A Week Of Looks

Getting dressed each day is a chance to celebrate life and our style and to add joy to our surroundings. I don’t save things for someday, so I try to wear everything in rotation and enjoy the items even if I stay home for the day.

Saturday – We had nothing planned since it was raining and cold that day. Formula – Warm sweater or sweatshirt with soft knit pants. The half-zip sweatshirt from Banana Republic Factory is a few years old (similar sweatshirt here.) The short boots are also old, by Sam Edelman (similar booties here), and the knit pants are here.

We had Chicken soup for lunch, read books, and watched some of our favorite videos of people walking around Milan, Italy. I’m holding the book ‘The Great American House’ by Gil Schafer here. The videos are addictive if you love people-watching and fancy cars. Some of the videos are herehere and here.

Sunday – Church, brunch, and visiting my parents. Formula – Tweed jacket here– wool pants here – slim tank here – belt here – nude heels similar here – woven leather bag similar here.

Monday – Dermatology appointment followed by a visit to the grocery store. Formula – Cashmere sweater (similar here), black jeans (here), silk scarf (similar here), short boots (similar here), and simple bag (similar here and here).

I folded the fifty-one-inch square scarf in a triangle and placed it at my throat. Wrap the ends to the front and pull the fabric away from your chin.

Tuesday – Lunch with women friends. The jacket here is worn as a top, jeans here, similar heels here, and bag here.

Wednesday – Another rainy day, so I did chores and relaxed at home with a good book. This one is ‘Wear It Well’ by Allison Bornstein here. The cotton sweater is old (similar sweater here), the jeans are here, and similar short boots are here.

Thursday – Sunshine and warm weather mean I’m going for a long walk. The phone bag is here. All the other items are old, so I’ll share links to similar ones. Ball capSweaterTankLeggingsShoes.

Friday – Picking up prescriptions and running errands with Mr. Mickey. The flats are here, the sweater is here, the tank is here, the jeans are here, a similar belt is here, and a similar bag is here.

One of the best things about being in my late sixties is getting dressed to please myself as I enjoy day-to-day activities and carve out some self-care time. Caregiving and devoting ourselves to others’ needs without regard for ourselves can be completely draining, so make yourself a priority, too.

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  1. This is wonderful. So many good ideas. I’ve read it three times and will look again. Did you wear an outside coat with any of the outfits?

  2. What a refreshing post! I read several blogs and lately I feel like they are just selling clothes. Your style is very similar to mine and I try to dress up everyday. I love that you actually show items you have had for years, great outfit ideas!

  3. I absolutely love this post detailing your week and your outfits ! I’m saving it for ideas. Each picture is so stylish also red is definitely your color. Again great idea for a post! Thank you Susan!

  4. Thank you, Susan, for another great post packed with useful styling ideas. I am delighted to hear that you, too, like the Milan on Trend videos. I have been an avid fan for quite a while, since I first discovered them. They are thoroughly entertaining and, as you say, there is so much to see, from clothing to cars, shops and street scenes. It’s almost like a mini overseas vacation! I also enjoyed the ILoveParis videos while they lasted. I found it interesting to compare Parisian and Milanese style. I came to the conclusion that, whilst Parisian chic is admirable, the Milanese are more elegant. But that is just my own take – I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Perhaps a topic for a new kind of post one day?

    1. I am a lifelong Francophile, but I greatly admire the Italians’ creativity and elegance in their attire choices. The more subdued Parisian style is within my daily comfort zone while I live in East Tennessee. When in Rome…

  5. Wow! I should do this. Seeing your daily outfits compared really helps one to notice what makes them look good and stand out! For example, my eye is really drawn to both pics with red tops. I think they are very flattering on you, and make your look pop! The others are great too, but there is just something very pleasing about the red!

  6. Susan you always look so well dressed even when you are casual. I look forward to your posts and style tips. I especially love the ball cap with the sweater and leggings. Comfortable but still so stylish!

  7. Susan, you always dress elegantly for any occasion. I love all of these outfits! I needed the reminder to quit saving my clothes. It must be a lingering habit from childhood when you changed into your old play clothes after school. So today I wore one of my cashmere sweaters and I was not going anywhere special. Many of us in the over 60 age group are caring for a loved one. It’s important to carve out some time to take care of ourselves. I love to walk outside most days. When we have intense rain I do a walking 5K youtube (free). I’d recommend these for the inclement weather. Have a lovely week and thank you!

  8. You look awesome! I try to get cleaned up every day but I end up with sweats and T-shirt and flannel shirt because I am always cleaning! I do get a bit more cleaned up for my volunteer jobs but my jobs require washable clothes working with food at the food bank. I try but really never look very spiffy or put together. You are an inspiration. Thanks for your blog.

  9. All of these looks are wonderful and fit so well with your plans. I love the way you encourage us to celebrate life through our clothing choices and to bring joy to those around us by dressing well for every occasion. You do it so beautifully!
    Thanks for sharing the travel links!

  10. Beautiful! Tough to pick my favorite look! I do find caregiving and help others is draining and strive to find balance! Love these uplifting posts. Thanks!

  11. I always enjoy your posts and I steal ideas from you a lot. I do have to change a few things though since I’m short and we don’t have the same body type. I work in a casual office and jeans are the norm. I enjoy dressing them up and am inspired by the jeans outfits that you share.

  12. Susan, you look lovely and always look so put-together. How do you know what pants shape are best for you? For instance, the wide leg fit or the cropped wide leg etc. I am 5”3 but not petite in my inseam. My torso and legs are not petite. Should I stick to more
    Form fitting styles?

    Thank you!!

    1. Knowing our shape helps us to dress to feel like the best version of ourselves. I benefit from high to mid-rise pants because they make my legs look longer. My winner is a slim, not too tight fit, straight or flare leg full-length pants or jeans. The waist and hip area are fitted with no pleating, and if there are pockets, they are correctly placed and do not gap open at the side. I’ve learned this from trying on hundreds of bottoms and then being photographed. Cropped pants/jeans are never the right choice for me since they make my legs look shorter, making me look wider and shorter. The fashion industry considers any below 5’4″ as petite. However, you can be perfectly balanced at ant height, which you are from your description.

  13. Love this post. I completely agree with the sentiments expressed here. You look fabulous. I ,too, dress for the joy of life.

  14. I am in my middle 70’s. When I am not wearing my golfing clothes, I am usually in jeans and a casual shirt. I love a tees with elbow length sleeves or three quarter length sleeves. It covers the giggle arms. Thank you for all your posts. I enjoy reading them and especially like the handbag choices.

  15. This was a good post. You always give me ideas on how to use what I have in my closet. I read your response about the best jeans or pants style for you. I have to go try on different styles and see what is best for me. I guess I never thought about that before.

    1. That’s why I share so much about what I’ve learned. Coco Chanel said, “The best color in the world is the one that looks best on you.” It’s the same for anything. Find the best item for you and it makes getting dressed easier and a pleasure.

  16. Love this post because it’s how many of us retirees live–Casual lifestyle but with elegance and class. Your style and fashions show that we are (or should be) grateful to be alive! Looking our best everyday says something about our character: you are the epitome of grace and style. Thank you!

  17. “I don’t save things for someday.” Words to live by! I still have a hard time wearing my “nice” clothes for everyday, but every time I do I feel more motivated and confident. And really, what am I saving them for?!

  18. Showing multiple styles along with where you were going or staying at home was inspiring to say the least. I certainly enjoyed seeing and reading your explanations of each day and the outfit to fit the occasion. When it is raining hard or snowing up here in Iowa, it is hard to feel like dressing up but after reading your blog a long time ago about doing that anyway, does in deed make you feel better as well as look better. Glad you reiterated that little nugget as well as not saving “the good clothes/items” instead, choosing to wear them now, not later or whenever.
    Thanks again for a wonderful and helpful hint to dressing daily.
    Clara from Iowa

  19. Really like the Friday red jacket and might consider it in a few colors, since it looks so versatile on you. On the website, it looks crazy cropped, but looks like a wearable length on you — also the on-line reviews are size-confusing, some saying that the sweater is too tight to act as a jacket. Are you able to provide sizing details as they pertain to you? (If no, no worries.) Really enjoy your posts, which I find very helpful and encouraging. Thank you.

    1. I bought the jacket in a size large because I wanted it in red and that’s all they had left. My usual size medium would be a better fit. I don’t mind the cropped length since I’m only 5’5″ with a high waist.

  20. I always look forward to your blogging posts. I’ve been wondering how your health is now. I believe you were diagnosed with breast cancer. Forgive me if I’m wrong. Maybe I missed the posting if you updated everyone on your health condition.
    God bless.

  21. Susan, i look forward to your posts and love your look. I tend to rotate through my things and am often “accused” of dressing well all of the time. I may look terrible at home cleaning because I don’t have help, but if I go out the door, want to look put together and nice. I save a few things but mostly wear nicer clothes even if jeans are part of the outfit. I recently had a sweet young cashier at Publix remark on how put together I looked. I had on jeans, short boots, and a t-shirt under a pink cashmere cardigan that is years old. She even pointed out how my very old little pink wool jacket matched the casual outfit. I was shocked to have anyone mention my. Lothes at Publix! Now if I could just be a little slimmer like you are!!

  22. I love watching videos of people in places I would like to visit! That’s my tv pastime also! You always look so nice in your day to day activities!

    1. The pants have pockets, and I’ve laundered them a few times, and they still look the same. I hang them on pant hangers and let them air dry instead of putting them in the dryer.

  23. I took a quick look at one of the videos. Interesting. I am going to put them on my list of things to watch. Thank you.

  24. You always talk about tucking in your shirt and wearing a belt, the 1/3 on top and 2/3 on bottom but what if you are very top heavy and not very tall? It makes me feel wider than normal.

    1. Trust me. Just try this. Wear a slim fitting V-neck top and the same color of slim pants add shoes with an almond or pointed toe. Add a different color of jacket or cardigan left open. You need not tuck in the top but make sure it isn’t one that falls from the fullest part of your bust and lands at the same level as the jacket.

  25. Dear Susan,

    Thanks for the putting together outfits for the week. I have not felt like dressing up for a while. I lost the love of my life in December. So, this helped me to get myself up and about.

  26. I just love your posts. Your stories are interesting and your style is achievable with plenty of ideas in a market where older ladies aren’t particularly well catered for in the retail market.

    All the best to you and Mr Mickey and a big THANK YOU.

  27. Susan, several years ago, I was trying to create a wardrobe reflecting in personal style. Your posts have been so helpful.

    Yesterday I was looking at a sale item. The price was right but I remembered your advice not to purchase an item that didn’t work with the rest of my wardrobe. And that it is better to spend a little more for something that will work with multiple items.

    I am almost 79 and I think I am “pulled together “. Thank you.

    Ann Terrenoire

  28. I’m saving photos of your outfits.
    I don’t wear pull over sweaters with crew neck lines. I think it makes me look heavier. You’re a beautiful lady. Most women my age are a little rounder and like to wear something open over a blouse. A curtain you might say. Thanks for showing how to properly do this.
    Please take time to mention the don’t of wearing pants that are too tight. Some are so tight in the but and crotch that it’s nasty looking. Your camel toe shoes and your but crack is too exposed. Also, sweaters that are too tight that reveal every detail. Looks like your poured into a sausage casing. Men are better at this. Just a suggestion

  29. Dear Susan,
    Love, Love, Love every single one of your outfits and accessories! Not only do I love your clothes, jewelry, etc., I simply love the locations where Mr. Mickey chooses for your photo shoots! Especially today’s lovely one!

    Question: May I ask the paint color of your walls and baseboard?
    I have the same beautiful flooring and I’m looking for the perfect paint for walls and baseboard! There is such a marvelous contrast of colors with your walls, baseboard, and floor which blend so well with your gorgeous furnishings!

    Thank you so much,
    Lou Ann Schornick

    1. The setting is the sunroom in Mr. Mickey’s house. I took these photos using the timer on my camera and a tripod. His balance is not so great now, so he has nearly given up his photography duties. The wall colors are Sherwin Williams SW1100 Fresco Cream, and the trim color is Sherwin-Williams Pure White SW 7005. The house was built in 1999; as far as we know, these are the original paint colors. Thankfully, the first owner left notes about everything, including the paint colors.

  30. These looks are all hits! I love that each look is great for you but all are depicting different types of outfits for varied activities, and they all look current without being too trendy. I know I will be using my pieces to ‘copy’ some of them! Thanks Susan.

  31. Hi Susan, I’ve really enjoyed viewing the variety of outfits you posted this past week along with the reasons behind your choices. I have some questions . . . The first is about hats . . . I would love to wear them more but generally think I don’t look good in them. Is there some kind of “formula” to follow? Second is about hand bag size ( I think you have mentioned this before but I can’t find it) and where they should fall to look proportional. Thanks for your help.

    1. Accessories can always flatter you if you use them to highlight your best features. I love to wear hats, but they need to have a high crown, be a very plain design, and have a brim that is no more than a couple of inches wide. Neutral colors are always the most versatile.
      As for handbags, the size, color, and shape can be fun and artistic in shape; remember that shoulder bags ruin the drape and silhouette of your clothing. Crossbody bag straps can draw too much attention to a large bust if you let it slip behind your hip. Large clutch bags tucked under your arm can add volume to the bust. A large shoulder bag that lands at the hip can make that area look much more prominent. Carry a bag in your hand or over the crook of your arm for the best effect.

    1. My glasses frames are all old. The blue frames in these photos are by Ralph Lauren from LensCrafters about four years ago. I studied my face shape to determine which shape and size of frames would look best. Here is a good web page to learn more about that.

  32. Hi Susan, I love these type of posts! So many great looks. You always look so put together, and you make it easy for us to emulate. I always look forward to your posts. Putting together outfits and dressing each day is always fun. I’ve learned so much from you!
    I think you mentioned in another post that you hardly go out to dinner anymore. I hope all is well. Hope you keep posting!

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