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Our style changes to reflect the woman we are becoming and perhaps a few trends if one cares about looking current. The weather, our lifestyle, where we live, and what we feel comfortable in dictate our choices and how we present ourselves. I have embraced the trend toward wider-leg pants, cropped jackets, and shirts because they are super comfortable and fit my style.

Before July, my outings included some travel, an occasional lunch date, or a visit to the grocery store. Recently, my life has revolved around numerous doctor visits. Being prepared to get undressed from the waist up has become a priority.

I wore this look for an almost seventy-degree sunny day appointment. The jeans are here. I ordered them in a size 28/6 regular to wear with ankle boots, loafers, and a pair of nearly flat shoes. The jeans are very comfortable, and I did not have to alter them. I ordered the same size in the Long Inseam for wearing these jeans with heels.

The jacket is here. I wear white on any sunny day all year round. The scoop-neck tank is here. The bag is here. The belt is old, so here is a similar belt. The almost flat shoes are here. My new favorite lip balm is here. I am wearing the color Bitten: Warm Berry.

I hope sharing my style gives you ideas for wearing some of the things you may already own. My inspiration for the past few years has come from several designers focusing on elegant, classic basics that form the foundation for many of our wardrobes. Inspiration is free, so I look at these collections as a template before shopping for similar items that fit my needs and are within my budget. My inspirational shopping sites include Anine BingNili LotanThe Row.

Recent outfits are summarized here. Shopping links on this site may allow me to earn a small commission without cost to you.

  1. Love the look! You are inspiring me to try the wider leg pant even though I’m 5’1″. A brave step for me Thanks for all you do Susan!

    1. Thank you, Brad. My breast cancer journey is almost complete. I’ll finish up the radiation treatments, follow-up visits, and, hopefully, physical therapy later this month.

  2. Beautiful shoes, love the buckle! Maybe the perfect shoe for dressing up or down! Pants or skirts I believe.
    Thank you!

  3. Great look! I’m not sure if you have addressed this issue or not. For travel to a colder climate (I live in Florida) I am a little confused as to the type of layering I should try to achieve. Can you provide some advice on the types of fabrics you wear when the weather is colder; around 45-65 degrees or so. Also jackets/rain wear. Do you wear wool at all? Thank you.

    1. Yes, I have some wool items, but I try to wear a silk scarf or other items between my skin and the wool. Sometimes, wool can feel itchy. Wear a first layer that you wouldn’t mind wearing it as is, then add a vest, scarf, blazer or trench coat to be comfortable as needed. I share an example of my layering tips here.

  4. Love your look! In a prior blog you said that you were going in for larger earrings. Please give us some examples of what you are wearing now and why. Thank you.

  5. Hi Susan-I love the shoes and went over to the Nordstrom website to check them out. There was only one review and it was actually yours! I’m curious why it said the following :”This review was collected as part of a promotion.” Does that mean you got the shoes for free?

  6. Glad you’re doing well and hopefully you won’t have any more treatments. This is a nice combination. I may try the wider pants. They look nice.

  7. Delightful ideas, thank you.
    I do wish you continued courage for your treatment.
    You have a winning attitude so that is wonderful.
    Ever grateful

  8. Hi Susan . . . Greetings from Massachusetts!!!

    My husband and I bought a 1 bedroom condo in Boston’s North End Waterfront a year ago, our pied a terre in Boston’s Italian section. We spend many weekends there enjoying the sights of Boston not to mention the wonderful dining opportunities. I love following your styling advice when we dress for a day or night on the town!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your Cinzano Lamp Shade and have the perfect spot for it in the condo, but, I have searched and searched and cannot find it anywhere. I’m sorry to bother you with this trivial-ness given all you’re going through but I just don’t know where to turn for advice. Like the perfect outfit accessory, the Cinzano lamp shade IS the perfect accessory for our Boston condo.

    Wishing you, Mr Mickey and all your families well,
    Julie Johnston

  9. Great news that you are nearing the end of your treatment! Thank you for keeping us updated. I really appreciate the way you summarize recent outfits in such a user friendly presentation. So convenient to refer back and use all those wonderful ideas that you present so beautifully. I hope you and Mr. Mickey have a glorious weekend!❤️

  10. I must admit I am not embracing the wide or flared pants. I find straight leg ankle are best suited for my 5’ 1” frame. I also wonder if you could show different boots for outfits and comfort. Thank you!

  11. You look stunning, Susan. I love to see women in thoughtfully dressed mode. When we do this, I think it encourages others to take the time.
    I try to listen to your advice that our closets already contain lovely combination – and it takes time to think of: tops, bottoms, jewelry, bag and shoes!
    Happy dressing, Everyone.

  12. I absolutely LOVE this outfit! Classic, yet very current and stylish. I don’t think it’s aging at all!
    Best wishes for you and Mr. Mickey.

  13. Hi from Christchurch New Zealand – just love your Pinterest posts. Whilst I am a classic dresser but do like to be trendy. Just love your style and have gained many great ideas from what you wear. I wear more casual than I used to as I am now 81 and have many comments from others about my clothes. Judith

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