Spring 2020 Looks

I’ve always enjoyed shopping for spring clothes most, so I start looking for new pieces as soon as they begin to arrive in stores.

We still had temperatures in the forties this weekend, so I wore my navy cashmere sweater here, with a small silk scarf and deep olive green Newport pants here when I ventured out to get groceries. My suede pumps are here. My handbag is here.

Several weeks ago, I purchased a few new things that I very much look forward to wearing when the weather gets warmer and it is safe to venture out again. As always, I look for items that I can wear with what I already have.

The pumps I’m wearing in the image below are here. The pants are here. The bag is old. Similar here.

The beautiful navy Classic Pearl Button Silk Shirt pictured above is here, and V Neck Sleeveless Silk Camisole shown below is here. They were gifts from LilySilk. There are so many luxurious pieces at LilySilk; it was a challenge to narrow my choices. Take 12% off your total order at Lilysilk with the coupon code: SA12.

The Biker jacket above is here. Similar jeans are here. The shoes are here.

The eyelet top above is here. The pants are here. The bag is old. Similar here. The shoes are from last year. Similar here. A similar bracelet is here.

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The winner of the freshwater pearl lariat necklace is Stefani Clowdis. Congratulations!

  1. And it’s Susan for the win! Gorgeous looks, each and every one, and so nice to look at pretty clothes again! I know the times are challenging but this column gives me a sense of normalcy. The giveaways are totally boring to me (I know, I know, don’t hate me, readers).

    Thanks for the Spring looks.

    1. Wow, Cheryl, you woke me up with the usage of giveaways and boring in the same sentence!! I’m really really hoping that Susan inadvertently fails to read that sentence!
      But kudos to you if you just threw that in for some humor in these trying times!

  2. You are a nice breath of normalcy in a difficult time. I love the new pieces you showed us today. I hope you and Mr. Mickey stay well.

  3. Thank you, Susan for sharing during these difficult times. I am interested in purchasing the silk camisoles but the v neck seems quite low. To help me prevent a return, would you mind sharing the size you purchased and length shoulder to base of V?

    Thank you and stay safe.

  4. These featured looks are lovely. I’m enjoying seeing you dressed in these casual outfits. I can relate to them and therefore, duplicate.

  5. The eyelet blouse looks beautiful on you with those camel colored ankle pants! You should start incorporating light colors in your wardrobe for spring because they make you look vibrant and younger!

    1. I don’t recall her comment. It’s still listed. I just randomly chose a winner. I went back and found her comment for you… “Hello! Please keep blogging! As for the necklace, I too, love it. I have an ANCIENT black blazer from Target that I’ve worn forever! I would definitely wear the necklace with it and several more of my solid-colored tops. Thank you, Beauty in Stone, for the pick-me-up.”

  6. Congrats to stefani!!
    This is a great post Susan! Beautiful looks for spring into summer. I love every piece and especially love your hairstyle!
    Could you tell me the colors of the suede pumps and wedge booties? The booties read a bit lavender in photo but am guessing might be grey. Also the brand of the raffia/straw tote. Thank you for all you do.

    1. The color of the suede pumps is Cognac. The color of the wedge booties is Blush. The straw tote is a good three years old. I got it at TJMaxx. There is no name in or on it. Thanks for the kind comment.

  7. Hi Susan, have been a fan for a number of years now. Just a little clarification. Are those the new olive pants bought from Chicos on your trip to Florida? or are they also new from Talbots? You modeled the olive pair and said you had bought others in different colors from Chicos. I’m confused. I have both Chicos and Talbots here in Myrtle Beach and plan to purchase a pair. Please LMK which store. Thanks, Marinell

    1. The full-length Newport pants in the first photo in deep olive are from Talbot’s. Click on the ‘here’ link in the post to go right to them on the Talbot’s site. The ankle pants in Camel are from Chico’s. There is also a ‘here’ link for them. I have those in black, white, Camel, and deep olive.

  8. Susan would you address how use get your pants to fit on you tush.

    I have a tummy and no behind. Therefore the back of my pants crinkle and wrinkle. I have googled, but no joy.

    Thank you

    1. I always look for pants with a slim fit. Some companies don’t address the fit, so I just look at the picture. If the model has any curves in the hip area, I don’t buy that style.

  9. Another question about the Talbot’s pants: did you have to get them hemmed? They seem the perfect length for you, so wondered if you had them tailored.

  10. Susan I really like those new longer pants. They make your legs look so long and slim! If these are coming back into the fashion mainstream, I’m thrilled.

    1. Any length of pants for women is in style. The dark olive and navy pants are classic tailored slacks, and they are for wintertime, so they should touch the top of the foot. Summer weight ankle pants end at the most slender part of the ankle, making them much cooler to wear in hot weather.

  11. Hello Susan, may I ask what size is your white eyelet blouse from Talbots? It is lovely & fresh looking on you. I am 5’4” and 107 lbs and not familiar with their sizing, and of course given the virus situation (Vancouver) as elsewhere, it is impossible to go shopping in-person.

  12. The silk blouse is lovely. I looked on the site and they do not carry petite sizes. For those of us with short arms and short torsos this is a problem. The arms on the blouse, as well as the length of the blouse, would have to be professionally hemmed, no small expense. It looks great on you!

    I do like your new wardrobe pieces, they are very pretty. Thanks for putting out this blog.

    1. I have the same problem. Have to stick to chain stores that carry petite but also easy to return and try on. It’s too costly to buy online and have to return, paying additional postage, to get the size right.

  13. Hi Susan,
    The items are so feminine…….love every one of them. I really like the eyelet top, so sweet. I can’t keep saying enough how cute your new hair cut is on you!


  14. Hi Susan,
    I’m new to your blog and I wanted to thank you for suggesting similar items to buy when yours are no longer available. I’ve purchased 2 blazers that way and what a difference it’s made in my appearance. I’m actually looking forward to dressing and thinking through how I can look my best. It’s been fun and creative.

  15. Beautiful spring looks! Stefani will love her necklace! I love the lariat necklace I won, so unique!

  16. Susan, love the booties and crisscross pumps on you! And that leather, purple jacket is adorable. I am coveting that. Wish the internet shopping sites posted exact measurements of each size, like sleeve length and length of jacket. Most of the time I need a petite, but not always. Not taking a chance on ordering because it could take multiple returns to get the size right if I don’t need the petite. Those returns can get expensive and add too much to the price of the item. It would be helpful if they would do that.

    1. I’m always happy to measure my garments for you. I took a size medium in the purple jacket. The sleeves measure sixteen inches from the underarm, and the length of the jacket from the underarm seam is thirteen and a half inches.

    2. Billie, very few websites do that but it would be so helpful! I have ordered some things from Halsbrook because their size charts are chock full of information on each garment and I feel much more comfortable ordering. Amazing the variation among garments, even in the same brand. They are high-end retail, though. Nothing like trying on!

      Some retailers, like Nordstrom, make returns quick and easy. Most fall in the 15 to 21 day turnaround (they can charge your account quickly but it takes forever to get a credit). And it never fails that Shop My Fair Lady (which is small retail) has to be contacted. Guess it is just my bad luck.

  17. Hope you and Mr. Mickey are staying in and staying well. Thanks for the ideas of new things. I especially liked the white eyelet blouse. Thanks again. ❤️

  18. I love all the shoes you wear. I have large ankles and always hesitate to wear shoes that wrap around the ankle. Do you have any thoughts about this or if I like them go ahead and wear them.


    1. I think we should wear what makes us happy. If you match the color of your skin as nearly as possible the contrast will, of course, be less thank if you wear a different color.

  19. I look forward to your blogs as they are always an inspiration to me and I start thinking “ what do I have in my closet similar to that” and how I can get your look! I love Chicos and Talbots and have several pants like or similar to yours. Any new items I purchase are inspired by you blogs! I purchased several new items for my recent trip to Australia since it was the end of their summer and I have lost 37 lbs since last Spring and needed a new wardrobe! Now I am self isolating because of this virus and just returning from our trip and wondering when I am going to be able to wear them again! So glad you are continuing your blog from inside your home but miss seeing yours and Mr. Mickey’s adventures since I love to travel also! You live in a beautiful area of our state! My brother lived in Elizabethton after graduating from UT in the early 70’s and we always enjoyed visiting him there!

  20. Enjoyed this new video, Susan. Just love the navy & ivory items because those colours and styles suit me well.
    I have a gorgeous navy silk blouse and would like to know how you wash it while maintaining the glossy silk finish.
    Susan, a thought…please keep more videos, as well as your blogs, coming during this unsettling time. Many kind thanks from snowy Canada (got 7 in. of it yesterday!)

    Congratulations Stefani!

    1. Professional Dry Cleaning Recommended

      -Hand wash or Machine wash in the mesh wash bag in lukewarm water (30°C) on the most gentle cycle available.

      – Minimize spin time.

      -Do Not Use Bleaches

      -Do Not Tumble Dry

      Hang dry if possible, however, avoid direct sunlight exposure.

      – Use neutral or special detergent for silk.

      – Keep out of touch of pets/sharp objects.

  21. Hi Susan,

    Could you speak to sizing at Lily Silk? Also, what is their return policy?


    1. I was very happy with the size medium in the navy blue blouse. If your bust is larger than 36DD, go up a size in the V Neck Sleeveless Silk Camisole. Here is the return policy for LilySilk.

  22. I love the eyelet blouse and the straw tote.
    Ready for sunny days near the beach (with jeans would be more appropriate for me )
    Until that, we stay home and look forward to your posts. Thank you.

  23. Sadly, my spring 2020 look appears to be comfortable leggings and top. Thanks for the inspiration for future outings.

  24. Hi Susan,
    Hope you are doing well. What size is your white eyelet top? You and I are the same size and I can’t decide what size to order. Talbots is usually by small, medium, etc. but this top is numerical sizes.
    Thanks and have a great day!

  25. I am slowly but surely getting rid of my old wardrobe and updating (ala Susan!).
    My problem is that I have short and fat legs, I only ever wear (denim) jeans as they are the only style that fits me. I am sick of looking scruffy in my jeans! What style of trousers should I look for? Where will I find trousers without bulk that will cater for my ‘saddle bags’?
    Love Susan’s style!
    Thank you x

    1. Look for dark-colored pants with no pleats, pockets or waistbands. The pull-on Traveler’s pants from Chico’s are a great example. The fabric should skim over your body without hugging any area too much. Pay attention to the length of your tops. If they are too long, they will draw attention to your ‘saddlebags’ instead of concealing them. Your best top length is likely at the most narrow part above your hips.

  26. Susan,
    I found a very similar white eyelet top by Sanctuary at Nordstrom. I always look to you for neckline advice since I’m busty, broad-shouldered and a few inches shorter with a shorter waist. It’s here: https://shopstyle.it/l/bffDh
    — Liane

  27. Your hairstyle looks so cute. Would you get closer to the camera so I can see your hairstyle up close and turn around so I can see the back. I would like to show it to my hairstylist when she is able to open her salon

    Loved your looks.

    Thank you


  28. Hope Mr Mickey is feeling much better and enjoying retirement. I love your blog, you are such a lovely, generous lady and you have been so inspirational to me as a lady heading for 72 now. In Australia we are in our winter now so I’m enjoying your spring fashion, which is an insight into what our spring fashion will be. I love you advice on being more creative with clothes we already have, ( far too many for me). And on accessorising. Even though you are a country away, I feel as I know you like a friend. You do a great service to women of our mature age group, please keep up the great blog, I just love it. Thank you so very much, helps keep me sane in corona lockdown. Sincerely Bev

  29. Susan I have recently become a huge Susan fan! The technology allows for all kinds of relationships as I have just extended my work contract in Vietnam for two more years – this is my 7th year here!
    While I cannot “shop online”
    Shipping to VN is tricky
    I can copy designs using my favorite tailors:)
    I know – very privileged
    Recently in one of your blogs
    You featured a black pant suit
    This is a series of photos I cannot now find?!
    Any chance you can direct me?
    On your advice I am reading Cleanse
    Thanks for all your work!

    1. I don’t have a black suit, so the look you saw was likely a blazer paired with black pants. When I wear unrelated separates, I use different textures to look more interesting—silk with denim or cashmere with gaberdine as examples.

  30. What would you recommend for a casual Greece trip to Athens and Santorini for a couple of weeks? Short X body. 5′ 1/2 155 lbs. Busty. Blonde hair fair complexion. Short arms. I look better in either 10 1/2 shorts or long as crops tend to break the longer vision. 73 years young. Marti

    1. I would take light color and lightweight natural fabrics that mix and match to be comfortable and chic. Take a bathing suit, coverup, a hat or two, some floaty scarves, and a pretty straw bag. You will need comfortable walking shoes for exploring during the day and a pair for dinner on the terrace. You may need a sweater or wrap for the evenings. While in Athens, you will want to dress in a more elevated style appropriate for the city; Santorini is more casual and beachy so take things that can be dressed up or down.

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