A Versatile Combo

We went for a long Sunday drive through the mountains, so I wore my block-heeled studded sandals a few years old. I still enjoy wearing heels when I know I won’t be walking much. A simple white top and a great pair of jeans is a combination I wear often. Dressing the combo up or down creates a relaxed, comfortable look.

After being mostly homebound for more than a month, I wanted to celebrate with a bit of glam. I added lots of accessories and a bamboo handle BCBG bag I’ve had for about five years. Similar bag here.

You’ve seen this white top before. It is here. Similar straight leg jeans are here or here.

The sandals are by Sam Edelman. Similar here, here, and here.

The pearl necklace is here. The square sapphire blue ring is an antique. The Native white dial watch is here. The following links are for similar earringsringringtennis braceletlink bracelet.

The same combination also works with white sneakers and a straw hat, and countless other combos. This very casual look is from the previous post here.

A red blazer over a V-neck shell and jeans can look very stylish. The look below is from the post here.

A simple white top and jeans are perfect to layer with a cardigan. This look is from the post here.

A moto jacket is another great option to pair with a white top and jeans. The look below is from the post here.

Another casual moto jacket combo is below. The look is from the post here.

It’s easy to put together a bit more dressy look with the same basic combo. The look below is from the post here.

I hope this post gives you some ideas for using things you might already have in different ways. Links in my posts may provide a small commission for me at no additional cost to you. I use my Sony Alpha a5100 camera’s timer and a tripod to take my photos.

  1. So glad to read that you were feeling well enough to be out. Sure you enjoyed your ride through the mountains. Wish you continued strength and healing.


  2. Hola Susan
    Estoy muy contenta, te veo muy guapa y mejorada
    Tu publicación de hoy es genial, me has dado muchas ideas
    Un abrazo querida amiga

  3. Very useful tips. In a country like mine, which is always hot even when it rains, a pair of blue jeans and a white top is very practical. Even for formal occasions, blue jeans and a white top with lace trimmings or beadings or even simpler cuts with appropriate accessories, are in order.
    Love reading your blog., Ms. Susan

  4. Thanks, Susan, for sharing all of the great options for a simple white top and jeans! So glad you’re back!

  5. You look fabulous and I am so glad you could get out and enjoy yourself on a nice car ride with Mr Mickey. Great ideas for styling a white top, which is very versatile indeed.

  6. The two pictures with the plum and black moto jackets are wonderful choices for you. You look young, fresh and beautiful. Your hair parted on the far right really suits you.

  7. This was a great post. I like it when you use something common, like jeans that I have in my closet, and show it may ways.

  8. I am so glad you are feeling better! I have followed your post for several years but hardly ever comment. Love your style!

  9. I love her short hair there too. I am sending her a message about it, maybe she’ll do it again.

  10. Love your haircut. Lots of cute looks. Glad you feel well enough to get out. Are you having any lingering side effects?

  11. So glad you were able to enjoy a drive this weekend. Love the outfit. A bit of glam can go a long way in improving our spirits.

  12. Wow!! What an amazing array of outfits from simple basics, just worn different ways!! Thank you for sharing, Susan! Great advice, as always!!

  13. Beautiful Beautiful- Love your posts and hope you are doing well- I am a pharmacist in NJ and take care of seniors and have been dealing with the Covid first hand- You look great and just as fyi- the Covid symptoms can be very different from one person to another and in addition there have been tests that have been given false negatives as well as false positive. I am very involved with regulatory issues in NJ for pharmacy and many products hit the market that were not reliable. Keep safe and rest.
    I love how you have shared and you are an inspiration- I am 59- as of May and recently lost 30 lbs with ww – my gain was due to prednisone for my autoimmune vasculitis. So your pics and the way you pair your accessories give me great ideas to try and inspiration. Classic, professional and very elegant- plus I have white hair- so always looking for others to see what and how they present- Keep well and keep sharing- I am taking extra zinc and coq10 during these times- Thank you Linda

  14. So happy you are feeling better, Susan! I love your glam look best but the moto jackets looks are cool as well!

  15. Thank you Susan. Glad you’re on the mend. Always great to see your new blog. Take care. Oh BTW I have ordered four bracelets from Beauty in Stone. I adore them.

  16. Looking for a suggestion for a nice pull on jean. Not joggings. Past surgery makes pants with zippers

    Susan, you look healthier with each post Happy to see you getting out.

  17. Glad you are able to go out and start enjoying the summer. Thanks for all the tips and have a nice weekend.

  18. Susan, you always look good!
    I used the discount to order a white top from My Fair Lady, thank you!
    Do you wear a Shapeez bra underneath? I want to order a Shapeez too.

  19. Hi Susan,

    It’s so GOOD 🙂 to see you feeling better. It must have felt so good to get out for a nice long ride on Sunday. It’s so good for your spirit to be out and around nature. You remain in my thoughts as you begin to feel better. I went through pneumonia last year with a high fever for a while, it takes time for the antibiotics to kick in. Thank God we have medicine available to help us when we have no other alternatives to cure us.

    Sending you an UP, and happy day along with smiles,
    Katherine in Arizona

  20. Susan,
    You are ever-inspiring. These days, it seems there’s no reason to dress up, but you make it look effortless. Even your casual outfits are spectacular.

    We may only be going to the grocery store, or out for a walk, but we can do it with panache.

    Thank you for pepping us up during these doldrum times.

  21. So glad you are feeling better.
    Several of these combinations would work well with a colorful scarf, which in past years was part of your special style. Do you still wear them? I miss them!

  22. So good to see you looking much better – more like the galmourous YOU I’ve got used to. Keep up the good work – I’m 75 now and need all the inspiration I can get. Keep up the good work and keep safe.
    love from Marilyn Lea, Rhydywyn,Wales, UK.

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