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“When you buy something for spring, please share the link sooner.” Similar requests show up often in emails and comments. Since I wear things repeatedly, season after season, much of what I show in my photos is no longer available. For example, this blazer is by Raison D’etre, and I bought it at Neiman Marcus Last Call at least four years ago.

When I slipped on these trousers, I knew immediately that they would be favorites for a long time. So, I quickly set up the camera and took photos of what I wore for lunch with my sweet friend, Belinda.

I found the updated details and fabric extraordinarily comfortable and easy to style. They are more elevated than regular jeans, but they have a similar vibe. The material is 69% TENCEL™ lyocell/30% recycled cotton/1% elastane. The fit is true to size.

I bought the trousers a few weeks ago in my usual size 28 regular. The pants are sold out but are now on reorder. You can preorder them here.

The gray top is here. I am wearing a size medium. A similar belt is here. A similar jacket is here. Similar boots are here. A similar bag is here. Earrings are here.

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  1. Susan, I love this look on you. As an inverted triangle body shape, I wish I could wear the wider leg pants. But I find that my short legs look even shorter with the wide legged pants, and I can’t wear a heel over 1″ to help offset it. Any advice is appreciated. I am also long-waisted with a tummy, and have a short neck. Often the styling advice for one problem area seems to draw further attention to another. Thanks for all your wisdom! Linda

  2. Hi-I love your chic but casual look here. I really like the pants and that these are available in tall as I am 5’10” tall. I don’t have any j. Crew pants and I’m in between a size 8-10. Could you tell me if you think these are true to size or run small? Thank you.

  3. The pants make your legs look like they go on forever. Wonder if that will work on a much shorter lady? Love the different textures of the components of your outfit.

  4. Hi Susan. I usually like the looks that you present on here but not this one. I know you are an inverted triangle shape from your previous posts. These pants cut you in half and make your hips look bigger than you are. The top is also making you look bustier, almost a uniboob look. Maybe it would look more slimming if you untuck the top. I’m sorry, just my .02.

  5. This look may be casual, but you look elegant! Your “short” legs look like they go on forever. If I had just seen the jcrew ad I wouldn’t have bought them, but with the crease you put in, the trousers have become very stylish. Again, thank you for listing sizes you buy!!

  6. Not my favorite look. I tend to favor straight cut pants and jeans. Susan, I never understand why you tell us what size you are wearing. What bearing does that have on us? We are all different and the size you wear does not tell us anything about how the item fits. I think it would be much more helpful if you said instead, “This runs true to size.” “This runs small.” “This runs large.” Or “This runs long or short.”
    Etc. Then we would know if we need to order one size up or down for ourselves. Thank you.

  7. Susan, you always look so put together and I have learned so much from you over the past 10 years!! I am 10 years older than you and have a totally different build but your suggestions always seem to help me put together outfits that I feel look good on me. Thanks for continuing to share and I love that outfit you are wearing!

  8. I have always loved that jacket on you and I remember trying so hard to find one similar, to no avail. It is just that much shorter and a little bit more fitted than many blazers – giving a lovely silhouette with the longer pants. The pants are delish and shall try and find those somewhere.
    You look so elegant, Susan. Simply elegant, as always.

  9. What difference does it make to say what size you are wearing?? Jeez Louise!!!!
    I appreciate your information, advice, suggestions, pictures , and any explanations to help us to make decisions. Saying what size you are wearing gives us insight since we know your usual choices. Brands run different, it helps to know which way you choose your size.

  10. Susan
    As always a beautiful look and I too tried over the years to find that jacket 🙂 never did.
    As for revealing the size you are wearing….. I appreciate it!!!
    I’m petite but it gives me something to work with rather than true to size. It’s especially important with tops. I always ask. I love the pants. Probably won’t work for me but the petite wide leg Gap jeans you featured as regular are wonderful. You convinced me to try to move beyond straight and skinny. I wore them all over Europe with my boots. Thank you for being wonderful!!

  11. in 2019 our property was completely destroyed by bush fire. I have spent the past three years rebuilding my wardrobe by frequently searching internet sites for pre-loved garments. The fabric quality, classic styles and tailoring of yesteryear. Its been a challenging time. Filled with both disappointment and long term reward.

  12. Oh so perfectly dressed again for lunch with a special friend Belinda. Thank you for another outstanding post offering great information. I hope you enjoyed your day! I admire and aspire to put my outfits together as you do. Hi to Mr. Mickey!

  13. Hi Susan due to your great suggestions I opened my mind to purchasing a petite wide leg jean. (From JJill). I’m 5 ft. 1″, so wearing these with a sweater and flats…Well they immediately elevated my look from my typical skinny jeans/ booties. I felt fresh.

    I also purchased recently a black denim diagonal zipper jacket (similar to a leather jacket you shared) which I love ❤️

    Thank you for broadening my perspective and style sense. Love your look today.

  14. Hi Susan. How do you feel about the big silver buttons? I wear most shirt over thectop of myjpants and Wanted your opinion before I ourchsse them regarding the buttons. Thank you.

  15. Good morning, I do believe some folks woke up on the wrong side of the bed! Such unkind behavior. I totally appreciate you stating the sizes you are wearing, it helps me judge which size I shd order, were I to choose the item for myself, so thank you! Maybe I don’t always see myself in the outfit you are featuring but I do not see the benefit of anyone for me to criticize the outfit on you. I appreciate your elegance and willingness to help those of us who are benefiting from your content! Have a wonderful weekend, very cold and windy in north central Arkansas.

  16. I am with Carla. I don’t ever remember you asking for an opinion about your outfit or bragging about the size you wear. For anyone who’s read your earlier blogs, it’s very apparent you’ve worked hard and made significant lifestyle changes. For myself, as a plus sized woman with completely different coloring, I appreciate your point of view, incorporate what I can, while working with my own body, coloring and style preferences. I find your posts to be both informative and encouraging while never being judgemental. I think that often the judgement we assume to be coming from others, is really created in our own minds. On those days when we feel good and our image in the mirror makes us smile, we just need to say, “I look cute today”!!

  17. You look amazing, as always. It seems those great pants overpower your frame. I’m wondering if wearing a less plain top with them would help. Something with a small pattern and color. Maybe? A fan, Marilyn xo

  18. Those pants look like they were custom tailored for you! Your readers may not know that the pin tuck style has a sewn in crease on the front of the pants. It’s hard to tell that from a photo.

  19. Okay, fess up. You had a 28-year-old in a gray wig pose for that shot of the rear. No? Okay then. Time to share your exercise routine for a butt that looks that good! : )

  20. Loving those jeans! I will look for these in a petite. Your blazer looks so comfy, and I have learned so much from you in the shoe and bag department! Terrific post-have a wonderful weekend.

  21. Good morning, because of you mentioning it in December of 2022, I’ve enjoyed all the Maisie Dobbs novels by Jacqueline Winspear. The final Maisie Dobbs book, “The Comfort of Ghosts” will be released June 4, 2024. Amy Harmon, Kristin Hannah, and Allison Pataki also have their latest novels being released in February, March and April.

    Thank you for all that you do for this community, even though I rarely comment, it always brightens my day to see a new post from you.

  22. I really love this look! I don’t particularly care for the front pockets on the trousers (they look like they belong on the back) but otherwise the fit and silhouette is fantastic! Another great ensemble…thank you for sharing the details.

  23. I am 5’1” and am having a terrible time with the wider pants. My legs are short and end up looking like rectangles. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

  24. Susan, lots of us don’t feel comfortable in tucked in tops and I have to say I think straight or slim leg pants look best on most people. I thought you were helping us stay with a wardrobe we are building and not going with trends but as soon as women establish a pants wardrobe we’re comfortable with they “decide to make something else more stylish”. I was disappointed that you decided to embrace this new look. I’m almost 79 and I like to try to look nice when I go out but I don’t want to buy a lot of new slacks and encourage a new trend. I remember bell bottoms. We don’t need to go there again. You go look taller but but I think most shorter women which I seem to have become in my old age just look better without the flare. Hate to be critical but that’s the way I feel. You always look lovely and because of shoulder issues I’ve had to let my hair grow and wear it similar to yours but mine doesn’t look nearly as lovely.

    1. The flare (not bell-bottom) pants are a better fit for me than straight or skinny jeans since I have thick calves. Flares start higher on the thigh and are less voluminous than bell bottoms. I share what works for me and how I wear my looks, but no one style-fits-all option exists. I’m glad you know what works for you.

  25. Susan, I appreciate that you encourage me to embrace what works best for me. I love that you offer advice on many styles. It helps me consider new things. I don’t feel pressured to adopt a style just because it works for you. Thanks for all you do to make fashion fun!

  26. As a petite woman with thick calves, I have embraced a few of these flare leg pants that I found in petite sizes, and I personally love them. They work for me, but I don’t see where Susan has advocated this look for everyone. We should all wear what we feel looks best on us, what works with our proportions. Refreshing one’s wardrobe with a different look is a whole different animal than replacing everything entirely. A number of years ago, Susan wrote a column on keeping an open mind, and I think that was good advice. If we are planning on purchasing some new items anyway, it doesn’t hurt to check out some more current looks. If we don’t like them, no harm done.

  27. I rarely comment but I look forward to your posts. I have waited to comment this time because I wanted to reread the comments to see if some of them still sounded as rude as they sounded the first time I read them.. Unfortunately, they still do! The nerve of some people! I’m sorry that some have never learned that ‘if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything’. Blows my mind that grown women haven’t learned that!

  28. I love reading your posts and seeing what you and Mr Micky are doing. I wonder what you think about square toe shoes I try to buy pointed, recently saw a pair of square toe I really liked.

    1. Square-toe shoes have never been a good look for me, since I have short legs. They can seem like fins (flippers). I am a certified open-water diver, so that comes to mind whenever I look at square toes.

  29. I love these trousers Susan. I think they look so much smarter than the ordinary jeans. I wish manufacturers would make more of this type of fabric. Thank you so much for sharing
    Sue x

  30. Susan, I’m so very sorry that you’ve been the recipient of such rudeness. Please know that you and all you do are appreciated. Your graciousness is always evident when you reply to those remarks. You are a class act!

    1. There was a recent problem with a few emails being delivered to spam boxes. I hope it has been corrected, but if you can find the notice and report it as not spam, that would be very helpful. Thank you.

  31. I have never, ever, written a comment or review. I have your back on this post. Susan, you look fabulous in the sailor pants. You ALWAYS look modern & polished. Do the women who post rude comments think it is easy to look as lovely as you always do?
    I am 78 years young, 5’7″, 140 lbs & wear size 28 jeans. I may have a similar style aesthetic, except I’m the lady wearing a statement red handbag.

  32. Hello Susan. These jeans are very flattering on you. I always find something useful in your examples, even though I am a girl with a caboose! I was just wondering if you think this year’s spring/summer offerings again will feature tops with statement sleeves. I especially liked the tops with cutout sleeves. They were cool and comfortable, while not showing too much “flapping” of the arms, I still have the butterfly cutout top you recommended.
    Thank you for your efforts to civilize our appearance.

  33. I’m reading a light hearted novel about a middle aged woman in a new adventure in Provence. The author, Gillian Harvey, has some thought provoking lines. My favorite, and I’m paraphrasing, is, “You make your luck by taking chances, by being unafraid.” This is you, Susan. You have never stayed in a rut, even during the pandemic. You search for ways to stay modern but true to yourself. You acknowledge others’ choices and encourage us to find our own styles. Staying current is not an easy task, especially as we grow older, but you always encourage us and make it easier because you look for the current red carpet trends and then bring them down to useful styles the everyday woman can wear and feel chic. I appreciate the amount of research this takes! You don’t press us to constantly shop for new clothing but demonstrate how to restyle what we have with a few new touches. Nor do you criticize others’ choices. Thank you for your kindness and the unselfish guidance you offer your readers. I’m sure I speak for others when I tell you we appreciate all your devotion to your readers . You brighten my day every time I find a new post!
    Would you consider writing about places you’ve vacationed and places not to miss in those spots, practical tips for mature single travelers, packing light to make suitcases easier to handle. I know you’ve done this in the past but an update or compilation of these visits would be helpful to those of use who want are reluctant to try this on our own. In other words help us “take chances, by being unafraid.”

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment. You have paraphrased my mission beautifully.

      I am looking forward to the next solo trip. I’ll document and share the particulars when it is possible for me to make those plans.

  34. Susan, You always look modern and beautiful! I am certain this aura is amplified when you walk and talk! The rude comments reflect jealous cowards who hide behind social media!

  35. After seeing this post, I ordered the jeans trousers from J. Crew. I’m 5’8, weigh 127 lb, and the size 27 fits perfectly. I love the way you pressed creases into them, and will do that with mine. Thank you so much for sharing these! These are the nicest jeans I own, and I’m looking forward to wearing them frequently.

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