similar blouse in my closet, so I can try your exact look. LOL! I am 5’0”, a bit chubby, short waisted and high hipped like you described yourself. Not the chubby part!

  26. Absolutely love your classic style with casual sophistication, elegance, femininity, and natural beauty. Keep posting as I love it all!

  27. Absolutely love your classic style with casual sophistication, elegance, femininity, and natural beauty. Keep posting as I love it all!
    My name is also Susan and I’m 61!

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