A Watch Giveaway!

To welcome springtime and all the new subscribers to the blog, Nordgreen allowed me to give away another watch bundle.

I’ve enjoyed wearing my Nordgreen watches more than any other brand I’ve tried. The sleek and modern watches are also available in bundles that come with three easily interchangeable bands.

To add your name in the “basket” for the chance to win a bundle of your choice, visit the Nordgreen website here. Choose the watch bundle you would like to win. Please return to this blog post and leave me a comment below to tell me why you like that style of watch most. I will randomly pick a comment on Friday morning and announce the winner.

I’ve been wearing the Infinity – Black Mesh with a white dial a lot lately. It goes with everything, and the mesh strap is exceptionally comfortable.

This is an example of a bundle and how your beautiful watch will arrive.

None of the elements of my everyday look are new. The jacket is here, similar shoes are here, jeans here, tank here, similar bag here.

The pearl lariat necklace is here. (Use the code SAS10 For $10 off any item at Beauty In Stone.)

There will be more about that necklace on Wednesday! The shopping links in my posts may result in a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.

The other great thing about the watch above is that it goes so well with any attire.

Many of you asked for more pictures of the haircut. I’m finally getting the hang of styling it. I’ve learned that a little hair spray is necessary to keep it from falling flat. I spray my hands with the spray here and then work it into the roots and arrange my hair with my hands and lightly spray once more.

The view outside my kitchen window includes this enormous azalea in full bloom. Stay well, my friends.

  1. I love the gun metal Native white dial one. I like the large face on it to see well and think that the gun metal will go with a lot of my clothes.

    thank you

    Laurie Skusevich

  2. Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps

    This bundle looks sleek. It is not a busy watch, and I like that look. Thanks for your blog. It is very helpful when putting together an outfit.

    Kim Jones

  3. Your new haircut looks fresh and energetic for spring! The back is very pretty. So many women don’t check the back of their hairdo when styling.

  4. Love the bundle you have pictured: Native with black, brown and navy straps.. A nice plain large face that I can see without my reading glasses! Thank you Susan.

  5. The Infinity Silver bundle – chic! And creating imaginary outfits with this watch bundle is a fantastic way to self isolate during the viral outbreak. Thank you Susan for creating a calming space for us. Your healthy eating tips are my favorite part of the blog lately. And that HAIR – LOVE.

  6. Good Morning Susan! I’m really enjoying your site and all the info that you put out. I find these watches beautiful and practical and would like to enter in a chance to win the: Infinity Silver Bundle with the silver mesh band and grey leather band.

  7. I love the Infinity bundle silver, brown, and black. I wear classic clothing and this style of watch would fit perfectly with my wardrobe, it’s not ornate but gives a wonderful finished look to your outfits. Thanks so much.

  8. The Nordgreen Infinity watch with black strap is beautiful and as you say. Will go with everything!

  9. I love the infinity Bundle Silver, brown,black. I like the narrow 32mm band. This bundle will work best with the anything I want to wear. I like the style of this watch, sleek and rich looking. I haven’t purchased a new watch in years. This would be a wonderful upgraded for me.

  10. I like the Philosopher white face, silver watch with black, brown and mesh bands. What a stunning design! It is my favorite because of the second hand feature. As a retired RN, I am used to seeing a second hand. Once a nurse, always a nurse!

  11. The Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | Brown/Black/Mesh Straps! Beautiful! I’ve admired these watches for quite some time! I would love to own one!

  12. As always, I enjoy and appreciate the authenticity and positivity you convey in your posts. It’s a great way to start my day. I LOVE the Silver Infinity bundle with the white, navy and mesh straps. It would be a great addition to my capsule wardrobe. Thank you for all you do!

  13. Great way to start another day of self isolation! I love the infinity bundle brown,silver and black .

  14. Philosopher Bundle because I love the sleek design of the silver mesh and how it will go with everything. Thank you.

  15. I like the Philospher bundle with the gun metal and brown straps since it will give me options no matter what I wear. Beautiful watches!

  16. Cheered by your lovely blog this morning and love the hairstyle which you make seem so easy care and looks terrific.
    Love the Infinity Silver/brown/black mesh straps. Beautiful white face and would suit most outfits.
    Thanks for these giveaways Susan.

  17. I love the Infinity rose gold watch. It’s stylish and I appreciate the minutes being marked on the face of the watch as I am a teacher and need accurate time.

  18. I love your hair. It is very becoming. Your azalea bush is beautiful. We’re just beginning to see tree buds and the shoots of the daffodils here. I would love to have an Infinity watch in gold.

  19. Thank you for the opportunity to win a watch ……..I would like to win the Philospher Bundle, love the sleek styling.
    Marilyn Pack

  20. I like the gun metal, brown and black mesh. Beautiful watches! Thank you for giving people a chance to win this!

  21. I love the look of these Nordgreen watches because they really are all clean and classic looking. I am partial to the Infinity bundle in silver with a white face because it works well with my existing jewelry; I like to wear a thin silver bracelet with my watch for a subtle stacked look. Especially as we move into spring and summer with light and white tops, I think that will be a really sleek look!

  22. Scandinavian beauty. I love Nordgreen’s Giving Back Program. The Infinity Bundle with the silver, white, and navy mesh straps is very pretty and I would be thrilled to have it!! Thank you for this opportunity.

  23. I love the Native – BUNDLE White Dial Rose Gold | Mesh / Brown Leather Strap. It’s classic and timeless.

  24. Thank you for giving your followers the opportunity to win a watch bundle. I like the Infinity Bundle: Silver, White, and Navy Mesh Straps.

  25. I’d love to enter the giveaway but I prefer no leather. Either the mesh or the nylon in any color would be lovely if that’s possible.
    Love you hair! Thanks for the styling advice. You’re a lovely person, inside and out.

  26. The philosopher is classic style. It’s simplicity will pair beautifully with any outfit. The choice of nonmetallic bands are a big plus!

  27. Thanks so much for another chance to win this beautiful watch. The Philosopher Bundle Silver, black/brown leather. I enjoy your tips and suggestions and look forward to your weekly updates. Waiting for the sun to rise so I can take a beautiful spring walk. Thanks!

  28. I like the Native bundle ! The majority of my wardrobe is black, grey and denim and that would really work well for me.

  29. Philosopher – BUNDLE Gun Metal | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps are beautiful and look so versatile. Everyone seems to be wearing smart watches; however, I still love the look of a traditional watch

  30. What beautiful watches. I love the Infinity Gold with the brown, black and navy leather bands. I like how sleek it is and the size makes it easy to read. I have a great silver watch but have been looking for something in gold, this looks perfect! Thanks for the chance.

  31. I love the silver Infinity with white dial. My favorite bundle is brown/black/silver mesh. I think the Infinity is the perfect blend of modern and classic. This bundle would match everything in my closet!!!

  32. Love the Infinity Bundle – silver mesh. My hair is silver so I wear mostly silver jewelry.
    Your hair looks beautiful!! 🙂

  33. I like the Philosopher silver with white face, black, brown and mesh bands. I always wear a watch and I like this one because it has a second hand and the classic color bands will go with anything and everything. Thank you for this opportunity!

  34. Love your hair! Gray hair has a mind of its own. I would love the Native white face silver band 32mm.

  35. I like the Infinity bundle:Silver, with White, Navy and Mesh straps. I like that the Infinity comes in a 32 mm size. It is best for my petite frame. It is a sleek, classic style.

  36. I enjoy all the good information on your blog. My watch pick is: Native – BUNDLE White Dial | Gold | Brown / Black / Navy Straps

  37. These watches are beautiful! I would love the Native watch in silver with black face, silver mesh, olive green nylon and black leather straps. Thought, if I could build a bundle I would probably rather have brown leather strap instead of the olive green. The mesh looks interesting. I didnt think would like it, but you said you had been wearing it, so it would be worth a try. Thanks for the chance to win this!

  38. I like the Infinity Bundle in Silver, with the white, navy and silver bands. This seems like the perfect combination for Spring and Summer, but probably great all year round, too! Beautiful watches!

  39. Love the infinity-silver-white, navy and mesh strap. Looks the most versatile and matches so much of my wardrobe.

  40. You look stunning, casual and chic! I love that you’re wearing the pearl lariat with your jeans!

  41. Infinity bundle either silver, black and brown strap would be the one I’d pick. I’m interested in classic styling.
    Your blog is a great example of how one person can make a difference in so many lives. It’s good to have some relief from the bewildering headlines.

  42. I would love the native rose gold with the black, brown & rose gold straps because I wear primarily gold tone jewelry

  43. My favorite bundle is Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | Mesh / Grey Leather Strap because the colors go best with my skin tone and wardrobe.

    Thank you.

  44. I would love the Native White Dial in silver. It is so sleek and slim and polished looking.

    I would appreciate receiving this from you and Nordgreen..

    Thank you in advance Susan.

  45. Love the one you always wear. It seems so versatile and not “faddish” and can be casual or dressy. Crossing my fingers that I will be the fortunate one that gets chosen this time. Thank you Susan, you make it fun just getting up in the morning to see if you have posted that day…..always look forward to it.

  46. Realized I didn’t pick a bundle.

    I would like the Infinity Bundle White with white/navy/ mesh straps. I would adore receiving such a nice gift from Nordgreen and you Susan.

    I so look forward to you post every week.

  47. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these gorgeous watches. I’d pick the Infinity Bundle in Silver with Brown, Black, and Mesh Straps…so classic and beautiful.

  48. Native – BUNDLE White Dial Rose Gold | Brown Leather / Black Leather / Rose Gold Mesh Strap. I like the rose gold option for something different.

  49. Love your classic style! You always look beautiful and put together but with such ease and elegance. I would choose the native with a white face and black band in the watch. I agree that it can go with all styles. And even though we have cell phones with us at all times, I still never get dressed without wearing a watch. (My grown children don’t even own watches!)

  50. I would love to win the Infinity silver bundle of watches! Thanks for all you do to help us with style!

  51. I love the style and colors in the Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | White / Navy / Mesh Straps choice.
    They would compliment my style and coloring perfectly. It is very nice of you and Nordgreen to
    do this giveaway during these troubling times, thank you!
    Everyone-take care and stay well.

  52. I love all of the watches and finally decided the Infinity bundle was my favorite. The watch goes with every thing and is for any age. The extra straps is a bonus! I enjoy your column.

  53. Susan, thanks for the opportunity to win a watch. I would like to win the Philosopher – BUNDLE Silver | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps for men. My husband of 53 years never buys for himself and I would like to gift him with something nice. He is generous with my purchasing and never complains about it (ha). He is giving to our two adult children and our five grandchildren.

  54. I love the Infinity silver, brown, black. And…I live the way you styled your hair in yesterday’s post!

  55. I like the Infinity silver. It’s very sleek and classy looking. Thanks for another great give-a-way!

  56. I love the Infinite bundle. It would be totally versatile for dressing up or sporty and a great value too!

  57. Good morning Susan! The watch I like is the Infinity silver bundle with white, navy, silver mesh band! Beautiful classic look!
    I have wavy hair and it was all one length to my shoulders, until, last week I got a shorter layered cut! I was so surprised to see your new cut, as it looks just like mine! My color is salt and pepper and I get many compliments! Thank you for your blog, I check in Dailey to see what you are doing, keep up the great work!
    I will try your trick with the hairspray.

  58. I love watches and have a lot of them. As far as I’m concerned a beautiful watch makes an outfit. Love the Infinity.

  59. Susan i would like The Philosopher rose gold bunclr. 40 mm. Ive recently been robbed and my wstch that ive had for many years stolen. This would be a beautiful replacement. Thank you for highlighting how to eat well and age gracefully.

  60. Good morning Susan. I look forward to your fb post every morning. Today is extra special with the watch give away! I am happy for anyone that is chosen, because it’s always fun to win something! If I should win the contest, I would enjoy the Native-BUNDLE White Dial Rose Gold l Mesh/Brown Leather Strap. I think it is a beautiful watch and would go with any outfit that I would wear. Thank you , Debbie

  61. The infinity bundle would be great with the mesh bands. I love the style of this watch. Would love to own one.

  62. Good morning, Susan!

    Your jacket is very pretty, and dressed your outfit very nicely!

    I really like the Native bundle with the black dial, and rose gold trim.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  63. Thank you Susan for another opportunity to win one of these fabulous watches.
    My preference is the Native – BUNDLE Black Dial Silver | Silver Mesh / Navy Nylon / Black Leather Strap. I’ve always loved the look of a black dial – classy and elegant.
    Stay safe everyone.

  64. Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | Mesh / Grey Leather Strap is my favorite bundle. I exclusively wear silver jewelry and this will go with everything and look stylish and chic. Thank you for the giveaways!!! I love following you and have learned so much that has helped me find my personal style that serves me well in every aspect of my life! Have a great week!!! 🙂

  65. My favorite is the Infinity bundle in silver with brown, black and mesh straps. I like the classic simplicity of this style. Thank you for offering this wonderful giveaway!

  66. Thank you so much for the give-away! My favorite is the Infinity Silver/White/Navy Bundle because of the cool color way. I also like the mesh straps. What a sharp looking watch! Stay well, too!

  67. I love the look of the rose gold with white dial bundle which includes black and brown leather straps. It’s the philosopher. Many lovely choices.

  68. I would love the Infinity Silver bundle with white, navy and mesh bands. All the colors that I wear most often! Love your blog!

  69. Hi Susan _ Please enter my name in the drawing for the Nordgreen watch. I love the Native bundle/white face-silver, brown, black and navy bands. Thank you.

    Your new haircut is so cute.

    Are you eyeing any particular style of handbag for Spring?

    Stay safe!

    Janet Regan

  70. I like the native white dial 32 mm in rose gold with brown/black/rose mesh straps. I like that the watch is very simple and elegant, large enough to see and such a low profile it will be an attractive accessory for every outfit.

  71. Your new haircut is cute and very chic! What a pretty view with that azalea showing off for spring. My favorite watch is the Infinity in Silver. I like the rose gold but silver is a better choice with my coloring. I hope you and Mr Mickey stay well. We are self-isolating and are actually enjoying being home.

  72. Wow! So generous. I’m a silver girl. 🙂 I like the Infinity silver with the navy and the silver mesh bands. Such a beautiful classic look that would coordinate with my clothing so well.

  73. This watch is such a great example in how an accessory can add that ‘touch’ that adds so much to the total look! Thanks for sharing a casual look that still conveys style and confidence!! Rocking it!

  74. I love the Infinity bundle in silver with the white, navy and mesh bands. The style of watch case reminds me of my Grandfather, who I adored. I think the bands will go with everything. While my wedding rings are yellow gold, I wear a lot of silver tones. This would be a great compliment to the wardrobe I’m rebuilding.

  75. Oh, I’d love to have a Nordgreen watch! The Infinity style is my favorite and the Native is my second favorite. The smaller size (32 mm) and white dial appeal to me. And…your azalea is beautiful! I have a few bushes but too early for blooms, even on the early blooming varieties, in my area.

  76. Thank you, Susan, for this opportunity! I love the Philosopher with the gun metal finish. I like the concave face and feel the depth adds more interest. I think a gun metal finish is much more versatile and can be more easily integrated with other finishes – it’s very neutral. I’d love to add this bundle to my wardrobe!

  77. Good morning. I love the Native Bundle with the white dial rose gold with two straps – mesh and brown leather. That combination will look great with all my outfits – both dressy and casual. Thank you very much.

  78. Susan, thanks for the tip on how to use hair spray and for mentioning an unscented variety. I need a little spray but hate the stickyness and heavy scents most of them have, and I’ve always thought you had to spray the hair directly. This will really help!
    I would love to win the Infinity Bundle Silver with Brown/Black/Mesh bands. Classic and versatile.

  79. I love the Native. It would be a nice change from my everyday Fitbit. Love your blog and tips .Thanks, Debbie from Auburn, Al.

  80. I love this watch. The white dial Native looks so cool! The thinness is perfect for my skinny wrist. I would like a silver mesh, white and navy leather bands. That would cover me year round for casual and dressy looks. Thanks for offering this opportunity!

  81. I love the Philosopher Bundle/ Gunmetal, navy and black mesh bands. I think these colors would be great with the summer white and blue clothing I will be wearing when warm weather arrives! Thanks again for your daily blogs-I have learned a lot about individual styling!

  82. I love the practicality of the Infinity Navy Blue Leather watch with silver dial cover. As I’m retired and wear mostly jeans this watch would go perfectly with my casual wardrobe! Thanks for your posts Susan, I’ve learned so much!

  83. Susan,

    Thanks so much for your post. I so enjoy seeing it every morning.

    The Nordgreen Philosopher watch bundle would be a great addition to my wardrobe. The variety of bands would match every outfit and the large watch face would be wonderful for my aging eyesite.

    Thank you.

  84. On this beautiful Spring Day , the Infinity Bundle Silver with white, navy and mesh would go with a lot of spring and summer outfits. Susan, you are styling your hair the best….Everyone enjoy your time at home and Stay Happy and Healthy.

  85. I like the Philosopher bundle-rose gold,brown and black bundle. It looks sleek and stylish. Thanks for a chance to win such a great watch.

  86. I LOVE the NATIVE watch bundle with gunmetal case, gunmetal mesh strap, navy fabric strap and black leather. These are truly beautiful watches that I would love to own.

  87. Thanks for the hair styling tips. I love the Infinity silver bundle with mesh, black, and brown bands…
    Would fit my style… so versatile. Thank you!

  88. Hello! The Infinity bundle is so smart looking. I just love your style. You always look so put together. Thank you for sharing!

  89. LOVE. The Infinity- Bundle Silver/Brown/Black Mesh Strap! It’s classic, timeless, sophisticated and most versatile with my wardrobe
    wouldn’t need any other watch! Stay well and healthy.

  90. The Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | White / Navy / Mesh Straps set is sharp looking & classic. It has a crisp & clean appeal. Thank you & Nordgreen for this opportunity 🙂

  91. Love these watches! Just could never afford one like this! I would so love to have the Native Bundle Black dial rose gold/brown leather/black leather/rose gold mesh strap.

  92. The Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | White / Navy / Mesh Straps says spring and summer to me. Beautiful simplicity.

  93. I truly love the silver Nordgreen bundle as it looks simple but classic and would go with the majority of my clothes, thanks to Susan with all her helpful hints on dressing as well as by example.

    By the way, love your new short hairstyle, Susan, as it looks very chic on you.

    Clara from Iowa

  94. Hi Susan, I would love the infinity bundle- silver grey mesh 32 mm size. This will work best for my body style. Thank you for offering this give away!

  95. Good morning! The sun is shining in northern New Mexico and we are hanging out at home enjoying views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the Sandia Mountains. The Native Bundle with the black dial and silver mesh, navy nylon, and black leather straps caught my eye. Perfect for southwest style!

  96. I like the Philosopher white face, silver watch with black, brown and mesh bands. These watches appear to be slimline and, consequently, would be very comfortable. I like the idea of interchangeable bands which makes it more versatile.

    Susan, thanks for your sound advice on having fewer, well-made and well chosen clothes. I am trying to adopt that philosophy.

    Wishing you good health.

  97. I love the native bundle with black dial in silver with silver, blue, and black bands. I really like the black dial. I always wear a watch (except when I’m seeing patients as a dental hygienist) and an attractive watch is as important as my other pieces of jewelry. Thanks for this chance to win!

  98. Good morning Susan.
    .How wonderful to have a watch give-away in these stressed time.Especially these beautiful watches..My favorite is the Infinity with the brown ,black and silves mesh straps..Its so beautiful and each strap goes with everything..Its simple yet divine..
    Your new haircut is so cute..Love it..
    Have a wonderul day..

  99. Good morning Susan! Thank you & Nordgreen for this generous giveaway! I have not worn a watch for many years now but would love to have a classic & classy watch to wear. I would be most honored to select the Infinity watch bundle, the 32mm, white face, silver with the silver mesh, black & brown straps. Thank you again for this opportunity to own a new watch.


    Kathi McNew

  100. Hi Susan,
    I love your blog and nearly always learn something new about style or nutrition or skincare – thanks for all you do! I would love to win an Infinity silver dial 32mm watch bundle with black, brown and silver mesh straps. All the watches are lovely and timeless, but that style and size are my favorites! Thanks again!

  101. Thanks, Susan, for making fashion accessible for all of us. You are appreciated! The watches are stunning. Definitely the silver Infinity is my choice!

  102. I love your new haircut and the tip about spraying your hands with hairspray and working through the roots. Styling my fine wavy hair is a frustrating challenge, but maybe this is the trick I’ve needed! I love all the Nordgren watches but would be thrilled to win the Infinity – BUNDLE Gold | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps. I’ve worn the same Seiko silver tone watch for 20 years now — and I still love it — but having a sleek gold option with a selection of bands would be a fabulous asset to my accessory wardrobe. I suspect the mesh band is more comfortable in warm weather as well. Thank you for another giveaway!

  103. Susan thank you for the opportunity to win a Nordgreen watch bundle. The Native white dial with rose gold trim and watch bands would be lovely to own. I previously ordered the rose gold infinity watch and it was gorgeous. Unfortunately I lost it so hope I have better luck this time. Thanks for all your advice.

  104. Hi Susan, This is a tough choice but I think Id love to have the Native with the black, brown and blue straps! Such a classic look! Thank you for all the great ideas and tips!

  105. I love the Native/White Dial-Silver watch! Its minimalist look matches my mood these days as I continue to work on simplifying my life. That said, the Nordgreen watch also looks fresh and modern, attributes that energize me and help me feel young. The Philosopher bands of silver/brown/black mesh straps will add a touch of sophistication to the Native/White Dial watch.

  106. Oh my, the azalea bush is beautiful…we actually had snow here in Indiana on Saturday. Spring has yet to arrive here. I believe if I were to choose a bundle (hard decision) I would pick the brown leather/black leather/ navy leather bundle. I would be able to wear the watch with virtually everything in my closet with this combination.

  107. I pick the bundle gun metal collection.

    I like the dial face. With getting older, it’s harder for me to read the watches, this one would work for me. I’d actually be able to tell time!!! I also like the idea of the mesh strap, especially in these colors. This choice would work with what I choose to wear.

  108. I like the Nordgreen Infinity mesh bundle watch because the look is timeless and you mentioned it being comfortable which is important for my small wrist. I have an expensive watch that I feel I must wear fairly often but it is not comfortable! Thank you for making this available to one of your followers!

  109. How great an offer ! I also like the Infinity – Black Mesh with a white dial – It just looks so classic.
    Thanks !

  110. Native – BUNDLE White Dial Silver | Dark Brown Leather / Black Leather / Navy Leather Strap.
    It has clean lines and nice appeal. It works with professional work outfits and casual outfits.

  111. Good morning, Susan, from freezing cold but sunny Canada! Still snow on our house & property, so no signs of spring flowers like the beautiful azaleas you have in TN. Basically everything is closed, even the ski resort in town, except for the grocery & pharmacy stores. We’ll get through these trying times.
    Your cheerful blogs and generous prizes lift my spirits. Would love to win the Philosopher-BUNDLE Silver l Brown/Black/Mesh Straps in 36mm.
    Love the photo of you at home with the black jacket & white runners because your hair style is so perky and suits you to a tee! Keep well, Susan.

  112. First, I love your style as your lifestyle is similar to mine, without your handsome mr.! I am packing up to move for the 4th time in 3 years due to hurricane Harvey and 2 landlords who decided to sell the properties I was living in. I haven’t had a watch other than a sports watch and would love either Infinity bundle to complete outfits and lift m mood. Thanks for sharing your fashion advice, I know it is time consuming and and hard to make profitable!
    My choice is either Infinity bundle..
    Debbie Evans

  113. The Infinity Bundle in Silver color is my favorite. I like this the best as I feel it would compliment many of my outfits quite well. I’m in love with the mesh straps as well as the navy and black.

    Thank you so much for this generous giveaway.
    Kudos to the Nordgreen company for their program of planting trees in Australia and their Giving Back Program.

  114. I love the Philosopher -brown leather!! These watches are very classic. Thank you for another great give-a-way!

  115. Good morning Susan! The Philosopher in silver watch, with black, brown and mesh bands seems so versatile and beautiful! Such a fun and thoughtful
    giveaway! Especially during these stressful days, it’s encouraging to have
    something to look forward to. Thank-you for your beautiful, uplifting

  116. I love the Philosopher bundle in Rose Gold with black, brown and rose gold straps. It looks very elegant and I especially like that the watch has a second hand.

  117. I really love the bundle – Philosopher – BUNDLE Rose Gold | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps. The cream watch face is classic and I can’t get enough of rose gold! The black and brown leather straps make it the perfect bundle for me!

  118. I like the Philosopher Bundle – Gun Metal/Brown/Black/Mesh Straps, because it is sleek, classic and versatile. I wear a watch every day and prefer classic styles, rather than high tech sporty watches. I especially like the simple, classic watch face of the Nordgreen watches, much like classic well tailored clothes that when chosen carefully and taken care of, will last for years. Your latest haircut really looks beautiful on you.


  119. What a wonderful opportunity! Thank you! I love the Infinity style. I looked at all the bundles, and each is lovely. For our South Georgia seasons and styles, I would pick the Rose gold mesh, white, and navy bundle. I’d probably add a black to the mix at some point.

  120. I really would like to win a Nordgreen watch bundle. I too like the Infinity bundle, but in gold, because my wedding rings (47 years) are gold not silver and I think it would look really nice on my left wrist. Thank you very much for letting me have a chance in your giveaway.

  121. Would absolutely love the Infinity with white dial and silver, blue and brown bands. I have admired your watch for a while now. It is so sleek and timeless looking. Appreciate an opportunity to win one, thank you.

  122. I look forward to your emails as they are always so informative and always include beautiful photos. I would be ecstatic to win this gorgeous watch bundle! It would be such a wonderful addition to my ever improving wardrobe because of your ideas. While the selection was a little difficult . . . my favorite is the NATIVE bundle. Thank you for this chance! Regards, Mary

  123. I like the Infinity as well. I was wondering about your new cut too. Good tip to spray your hands and then style manually. I am going to try that. I am tired of having either a helmet head or having it fall flat. Thanks!

  124. Thank you for sharing your style with us. I’ve been admiring the watch for quite a while. I love the Philosopher Bundle silver/brown/black mesh. The large white face seems easy to read.
    Enjoy your azalea, mine have come and gone already!

  125. I like the infinity watch bundle! For my lifestyle, the three bands included in that bundle go well with most of my attire! Thanks for the opportunity, Melissa

  126. Wow! What a wonder giveaway, Susan! I would love to win the Infinity silver with white face, black leather band, brown leather band, and grey mesh band. Those are such a classic style. Thank you!

  127. I love the patina strap! But since my rings are gold I would have to make a bundle that incorporates a gold trim watch. I would then choose black leather or olive strap for a classic look.

    And helping Australia?! Sign me up!

  128. Thank you for offering this giveaway, Susan. The bundle that seems to work beautifully with my wardrobe is the Nordgreen Native Bundle with white dial and silver metal in 32mm size. Straps are all leather in Dark Brown, Black and Navy. Good luck to all.

  129. I would love to win the Infinity silver (white face) with black, brown and silver straps. The design is so simple, clean and timeless. Those colors, particularly the black and silver, will look great with my wardrobe and my coloring which is very similar to yours. Even the brown will be good for super casual looks. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  130. Hi Susan
    I haven’t purchased a watch in years but I really like this style (and the different straps look so versatile). I would choose the navy dial with silver mesh strap… then add a gray leather and navy blue strap for the bundle.
    I just think the navy is different and would go with everything – it just looks classy!

  131. I love the simple elegance of the Native white dial silver with brown & black leather straps and silver mesh strap in the 32mm size. I think it would go perfectly with most of what I own in my wardrobe. Thanks so much for your daily inspiration. Love your blog!

  132. Thank you, Susan, for sharing your style knowledge with us. It is most helpful to have guidance during our times of
    dramatic transition. My choice in watches would be the 36mm Philosopher – BUNDLE Gun Metal | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps. I like the darker gray metal to go with gray hair and the face design provides additional interest.
    To continued health!

  133. I love the women’s Infinity in silver and grey. BTW, my azaleas are blooming too. I enjoy that view every day.

  134. I love the looks of this watch and would choose the Infinity-Bundle/Brown/Black/Mesh straps.

    Susan, I enjoy reading your posts very much and find we have very similar tastes. I like the new shorter haircut on you also!

  135. Love your hair – it’s so flattering on you. Thank you for all your tips and tricks – I enjoy them very much. I would love to have the Native – BUNDLE Black Dial Silver | Silver Mesh / Navy Nylon / Black Leather Strap.

    Take care and I’ll be watching for your next blog post.
    Terry Boyer

  136. I love the Infinity Silver Mesh/ Grey Leather Strap bundle. The sleek look and modern large face are so appealing.

    And by the way, Susan, whether I win a watch or not, you’ve helped me to be a winner. I’ve pared my wardrobe down to those things that I love and work well for me using your advice. I enjoy the clothes I have and shop wisely when I have a need. Thank you!

  137. Hi Susan, love reading your blog , it’s so nice to see a woman my age giving tips and advice for our age group. Love your style. I like the silver Infinity bundle, the bands will go with pretty much any outfit of choice. And the face is large enough for these eyes to read!!!

  138. Love this giveaway!!

    My favorite watch is the Philosopher in Gun Metal – it’s a beautiful watch – edgy and unique!! The extra bands make it easy to wear for EVERY occasion!! Love it!

  139. I have followed your blog and advice for several years. Thank you for helping me refine my fashion. I love the Infinity gold watch. Very beautiful.

  140. I really like the Native with black dial, silver mesh and brown, black straps. So versatile! Thank you for this lovely opportunity, Susan

  141. Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps is the one I like most. We are retiring from the Northeast to Myrtle Beach, SC in the next 3 months. I am donating my business clothes, shoes, handbags, etc and switching to a more casual resort lifestyle. This bundle will serve all my needs in my new life in retirement.

  142. I would love Native – BUNDLE White Dial Silver | Dark Brown Leather / Black Leather / Navy Leather Strap, it looks really classy. Thank you!

  143. Love your new hair style. Very chic! And thanks for the reminder that spring’s around the corner with the photo of the azaleas – for those of us farther north.

  144. Native – BUNDLE White Dial | Gold | Brown / Black / Navy Straps This is a beautiful and flexible bundle that will beautifully complement my gold wedding ring.

  145. Hi Susan!
    I enjoy your blog. I just lost my watch a couple of days ago. I am sad because my husband gave it to me.
    The Nordgreen watch I like the best is the Pioneer with a white face, 36 mm and in gold. The reason I like it is because it is simple and sleek. It fits my style in the way I dress.
    Thank you!

  146. I love the Infinity- silver, brown, black. With this bundle I would never need another watch. It goes with everything!

  147. I like the Philosopher gun metal brown black and mesh straps. It appears that the dial on this one is a lot easier to see. That’s important for me these days, to be able to read it at a glance without adjusting the length of my arm!

  148. Love your blog Susan. It has helped me with my travel choices and has made everyday dressing so easy. My choice in a watch bundle would be the Infinity in gold with black, brown and gold bands. They’re classic and will go with all seasons.

  149. Native watch with the black dial would be a beautiful gift for my sister. She still has not gotten a cellphone and depends on a watch to be on time to work 2 jobs. Diagnosed ether breast cancer 1 1/2 years ago had her last Chemo treatment on Monday 3/9/20 and 20 Radiation treatments.
    So very her sister,
    Carolyn Buletza

  150. Thanks for doing this giveaway during such trying and uncertain times. Please be careful and protect the health of yourself and Mr. Mickey. All the watches are beautiful, but as a retired RN I’ve always worn watches with a second hand so would choose the rose gold Philosopher bundle.

  151. Thanks for another opportunity to win one of the beautiful watches. I would choose the Native, 32mm in silver, black dial, silver mesh strap and black and white leather straps.

    You look lovely. Stay safe and see that Mr. Mickey does as well. We older adults have to be extra cautious these days.

  152. Philosopher – BUNDLE Gold | Brown / Black / Navy Straps 36mm
    I have a Rose Gold Mesh and love it! But it’s pretty dressy and I don’t dress up too often, would love to have this style for day-to-day wear!
    Hope you’re well and continuing to enjoy your blog (from home, at least for a while)!!!

  153. It never seems to matter what you post, I learn a little something or get a new idea of how to put to add just the right touch to clothing I already own.
    Then this generous giveaway. Splendid!

    Having looked at all the beautiful watches and bundles Norgreen offers , I have to agree the Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps suits us smaller framed ladies. And the color choices would work perfectly for me.


  154. I like the Native White Dial Silver. It complements my skin tone and everything I wear. Great giveaway. Thank you!

  155. This look is great on you Susan and your azalea is beautiful! Thank you for hosting another give away. I would love to win the Infinity Rose Gold Bundle! Always look forward to your posts.

    Sue C

  156. I would like to receive the Philosopher- Silver, Black and Brown mesh bundle. Those three bands would coordinate well with my wardrobe choices. Thank you for this opportunity to win.

  157. Nordgreen watch is classic ,understated and goes with day to night outfits with changeable bands.
    Hope I win one.

  158. I love your new haircut, the style is very youthful and flattering to your face. And that azalea really does tell us SPRING is here.!
    Jean Holmes

  159. I really love the: Philosopher – BUNDLE Gun Metal | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps.

    Your new hair cut is very flattering!

  160. Love yr new cute haircut!
    If I’m chosen I’d prefer the Infinity Bundle with silver mesh, black & navy interchangeable straps,
    Thank you.

  161. I like the Native – BUNDLE White Dial Silver | Dark Brown Leather / Black Leather / Navy Leather Strap. I wear a lot of silver and it would go best with my personal style.

  162. I love all of these watches, but my favorite is the Infinity bundle. Thank you so much for your informative posts — I am a real fan!

  163. Hi Susan,
    Happy Monday! With your guidance and great suggestions, I have been slowly changing my wardrobe to neutrals. I wear a lot of navy and adding more grays so I would enjoy wearing the bundle that has silver, navy and black. These watches are beautiful and classy.
    Thanks and Happy Spring,
    Karen W.

  164. Hi Susan – I love your new haircut!!!!! I love the Silver/Brown/Black/Mesh Straps Bundle the best. I could wear my watch with everything I own in my closet!!!!

    Please stay healthy and safe!!!

  165. What a fantastic give-away!
    I prefer the Native watch face for its stylish simplicity, and would choose the white face with silver bezel and accents.
    If I were to win a bundle, it would have to be the classic Brown Leather/Black Leather/Silver Mesh…a strap for every occasion.
    Thank you, Susan and Nordgreen for this opportunity and best of luck to all who enter!

  166. I love the silver infinity bundle with white, navy, and mesh bands. It would be perfect for summer. No more having to grab my phone to check the time.

  167. Hello Susan, and thank you for this wonderful watch giveaway! It was difficult to choose a favorite; all the watch bundles are beautiful. But since you asked us to pick one, I’d have to say that the “Philosopher” Silver bundle with black, brown and navy straps is my favorite, and would go with almost everything in my wardrobe. Happy Spring; I love your beautiful azaleas, they remind me of the years I lived in North Carolina.

  168. I so enjoy your posts Susan! I think I’m finally finding my style with your help!

    The Nordgreen watch I really like is the Native with the brown strap and white dial. Very simple and classic!

  169. Love your haircut! I am going to try spraying my hand first and working it in! I really like the Philosopher Bundle Gun Metal Mesh and either the brown or black strap. Thank you for your post!

  170. I love the sleek look of the Infinity. And I especially love the idea of planting five trees in Australia!

    Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps

    Thank you for informing us!

  171. I just love the Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps. I can wear the brown strap every day, the silver mesh strap in the evening and the black strap when I am looking for a chic daytime look . Something for every occassion!

  172. All I can say, love it!
    Infinity bundle gray mesh & leather

    Thanks for all the tips; I am a traditional dresser so follow you along!

  173. Infinity, gold
    This watch would go with everything that I have! Very classic look, neat and so attractive!
    Hope I win!

  174. Hello Susan. I would love the Infinity bundle in white, navy and silver mesh. These classic neutrals would go with anything and everything! I have a silver watch that I have worn to death and I need to replace it. I hope I can do that soon!

  175. Good afternoon, Susan…You never disappoint. Native Bundle, white face, is my choice. It would add a lot of versatility to my daily dressing….from working out, lunch with friends and even Happy Hour!! Thanks, again. For doing this for all of your followers. Suzanne

  176. The philosopher white face with black/brown and navy straps would fit my daughter’s style. This would
    Be a perfect gift for her 41st birthday this month. Sleek, bright and classy! Thank you again for this opportunity!

  177. Hi Susan. I love the Native Bundle with Black Dial Silver/Silver Mesh/Navy Nylon/Black Leather bands. I think the black face is stunning! Your hair is great – especially the back. Your natural curls are perfect and thanks for the hairspray hint. I’m going to try it to see if it helps with my ‘flat back’ problem!

  178. Hi Susan!
    I am so happy you are doing another watch giveaway!
    I love the look of these Nordgreen watches because they are so clean and classic looking, which is the way I dress!
    Really love the bundle you have pictured: Native with black, brown and navy straps, sliver with a white face, thank you so much for all you do Susan!
    Please stay safe and take care.

  179. Definitely, my favorite is the Native with black dial silver | silver mesh/ navy nylon / and black leather. Since practically everything I own is black, navy, or grey, that particular bundle would go well with my wardrobe. Love all the bundles!


  180. Dear Susan,

    What an adorable haircut, it does justice to your beautiful hair, eyes and cheekbones! I would love to have the bundle called, “Native – BUNDLE White Dial/Gold/Brown/Black/Navy Straps” in the smaller 36 mm size. I love this bundle because I have warm coloring and gold is my metal and the design is so lovely.

    Brenda Pawloski

  181. Hi Susan,
    I very much like the same one you have–the Infinity black mesh with white dial. Also love that they are helping Australia
    by planting trees!
    I have read your blog for 5-6 years and love how you have re-created yourself by doing the things we should all be doing to be strong and healthy and to look our best as we age. I could do better with my exercise & eating, but have always paid attention to hair, make-up and style. No one can believe I am almost 75 and still do whatever I want and help take care of 4 grandchildren 4-9 yrs old. Guess they help keep me young!
    Keep up good work. I really enjoy and learn from your blog. I refer my friends to you!
    Jan Berryhill

  182. Love the Native bundle esp the rose gold. I find it more flattering than gold or silver. Thank you for your blog!

  183. Hello Susan!

    I have followed your blog for awhile now but am more of a “lurker” than poster. I saw your blog today about the watch bundle. I personally like the Native bundle as I am partial to silver jewelry and those bands go with more of my style and color. Also, I ordered from Beautycounter and used you as my consultant. I did not go through your site, unfortunately, so I am not sure this is something you are aware of and I want you to get all the credit! I am not particularly good online with such things so I wanted you to know about it. I love your new hairstyle and look forward to your blog posts always. Thank you and have a great day!!


  184. I love the same watch you’ve been wearing. Very classic in style. I also really like the new haircut.

  185. I just love the “Native” watch with the white face and the black, brown & rose bands! I have been mixing metals with my jewelry for years and now I can switch watch bands, too. Thank you for having a contest to win a watch.

    I read you everyday & enjoy all the smart, chic advise you give us. Keep up the good work.

    PS The Nordgreen web site also mentioned that they would plant free trees in Australia with the purchase of a watch, so I hope that is included in this prize!

    Thanks to all… Stay healthy & safe.

  186. Hi Susan, I would love to win the bundle Infinity Silver/White/Navy Mesh Straps. That would work with matching every single outfit I own. The versatility would be supreme. Thanks, Jayne.

  187. Hey Susan! Thanks for offering us fans these fun giveaways! I love the “Infinity” model with the gold case and gold mesh strap! (+black, brown) The design is timeless and gold goes great for any occasion.

  188. The Philosopher bundle with a white face, silver case and black croc strap – classic! Thank you for the opportunity!

  189. Thank you so much for the generous opportunity! I love the timeless look of the silver/white Infinity with black and silver mesh and the patina band. I’m a teacher who could use a working watch. Love that color in azaleas. I find taking a moment in the garden has a calming and meditative effect!

  190. I love the Infinity Sleek bundle because of the refined look of the watch. The size and color make that particular watch so beautiful and classic!

  191. The Philosopher Bundle Silver mesh, black and brown bands. This is a chic and savvy set- as the director of a nonprofit that assists mature individuals 50+ with their job seeking skills- I focus on helping our clients achieve their employment goals- identifying transferable skills and strengths- most importantly encouraging them to set goals and empowering them to achieve them. I am sensitive to how I present myself- confident, approachable and professional. This watch says it all.

  192. Native – BUNDLE White Dial Silver | Dark Brown Leather / Black Leather / Navy Leather Strap

    Hi Susan.
    These watches look have a very classic style that should go with anyone’s wardrobe. Beautiful.

  193. Infinity Silver/Mesh/Gray bundle is my choice because it is sleek, modern and simple. Totally fitting for a 67-year young person like me! Thank you for the offer, and I hope I am your choice this time around!
    Eileen Corcoran

  194. Love the Philosopher Bundle with the brown, black, navy leather straps. This watch is exactly what I have always wanted. It is sleek, modern and very chic and that is what I hope to portray in myself. So hope to win this bundle.

  195. I love the Infinity Bundle Silver. Love the silver mesh strap and the white leather strap for spring and summer! I enjoy your posts…and you always look classy.

  196. Slick watch to be sure. I’d go with the gunmetal Infinity with the white face. For bands I’d pick the black, blue, and brown leather bands

  197. Greetings,

    Thank you for the opportunity!
    If I’m going to be a winner, I’d like to have this one – Philosopher-BUNDLE Rose Gold | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps.
    All watches are incredibly well designed and so versatile!

    Stay safe,

  198. Hello from Wilmington, Delaware! I just viewed the Infinity bundle Silver, Mesh & Gray leather strap, and it looks awesome. I’ve been wearing a watch since I was about 10 years old and I’m 65 now. Never leave home without one. I would absolutely love to win this beautiful watch.

    Take care, stay safe & healthy. We WILL weather this storm. Hopefully, sooner than later.


  199. I love the Infinity bundle with silver, black, and brown. Haven’t had a watch in a few years and would love one that I can wear every day…in my new ” job” in childcare when I move to be near grandchildren (& care for them while parents work).

  200. I would love the infinity rose gold bundle.

    As always, many thanks for the hard work that goes into making this blog a huge help for so many. I purchased several of your scarves and they are of the highest quality. I encourage others to check out your remaining inventory.

  201. Thank you for this generous opportunity! I chose the philosophy face with black leather strap because it is a classic, timeless combination and I like the functionality of the second hand and date. And bundled with coloured straps for fun!

  202. I love the black mesh infinity. It’s very neutral and basic. I love your blog and get many ideas from you. I too want to dress my age but not to young or to old. Your suggestions help me to accomplish it.

  203. I would be so thrilled with an Infinity Bundle from Nordgreen. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win one of these gorgeous watches.

  204. I have been admiring these Nordgreen watches since I learned about them from you. I like the Pioneer – BUNDLE Black Dial Silver | Silver Mesh / Navy Nylon / Black Leather Strap men’s size watch! I like the boldness of a large watch face, and as a person with cool coloring, these colors will work well with my coloring. i wear a watch everyday, and I love a polished look, so I hope I win this watch!

  205. Susan, thank you so much for your positive and informative posts. By the way, I think that your hair cur is very flattering to you. I, too, would like the Infinity with the black, silver and brown. Please keep blogging for our benefit!

  206. Love this bundle. Always like the way it looks with your outfits, especially the silver mesh. Also am loving your new haircut. so flattering. need to get mine cut similar to that. keep up the great work to help all the ladies looking good!

    Philosopher – BUNDLE Silver | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps

    thanks so much, M.J.

  207. The infinity silver bundle with the navy, white and mesh. Perfect summer colors for my wardrobe! Although they are all beautiful

  208. Love the philosopher olive green nylon with rose gold! Such a beautiful watch and it is vegan! I have been a vegetarian for about 40 years. I have made many accommodations to be true to myself but this watch is certainly one of those. Even if it was not vegan I believe this would be my choice. I don’t believe there are any vegan bundles. Nice to see such a “friendly” company helping our environment and supporting the needs of nature.
    Thanks for introducing this brand to us!

  209. All the watches are sleek and elegant, but I love the Infinity BUNDLE of Silver | Mesh & Grey Leather Strap.
    This set would be the ultimate of versatility for me!

  210. I really like the Native bundle with the black dial, and rose gold trim.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  211. I love the Native watch in Silver with white face. It looks so elegant and versatile. I like how Nordgreen have non leather straps for we vegans.

    Thank you for your hair styling tips, I’d completely forgotten about the hairspray trick. Your style really suits you.

  212. As always, you look terrific, and your information is so helpful. If I were to be selected, I would love to have the Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps.

  213. Thank you! Selected the Infinity Bundle silver/brown/black for its simplicity, versatility, and elegance.

  214. Loving your new haircut. It’s so beautiful! I really admire these watches because they are classic designs with no fancy trappings. Sometimes you just want a good watch.

  215. I would love to have the white face and mesh bracelet. I would love any of them. They are really beautiful and easy for old eyes to see the time.

  216. I like the infinity gold mesh because the pins for the strap is not visible creating smoother, more sleek appearance.

  217. Hello! It’s very very hard to choose, as they are all beautiful. I choose the Native bundle, white & silver face, with dark brown, black and navy leather straps. Classic colors (navy goes with my uniform for work), and long lasting & comfortable leather bands. Good blessings to all! Love the hair cut! Be well everyone.

  218. Would love to win the watch. My favorite is the black dial, silver mesh, navy and black bands. I read every post and I hope all you and all your followers stay healthy.

  219. Thank you for another fun giveaway opportunity. I admire the Native-black dial-silver-with the brown and black leather and silver mesh bands. ❤️

  220. I love the Infinity Bundle. The ability to change out the bands and the soft gray color is so appealing!

  221. Native-white dial-silver. This watch will go with everything I wear and most of my jewelry is white gold or silver. Susan your hair looks wonderful and so do you.

  222. Hey Susan! Please enter me for the watch! Philosopher Bundle – White Dial Silver, brown/black strap. YES!!!!!!
    I’ve been following you since the beginning & am retired teacher in middle TN. Not a lot of extra income but will always maintain my style, which is why I follow you! You set an elegant, affordable example for us sixty somethings! Your age & style parallel mine! Always love your selections!
    I love it when you post your travels w/Mr. Mickey-we’ve duplicated several! Hope you’ll continue to do so!

  223. I would love to own the Infinity bundle with black, brown and silver mesh bands. These are beautiful watches, and they are beautiful on you!

  224. I like what you like..the Infinity black mesh with white dial! As far as the other two colors I am open to what you suggest. I like your style.We are approximately the same age!

  225. I LOVE the INFINITY bundle w/ white, navy & mesh straps. It would go with everything I own and the white face is so flattering. Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway!

  226. I’d love to win the Native with a white dial in gold. I would wear it on my left wrist so the gold would match my engagement and wedding ring. It’s such a classic look. Keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for the chance of winning!

  227. I really like the hair cut and styling tip! I also love the Philosopher – BUNDLE Silver | Brown / Black Leather Strap watch. Thank you for your lovely blog!
    Becky Johnson

  228. I love the philosopher bundle in silver, black and brown, it is a classic and so versatile. This piece will add just the right touch to any outfit.
    I have learned so much from your well thought out tips. You obviously put a lot of effort into your postings and encourage others to look their best and importantly to feel their best. Thank you for caring.

  229. I love the Philospher Gold Bundle. I love the look of the watch face & how slim it is. It’s also very versatile in that you can change the watch bands as you change your outfits. Stay well Susan.

  230. I would love the Infinity Bundle Rose Gold w/mesh/white/navy straps. Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful watch and for your wonderful blog.

  231. hi Susan,,
    Many thanks for the opportunity to win a a Nordgreen watch bundle. I have admired these watches for awhile. If I win, the bundle I would choose is the Philosopher. I especially like this bundle because of the white face and the variety of straps. The colors of the straps coordinate well with the clothes I wear most often.
    Thanks for your wonderful post and for the fashion lessons you have taught me, almost daily.
    Susan Luckham

    It is still rainy and cold here in San Diego, so your azalea photo brought me much joy!

  232. I love the black mesh infinity watch ! How I would love to win the drawing for it. It would fit in so well with the style that I wear! I so enjoy seeing susanafter60.com

  233. I love your hair! I also love the clean lines of the Nordgreen watch design. I particularly like the Native – white dial / rose gold bundle. Thanks for your posts and stay well yourself.

  234. Thank you , Susan! You look so lovely, always! My sister told me about you several years ago, and I am so thankful for you! I would like a Native bundle, rose gold, brown leather and black leather and rose gold mesh straps. Thank you, Susan!

  235. I like the Native/white dial/gold. I wear gold jewelry so that one would work best for me. That haircut looks darling on you! Stay well!

  236. Love your new hairstyle Susan! It is so chic and looks wonderful on you! Thank you so much for your amazing blog. I have learned so much from you. If I was fortunate enough to win the watch bundle, I would choose the Infinity Women’s Silver Mesh and gray strap bundle. It would go with everything! 🙂

  237. Pioneer Black Dial would be perfect to go with my wardrobe. Much appreciated and may all have the luck of the ☘️

  238. Hello Susan
    I like the Nordgreen “Native” bundle best. It is very stylish and has colour elements that would definitely enhance my seasonal wardrobe. I would just love it.
    Audrey Meyer

  239. Thanks for doing this Susan! I love the Native 40 mm, white dial, silver case bundle with silver mesh, crocodile black leather and grey leather straps.

  240. I love the watches that you wear. I like the Infinity bundle Silver, with the black and brown mesh straps. At 64, I like to keep up with your blog posts to see how I can keep myself looking stylish and current.

  241. I love your new hairstyle!!! I is so chic and looks wonderful on you!! Thank you so much for your amazing blog! I have learned so much from you. If I was fortunate enough to win a watch bundle I would choose the Women’s Infinity bundle with the silver mesh and gray leather straps. It would go with everything!!!

  242. I work in a FL hospital and the native white dial with mesh bands would be ideal. We have to wear plastic gowns and often become a little warm so the leather straps would not be as comfortable.
    Peggy Cockin

  243. Loving your new hair cut…..you have a lot of body as I do. I try and keep mine a bit shorter though. Would love to own one of the watch sets and Thank you for arranging this give away! I like the set; Infinity –
    BUNDLE Silver / White / Navy / Mesh Straps

    Thank you so much

  244. I love the Philosopher bundle. The gun metal color is so sophisticated and Could be dressed up or down. Thanks for sharing your favorites with your readers,

  245. I like the Native white face in silver with black and brown leather and black mesh straps. I like that it’s available in a 32mm size as I have a small wrist. Thank you for offering this giveaway. I enjoy reading your posts every week.

  246. Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps
    Would love to win this watch.
    Enjoy your blog so very much, it’s the first thing I read in the morning.
    Thank you for all you do!

  247. I have been following your blog now for awhile. I have never been a “girlie girl” until I got interested in your suggestions and your advise. Slowly, I am changing my wardrobe and my look. I have never had a nice watch. I love your beautiful watch suggestion. I think all of the watches are lovely but, once again, I am following your lead. My choice of watches is: Infinity Bundle Silver/white/navy/mesh straps. The giving back program is so important. I am sending you a sincere thank you for helping me and so many others. May we all keep well!

  248. Thank you Susan for your blogs.You are a beautiful lady inside and out.I like the watch with the black brown and dark blue bands.This watch could be worn with any outfit .Have a Happy Day !

  249. The watch I like best is the same one you w ear. The infinity with white dial and black mesh strap.

  250. I chose a 36 mm watch with a silver case and a navy dial and navy stripes. For me, the navy dial is elegant and stylish and easy to read. Also, I loved the photo of the azaleas. As a native Tennessean now living in Michigan, I very much miss the warmer spring weather with the colorful azaleas.

  251. Love your new hair style! I Hope I am not out of place but I am worried about our nation at this time. I know that I am in the category of citizen that would be affected to great extent by the virus. I hope all here stay well and Pull through this crises. I am planting tomatoes for something to do!

  252. Here is my choice of watch: Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps

    This is the most versitile set on the site. I love the large dial because I always wear a watch and the dial is easy to read. It is also very conservative and I love that aspect of this brand. It can be worn to dress up or everyday. Perfect! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!! I read your posts every day and have recommended you to all my friends! Keep up the good work!

  253. I love the Infinity Bund. Navy blu, white and silver mesh would go with most of my wardrobe. It would jazz it up too!

  254. Susan, so happy you gave us a close-up of your new haircut and style! It is very flattering on you and will be a great look for the summer too.
    I have never owned a quality watch and so appreciate the chance. Philosopher 40mm bundle silver/brown black mesh straps.
    Please be safe and this shall pass!

  255. My choice would be the “Infinity” bundle. I mostly wear silver jewelry and with the basic band colors it would be perfect for my wardrobe and accessories colors.
    I love these watches and appreciate the opportunity to win.

  256. My Kate Spade watch that I had grown accustomed to wearing every day broke recently. I feel naked without it. I like the Infinity bundle with the white, navy, and mesh band. I prefer silver jewelry since I now sport silver hair.
    Thank you for being a fine style role model for us women of a certain age. I enjoy reading your posts.

  257. Love the infinity, silver, black navy watch… Stopped wearing watches few years ago because of a allergic reaction to the metal straps. Would love to try again with new one. Thank you , Enjoy your blog.
    Grace Fleury
    Beverly Hills, Fl.

  258. I love the Infinity silver bundle, brown, black and mesh band!❤ What a lovely classic watch. You can’t go wrong with a Nordgreen timepiece!
    Ps…your hair is lovely! You have the perfect style!

  259. I love the Native Bundle- White Face, Rose gold mesh and brown leather strap. I love rose gold, I think it’s so pretty! I love the clean lines and feel it will go with alot of clothing choices. Beautiful haircut!!

  260. Love the silver mesh. So sweet of you to have these give always. Love your blog learning so much about fashion .

  261. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for offering the watch drawing from Nordgreen. If I was lucky enough to be picked the winner, I would like the Native Bundle in gold with the white face and the dark brown, black and navy straps. I love gold jewelry and think watch is elegant and sporty at the same time. It would go with everything in my wardrobe.

    Also, thank you for the hair spray tip. Hopefully amazon carries this L’Oreal Satin extra hold spray and I can have it delivered. Now is not time to go shopping. With that said, stay healthy. Thank you for your blog posts. Your tips are wonderful and appreciated.

    Take care, Judy Myers

  262. Susan, I love reading your posts! My favorite watch bundle would be the Native 32mm silver with a navy face and silver mesh strap, navy leather strap, gray leather strap. I love the simplicity and sleek design. It would be a beautiful, elegant timepiece and look great with the navy blue pieces I have for spring. I love to adorn my wrist as sleeve lengths shorten and the weather warms up. Thank you for your positive, informative posts. They bring a smile to my day!

  263. I would be thrilled to win a Nordgreen watch! They are so smart looking! I have worn a beautiful silver watch for years but I often wish I had a good looking soft gold watch like the one in the Native bundle, it is the black dial in rose gold with brown & black leather and gold mesh straps. Your blog has made a difference in my wardrobe and the watch would be a lovely addition. Keep up your great work, my friend & I talk frequently about your tips & guidelines & have so much fun with it!

  264. I would love to have the Philosopher Bundle in rose gold with black, mesh and brown straps. I love the rose gold because it is flattering to my skin type and the black and brown straps would go with my wardrobe. The second hand and date would be good for me because I am getting older and sometimes forget what day it is. Lol. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to own one of these fabulous watches. Very stylish and excellent quality.

  265. Susan, thank you for the lovely give away! My choice would be the Philosopher Bundle in Rose Gold. Thank you for the opportunity.

  266. The Nordgreen is simple but elegant and the fact that you can change the band to match your outfit just makes it more special. I am one of those people that need to know the time and I wear a watch all the time. I would love to win the PHILOSOPHER bundle.
    Have a blessed week.

  267. First of all I love your hair cut. Very sophistication look.

    I think the Philosopher bundle white face, gunmetal strap & brown leather strap, look very nice.

  268. Love that watch! The Philosopher bundle with the black, brown and silver bands would go with anything. I like the contrast with the white face on the watch making it easy to see. I really enjoy your blog. As I read I am shopping way less because I have a nicely curated group of pants, shirts and sweaters that I mix and match. Thanks for the advice and suggestions!

  269. I would choose the Infinity Bundle Silver/White/Navy/Mesh straps. I think that combo would work with most of my wardrobe.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  270. Would love to wear this watch, I like the Infinity – bundle silver/white/navy mesh straps. Thankyou.

  271. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Infinity Black Mesh that you are
    modeling so much!! Fingers crossed!

    Stay healthy

  272. I chose the Infinity bundle in gold with a gold mesh band and a navy band and a pink band. I think it looks so sleek and classy!

  273. I love the style you’re wearing. It’s classic and can be worn dressed up or down for years to com. As I clean out closets, downsize and minimize, I Am drawn to Quality,
    Classic Pieces.

  274. The Native with the whte dial. Mesh bands are not only classice, but have the lovvely look of fine jewelry. Thank you for this lovely opportunity.

  275. I first want to thank you for your blog. I have learned so much about how to dress with casual elegance. If I were to be selected to receive a Nordgreen bundle watch I would choose the 40 mm Philosopher Rose Gold with Brown/Black/Navy straps. The watch itself is beautiful and the straps would accessorize my wardrobe perfectly.

    Blessings to you.
    In Joy,

  276. love the azalea, I had one which bloomed at Easter. Thank you for this blog, and the opportunity to win a watch, I chose the philosopher because it has a second hand, which I require, and also had a great selection of bands.
    ann lee sweeten

  277. Oh, how sleek and classy and under-stated elegance these watches are! I would love to win a bundle. The one I like is Infinity – BUNDLE Rose Gold | Dark Brown / Black / Navy Straps.

    I so appreciate all the work you put into your blog. You are a bright light in living even though we are aging.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Denise von Pressentin

  278. First you have fabulous hair Susan! Love your loose curls 🙂

    Would love to be the lucky person to have a new watch! Such a fabulous clean look and bonus with alternate straps!
    Thanks for offering the possibility to win this.

    Peggy Ann

  279. Native with black, brown and navy straps. I love your jacket. It has just enough to detail to add interest. It’s amazing how dressed up you can look with just jeans and a white Tee. I could wear that look just about anywhere here on the Coast and look approiate. Thanks for taking the trouble to offer us give a ways. We all could use a little fun right now,

  280. I love the Infinity watch bundle. You are such a great role model for me in each and every post. I love your modest but stylish clothing choices and suggestions on how to make the most of classic neutral pieces. Thanks for all you have taught me!

  281. Thank you so much for this offer. I like the Infinity Gold with the black, dark brown and black nylon straps. Actually, they are all beautiful, and it was very hard to choose! Thanks too for the hairspray tip. My haircut is very similar, and I’ve been having trouble since my last cut. I’m going to try your hint in the morning.

  282. I like the Philsopher, mostly because the face is white. The variety of bands provides flexibility with different clothes. By the way, I love your new hairstyle. It is very becoming, but actually I’ve liked all your hairstyles.
    Sandy Hooker

  283. The choice of Nordgren watch you have been wearing looks really good. I went to the website, and decided that
    I like the Infinity Bundle with the silver, black & brown straps.

    Your new hairstyle is a big change, but I really like it. I think it is styled really well in the photo of you in the moto jacket.

  284. Thanks so much Susan for a chance to win. I like the Philosopher silver watch with a white face, but they are all nice. Stay healthy.

  285. I love the Native bundle! The option of the navy band appeals to me as navy is so popular at the moment, but is a classic that will always go with jeans. So nice to have several bands to choose from! Love it.

  286. Thank you for this opportunity. I love the native white face rose gold mesh/ brown leather bundle.
    The watch has the clean classic look I enjoy.
    Love your blog- so many great looks at prices we can afford.

  287. Native white/rose gold bundle I wear a lot of gold and love the brown strap for summer! Your new hairstyle look wonderful. Thank you for all your wonderful tips and another chance to win one of these watches.

  288. Susan – loving your blog! The gold Infinity watch with black, brown and gold mesh bands would be a great accessory. The brown and black bands perfect for casual and sport attire and the gold mesh band adds the bling when I’m out for a night on the town! Thanks so Much!

  289. I love the philosopher style Norgreen watch. The style is so classic and beautiful. I would be very comfortable wearing the watches with a little black dress or my comfy workout outfits. Wonder addition to any outfit.

  290. Susan,
    I love the Native white dial mesh watch for its simplicity and easy to read dial. I praise this company for helping in Australia’s reforestation efforts!

  291. Thanks Susan for all your advice. I would enjoy the classy Philosopher Bundle/ Gunmetal, navy and black mesh bands.
    they dress formal and informal easily and look great. Thanks for the opportunity. I like your hair cut also.

  292. I love the Philosopher Gun Metal watch bundle! The clean lines and simple design, with 3 different bands would really add to my outfits!

  293. The Native Bundle of Nordgreen with the silver metal watches would suit my wardrobe the best. I happen to wear a lot of blues, browns and blacks. I would love a chance to try out this brand, I like the large dial, (my eyes are getting older), the dial’s sleekness, (not chunky), and a wardrobe of different colored watch bands would be ideal. Keeping my fingers crossed to win!

  294. It’s beautiful I it’s simplicity, elegant and easy to read. I would love to win this classic watch.

  295. Hi Susan I like the Infinity Women’s Silver or Black Bundle is nice too. Anything would be nice. Thanks for all you do for us.

  296. I love the Philosopher Bundle, brown, black and silver mesh; this bundle will go with most all of my outfits. I love the design of this watch and would love to own one.

  297. Infinity bundle silver is my choice Susan. I would love to see this gorgeous bundle arrive in my mail in Australia . I was delighted with your info on choosing glasses and now I hope my next pr will be an asset to minimise my lesser desirable age “lines”

  298. I would love to win this watch, not for me, but for my devoted son. I have been ill for 13 years now. He has given me his time and love. Never asking for anything in return. I know he has seen things he would like to have, but instead, helps me with my medical care and everyday expenses. He has sacrificed so much. He has beautiful blue eyes and loves everything blue. I would love to see him have a beautiful classic navy watch like this he could cherish after I am gone. Pioneer 42mm Navy Leather with Black Dial Chronograph with Silver. I know it would be great if he could have extra straps, like brown and black, because I know a watch of this quality will last forever. I love what the company stands for and all the watches are so handsome. Thank you Susan for doing this giveaway. Good luck to everyone!

  299. I love the Infinity mesh with the silver/ grey strap. I have had my old watch for many years now and have been thinking about a new one. I have followed your blog for quite a while – the only blog I follow. Your style really appeals to me. Even though I live in Australia good style is good style. I especially like the way you build on the basics instead of stand alone things too much. Because I’m not in the US it’s probably not possible to win but I thought I’d try. Thanks again for all your great ideas. Claudia

  300. Hello Susan
    I am humbled by your generosity to be offered a chance to be lucky enough to be chosen for one of the Nordgreen watches. I have selected the following bundle: https://nordgreen.com/collections/womens-bestselling-watches/products/native-bundle-white-dial-silver-dark-brown-leather-black-leather-navy-leather-watch-strap?variant=31141997150271. The Nordgreen watch I selected is first and foremost aesthetically pleasing. The design is timeless, versatile, and would be the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Thank you so much, Susan, for offering this to us. May you and yours stay healthy and happy during these turbulent times.

  301. I love this one…….Native – BUNDLE White Dial Silver | Dark Brown Leather / Black Leather / Navy Leather Strap. This set will go with everything!! You are a genius with clothing. The capsule travel wardrobe is amazing!! I am moving this summer from my home of 26 years to a Townhome so I will be downsizing everything including my wardrobe. I will be using your ideas to get my clothing under control. Thank you so much!!

  302. I like the Native/White Dial/Gold watch. I don’t wear any silver (I’m a warm in colors), so gold is my choice. The watch looks very comfortable and looks great with all your clothes.

  303. What a beautiful watch. Classy and simple; fits my lifestyle to a “T”. For my watch choice, I’ve selected the: Philosopher-BUNDLE Silver with Brown, Black, Blue leather straps. I love the large silver case, with easy to read white face. As I age, the larger the better. Also, having the versatility of 3 band choices without 3 watches is so convenient. The silver case better matches my now white 70+ hair and maturing skin tone. The brown, black, and blue bands go well with my wardrobe colors, weather for home or travel. Hope I win!

  304. At 83 years of age and the recent loss of my husband, I have been following your blog in an attempt to keep from falling into old age. You have helped immensely with your beauty and clothing suggestions in keeping me in the right direction. Thank you so much. I am in love with the I infinity bundle silver/mesh’ and grey leather strap. As I think it is more up to date and probably what you would pick for me to maintain somewhat of a youthful and stylish look.

  305. I love that the Nordgreen’s design and philanthropy is focussed on planting trees in Australia after the bushfires. I find it inspiring that the watch set called Philosopher which I adore as a classic and I love that it is designed to help us to celebrate our ability to think differently, learn from the past, act now, and create a better future. We need this now more than ever. x

  306. Hi Susan

    I love the Infinity white/navy and silver bundle best as now I have reduced the colours in my wardrobe it would go with everything
    Stay safe both of you and look after each other

    Best wishes

  307. I would love to have a Norgren watch, especially the Infinity bundle with white, navy & silver mesh straps. It is so classy and would go with every outfit!!

  308. The Infinity Bundle Silver/Brown/Black Mesh Straps would be lovely to win. Thank you for the tips and blogs. I look forward to reading them.

  309. I wear a watch every day and like to change them to suit my outfit and mood. I view watches as an accessory. I like the Infinity bundle-silver, white and navy mesh. It matches my coloring and upcoming spring and summer wardrobe.

  310. Native – BUNDLE White Dial Rose Gold | Mesh / Brown Leather Strap. This would be my choice. Suitable for all occasions. The rose gold metal will match my 50 years wedding anniversary eternity ring and the leather strap when I am out walking my dog. All of the watches look lovely. Jenny Campos.

  311. I would like the Pioneer – BUNDLE Black Dial Rose Gold | Olive Green Nylon / Brown Leather / Rose Gold Mesh Strap.

  312. Oh Susan! Thanks so much for another chance to win a Nordgreen watch bundle. I absolutely love the Gold Native with the black face. Then with the brown navy and black bands…awesome. I asked my husband for this bundle for Christmas but for some reason it didn’t make it under the tree. .

  313. I love these watches. I would like the Infinity Silver -White, Navy, Silver bundle. Navy is such a fresh new neutral right now .. the watch would be perfect with so many outfits.

    Thank you!
    Carol Mason

  314. What a great offer. I would be interested in the “Infinity” bundle in silver. I prefer sleek and simple jewelry and this watch style is exactly what I would enjoy.

  315. The Philosopher rose gold giveaway is A lovely watch and the planting of trees in Australia is a superb and worthwhile marketing campaign that attracts me to the product.

  316. Susan,
    Thank you for the opportunity. I am drawn to the Native, with black face, gun metal, black leather strap and you choose the third strap. Love your hair! Stay well.
    Yvonne Jones

  317. I like the Philosopher set. Those watch bands would be great colors for me to wear. Thank you for this giveaway.

  318. I like the Native Bundle. I didn’t see the one on your blog, but it is pretty, too. And as you say goes with a lot. I like Native because my basic jewelry is gold.

  319. Somebody is going to love this watch. After seeing it on Susan in many photos, I asked for one for xmas. Have never been a big fan of watches on my wrist. This watch is sooooo comfortable that I don’t even realize I have it on. It’s beautiful and stylish and extremely nice quality. I might order the black mesh band just to have a change from the silver once in awhile. And Susan, cannot believe you have a full bloom azalea. Atlanta has had daffodils in bloom for a month now and also seeing the pear trees, forsythia, and cherry trees in bloom now. But. no azaleas yet. Love the new way you’re styling the new haircut too!

  320. Hi Susan–please enter me in the “basket.” I’d love to win the Infinity bundle with sliver, brown/black, and mesh bands. It is sleek, sophisticated, and fun…what more can you ask for?!?!?

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  321. Hello Susan,

    After viewing the Nordgreen watches for the second time, I found the choice difficult as they are all very elegant and lovely.
    However, in view of my dreadful memory regarding dates and the fact the Philosopher watches have a date function, they became my choice.
    The Philosopher Bundle silver/brown/black/mesh straps 40mm was my favourite bundle and, individually, I loved the Philosopher silver watch 40mm.

    Kind regards,

  322. Philosopher Gunmetal/Brown/Black Bundle
    It is so stunning, sleek & totally stylish with such sophistication!

  323. I love the “Native” in rose gold. I’ve recently begun to wear watches again (how silly to have stopped!) and I like its thinner profile. The rose gold gives it a touch of glam, I think.

  324. Good Morning, Susan. I enjoy your emails and love your style as it is similar to mine. The Bundle I would choose would be the Infinity Bundle Rose Gold/Dark Brown/Black/Navy Straps.

    The picture of your azalea was a delight as I woke up to a little snow on the ground.

  325. Bonjour Susan et bonjour à tous. J’adore le look simple et élégant de la tenue avec la veste aux manches trois quart. Et cette coupe de cheveux est superbe. J’ai envie de la même. Si je devais gagner une montre Nordgreen, je choisirai : Natif | Cadran blanc – Cuir Vegan noir 32mm. Elle serait juste parfaite et adaptée à ma petite taille. Bon courage à vous et à tous en ces temps de crise épidémique mondiale. Ici, en France, les magasins restent fermés et nous devons sortir le moins possible de nos maisons. Evelyne.

  326. I love the sleek look of Infinity – BUNDLE Gold | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps. Just a very handsome watch. Your new shorter style really makes your eyes pop, very attractive.

  327. My watch choice is the Native, white dial brown leather in gold. My normal look is chic casual and this watch will complement my style. I enjoy your blog and love the BeautyCounter skincare products. I switched from Lancome and have been very pleased.
    Carolyn Stroup

  328. I would love the Infinity silver/black/brown mesh bundle. I only own one gold watch which I wear daily. This Bundle would be a wonderful addition to my wardrobe. Thank you.

  329. That is very generous of you and Norgreen to give away a watch. I always admire your jewelry-not too much, but always classy. I like the Infinity Bundle Silver/Brown/Black/Silver Mesh. I am thinking about purchasing the pearl lariat. I saw you wear it while you were on vacation. Nice!

  330. I recently discovered your blog and as a newly 60 year old love that you share so much. I went to the Nordgreen site and fell in love with the elegant, clean lines of the Native/White Dial brown leather watch.

  331. The Infinity silver bundle /brown, black, mesh would be my choice of these very beautiful watches that anyone would love to have. Thank you for the opportunity to win one! A bright spot in an otherwise uncertain world. I think I’m getting used to the haircut, though I really think the longer style suited you .

  332. I love your watch:) my choice would be the bundle silver/grey watch band. I wear a lot of silver jewelry and accessories so it would look great with my wardrobe.
    Have a terrific day and stay healthy during this pandemic!

  333. I love the Native Bundle with the white face, brown and black leather and rose gold mesh straps. Thank you so much!

  334. I really like the bundle you show in the picture…if not that one than the Native white face bundle.
    Thank you!

  335. I like the Native watch, too. The sleek simple but elegant style would fit well with my classic wardrobe.

  336. Fingers crossed! I would love the Native Rose Gold bundle with the green mesh, brown leather, and the mesh bands. My wrists are so narrow. Thanks

  337. Infinity white face with silver, black and brown mesh straps. Beautiful!!! Your haircut is so flattering and compliments your face.
    Ive also been wondering, does your beauty regime change from winter to spring/summer? I appreciate all that you share with your followers.
    Have a wonderful day!

  338. Infinity white face with silver, black and brown mesh straps. Beautiful!!! Your haircut is so flattering and compliments your face.
    Ive also been wondering, does your beauty regime change from winter to spring/summer? I appreciate all that you share with your followers.

    1. I do change my skincare routine in the summer. I require a lighter moisturizer and more frequent cleansing. I also keep the mist here in the refrigerator. I mist my face several times a day.

  339. Good morning Susan,” Happy St Patrick’s Day.” You looked lovey in this post especially your new hair style. Your hair style in the black leather jacket is stunning. Your previous posts have always been inspiring but now with the new isolation policy of people in their homes, it is even more welcoming. Your effortless style inspires many woman who have almost given up with their chose of clothes. I LOVE the INFINITY SILVER MESH bundle with assorted straps.
    It will indeed go with many styles of dress. Thank you for being you and helping to calm our nerves in this trying time.

  340. Hi Susan! Thanks for the inspiring blogs. I really like the Philosopher style in the Nordgreen watch family… and the black mesh strap. The white and dove grey straps would round out my bundle! Thanks for choosing to promote a company that is rebuilding Australia by planting trees. You may love the book “The Overstory”. A beautiful story about how important trees are in our lives. Have a great day! Sue

  341. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for offering the free watch bundle. I would love to win the watch:

    Native Bundle, White Dial Rose Gold/Brown/Black/Rose Gold Mesh Strap

    Thank you and just love your new hairstyle. It wasn’t a mistake that the stylist cut your hair shorter – it was a vision for a different look and feel. I love the picture of you in the moto jacket and jeans.

    Stay well and Mr. Mickey too!

  342. Hi Susan,
    I love your style and always admire your Nordgreen watch in your posts. I would love the versatility of being able to switch watch bands. My favorite bundle is the Infinity bundle in silver, white and navy straps. Thanks for this opportunity to own a beauty.
    Your new hair cut is beautiful. Love watching how you change your hair.
    Hoping you and Mr. Mickey stay healthy.

  343. I love the infinity silver, whit and navy mesh bundle. Navy is my favorite color and the silver and white would be fantastic for summer.

  344. Love the sleekness of the Philosopher bundle! These are really similar to the Skagen watches that I have worn for years.

  345. I am a new subscriber and so enjoy your posts. Your style is elegant and timeless. How exciting for giveaways! I love the versatility of Infinity bundle; the watch looks classy yet practical. Thank you so much for sharing with your subscribers. You have a unique talent and are generous to share with others!

  346. Susan, I recently ordered Dr. Fuhrman’s “Eat to Live” and his “Eat toLive Cookbook”. Thanks so much for the advice. I have always been a fairly healthy eater (chips are my downfall) and have always exercised….. but at 67 I weigh 10 pounds more than I did at 60. I am now eating more fresh fruit (my breakfast) and more vegetables and less dairy. I feel better and my clothes are fitting better. You are a delight! Anyway, the Nordgreen watches are beautiful and I would be “over the moon” to win any of them!

  347. Hi Susan,

    Just ordered one of your beautiful scarves–can’t wait til it arrives.

    I love the Nordgreen watch because of its slim lines and simplicity and especially having interchangeable straps. Would love to be the winner of this beautiful watch.

  348. I am loving the Infinity bundle with white, navy and sliver mesh! Navy and white combos say springtime to me, plus super stylish. Thanks for all of your good advice!!

  349. First: I just want to say that I love your new hair cut! It looks really great and easy to care for. I went to the watch site and chose the Infinity, silver, with white, navy and mesh bands. I dress casually most of the time, but thanks to you and a minimalist course I am editing and downsizing my closet. I’m really enjoying your posts.

    They are the best for me, I’m 73 and find so much these days is directed at a much younger audience. But your website is awesome! I really enjoy your style and choices in clothing. I am able to take your ideas and suggestions and apply them to my lifestyle and wardrobe.

    Thanks again for sharing an interesting and informative site for those of us Babyboomers that still are full of life and ready to enjoy what comes.

    Rhoda Clark

  350. I have never posted before, so it is about time Love your new hair style
    I visited the Nordgreen site for watches.
    I love the Philosopher packet. First, the style of the watch is simple and classy at the same time. That is the style I go for in my wardrobe.
    Second, the colors, black, silver, and brown work well for what I wear. I wear lots of gray, which the black band of the watch would complement. Also, black band works for dressier style.
    Gray band of course compliments my black I wear and can go with just about anything.
    And the brown band would be my favorite because it goes with my casual, yet want to look classy and put together look.
    Each band black, gray, and brown would be an added accent to my casual yet classy style I strive to achieve!

  351. Pioneer – BUNDLE Black Dial Gun Metal | Brown Leather/ Black Leather Strap is my favorite and would make an awesome surprise gift for my hubby who recently had his daily watch break. Loving the hair style too.

  352. I love your haircut! I’ve worn my hair in a bob for more years than I’d like to say. It’s a good style for me, but I’ve been thinking I need a change. I may show my hair dresser your picture. My watch choice would be Infinity, silver, bundle black mesh, brown and black leather bands. Thank you!

  353. Good morning Susan
    Your azaleas cheer me up. I live in upstate NY. We are supposed to travel
    to the Smokies in one month but it may have to be cancelled because of the
    travel warnings.
    I like the Norgreen Infinity silver white navy mesh 32mm bundle.
    It would look fabulous with all my navy and white outfits. for spring and summer.
    I love your blog. I am thinking of transitioning to gray hair now that it is probably
    more socially responsible to cancel my hair appointments but I will need to
    go through a “process” to transition I am sure. You certainly are an inspiration
    to being proud of your natural hair after 60!
    Keep blogging even if you cannot go out with Mr Mikey for a while.

  354. I like the white dial. It is easy to see. The black band goes with everything. I like your new haircut

  355. Love the Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | White / Navy / Mesh Straps. With my silver hair and cool coloring, the colors are beautiful. The contemporary, but simple look goes with all my outfits. It would make me feel up-to-date as well as easy to read. And my daughters and grand daughters would think mom is cool!

  356. Infinit bundle with a white dial, silver, brown and black leather straps is my favorite bundle. The watch was one of the things that I recognized when I met you and Mr. Mickey at the Visitors Center in Hendersonville.

  357. The watch is very stylish and would go with anything. I like them all but especially the philosopher

  358. I selected the 32mm Infinity watch with silver to match the jewelry I already wear. The bands I selected were brown, black, and white leather. They would best blend with my wardrobe.
    I’ve enjoyed your blog for a few years now. We seem to be the same age. Thank you!

  359. I can’t wait for our azaleas to bloom. I love the interchangeable bands on these watches and since I have both gold and silver I thought the Infinity – BUNDLE Rose Gold | Mesh / White / Navy Straps would be a perfect addition and give me more variety.

  360. Wow, so many comments! Everyone loves a giveaway! I love the Philosopher bundle, would go with everything I have. Brown, black and silver. Stay well, my husband and I have just recovered from some bug that lasted for 3 weeks!

  361. I like the sleek elegance of the Rosegold Native. The style reminds me of the watch my dad wore when I was little. (His wasn’t pink )

  362. I love your outfit and my favorite Nordgreen bundle was the Infinity because the straps are all classic colors I could wear with anything. Plus the dial is big snd easy to read.

  363. The Infinity bundle is especially lovely. Thank you for your interesting emails and focus on style and enduring fashion.

  364. I would absolutely LOVE the Native Bundle, White face dial with Brown, Black and Navy bands! So classy and able to go with the basics. I always look forward to your blogs – I’m 58 and making huge improvements in my fashion style thanks to your styling tips. They make so much sense but I didn’t see it before! Thank you for what you do and how it helps boost our self images especially as we are aging 🙂

  365. Oh Susan, your hair looks great. I would love to win the silver, white and navy mesh watch bundle as it would go with everything I wear, because I’m a “cool” or “winter”, and wear black, grey, white, and navy in the majority of my wardrobe. Love your blogs, just wish there were more lol. Stay safe with this horrible virus going around.

  366. Pioneer with brown, black, silver mesh style bracelet. I like this one for practical (as well as style) reasons. I can keep track of the time in the time zones my children live in. No more waking them with too early phone or text messages!

  367. I am a new member to your blog and already enjoying it. For a long time I have wondered about proper clothing for women over 60. I am 5’7″ 120 lbs. Often only things in my size are advertised as being for those in 30’s…..or less.
    I’m not sure I am entering properly for watch, but I am interested in : native/white dial silver, bundle – brown leather/black leather,/silver mesh.
    Thanks for future help you will give me:)

  368. I like the white dial. You continue to be a leader in creating a peaceful, healthy lifestyle. Love your hair style.

  369. Hi Susan. Your hair is beautiful! I really like the Infinity 32mm white face with silver mesh/black leather/gray leather straps. I have a very small wrist, and I think this size is best for me. I also like the strap connection hidden underneath for a cleaner look. The colors will go great with my wardrobe. I have been looking for a nice watch since I lost mine last year. It was a wedding present from my husband 15 years ago, and I have cried over losing it. Thank you for this opportunity to win a beautiful quality watch!

  370. This is my favorite:

    Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | White / Navy / Mesh Straps

    I like this bundle because of the colors – I think they would look great in the warmer months to come.

    Thank you!


  371. I love your azalea bush. That would be beautiful to look at everyday. I liked the Philosopher sliver, brown/black bundle. It would look really nice with the type of clothing I tend to wear. I look forward to reading your blog everyday.

  372. Hi Susan!
    I love the Infinity Bundle with it’s Silver/White/Navy bands. Those colors are my new favorites and coordinate perfectly with my Spring wardrobe! I hope you pick me because I will be forever grateful and will thoroughly enjoy Mt new Norgreen watch!!

  373. Hi Susan,
    I love your blog! Absolutely has helped me choose my wardrobe more carefully. I would love the Norgreen watch. I would like if chosen the Native model dial size 40mm with a silver dial case and white dial colour a dove grey vegan leather strap and or a silver mesh strap. If a third is included then a brown leather strap would be my third choice. Thank you and Norgreen for these wonderful giveaways. Joan

  374. Love, love, love the philosopher watch face. It’s simple and elegant, and easy for me to see without glasses 😉

  375. Reading your blog is like meeting a friend for coffee every day. Your ideas are practical and easy to wear. I love your new hair style.
    As a very busy grandmother, I’m always on the go with one or the other grandkids. The Infinity watch Bundle with brown, mesh and black bands and it’s classic style, easy to read numbers, would add to the “with it” granny look I so like to portray. Keep on blogging!

  376. I love the Infinity with the black mesh that you are wearing..It would go with anything that I wear and it looks so good and stylish…Have a beautiful day Susan…..Nola Frisbee from Candler NC

  377. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your information and great tips Susan. I love your casual look and gorgeous hair style.

  378. The Native bundle (black dial/rose gold/brown leather/black leather/rose gold mesh) is my favorite – it’s versatile and certainly can be worn with any outfit and still look elegant

  379. Native Set. Love the Rose Gold Mesh

    Dear Susan,
    I love following your advice for women our age. As the saying goes, “Age is only a number”.
    Like you I have very white hair but, mine is quite straight. I have a wonderful gal who only cuts hair and keeps me looking younger than I am.
    I really like how you show us to wear pants and lower heels to our advantage. So, I study your choices very carefully. I have a bad habit of not changing handbags except for church.
    I am tall and healthy and size 12. —————————and 80. How in the world did hat happen so fast.
    I notice some of your pictures are taken in Lewisburg, WV. We have been there several times when traveling East from Indiana. Love that little town and their restaurants.
    Thank you for your Blog.
    Wilma Austin




  381. I like Philosopher – BUNDLE Silver | Brown / Black /Mesh, this bundle would work well with almost every outfit I have. The watch is sleek looking and fashionable looking.

  382. I love your posts and look forward to reading about your daily style tips. Thank you for offering the watch bundle. I especially am drawn to the Nordgreen Infinity – BUNDLE Rose Gold | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps, as it would blend so well with so many things in my wardrobe. The watch is classy and sleek and just what I need to complete.my outfits.

    p.s. Also, I especially loved the photo of your new hairstyle as it is swept over to the side, that styling makes you look ten years younger!

  383. Thanks for some positive vibes during this time … I love the Infinity Bundle 32mm Silver black/brown/mesh set! Would go so perfectly with my ‘renovated’ wardrobe, thanks to your posts!

  384. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for the hairstyle close-ups, I love the layers. I may go a little shorter next time and try this style. The watch bundle i love the most if “Infinity Bundle – silver/brown/black/mesh. This one has the most “looks” that go with my entire wardrobe. The silver mesh is a fun somewhat sparkly choice, while i view the other 2 as perfect for day to day work. Amy

  385. I really like the Philosopher bundle, they are beautiful. I love the silver mesh. I wear mostly silver jewelry and this watch will work well with my style. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these bundles.

  386. I like the Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps as it is classic and goes with everything. Thanks for your inspiration and wisdom!!

  387. Thanks for keeping me grounded. I love the Philosopher bundle, so casual, yet so dressy.
    I enjoy your posts.

  388. The native Bundle with white dial and rose gold mess and brown leather strap is lovely. Thank you for this opportunity to own one.

  389. Infinity Gold with the brown, black and navy leather bands, is my absolute favorite. It will go with most of my jewelry and my wardrobe. Not much of a silver person. Love your blog. It is comforting to know I can still rock an outfit that a lady as stylish as you are wearing. Your azaleas are just gorgeous. Mine, that are due to be in full bloom any day now are white. Such an optimistic sight during this virus.

  390. Hello Susan, I love your blog! Your new haircut is very becoming, you are so lucky to have natural curly hair.
    I would love to be the recipient of the beautiful watch bundle. Thanks for having a blog for the over 60 gals.
    Crossing my fingers from chilly Stillwater Minnesota.

  391. I really like the bundle with silver mesh, white and gray leather bands. I am tying to rock my light grey hair look and I think these colors would be elegant or casual. Thank you!

  392. I have several of you’re beautiful scarves and to complete the look I would love to have the watch.
    I favor the silver with black numerals and a brown and black and diver mesh band.
    How fun to have a chance to win one.
    Thank you

  393. The infinity bundle in navy, silver and mesh. I love the navy strap and beautiful face on this watch. It will go with dressy and casual outfits just as yours does.

  394. Native – BUNDLE White Dial Rose Gold | Brown Leather / Black Leather / Rose Gold Mesh Strap

    I love your blog and your generosity! Thank you, Susan Nearing Seventy

  395. The Philosopher Bundle in Rose Gold is my favorite. When WW II ended, my Uncle Jim was on a train headed to Atlanta to the VA hospital. When the train went through Seney, a tiny burg by the railroad tracks south of Rome, GA, my Aunt Ruth was on the porch when she saw him throw a package out the train window. Inside was a rose gold watch which was a family heirloom for many years. I don’t know what finally happened to it. Styles have changed many times since then but rose gold persists.

  396. I like the Native bundle with black, brown and navy straps. It fits my color preferences.
    Thanks for another giveaway chance!

    LOVE your hair. Adds a classy, but youthful appearance.
    The flowering bush is gorgeous!

  397. I love the Native rose gold watch with the black face. As I’ve matured, I’ve found that wearing lots of black doesn’t work as well for me as it used to. I’ve begun to use accents of black to highlight and contrast with a softer colorway around my face. For example, I recently purchased a JJill top in a rosy rust color. It looks great with black, brown, white or navy pants, and I wear a floral scarf with a black background. This makes my skin glow from the rosy color, and the black accents really give this simple outfit a dramatic dash. I sound like SUSAN, don’t I?

  398. Love the Philosopher – BUNDLE Gun Metal | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps. Such fun to look and dream!! I love these surprise give aways…. there’s always hope that I might be a lucky one some day!! Stay healthy!!!

  399. The watches are beautiful! I really like the Native 32mm watch with the white dial. As a bundle I would like gunmetal, gold and silver bands. I find this combination would coordinate beautifully with my wardrobe. The look is timeless as well as elegant. I would love to own this bundle and would wear it proudly.

    Thanks Susan for the opportunity!

    Norma Houze

  400. I would love to have the opportunity to wear The Philospher Bundle Code Onetree. I personally live to wear my watches with my outfits and gives my look that awwww look. Have a great day.

  401. Love the Nordgreen Native with navy dial, gunmetal case & gunmetal mesh band. Love the comfort of the mesh band & the sleek high style of the gunmetal with the navy dial. I can see this totally fitting in with my new relaxed, retired life style. I am sure that it would be a standout on my wrist. Thank you & Nordgreen for this exciting opportunity. Love your blog, have been a fan before you were “Susan After 60”.

  402. The White dial with brown, black snd silver straps would take you anywhere you wanted to go. Would love this set

  403. First a big thank you to Nordgreen for this watch give away and their commitment to plant trees. My choice would be The Philosopher Bundle Silver/ Brown/Black/Mesh Straps. I wear a watch everyday. This bundle would be perfect, allowing a strap change to style every outfit. As a women, also my 60’s, thank you for sharing wonderful advice .

  404. I love the Philosopher set!! All of the bands are mesh and I love that look, and those colors: silver, black, and brown!!!
    Thank you!!!

  405. All these choices! Took me forever to decide – ha!
    This is what I selected:
    Infinity Silver, dove grey leather, white leather, black nylon.

    Sending everyone good luck.
    And, thanks to you, Susan, and your affiliate Nordgreen.

  406. The native size 32 mm in silver with the navy, black and brown straps is my choice for a bundle with 2 extra straps. I chose this because it has a classic,elegant look. Silver works well with my cool tone skin.
    Since I wear jeans very often, the navy blue strap would work perfectly. Navy is a basic color in my wardrobe and I wear a lot of it. I wear some black and some brown as basic colors as well. I just love the classic, timeless design of this style, and I would love to win it! Thank you

  407. The native silver, white face 32mm with navy, dark brown and black bands is my choice for a bundle with 2 extra bands. I chose it because of its classic, elegant look. Navy is the basic color of my wardrobe and I wear a lot of it, including jeans on most days. I also wear gray, black and brown. The silver goes well with my cool tone skin. This watch is beautiful in its causual elegance. I would love to win this bundle! Thank you.

  408. Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | White / Navy / Mesh Straps
    Love this combination for summer in the South! I wear A LOT of navy and white in the summer and this would be perfect with every outfit! Thank you for showing these gorgeous watches and thank you to Nordgreen for the watch giveaway.

  409. Hi Susan, you always know how to put a smile on my face!
    Thank you for all you do! I chose the Infinity BUNDLE Silver| Brown/Black/ Mesh straps because it looks classic &
    can be worn for most occasions.
    Regards, Jennie Pappas

  410. First of all I absolutely love your shorter hair style, maybe because I have a very similar style myself. It looks wonderful, and compliments you so nicely.
    As for the watch, it is lovely. I haven’t worn a watch in years, got use to using my phone. What would we do without our phones? I would be ecstatic to share your look of this impressive watch on my arm. Oh by the way I share with everyone of my lady friends , even store representatives (J.Jill, T.J.Max , Talbots, etc)
    about your blogs. Our conversations many times are about what you had blogged for that week. We love you, thank youJoan

  411. I like “Infinity – BUNDLE Gold | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps”. As I get older it is harder to see many of the dials on today’s watches. I prefer gold, since my wedding band is gold and I’m right-handed, believing that metals on one hand should be the same. Brown and black bands are very neutral and versatile. – Thank you

  412. I like Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps very elegant. Love that hairspray also.

  413. I am new to your blog Susan and loving the helpful tips you share each week. What a wonderful idea to brighten everyone’s spirits in these challenging times with a give-away gift of time. Personally, I love all of these watches and would be thrilled with any. I particularly like the look of the Native Bundle with the black dial and silver and the interchangeable straps of silver, navy and black since those are all colours I wear frequently. Many thanks for your blog!

  414. Hi Susan,
    I like the Native/white dial mesh 32mm
    black mesh strap silver-32mm and gray leather strap silver 32mm bundle. I think the watch is low profile looking, but is elegant at the same time. I would be thrilled to win the watch.

    On a side note, I love your Azalea, we love flowers too, aren’t you blessed to be able to see this kind of beauty from your kitchen window.

  415. Philosopher – BUNDLE Gun Metal | Mesh / Brown Leather Strap

    This bundle would be my preference to wear with everything but primarily everyday jeans and sweaters and other sporty or casual outfits. Thanks for this opportunity.

  416. Susan, I have been following your blog for several years but only recently subscribed. I thoroughly enjoy reading all of your posts. The information you share is always helpful. The Infinity Bundle Silver/Navy/Black/Mesh Straps is so beautiful and classy and would complement my wardrobe. Thank you!

  417. I love the Infinity Silver/White/Navy/Mesh Strap. I wear a lot of navy and white and my hair is about the same color as yours.

  418. What a beautiful watch! I am drawn to the white Infinity bundle. Sleek and very sophisticated!

  419. Being an Autumn in coloring, I usually wear gold jewelry, so the gold Infinity with the white face would be my choice. I am also 5’7″ and have recently lost 20 pounds so my 10’s now fit again. I will look for a MoTo jacket as you suggested. Thank you for all your blog help. – Kathy

  420. What a beautiful watch. I am drawn to the white Infinity bundle. It looks wonderfully sleek and sophisticated! Thank you for doing this. 🙂

  421. It feels funny to comment with the world in isolation, but thank you for hosting a giveaway. I like the Native bundle with the black face, brown, black, and rose gold bands. I think it would go with my wardrobe. BTW my 59th birthday is this Friday. Take care and stay safe.

  422. Susan, I love the Nordgreen watches – at least how they look on you and on the website! I had not heard of this brand until I read about it here on your blog. I would love to win the Philosopher Bundle. I like that it has the versatility of brown, black, and mesh bands. Gosh, the bundle could be worn with everything. Thank you for entering me in your Watch Giveaway!

  423. I like your new hair style and really enjoy this classic, practical blog. I have purchased Sheec socks multiple times since reading about them. I love them and bought them for all my daughters-in-law. Also the long line bra. Thank you,

    I like the infinity Rose Gold bundle with the mesh, brown and black bands because of the versatility of all the styles that one would have in this bundle- casual, sophisicated and in between.

  424. I love the Native in gold with the brown band. It’s a beautiful watch. It would go with my wardrobe and other jewelry I wear.

  425. How wonderful that you’re able to give away such a fabulous watch. I’m drawn to the Native Black Dial Siver bundled with the Silver Mesh, Navy Nylon , and Black Leather bands. It’s beautiful, sleek and can be dressed up or casual.

  426. Hi Susan – Thanks for the chance to win. I would love to have the Philosopher – BUNDLE Rose Gold | Green Nylon / Grey / White Straps My white watch ( summertime watch) died last fall and I have been looking for a replacement. I love the idea of three watches in one ! Thanks also for your posts about dressing casually. We live in a retirement community ( I just turned 65 ) and have breakfast everyday on the top floor of our building with some of the other people from the 53 apartments here – in a room with a beautiful view! I am learning from you how to dress casually, but carefully put together! Sometimes that is the only time we are out of our apartment ( the virus stay in time and my husband had a heart attack in February so we are being VERY careful) and when we are home I like to look nice and stylish…not sloppy. Thank you for all your inspiration and advice. Take care, stay healthy, and blessings to you !

  427. The Philosopher Bundle with the 36 mm watch would be truly awesome! It is really sharp and would go with just about anything. I’ve been planning to get a watch–it has gotten to be a hassle to get out my phone every time I need to see what time it is. Thanks so much for all your insights–you have given me so many practical tips that have really helped me always have something appropriate to wear. You have actually changed my life for the better!

  428. I love the Infinity watch with the black leather band, it is as dressy as I need. I also enjoy reading all your emails and your clothes are beautiful. Your new hair cut is stunning.

  429. Dear Susan, Thank you for offering your devoted subscribers this wonderful giveaway!
    My choice would be the lovely Infinity 32” with Silver, Brown & Black interchangeable straps, because my wrist size calls for a smaller watch face, and classic neutral colors worn with silver jewelry accents are my signature wardrobe staples. Thanks again!

    Best regards,
    Annette Jacques

  430. I like the Philosopher! watch bundle. And, thank you for providing fun and fashion during a time of deep concern regarding the Covid-19. Keep it going!

  431. I love this style of watch. Have been wearing oversized watches with different straps since Jr High( the 60’s).Sometimes l bought a man’s watch in order to get the large size face.

    I chose the PHILOSOPHER style (40mm / SILVER with WHITE FACE), BLACK LEATHER strap with SILVER MESH & PATINA GREY LEATHER straps as extras.


  432. I would love to win Philosopher-Bundle Silver/Brown/Black/Mesh straps. I really like your style
    and have “upped my game” recently!! This watch would be the finishing touch!!!

  433. I would love to win a watch bundle! I choose the Infinity Bundle with silver, brown and black mesh bands. I know those colors would cover any outfit I might be wearing. I love the style of watch, as it is very easy to read! Thank you for this opportunity, Susan!

  434. I love the Infinity, as it has a white face and big number markings, which makes it very easy to read! I would love to win the bundle that includes silver, brown and black mesh bands. Those colors would cover any outfit I may be wearing. Thank you for this opportunity, Susan!

  435. I love your blog have been following you for a few years now. You are the best inspiration for all of us over 60. Your pick as an example watch is a dream pairing. I also like the Native White Dial -Black Leather, it’s sleek and I don’t have one in silver and black with the larger dial face.

  436. Love the women’s infinity silver bundle!
    Very nice!
    Would be a great birthday gift—-I turned 66 today, St. Patrick’s Day.
    Thanks for all you do for your readers!

  437. I would love any watch that I see on their website…..but I am drawn to the one on their home page that has a black face with the copper coloured band

  438. My favorite Nordgreen bundle would have to be the Infinity. It would go with everything, is simple but elegant.

  439. Hi Susan.

    Thanks for sharing the photo of the beautiful azalea.

    Would love to win the Native bundle Black face Rose Gold/Brown Leather/Black Leather/Rose Gold Mesh Strap. The dark dial as well as the straps are distinctive yet classic.

    Thanks for all that you share with us.


  440. Thanks for the opportunity to win a watch bundle. I like the Native bundle with black dial and silver with silver mesh/ navy nylon and black leather straps. I like the black dial because I find it easier to read and the various colored straps would be very versatile. Hope everyone stays healthy during this challenging time for our world.

  441. Love your beautiful haircut. As for the watch, I would love to win! Philosopher would be my first choice. Thank you most sincerely.

  442. Dear Susan,

    Regarding those beautiful watches…. I like the silver face with the brown, black, and mesh straps the best. These band options cover so many outfits that one would put together for casual or more dressy occasions in any season! I personally prefer silver tone jewelry for my skin tone and feel like that looks best on most people rather than gold. These watches are special and lend a rich look to an ensemble,

    Sharon Burkhardt
    Kettering, Ohio

  443. I love them all. This is a wonderful organization. I appreciate all that they do for our environment. If given a choice, and money no object, I love the mesh bands. And love your haircut, also.

  444. Hi Susan
    I don’t usually enter your giveaways as I live so far away in Australia. But as I now face an initial 3 months of self isolating as advised by my specialist doctor, I thought why not!
    I would really love the Native – BUNDLE White Dial Silver | Brown Leather / Black Leather / Silver Mesh Strap.
    I love your blog. To you and Mr Mickey, keep safe and happy. Kx

  445. Hello Susan!

    The watch bundle I like the most is the Philosopher Bundle Silver – Brown/Black/Mesh (in sliver). I think this is a very elegant and classic look. I have a silver mesh Timex that I love and would cherish a luxury version.
    I love your blog and YouTube videos. You are truly inspiring!

    Many thanks,

    Cathy Darlington

  446. Thanks for another opportunity to win a Nordgreen watch. I am partial to the Infinity bundle – silver/brown/black.
    I have enjoyed your blog and you’ve taught me to shop more wisely. I can’t count the number of times I’ve purchased something because it was on sale or it was pretty (just not on me). I look forward to your posts and especially during this time.

  447. Hi Susan! My favorite watch is the Infinity Silver Bundle with brown, black, And silver mesh bands. I have the same coloring as you- silver hair, fair skin, but brown eyes- and I love the colors in this bundle. I also have a small wrist and the smaller size is best for me. Choosing a favorite is a tough one, as all of their watches are lovely.

  448. Love the watch. I do read your blog every time I get notice that a new post is up. Love your style. I have been wearing scarves lately, not only do they look good, but they keep the back of my neck warm. The new do is great!

  449. Hi Susan!
    My favorite watch bundle is the one you feature in this blog. It would go with everything in my current wardrobe.
    Thank you for this kind offer.
    By the way, your new hairstyle looks great on you. Very flattering. Is it easier and quicker getting ready in the morning?
    Wishing you good health,

  450. The Philosopher Bundle Silver, black/brown leather in a 36mm would definitely be my choice.
    I had no idea that Nordgreen had such an ethical GIVING BACK PROGRAMME.
    I live in West Gippsland, Victoria, Australia and even if I am not lucky enough to win the Norgreen watch giveaway, I will certainly consider buying one of their beautiful, classic watches just to support the PLANT 5 TREES IN AUSTRALIA’S REFORESTATION EFFORTS.
    Love your Blog and your curly grey hair too… I can totally relate to that! Take care in these uncertain times.

  451. Native – BUNDLE White Dial Rose Gold | Olive Green Nylon / Brown Leather / Rose Gold Mesh Strap
    Wow, such a hard decision! I finally picked this bundle because I thought it would be good for warmer weather when the watch can be seen. Love the green!

  452. Hello Susan,
    Thank you for giving us a chance to win one of these beautiful watch bundles. The one I like the best is the Native-Bundle Black Dial Silver/Silver Mesh/ Navy Nylon/ Black Leather Strap. The black face watch comes across as really classy to me, yet you can dress it down with the blue nylon strap. I could see it going with a denim outfit really well. The silver strap and the black leather band would go really well with my suits I wear to work. I am a CPA and this time of the year I meet with many people (being very careful to keep the office clean during this time) and this watch would enhance my profession look immensely. I am one of those people that feels naked without a watch on and as you pointed out, this watch seems like it would go with all my outfits.
    I really enjoy your blog and have learned so much from you. I really like your travel and packing tips. Again thank you for this opportunity.

  453. I love the Infinity style watch face in the silver/brown/black bundle. What a classic look, especially that brown leather strap!

  454. My choice would be the Philosophy bundle! I really like all 3 of the straps and think it is a very classy watch. Love your azalea plant as well!

  455. Would you sometime demonstrate in a video how you actually packed all those clothes, underwear, makeup, etc., you showed on a video for vacation travelling (in spring) into your small carry-on suitcase, and extra travel bag? Thanks.


  456. I don’t know how to participate in your drawing for a watch but I’ve chosen the Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | Mesh / Grey Leather Strap. Silver goes best with my cool skin tone, now more salt than pepper natural hair color, and jewel color clothing palette. I prefer grey leather for winter and silver mesh in the summer. I don’t like digital watches, appreciate excellent craftsmanship, elegantly simple beauty, and contemporary update of the watch dial. What a cool watch bundle! That would be a pleasant surprise following my 73rd birthday last Sunday!

  457. Hello Susan,
    I am hoping to win the watch giveaway!
    I chose the Philosopher Gold 40 mm ladies watch.
    I love this watch because it is thin, sleek and a classic design. I like the largest face because when comparing the 3 size photos, the hand looked smaller and more delicate with the larger faced watch.
    Every elegant woman should have a beautiful, classic watch like this one.
    Thanks again.., I love your posts, styling tips, and all your photos .

    Darlene Schwenk

  458. Infinity bundles are slimming and beautiful! I like the Navy, blue, white option for its versatility. Those bands would match everything in my closet!

  459. Being only 2 days new to your blog, I so love and admire your classic style. I was attracted to the watch you were wearing for its sleek and elegant look. Upon learning more about the Nordgreen company I was so impressed with the company philosophy- being an RN, my personal philosophy has also been to make a difference and practice Hygee. I love the silver infinity bundle with the white, navy, and mesh band. I would be honored to wear this beautiful watch!

  460. Hi Susan! I love love The Philosopher bundle…..the versatility, the styling ….it’s perfect! Thank you so much for your site and the chance to win such a beautiful watch.

  461. Thank you Susan for a chance to win! I like the Native Bundle with the white Dial Rose Gold. The rose gold will go with my complexion and the mesh strap looks like it would be very comfortable and stylish too!

  462. I love your blogs! You make dressing look easy!
    The rose gold watch with the pink band is gorgeous!
    Stay healthy!!

  463. I would,choose the native bundle with black faced rose gold watch and ,black, navy and brown leather bands. I have a small watch collection and would love to add the a black faced watch.
    Thank you!

  464. I love the Native Bundle with rose gold. The watch is very sleek and the band colors would complement my skin color.

  465. That watch would be perfect for me because my wrist is very small. I can only wear the type of band that I can adjust myself. Add me to the list!!

  466. Hi Susan! Many thanks to you and Nordgreen for this giveaway. I would be thrilled to win any of these classic watches but my favorite is the Native Black Dial Black Mesh. It’s so sleek and sophisticated! Please be safe during this scary virus outbreak and thank you for your videos and blogs, they are very informative.

  467. Hi Susan! Many thanks to you and Nordgreen for this giveaway. I would be thrilled to win any of these classic watches but my favorite is the Native Black Dial Black Mesh. It’s so sleek and sophisticated! Please be safe during this scary virus outbreak.

  468. Hope I’m not too late to enter into the fray to let you know I love the Philosopher watch with the black croco band. Bundle that with the silver mesh band and Wowzer, I’m in heaven. Will look smashing as I’m keeping busy at home for the next few weeks!

  469. I love the Infinity bundle in the Gold,Black & Brown.
    I looked at the great selection of bundles & would honestly love them all.
    They are classic & timeless( no pun intended).
    Thank you for this generous offer.
    We all need hope in these tough times.

  470. Hello Susan, I love the Native 32mm in silver with the white dial and silver mesh strap, together with the grey leather and pink leather straps. I’m drawn to the elegant aesthetic and sleek, minimal lines. I am several months into embracing my silver hair (from dyed brown) and am changing over from gold to silver jewellery, so this watch set would be fabulous! Love your blogs and inspirational advice. Many thanks.

  471. Good morning Susan. I hope you’re doing well. I really love the Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | Mesh / Grey Leather Strap
    watch set. I need a new watch and I just love this style so much. Thank you for this opportunity.

  472. Oh my…love all the bundles but I think my favorite is the brown. black. mesh straps with white dial…beautiful!!!

  473. I appreciate the design of your outfits on your blog when you include jewelry. With a watch, I like the idea of changing the bands to compliment certain outfits. This is why I think the Infinity Bundle with Silver/ Brown / Black mesh straps is so versatile. Thank you Susan for giving all of your readers a ray of sunshine on your site.

  474. Susan, the “Infinity” watch bundle,(silver /white face), silver mesh / black leather/ brown leather would go with my gray hair, gray wardrobe, casual jeans and red accents.
    Barbara Hoffmann

  475. I love, love, love watches and am never without one on my wrist! I suppose this love of watches began when as a nursing student, I had to wear a watch with a second hand to check a pulse or count respirations. Now I consider a watch part of my outfit and enjoy changing bands to suit the colors I am wearing!

  476. First, let me say I enjoy your thoughts and comments on the way an older lady dresses and presents herself. You can take the reminders and adjust to what you already have and remain stylish and confident. It is not about looking like the youngest sprig on the tree.
    Second, I always lean to brown leather watch straps. The Philosopher Bundle Gun Metal Brown/ Black/ Mesh is an attractive watch set to me. I like a white watch face and think that the lugs add to the beauty of the watch face. This set appears perfect.

  477. Hi Susan,
    I want to thank you for your on going posts and support during theses challenging times.
    I reviewed Nordgreen’s website & choice is Infinity Bundle blue, white & silver mesh. Since my wardrobe is mostly casual and these colors would go very well with it.

    Take care & keep up the blog.

  478. “Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | Mesh / Grey Leather Strap” is my choice. I am a black/white/gray girl when choosing fashion, and I use gray as a neutral with almost anything & everything. All my jewelry is also silver/silvertone/white gold, since my husband gave me a white gold engagement ring. Before that I was a gold-all-the-way girl. Funny how love can change a person. 🙂

  479. I love the Native – BUNDLE White Dial Rose Gold | Mesh / Brown Leather Strap because these colors flatter my skin tone and I do wear lots of rose and brown colors. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  480. I’m loving the native with black strap…it is sleek and modern. Really like your hair cut. Looks chic!

  481. Thank you for the pictures and info on using hair spray. I love the simplicity of the watches and the fact that the face is large enough to tell the time!

    I would love the infinity silver with silver, white and navy.

  482. I like the black mesh watch bc i think it is classy and goes with the things I wear. The interchangeable bands interest me the most. I have very small wrists And like the sizes the watch face comes in. Would be a great 71st birthday gift,,

  483. I also like your choice of the Infinity watch and my bundle would include the silver mesh band, too. That set would go with anything in my wardrobe. What a great piece and a super mission, too.

  484. I love the Philosopher in Rose Gold. I’ve just recently discovered how much I love Rose Gold and I think it is especially lovely in summer and fall! Thank you for another Giveaway, Susan.
    Love your new haircut
    Sheree Winstead

  485. Hi Susan!

    Thank you for offering to give away the Nordgren watch. It is truly sleek and stylish.

    Thank you for your sharing all your thoughts with us! . . . Stay well, Julie

  486. Wow over 600 comments so far! Your hair looks great. I think the Infinity Bundle Gold Brown/Black/Mesh Strap watch is very attractive. Thank you!

  487. I adore the Infinity Silver Mesh with the gray leather strap. I would love to wear this watch each and every day! Thank you so much, Susan for this giveaway. Please stay well.

  488. of course I would choose the Infinity! I try very hard to copy your style and look. This would sure help!

  489. Your new haircut looks great on you!
    Thanks for the chance to win…I love the Native watch with the dark dial but would take any one of these beautiful watches!

  490. Susan, I love the pictures of your lovely new hairstyle and enjoyed reading about how you’re styling it! The pretty flower picture brightened my day, too! I’m excited to enter the drawing for the Nordgreen watch bundle!! The website features so many beautiful options! I thought that the Infinity Bundle silver-brown/black/silver mesh set would be my favorite! I like simplicity and style of all of the Nordgreen watches. This infinity set provides the perfect variety of brown/black/and silver to cover all of my accessory needs. The watch face is particularly clear which is definitely a plus! The sleek design is just what I’m looking for in a watch! I’ve noticed you wearing them in your posts for quite some time and I am sure I would love them, too!! 🙂

  491. I really enjoy your posts. I especially like the idea that you have had some of your items for several years. I am taking this time to edit my closet and using your posts as inspiration of what to keep.

    I like the Philosopher bundle in silver with brown, black and mesh straps. The watches are classic and simple, love the style.