Fab Denim Jacket

I rarely show you a look when all the elements are still available, so I’m happy to share all the current details today. The wind was still blowing, but the sun came out for a while, and the temperatures finally crept into the eighties. We enjoyed a lunch date on the terrace of Rocks Wood Fired Pizza & Grill. They are known for Neapolitan-style wood-fired pizza cooked in an Italian wood-burning brick oven. We haven’t had pizza in years, so the Chicken Alfredo with housemade alfredo sauce base, spicy jerk chicken, caramelized onions, topped with mozzarella, and gouda cheese was a special treat.

The moment I saw this jacket, I was sold! If a trucker-style denim jacket feels wrong for your shape or your style aesthetic, you may embrace this lady style. Since the weather was warm, I wore the jacket as a top partially buttoned with the sleeves pushed up. The picture below shows the sleeves down to see those details.

Denim on denim can look elegant if you vary the colors. I will also wear this jacket with a column of black in the cooler months. Adding tan accessories with white jeans feels summer appropriate.

The jacket is here.

The jeans are here.

The bag is here.

The shoes are here. A cute flat camel shoe is here.

All these pieces feel very authentic to my style. The shoes will take some time to break in, but the exaggerated pointed toe and heels are my sweet spot for shoes. Dressing true to your style is satisfying because it is a way to confidently express your personality without speaking.

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  1. Oh my goodness! What a model you are, you look 6 ft tall and gorgeous. That would be the perfect jacket.
    Thank you for finding it for us!!!!

  2. Over the years, you have gone from heels to flats and back to heels. Did you keep the pants in the shorter lengths in case your style evolves to flats again? Or did you clean house and eliminate? The denim jacket is a great look on you.

  3. The jacker is so feminine and you look so chic in this outfit! Do you think a collared denim jacket would look good with the collar removed by a tailor?

  4. Susan, I love this blue and white outfit with silver jewelry. A great color combo with your natural coloring. I also like to wear sleeves pushed up. Do you have a trick for keeping the sleeves of sweaters and jackets in place when pushed up?

  5. You look wonderful. Very fresh.
    Sad that GAP won’t sell outside of the USA to Australia as that is perhaps the one denim jacket I would have purchased.

    Also, for those readers whose feet are uncomfortable in heels, Vivaia do quite a few styles of elegant shoes which have sculpted lines and an array of colours. They’re incredibly comfortable and always elevate an outfit rather than ‘flattening’ it.
    I would be happy to have quite a few pairs now that I’ve discovered a shoe that doesn’t cause me distress, that I can wear all day if I have to and importantly, makes me feel elegant.

  6. Those shoes are adorable but I have trouble walking in that style because I seem to clomp when I walk and it’s noisy

    1. Thank you for your excellent question, Jane. Think of three words that resonate with you. My three words are elegant, classic, and structural. I prefer garments in traditional styles made from luxury fabrics such as silk, cashmere, or cotton. Structured bags, instead of soft, bulky ones, appeal to me. Pointed toes, high heels, and sleek-fitting garments without ruffles or extra fabric align with my style. Having my picture taken countless times helped me hone the most authentic elements for my style aesthetic.

  7. Love your ensemble: as always, put together and polished! That jacket is sensational dressed up or casual. It’s a win win. If you ask me, you should be in the Gap ad !

  8. Thank you once again. Your no-collar washed lite denim jean jacket looks great. I’m a bit heavy in the tummy thigh bum area to wear white, but wish I could. Just bought 2 jackets from Talbots – a light denim with birds and leaves kind of a cut out …. and a quilted jacket – navy blue and white/grey flowers … kind of a paisley look. They will be matched with dark navy tops and jeans.
    I’m Looking for old time NON Stretch Jeans … may have to go to a Thrift Shop – Ha! They really hugged you instead of stretching with your lumps and bumps. I’m 80 and have lots of them.
    Anyway – some time back, you showed arm bands that hold up shirts, jackets, etc. I thought that was brilliant. Would you please tell me what they’re referred to and where I many buy a pair or two.
    Thank you, Georgieanne.

  9. Love the outfit…Gap should have used your pix for their ad promo…gorgeous. I think I have a Chico’s jacket much like that one, if I didn’t give it away in my downsizing. After seeing how put together your look, I’m going to find it! I would also like to ask about your sunglasses, I know you’re always so great about sharing! Thank you!

  10. Dear Susan,
    Your photo is being used to advertise a bra on Facebook. The company is called Diversev and you may want w look into it.
    Sincerely, a loyal fan,
    Kathryn Skubikowski

  11. Hi Susan
    I just noticed you haven’t posted for over a week and just want to make sure you and Mr Mickey are OK
    Best wishes

  12. I have ordered shapeez bras, but I have difficulty keeping the bottom from rolling up at the waist when wearing a dress. Any recommendation on how to prevent this?

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