Fall Outfit Inspiration

Even if you have some fantastic pieces in your wardrobe, you may enjoy some inspirational ideas to put together looks you may not have considered. You’ve seen some of these elements in previous posts, but others are new, so I’ll share links to things that are still available.

JacketDressBag – Similar: ShoesBelt

A black tank dress can take you to dinner, vacation, church, lunch with friends, or the grocery store. When the style is plain, and the fabric is luxurious, you can easily dress it up or down and wear it in endless ways almost year-round. Adding a short tweed or denim jacket keeps the proportions flattering.

PantsSweaterVestBeltShoes – Similar: Bag

If you can’t bring yourself to wear white pants in fall or winter, think about soft white, winter white, or these transition cream white ones might work for you. I always buy dressy pants a size larger than jeans for a more elegant fit. Repeat the same accessory color with an all-white look to ground it and make it feel more appropriate for cooler weather.

CardiganTeeJeansFlats – Similar: BeltBagScarf

Dark wash jeans in the length to wear with flats and a lovely cardigan can take you almost anywhere these days. Accessories such as a silk scarf draped around your neck and an elegant leather bag add the perfect finishing touch to elevate a casual combo.

Denim ShirtWhite JeansWatch – Similar: BagShoes

I’m so glad I discovered cropped shirts this summer. I’ve worn this denim one every week since I got it. It looks great with black, white, darker denim and khaki. I could layer it over the white tee above for extra warmth later.

Cropped ShirtJeansPumps – Similar: Bag

Accessories can make even faded jeans feel like you made an effort to get dressed. I wore this comfortable look to the grocery store today since we still have warm afternoons.

Jacquard Pullover LeggingsSneakers

I walk a few miles daily, so I’ve upgraded my sporty attire for cooler weather. The sneakers are perfect for walking or for a dressed-down casual look.

Quarter-Zip PulloverLeggingsSneakersHat

The leggings provide excellent support and full coverage, so they can also be worn with sweaters and boots.

I hope these examples give you ideas for new combinations of some of your pieces. If you use my links to shop for something new, I may earn a small commission, but there will be no additional cost to you.

  1. Susan, I have followed your blog long enough that I have some of the staple pieces (albeit maybe not exact) in my closet and so very much appreciate you styling from your existing closet! You make them all look fresh!

  2. I hope you are doing well. I was devastated when I heard you had to have radiation. My love and prayer are for you everyday. I can’t even tell you how long I’ve been following you. I’ve a brought one of your purses and a couple of scarves.

  3. Enjoyed seeing your updated looks. I bought several cropped shirts lately. They do look great. I’m a short gal, so having a cropped shirt gives me a longer, leaner appearance. Thanks for sharing! Have a lovely week!

  4. You look lovely as always Susan! I like the cropped shirts. I’m a petite stature and those might work for me.

  5. Great post! These looks are very chic and stylish and look comfortable. Love your blog! Thank you for the inspiration.

  6. The cropped denim shirt looks great on you. May I ask what size of shirt you went with and did you select in the regular, petite or tall range? The website suggested sizing down for a slimmer fit and I am betwixt and between about how to approach my selection.
    With thanks,

    1. I bought the regular medium size in several versions of those cropped shirts. I am most pleased with their style at the Gap since the back is slightly lower, and there is a reinforced triangle at the side seam.

  7. Susan – do you wear a cami or tank under the cropped shirt? I love the look but would worry about exposing skin when reaching up to a higher shelf in the grocery store.

  8. Hi Susan, I so enjoyed all these classic looks you shared with us today! I like how your accessories add a touch of something special to each outfit. The black dress is beautiful with the belt. It’s so true, a pretty cardigan over a tank and jeans can take you just about anywhere. That’s my preferred uniform. I also have a scarf addiction, but it will have to wait, as it’s 90º here in San Diego today. Our warm weather here is my biggest challenge to dressing the way I prefer.

  9. Hi Susan. I plan on purchasing lug-sole loafers. They are available in dark navy suede or black suede. I think the navy suede are visually abit cuter. My question: would the navy suede be appropriate to wear with black pants (primarily black denim)?

  10. That beautiful denim jacket!
    It’s such an upgrade on the standard denim and really sells that black column beautifully. So sad the only size left is a 4.
    The dress was a shock – it retails at over $A300 and when one adds postage, it becomes unwieldy. However, it’s the inspiration that’s the thing and I’m off to scour Australian outlets or ebay for similar.
    You look super, as always! Groomed and elegant.

  11. I purchased the denim jacket and it arrived smelling strongly of mildew. After trying to air it out for 2 weeks I finally had to return it. Disappointing, especially when I see how great it looks in the first photo in this post.

  12. I love your looks but I am so short waisted I basically have my waist meet the bottom of my bra. Very difficult to figure out how to make that work with your looks here that have belts. Any suggestions?

  13. Thank you for another great post and the very helpful tips. I always thought cropped tops would be too short, so have passed them by. It’s so nice to see them on you and see that they might be the perfect length on me, as I’m petite. Yay! You just simplified my shopping and I might actually find some new tops this season.

  14. Love all your looks. You’re so stylish. I hope your are feeling well along with Mr Mickey.
    Enjoy life!

  15. Your fashion articles are always welcome and appreciated! Because ladies clothing sizes are inconsistent, even within the same brand, it would be very helpful to include your usual size and the size of the garments you are modeling. Many of us shop online, so having a reference point would take some of the guess work out of deciding which size to order. Thanks!

    1. I am wearing a size medium in the tops and that is usually the size I wear. The jeans are size 28 or 6. The dressy slacks are a size 8. I am five feet five inches tall and I weigh one hundred and thirty-five pounds.

  16. You hit it out of the park with your casually chic outfits. Not only do the outfits look lovely and understated, they can easily be mixed and matched. Thank you for the great style ideas!

  17. Hello Susan, Thank you for always sharing so much with all of us. I love the plum/maroon color for Fall. I’m attracted to The Gap jacquard pullover you feature, but I noticed that some of the buyer reviews on The Gap website mentioned that it was oversized. I usually wear a Large, occasionally a Medium, and I’m wondering if you thought it ran true to size. If you get a chance to answer my question, thanks so much! Best wishes with your treatment.

  18. Hi Susan—I’m hoping you can help me. I’ve ordered the quarter zip pullover from Gap in two colors and appreciated that it came in petites. I’m looking forward to receiving them and hope they work out for casual days. Have you had the leggings long enough to comment on their wear? They have rayon as the first fabric mentioned and I’ve had problems in the past with rayon pilling. I always take care in washing in cold and hang to dry (no dryer). Have they shrunk at all? Also, are they a step up from the shiny fabric leggings that look strictly for working out. I want something to exercise or walk in but also nice enough to run an errand. There’s no size chart that I saw. May I ask what size you purchased? Any honest comments or help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

    1. I have washed the leggings many times and there is no pilling yet. I also cold water wash and hang to dry. They are elevated thick leggings that I wear with boots, long sweaters, tunics and jackets. I bought a size medium.

  19. Hi I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work in creating this blog. You have given me some great ideas on how to dress and look polished and put together. I hope you are doing well and know that I’ve said prayers for your good health.

  20. Hi Susan, I love your post as usual. You are incredibly classy and I’m so glad that you’re doing well. Can I ask what you use on your neck? Why don’t you have a wrinkly neck, lol? Curious minds would love to know.

  21. Your choices are lovely. I am not as tall as you so the flare in the pants do not suit me, but I can just do straight leg. Thank you for you inspiring selection.


  22. I love your clothing ideas! But, I’m curious….how do you tolerate your darling shoes with the pointy toes? As an older lady (73), I need the most comfortable shoes I can find and the pointy-toe styles look fabulous but also,….PAINFUL!! :0)

    1. My feet tolerate heels and pointed toe shoes without pain. I also don’t wear them to stand or walk for long periods of time. I wear running shoes, Chelsea boots or loafers for activities that include lots of walking.

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