A Fresh Haircut

Every six weeks is a reasonable timeframe for my haircuts; however, with all the doctor appointments, etc., it has been eight weeks since my last trim. So, it was good to be back in my stylist’s chair on Thursday. I was thrilled to meet a lovely blog follower who was also getting her hair done. She said her stylish 90-year-old mother told her about my website. My day was made!

I always wear something washable and comfortable to my appointments, but I usually have a list of other things I must accomplish for the day. So, I still want to look polished and put together. The black jeans are here; similar boots are here; a similar belt is here; the mock neck top is here; the jacket is a couple of years old. Here is a similar one. The earrings are here. A similar handbag is here. My makeup routine is here. My skincare routine is here.

My stylist is April Caldwell at Van Kye Salon, 516 W Oakland Ave, Ste 103, in Johnson City, TN. 423-360-0747.

I avoided mock and turtleneck sweaters and tops for years, believing they would make my face look round. I’m so glad I tried them a couple of years ago. I now reach for these higher necklines all winter. (The photo below was unused from a project last week, so you can see the difference the haircut makes.)

Many have asked for examples of outfits with flat shoes and tops not tucked in, so this photo is for you. Pants hemmed to touch the top of your foot might be the most versatile if you rarely wear heels.

The sweater is here. It is so soft and cozy! The flats are here. The jeans are here. The silver dome ring is here. A similar small bag is here.

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  1. You look gorgeous with your hair at any length but I know it’s healthier for hair to be trimmed and it also makes your styling time easier.

  2. Very nice. Your hair was quite a bit longer in just 8 weeks. Great haircut! And your hair looks very healthy. Mine always looks so dry. I have the same color as yours. So are you using Beautycounter hair care?

  3. You look awesome. How come you look younger over the years! What is your secret? I am a mess! You look stunning in the black turtle neck. Hi to Mr. Mickey. Have an awesome weekend and a blessed Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year. I really enjoy your blog. I feel like you are family.

  4. I feel like you have definitely found the right look for your shape and style. You look better than ever! It is amazing that women will wear a style simply because it is on trend. You are certainly an inspiration to dress accordingly to what suits YOU best.
    Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Mickey!

  5. You look amazing Susan! Both looks you show here are perfect for just about anything I (and I suspect many others) need or want to do these days. It seems getting very dressed up is a thing of the past in my life.
    You look lovely – classY and classIC – each & every time!
    May you & Mr. Mickey have a Blessed Christmas and may only good things come your way in 2024.

  6. You have given me such good advice over the years. Thank you! I appreciate the time it takes you and your kindness which always shines through your replies. Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Mickey and a healthy 2024.

  7. You have such pretty hair and a trip to the hair salon is always nice. I am much older than you and my hair is thinning rapidly. You always look so “put together” and I enjoy every post. Wishing you and Mr. Mickey a Merry Christmas.

  8. I stumbled upon some of your blogs in your fifties. It’s such fun to see how you have evolved over the years. You looked good at these ages, but watching you update your style and why you’re making the decisions is very informative. It takes a brick over my head to “get it,” so I don’t mind if you go over the main tips more than twice, at least. My colors are supposed to be spring. Don’t like most of that part of the color wheel. So I started paying attention to what my friends told me. My colors tend to go to the jewel tones. Plus a royal blue. I’m short, 5’2″. So pants never fit. Your ways of overcoming issues like this are priceless. In other words, sweet Susan, God will surely keep you around to help us buy, alter and wear our clothes. Merry Christmas, to you, your parents and Mr. Mickey, and his family. Jesus is the reason for the season. Now and always.

  9. I love this hair style on you. It frames your beautiful face so well. Thanks for inspiring me in so many ways. So glad I found you!

  10. From across the seas in Australia, I want to wish you and Mr Mickey a merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year. Thank you for all your information, news, and help over the years. Over 60s are often forgotten.

  11. Your blog posts always make my day!
    You look pretty and so put together in all pictures.
    Merry Christmas to you, Mr. Mickey and your families!

  12. Chic sharp hairstyle very nice indeed, I like the way it is cut to taper neatly around the collar line. You look very well indeed and you have given
    me such courage and hope when on my mammogram several weeks a go and biopsy revealed grade 2 Cancer. I had my lumpectomy on Wednesday 13thDec
    a few days ago. I am doing fine but obviously bit sore. Results after Christmas and several sessions of Radiotherapy in Feb then Spring around the corner .
    I will eagerly be paying attention to your blog then with Spring fashion and style tips. to cheer us all up after drab a January and February. Of course
    lovely trips with Mr Mickey to look forward to as well.
    You cover many topics Susan from fashion , beauty Style etc I love all those things but although the topic of Breast Cancer isn’t exactly jolly what you shared with so many people around the world was incredibly brave and it’s that which has helped me so much dealing
    my cancer journey.
    Let us remember readers from all over the world Susan is never in ‘ your face ‘ what she presents on her blog , and that’s why I have followed her for more years than I care to remember. Thank you Susan and a very happy Christmas to you Mr Mickey and families.
    Is Mr Mickey dressing as Santa this Year , ? Hope he had some ? Reindeer socks..
    I am off to sleep now and I bid you goodnight .
    With love Pamela from Wales UK .PS I would love it if follows said where they were from as it amazes me how you have influenced readers worldwide xx


    1. I’m so happy to hear from you, Pamela. You have been on my mind. Please have a peaceful, merry Christmas. Rest and recover soon.

      Mr. Mickey misses being Santa for the children, but his knees are no longer strong enough to hold the little ones.

    1. My frames are old by Ralph Lauren. I had my new prescriptions put in them last year. I look for frames with straight lines and temples attached to the top of the frames. Since my face is a soft oval or roundish without angles I never want to wear round glasses. The frames should not extend beyond your face or rest on your cheeks. The website here shows a bit more about frames.

  13. You look fabulous…love the new haircut! I would appreciate it if you would sometimes give sizes…especially in tops, so we might be able to gauge what size might fit us. I’m especially interested in the bottom sweater you show from BR. Thank you so much for reading and answering all of our questions!!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both and a Blessed 2024!!

  14. I’m so excited! I ordered Beautycounter shampoo and conditioner and they arrived. I hope they help my hair look as healthy and vibrant as yours. I’ve been having a difficult time with hair frizz since moving to our new home. Maybe they will make my hair sleeker.
    Wishing you and Mr. Mickey joy in the wonders of the season.

  15. Greetings Susan. Long-time follower here. A few years ago, you created a travel post featuring Beaufort, SC and some surrounding areas. I am so grateful for that post because my husband and I got to enjoy visiting the areas you mentioned and it was a lovely trip. Now, we are looking to do some traveling in Tennessee this coming year for our 30th anniversary but haven’t been there before, so I’m wondering if it’s not too much to ask if in a future blog post you might mention some nice places to visit in your home state, perhaps even a modest road trip itinerary? I know you have often made posts about different places you like to visit, but it would be nice to have those places mentioned in a single blog post if possible. I appreciate you…best regards!

  16. Hello Susan!
    You look wonderful! I really appreciate your blog. You do a remarkable job and it’s a pleasure to see your style and read all the helpful information that you share.
    I wish you a Happy holiday and a healthy New year!

  17. Your hair looked nice in both pictures but it feels good when you get behind on a cut. I’m wearing mine similarly to yours out of necessity because of problems with my right shoulder and surgery not an option but the hair on my left side won’t stay back and drives me crazy. I’m having trouble finding a hair spray that my weak pushing finger can work and doesn’t leave my hair too stiff. Any suggestions?

    1. I use knit hairbands while doing chores, going walking, etc. Try spaying the styling product on your fingers and then pull the product through the part of your hair that needs the control. I have used this method for years, and it helps to maintain a more natural movement and softness to my hair while keeping those stray bits around my face out of the way (somewhat).

  18. I actually like your hair either way. The eight weeks length has a very feminine feel to it. You look lovely in dark turtlenecks and I wish I could wear them too. Turtlenecks of any kind just seem to point to and focus on my jowls and a dark color is even worse because it casts an unflattering shadow on them that makes them more obvious. It seems just the opposite should be true, but that’s not how it works for me. I find lighter colors near my face are always more flattering and make my jowls less noticeable. Too bad, because it really limits my choices.

    1. The lift comes from the cut and the way it is blow-dried. I don’t use styling products other than an occasional spritz of hair spray on my fingers worked through the area needing control.

  19. I’m sure you have mentioned your glasses in previous post but could you publish the name and style of frames. Very attractive.
    Thank you, I enjoy your newsletter.

  20. Thank you Gigi M! I have that exact problem, shoulder pain and weakness in fingers are making hair styling so difficult. I’m going to try Susan’s suggestion of spraying hand/fingers to get some hair spray in the right places before I get a short effortless haircut. I have worn the same basic haircut similar to Susan all my life and been comfortable with it, but age and aches are making it more difficult. It is constantly in my eyes and face! I’m so afraid I am needing a “wash and wear” hairstyle.
    Thanks again to Susan for wonderful tips and advice.
    Merry Christmas and Happy healthy New Year!

  21. Susan-
    Your hair looks so fresh – but your hair always looks good! I am considering going grey soon. Such a big step!

    Your styling tips are so helpful, my daughters are copying what I’m wearing!

    Happy Holidays to you and Mr. Mickey!!

  22. Need help with lower heeled boots! After two bunion surgeries for can no longer wear 2-1/2” shoes, please! Love love your blog!

  23. I really think you should consider letting your hair grow again! It looks amazing on you. Honestly in my opinion it makes you look younger as well. Not many people can wear their hair at that length that you have when it was longer and you look great in it! You rock that longer hair! You should go with that.

  24. To add to my previous comment I love the fact that you are dressing so much younger as well! You know how to take that look and run with it, it is just amazing to see you evolving like this! It’s awesome to see people be able to take different styles and hairstyles and make them work so well . I have to admit while I kind of followed you I really wasn’t into your fashion . I felt that it was definitely an older look that I was not interested in. But these last 6 months or so your style has evolved amazingly!

    1. Thank you for asking that question, Elaine. I want to share my style and what I invest in rather than things I’m given for free, which might seem disingenuous. It is also stressful to keep up with review deadlines and all the rules that come with those “free” items and constraints imparted by the companies giving them to you. In my retirement years, I want a creative outlet that truly expresses my evolving style and the things that interest me.

  25. Susan, I’ve been following you for a long time and think your hair is gorgeous! Do you use any products or have salon treatments to keep it from yellowing? I’ve been using Phyto purple shampoo, but it’s not helping.

  26. You look so stunning! I’m in process of making my short hair all gray. Did you have your stylist color your hair to help in process of color uniformity?

  27. Oh my, Susan! I couldn’t wait to thank you. I washed and conditioned my hair with Beauty counter shampoo and conditioner. I only used a pea size amount too. What a difference…amazing! My previous hair that kept frizzing every time I walked out the door, is smooth and shiny again. Thanks again for sharing your beautiful hair secrets. I didn’t even have to use any additional products. I’m so happy!

  28. I love turtlenecks and mocks. Grab them while you can, some years they are not to be found. I found with mocks, if the neckline is floppy, just turn it down – makes for a nice, smooth neckline. So glad you ditched the skinny pant. I have never gotten into them, but then again, I am about 9 years older than you are. Your outfits lately are great. I need to find a medium wash denim jacket. Yours is really cute. It may take me awhile. It took about 4 years before I found my dark wash one.

  29. Your hair looks wonderful but I also liked it when it was a bit longer. Both lengths suit you. I have been following you forever and have always enjoyed the inspiration and information you give but I am particularly enjoying the new direction your style is taking. So modern, stylish and sophisticated. Thank you for continuing to provide us all with these wonderful posts. Merry Christmas to you and Mr Mickey.

  30. You are absolutely stunning!! You make looking polished so easy!!
    Merry Christmas (or Happy Hanukkah) and Happy New Year!!

  31. I’ve followed your blog for several years and you continue to amaze and inspire me. Wish I had your discipline! Please, please continue the wonderful work you are doing. It would be so helpful if you would compile your blogs into a book. I’d be first in line for buy a copy! In the past you’ve shared you you eat on a regular basis. Please share it again with any updates. Wishing you a Merry Christmas with thanks and love. For you and Mr. Mickey: May the coming years be filled with good health, happiness, love and peace. Sunni.

  32. Hi again, Susan. I tried to leave a “thank you” reply to your response to my question about travel in Tennessee but I think there was a malfunction, so I will say thank you so much here.

  33. I know this is not pertaining to this article but can you address how you keep your cashmere nice. Mine tend to pil and even if I rack them they continue every time I wear. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  34. Would you have a suggestion for those of us that have fuller thighs? My jeans are fitted through the thighs. Also, how does someone create a more slimming look with heavy thighs!

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