Denim Jackets All Year

A denim jacket is often mentioned as a must-have in capsule wardrobes. However, in many cases, the item shown is a classic-style trucker jacket. If you are a little top-heavy like me, that style may not be your best choice.

My jacket is a couple of years old. This year’s version here has a frayed hem. The jeans are here, and the tank is here. A similar belt is here. The shoes are here. My bag is a few years old, so a similar small black bag is here. The sunglasses are here.

I wore the look above to enjoy a late lunch at Riverfront Seafood in Kingsport. Mr. Mickey pointed out that about half the women we saw wore jean jackets. Please keep scrolling to see how I styled other denim jackets over the past year.

Lady Jacket here. Original post here.

The flexibility of the denim jacket comes from its texture, neutral colors, and forgiving nature. I can mix and match the jackets endlessly with everything from a dress to a pair of faded jeans or dressy black pants.

The jacket is old from here. Original post here.

The collarless lady-style jackets seamlessly blend with my style aesthetic. The lack of a collar makes the neck look more elongated and the face less round.

A similar collared denim jacket is here. Original post here.

I often wear a denim jacket as a top with nothing more than a thin tank top under it.

A similar denim jacket is here and here. Original post here.

Patch pockets and shoulder pads are not supposed to work with my proportions, but the rebel in me will always want to break the rules.

A similar denim jacket is here and here. Original post here.

Sometimes, I fall hard for a garment and know I can make it work even though it is on every list of items I should not wear. Epaulets, drop shoulders, wide collars, and balloon sleeves go against every style guide for my shape and height. If it brings you joy and makes you feel authentic, go for it. Learn the rules and then break them as you see fit. Keeping the rest of my look one dark color and wearing a scoop-necked slim-fitting body suit allows my inner wild child to take the stage without looking too bulky.

A similar denim jacket is here. Original post here.

A lightweight denim jacket with silver snaps and turned-up sleeves can be worn even on a summer evening.

There is a similar denim jacket here. The original post is here.

Wearing a nicely fitted jacket as a top looks neat and a bit elevated.

The denim jacket is here. Original post here.

A stand collar medium wash longer jacket could be the perfect choice if you like a bit more tailoring.

Similar jacket here. Original post here.

Denim blazers provide even more structure and sophistication to casual looks.

Similar jacket here. Original post here.

Pushing up the sleeves makes the legs look longer, and we look taller. Be mindful of button stance (or placement). If it is too low, it will make you look shorter than you are. Ideally, a single-button blazer should close at the waistline.

The blazer is here. (It runs large.) The original post is here.

Looking back at the photos for this post, I discovered that I’ve worn a denim jacket nearly every month for the past few years. I hope my tips and pictures inspire you to shop your closet and create new combinations. If you use my shopping links, I may earn a small commission without costing you anything.

May you enjoy a happy and blessed Easter.

  1. Thank you for all the time you spend helping me make good choices when making purchases. I like all the examples of wearing denim jackets. I am going to try a denim blazer. Happy Easter to you and Mr Mickey.

  2. I couldn’t live without a denim jacket! You’ve shown many styles, so there is a selection for all body shapes. I have several and they are in constant rotation throughout the seasons. I appreciate seeing them styled in so many ways too.
    Have a great week and many blessings to you and Mr. Mickey.

  3. The outfit styled with the straw bag is absolute perfection! Talk about casual glamour. Makes me think I should pull out my lone denim jacket for another try at styling it. Thanks for the inspiration. Blessings of the season to you and yours.

  4. I have a variety of denim jackets, too, and consider them “old friends” that I can rely on almost any time. Thanks for the suggestions on different ways to style them. I’ve also found some unique (and well-fitting) denim jackets at J Jill recently.

  5. I love and have at least 4 denim jackets. My favorite is a darkish blue one with animal print showing subtly through it. Happy Easter to you and Mr Mickey and everyone here.

  6. I’ve not been able to feel comfortable wearing a denim jacket. But after seeing how you styled yours I want to try one of the softer styles. Hope you have a good Easter.

  7. Paula, i agree and had almost the exact same thoughts. Heres to hoping we both find one that works for us

  8. Enjoy your fashion but think the denim jacket has been over used. They are everywhere. Time for a new look.
    Happy Easter to you and yours.

  9. What synchronicity! I spent last night trawling Ebay and Amazon for a smart, different denim jacket because you always look so nice. Thanks to your wonderful links, I’ve think I’ve found The One.
    As it has to come to Australia untried, I’m a tad nervous of the sizing but here’s hoping. I’m a 14 DD bust but fairly trim elsewhere, so hoping a medium, US size 10 might be okay. The good thing with denim is that it can be shrunk down!
    Have you any advice on sizing?
    A safe and happy Easter to you and to Mr. Mickey.

  10. Thanks for all the denim jackets! I too love the look. I especially like adding more to my wardrobe! Happy Easter to you and Mr. Mickey!

  11. Denim jackets and I never get along, mainly because I can’t stand chest pockets with my large bust. I have yet to find one I like but hope to find one some day. Most are stiff and uncomfortable too. Guess they are just not in my wheelhouse. So if there are others out there like me, take heart, you are not alone.

  12. Thanks for the extensive denim jacket post! I have several and I’m always looking for new ways to style them. I think denim jackets are timeless!

  13. Who knew denim could appear in so many different ways and in such varied venues! Thanks for your insights!

  14. wow. I thought I had a lot of denim jackets, but you have a wide range of styles. They all look good on you!

  15. Love this post on denim jackets. I have them in white linen, white denim, blue den and black denim. They are a wardrobe staple and thank you for giving me new ideas for styling them. Like you I have a large bust, short waist and long legs. You often wear belts and I have never been comfortable wearing them because I always feel they make my top part look even shorter even when I wear the same color top and bottom. Could you give me advice on what I am doing wrong? Happy Easter to you and Mr. Mickey.

    1. Some tips for wearing belts with a short waist include always match the color of your top with the belt. Wear a belt slung low on the hips to create the illusion of a longer waist. Keep your belts on the narrow side (about an inch wide).

  16. Happy Easter!
    I really like your photo of the “wild child ” jacket with shoulder pads. Very stylish, and I think it pulls in the waist giving you an hourglass figure. And your longer jacket photo is beautiful with the white. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Good morning, Susan. Hope you have a beautiful and rewarding Easter Sunday. I so look forward to your posts. And always take away an idea or a new way of wearing what I already have in my closet. I, too, have denim jackets, in white And a light wash blue. They are so versatile. I can’t imagine my closet ever being void of denim.

  18. Wow, you showed so many different denim jackets and all look so great for every occasion you mentioned. Basically from very casual to dressy mode. I was very interested on your comment about the collars and no collar on the jackets to make your neck look longer or face appear less round. Great tip for me, so thank you.
    May you and Mr. M have a very nice Easter.
    Clara from Iowa

  19. Such lovely ideas I am inspired! I have yet to find a denim jacket that works for me but seeing all these I’m determined to keep looking!

  20. Thanks for showing us how to style a denim jacket. Would you consider yourself short or long waisted? I am very long waisted, and cropped jackets leave a lot of undesirable space in the middle!

  21. Susan,
    Your collarless comment is useful to me. I have a denim Levis trucker jacket but feel it will be a bit bulky for the warmer weather. Less bulk and no collar suit the warmer springtime mornings that still have a bit of chill in the air.

    Happy Easter to you and Mr. Mickey

  22. Where is the pink one from Talbot’s? I think it’s probably 2-2.5 years old! I loved it and bought it!

  23. Now that I’m retired I rarely wear a tailored blazer-just kept a slightly oversized tailored black blazer to style with jeans (blue or black) and dresses. I love my denim jackets-blues, coral, lilac, white, and think they give a simple outfit of jeans and a simple top an upscale casual look. It seems that people dress more casually nowadays and thus jeans, tops, denim jackets are perfect for me now. It makes dressing quicker. Thank you for helping us navigate a more casual lifestyle and always look nice. Happy Spring!

  24. Susan,
    Thank you so very much for sharing your wisdom, advice and humor with your readers. You certainly have enriched my life with your fashion knowledge, your health tips and your sweet spirit that shines through your writing. Thank you again for sharing with us. May the Lord continue to send blessings your way.

  25. I hope you had a blessed Easter too! Just catching up! I love this post. You rock all these jackets:)

  26. “Denim jackets are a year-round essential! Perfect for layering in cooler months or as a lightweight outerwear option during warmer weather. Versatile, stylish, and timeless, they effortlessly elevate any outfit. A true wardrobe staple for every season!

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