White Denim Jacket

While I may put away white linen and straw bags, white denim stays in my year-round rotation. A white (or any color!) denim jacket is often the third piece I reach for. Denim that isn’t too stretchy holds its structure and is appropriate for many situations. White items, including jeans, tanks, long-sleeve tees, and cotton shirts, also stay in my closet year-round.

We were going to meet friends for a casual lunch date when I wore this double-denim combo.

Mixing metals, adding a colorful bag, and turning up the sleeves are styling tips I often embrace. The watch is here. The other items are years old.

A similar bag is here. Similar shoes are here. The jeans are here. My jacket is here.

More white denim jackets are below.

My J.Crew Louisa Lady Jacket is here. (Go up a size; it runs small.) I wore it with the tank here. I also buy these tanks in a larger size so that they don’t pull across the bust. The too-deep armholes aren’t an issue if you don’t remove your jacket.

The Tommy Bahama Leila Jacket above is here.

The oversized denim jacket in ecru is here.

The designer Balmain Crop Denim Jacket is here.

Recent looks are summarized here. Shopping links on this site may allow me to earn a small commission without cost to you.

  1. Such a classic look! I think the longer length jeans make for a leaner look. I’m glad that length is stylish now. I love the pop of red in the purse. The one you linked to is beautiful.
    I’m so glad your health concerns haven’t prevented you from getting out and enjoying life.
    Have a brilliant week!

  2. Love this look on you. I’m always a little reluctant to wear any color denim jeans or jackets to dental or doctor appointments. I guess I feel like they are too casual to wear for this type of appointments. Please share your thoughts.

    1. Whenever I want to feel approachable, modern, and relaxed, I wear a denim jacket. It makes even a silk slip dress and heels feel relatable. Trying too hard is never the look I want.

  3. I love denim jackets too. I have them in Black, white, navy and blue. Love the jeans too Susan. It might even get me to looking for some wider leg jeans while I am on holiday soon. I have been into skinnies for a long time now.

  4. Would it be appropriate to wear black slacks, black top, and a white denim jacket with some bling to an early October wedding?

    1. We were at the Grove Park Inn this weekend during a wedding reception. It was a pleasure to see the different choices of all the ladies. Many women wore black and white with metallic shoes and bags. Silk scarves or wraps with subtle color combos added the finishing touch for several.

  5. I am only 4″11, 103 lb, 83 years young. I wear Talbots slim ankle 2P or Chicos denim ankle jeggings 00P. I feel since my legs are skinny, these two fit better. I think wider legs would overpower me. Even jeggings are not tight. Do you agree? Barb Burleson

    1. No matter your height and weight, proportion is key to looking your best. Pants that skim your body and legs with a top or jacket that ends mid-hip might be your best option. It takes a while for our eyes to get used to different styles. I remember the outcry of my followers when I started wearing slim-fitting jeans ten years ago. I embraced the trend toward wider legs because the cropped jackets and shorter tops make my legs look longer, and the pants hide my thick calves.

  6. Hi Susan. Hope you and Mr. Mickey are doing well. Thank you for the idea to keep my white denim jacket in rotation thru the winter. I usually put it away and bring it out in the spring around here with Chicago weather.
    Patty V

  7. Denim jackets are so classic and never go out of style. I have a white, blue and a tangerine colour and love them all. By the way, I have not embraced the wider pants as I am only 5’ 1” and think they may not work for me.

  8. How can you eat restaurant food -it seems several times a week- which includes deserts and alcohol and still maintain your health and figure? I don’t mean to be mean but at our ages (i am the same age as you) this path leads to serious health problems. I work out daily and eat clean as I cook at home. Restaurants use GMOs and bioengineered ingredients. It’s all about taste and presentation in restaurants. Including 5 star restaurants. Moderation is key, I’ll agree, but several times a week isn’t very moderate.

    1. We eat out about twice a week on a routine basis. We often share entrees and desserts. On the other days, we eat only two meals early in the day, and they consist of lots of raw vegetables, fresh fruit, organic grains, nuts, seeds, and lots of filtered water.

  9. When to wear white after official first day of Fall. Looks great, and coming from you Susan, we can move ahead with confidence.

    1. Layer a shorter jacket or vest over a longer top that stops below your belly. Sometimes, wearing a longer top brings attention to the belly and behind, especially if it hugs under them and continues to cover the top of the leg.

  10. We (your readers) haven’t heard from you in a while. I am praying that yours and Mr Mickey’s health is continuing to fight the cancer. Cancer is such an ugly illness – it has affected my family, as most everyone I know. I also want to thank both you and Mr Mickey for your service to our country, helping to preserve our freedoms. We are forever indebted to you. Wishing you both the very best, Connie Briggs

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