Wear A Watch

A few years ago, I read an article on how men can elevate their style game and look more professional. One of the first things mentioned was, “Wear a watch.”

I’ve always enjoyed finishing my looks with a watch. Without my accessories, I’m not dressed – I just have on clothes. Today, I’m showing you different types of daily looks using accessories to pull everything together. These are examples of looks I throw together for sunny seventy-eight-degree days as we had yesterday. None of the items in this post are new (Which is why there are no links to them).

My favorite watch brand is Nordgreen, and the Native white dial/silver 36mm is the one I wear very often. I have several interchangeable bands so that my watch can always blend with my attire.

Here, I’m wearing it with the grey leather band to complement my bag and the stripes of my blouse.

This time I added the white leather band to go with the white jeans and tank.

I wear black leather or black mesh bands often in winter. Below is the black leather band.

Below is the black mesh band with the Infinity watch face in white/silver 32mm.

Even when I am entertaining at home, I wear a watch. Below is the Native 36mm with the silver mesh band.

With this look, I added the brown leather band to tie in with the brown leather of my bag and the animal print loafers.

Navy is one of the shades of blue in the dress, so I added the navy leather band this time.

Shopping links in my posts may result in a small commission paid to me at no additional cost for you.

Visit the Nordgreen site here. Use the code SUSAN to take advantage of 20% off. Nordgreen is donating a percentage of every sale made in my name to the charity of my choice. I requested that any donations be sent to the COVID 19 Response Fund. Thank you to everyone who is staying home to help prevent the spread until a cure is found.

  1. You always look lovely and I love almost all of the clothes you wear I particularly like your blue dress Is it available in the UK would you know ? Or is there a store that ships to the UK ? Thanks Grace xx

  2. I love the dress you are wearing in this post! Could you give the brand (or similar) for one like it? Thanks so much. Stay well and calm.

  3. love the looks. i always wear a watch as well. i have an apple watch and have several bands which i love. i so enjoy your blogs. they are very appropriate for me as i try and be fashionable at 75. what tripod or remote devi e do you use to take your selfie photos? thank you for sharing.

  4. You look gorgeous in every look today Susan. Just wish you had given the links for the dress, skirt and cardigans.

  5. You always look so lovely! Life gets so busy, it’s often so easy to wear the same combinations. You inspire us to try different combinations. Thank you!!

  6. Hi Susan. I have never been a watch wearer since my right wrist always has a steel bracelet on…. It is to my faith what a cross is to Christianity. And so on my left wrist is where my fun bracelets go
    I’m case you are wondering…. My religion is Sikhism… From Punjab, India….

  7. Always love you advice, and articles. Can you please tell me more about the shoes in the photo with the red cardigan? They are darling!

  8. Especially love the skirt look! Do you have any suggestions as to who carries clothes for tall women? I never have a skirt or dress hang as low as you show and I love that look!

    Thank you for the wonderful things you show us.

  9. Loved today’s post. Lately all I have worn is yoga pants and t-shirts and I love seeing you all dressed and made-up. It inspires me to put on real clothes. Thanks and stay healthy

  10. Each morning i make coffee and check to see if your blog is online.
    Thank you for all the advice and keeping me inspired.

  11. I love everything!! I also think that the correct shoe makes a huge difference. You have put the whole package together! Lovely!! And I like the idea of dressing during our quarantine. We can certainly get too ‘relaxed’ with our yoga pants, oversize tee and tennies. A Big Thank You from Phoenix!!

  12. I have always loved your gray and white blouse from Express. It is only offered now in white or black. So wish they would bring back a rainbow of colors to choose from and I would purchase one of each. I love your posts!

  13. When I started wearing an Apple Watch, I missed my fashion watches. I wear the Apple on my right wrist and my lovely watch on my left. I use my real watch for time also.

  14. Susan, I just about fell over when I saw you in dresses and skirts. Those were my favorite ensembles! Would love to see more.

  15. Lovin’ all your looks, Susan!! I always wear one of my 2 watches. I have a few small bracelets that compliment them. I switch them around to wear with my watches…

  16. Susan, everyone of these looks is a lesson in less is more. Limiting the pop items is hard for me and you without fail always demonstate that. That’s probably the #1 thing I’ve learned from you to improve my style. Often it’s the shoes that add the wow but can be the bag, a print, bright color, etc.
    I too am continuing to dress as usual in this trying time but having fun every morning attempting to put together a new combination that hadn’t tried. Even under normal circumstances, I nearly always pick the pop item first because for me that’s where the fun is (which is why it’s hard to limit).
    You look great in dresses/skirts! Please continue to show them. The watches are truly a touch of class. Stay safe!

  17. I know you don’t like to wear dresses but that blue dress was my favorite. It is so flattering to your coloring and figure. Very feminine and graceful.

  18. Who makes the shoes you wore with the jeans and black band as well as the striped skirt you wore with the black band? Great post and thank you!

  19. Wowza! Each and every look is perfect for you and your style personality. Classic and beautiful. Thanks for this day-brightening post.

  20. Have you ever worn a step counter? I wear a FitBit Blaze and so no additional watch for me. I wish they were more stylish, but the really functional ones are not…. Thanks for your inspiration!

  21. I love the way you tie your outfits together with not just your watch bands, but scarves and handbags as well. I love the Nordgreen watch and the versatility it offers. You always look fantastic, Susan. Stay well.

  22. Loving your new hairstyle! Your glasses are so becoming on you! Have you done a post on the best eyeglass shape.

  23. Your different looks are so pretty. I love watches too! I like layering a chain bracelet with them!

  24. Fabulous in every outfit, especially the long skirt and maxi dress. Also shoes are so perfect with every outfit especially animal print loafers, dusty pink velvet flats, and taupe with black band shoe!

  25. Although you always look stunning in your slim pants, that dress is gorgeous. You are so right about the length, it makes all the difference. I have not gotten into the fit bit type bands, still wear a watch and have been collecting for 40 years and love them all. They have meaning from travels and occasions. As said above, the new hair look is fresh. I have been putting on lipstick and brows with liner every day lately to keep from getting down. Thanks for keeping at it.

  26. Hi. Thanks. I need a pair of very low heel nude sandals that are also super comfortable. Stretchy straps are a big plus. If you have any suggestions that would be great. I feel that nude sandals lengthen the leg in the summer when we show more skin. Thanks and Stay Well!

  27. I love the artwork above the black chest. It looks similar to a couple of prints I have. Do you know the name of the artist?

  28. Thanks for a great article Susan. I was getting tired of wearing my black Fitbit every day for work so it was time to step it up a notch. Thanks for the code – it made the purchase much more affordable. I used it to treat myself to a nice watch bundle. Many thanks!

  29. buonasera Susan
    sempre rigorosamente chiusi in casa noi siamo fortunati perche pur vivendo in centro a bologna abbiamo un piccolo giardinetto che ci tiene occupati la situazione e molto tragica ma tentiamo di non farci prendere dallo sconforto e gradevole per me seguirti nella tua vita quotidiana come un amica lontana grazie take care

    1. Buona sera Dora. Spero che questa terribile situazione venga presto risolta. Sarebbe meraviglioso andare di nuovo per le nostre passeggiate serali. Stai bene, amico mio.

  30. Hi Susan,
    I’ve been enjoying wearing my Nordgreen watch, I won in your giveaway. One of the many things I love about the watch is it’s low profile and the many bands you can switch out. I also want to mention it’s very easy to change out the bands. Thank you for showing us the many ways to change up your looks with different color bands.

    As usually you look beautiful in all your different looks!

  31. Thank you so much, Susan!! I have been wanting to get one of these watches and thought I would have to wait until Black Friday! Just ordered a bundle! Can’t wait to get it. Stay safe!

  32. You look fabulous! Love the way you put clothes together! You look fantastic in dresses too!

    Again, thank you for the styling tips and photos!

    Vikki Andrews

  33. So happy to see you in a dress and skirt. They look lovely on you. You are looking good as always. Just a note, I’ve always loved “dressing up since I was a little girl” and since we’re sheltered up I been putting new things together in my closet. So fun! Can’t wait to be set free to wear some new combinations. Be safe.

  34. Thank you Susan for giving us an opportunity to look forward to our spring and early summer style options. While most of us are holed up in our homes while we follow the guidelines of CDC, we need diversions, such as you are providing with your frequent posts. You’ve done so much to help me style my personal wardrobe and eliminate the clothes that have not suited my classic style. I’m certain that life will eventually resume to normal, perhaps a new normal, but embracing our personal style will always serve us well.

    1. As I mentioned in the text, all of my clothes are old and may no longer be available. Please check the comments for links to all the items that might still be available.

  35. How lovely to see you wearing a dress and longer skirts, both suit you perfectly. I particularly like the skirt worn with the black top.

  36. The blue and white dress you are wearing is that new, if so please let me know where it was purchased and the beige shoes as well, I just really love that look. Thank you so much! Love your blog.

  37. I ordered the watch and two extra bands. Thanks for the discount!
    I’m often tempted by floral tops (Soft Surroundings) but resist because you don’t wear many prints. Please address that while all those inviting spring tops are still available!

    1. Floral tops are too memorable. At first, we think that they go with everything, but then we feel as if we are always wearing the same thing. Solids are more flexible in a mix and match wardrobe. Note that when I do wear a print, it is a small repeating or geometric print in just two or three colors. I never buy large floral prints with lots of colors.

  38. I absolutely love the Nordgreen watch that I won on your site. The interchangeable bands make if so easy to coordinate with different outfits.

  39. You look lovely in all of these outfits, Susan. I especially like the one with the black top & long skirt.
    What really caught my eye are the shoes, beige with black strap, in the photo with the blue jeans. What can you tell us about them?
    Many thanks and keep well.

  40. What a lovely post, Susan! A true fashion show, and not only of watches. As always, you look like a million bucks. All your hard work finding the diet that works for you, getting your exercise, and all the healthy choices you’ve made over the years, have resulted in a polished lady who looks far younger than her years, just oozing self-confidence. You deserve to be proud of yourself. Congratulations, and thank you for continuing to post, helping to keep your viewers’ minds off a world gone mad with COVID-19.
    Look after yourself and Mr. Mickey, and stay well!
    Anna, obeying all the covid-19 rules in Canada

  41. I love a beautiful watch but with everyone having cell phones has kind of eliminated the need for a watch. I have been known to wear a watch that didn’t keep time, I wore it just because it was pretty.

  42. That is the perfect watch!!! With the interchangeable bands, it is the “go with everything” watch. I love it.

  43. Susan, you look great in every look! Thank you for the discount code.
    Stay healthy, Jennie Pappas

  44. Oh my goodness! You always look stunning but that dress is gorgeous and looks so pretty and elegant on you!

  45. Could you tell me why I see your posts on Pinterest one day and I get my email post a day later? Just wondering if everyone has that same experience.

    1. Google will flag my emails as spam if I send all 16,000 notices at once. I have to stagger them in smaller increments to avoid this. Please visit SusanAfter60.com on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at about 6 am EST if you wish to see the post as soon as they go live. I adhere to that posting schedule most of the time.

  46. White jeans with different shirts ,blouse cardigans and shoes are my favorite.
    Skirts and dresses are the second choice for me too.

  47. Love all your outfits. You always look so put together and it gives me hope… On a more personal note, do you go bare legged when wearing skirts? My legs are definitely not great looking and I wear dresses/skirts for church each Sunday. In winter, tights are my best friend but spring is coming. My skirts are usually straight mid knee length and spring/summer dresses are midi and maxi length just to hide my legs. Thanks, and stay healthy!!!

    1. I sometimes wear nude hose if it is before any trace of tan. I avoid wearing knee-length dresses because the proportion is all wrong for my short thick calves. When I wear midi or maxi length dresses in warm weather, I skip hosiery in favor of allowing for airflow.

  48. Loved all the outfits and like you I don’t feel dressed without a watch. Love all the different bands.
    really pulls an outfit together. Thanks for sharing all the good ideas.

  49. Good morning – as always, enjoy your posts. I do not leave home without my Rolex that I have
    had for years. With my coloring I only wear silver jewelry, and the Rolex is gorgeous with silver.
    Also, just love that Chico black/white skirt and waiting for it to go on sale. Have a blessed day. Sharon

  50. Susan, for someone who does not like to wear dresses that often, you look adorable in them. But you look adorable in just about anything you put on. Stay safe!

  51. I’m really enjoying reading your blog. Even though I’m staying home like everyone else, I’m dressing as if I’m going out and about and it lifts my spirits. After reading your blog, my outfits are much more flattering and pulled together. Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned through the years.

  52. I’ve been admiring these for a long time. It looks like now is the perfect time to pull the trigger. Can you tell me where on the site I can find the individual bands? I can’t seem to locate those.

  53. Wow. I love you in a skirt Susan and the blue dress is fabulous.Both make you look tallish and slender.As for the watch ,lovely as it is ,I must have at least 30 watches. ,but apart from my Michael Kors one and only my watches are the bangle type,but I must say yours looks lovely on you and good luck to whoever wins it.Keep safe Susan in these dark days and of course Mr Mickey too. Bless,xx

  54. I, like you , do not wear a dress very often, but I wanted to remark about how flattering this one is on you. I like the length especially. Thanks for sharing your looks and stay healthy.

  55. Love to see you in long skirts and dresses such an updated look. Just bought two new long dresses. I am short, they make me feel taller………………..

  56. I love the chevron striped blouse, the maxi-length skirt, the orange Top with tief at elbow and the Blues dress. Where did you get them?

  57. You look wonderful in all the outfits! I’m not a watch person but you have made me rethink that! Stay well!!

  58. I was gifted an Apple Watch and thought it was clunky and unattractive but after a year or I’m very happy with it. I’ve had an iPhone since they first were released and my watch is a condensed version. I am, like most of the world now, trapped in my house so I’m not having to be reminded of my myriad appointments but it still allows me to remind myself to drink water and to walk and meditate.

    I just ordered a pair of the strappy wedge espadrilles sandals. Haven’t worn a heel in decades so it’s taken a bit of getting used to. I really like them though. But not for clunking around the house. This social distancing sure makes me appreciate my housekeeper. She does the heavy lifting and bending that I’m not able to do. Although my husband has commented that I’m quite flexible doing yoga why can’t I scrub behind the toilet. Sheesh.

    Someone commented quite a ways higher that Express Portofino shirts are black or white which is quite in error. I purchased two this year alone – the magenta with zipper and the blush in slim fit. My daughter who wears professional attire has about 30. I drool in her closet. Not really but she has a couple with cloth covered buttons and the zipper style. I find the vee neckline a bit too low. I don’t believe a lady should reveal any of her lingerie ever. Growing up it was a serious faux pas for one’s slip to show. Nowadays you see all manner of brassieres and straps under exercise wear. It’s truly a sign of the times. And don’t even ask me what I think of women in bedroom slippers and flannel print pajamas in the grocery store in the late afternoon. Anyway, I’ve found many portofino shirts on eBay and thredUP just not my size.

  59. Hi Susan, I love your glasses! On your anniversary post, a couple weeks age, you had a video about them. I think you mentioned the brand is “Elle.” Several people asked. However, would you mind sharing the style name, or number? I finally got progressive bifocals a couple years age, but can’t use them, because the lens is much to short. Yours look like the perfect size, and are very flattering on you.

  60. Wow Susan, you look lovely wearing a skirt and a dress in the pics. Did you not mention that you avoid same? I would avoid, however, wearing the light denim jeans with the beige/black shoes as the black strap draws too much attention to your foot area. Just my opinion.

  61. Susan,
    What a brilliant way to make a contribution. Thanks so much for the offer. I’m headed to the site. Wishing you and Mr. Mickey well in the days to come.

  62. Another beautiful post! You look lovely in every outfit. Could you please post a link for the nude shoes worn with the blue dress? Thank you.

  63. You look absolutely beautiful in your dress Susan! I really look forward to your posts and thank you for continuing to cheer us all up in these difficult times.

  64. Susan, I just love your blog. I find myself going back and re-reading some of your articles, like this one. I recently had a 20 year anniversary at work, where I received an iWatch. I have slowly added different watch bands so that it will match my outfits, like you’ve suggested here. Your suggestions are spot on.

  65. Hi Susan! I have followed you for a good long while and think you have such excellent classic style. I have been eyeing your Native 36mm watch and finally decided to treat myself to one! Just thought you might enjoy knowing! Have a great day! Also…I am a silver sister.

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