A Spring Cardigan

Browsing through Nordstrom stores with no particular goal in mind is such a fun endeavor. I discovered a favorite pair of dressy black pants by Nic+Zoe on such a visit to the Jacksonville, Florida store, a couple of years ago. Since then, Nic+Zoe has been a must check whenever I visit the sites that offer that brand. (Which has been way too often during quarantine!)

Similar jeans are here. A similar camisole is here.

The soft knit cardigan-jacket with intricate details had my full attention the moment I saw it. It is now on sale here.

My favorite sunglasses brand is from Nordstrom here.

Are there specific pieces of classic jewelry that you reach for almost daily? I have worn these small square crystal stud earrings and the sterling silver rings countless times for more than ten years. Similar earrings here and rings here and here.

My most treasured handbag is now on sale here.

I’ve always enjoyed shoes with dramatic details. These have been in my collection for a couple of years. The shoes here are similar.

I used the camera’s timer and a tripod to take these photos outside of my local Mall. It was eerie to be there on a Saturday morning alone. Please keep yourself safe as some areas are starting to allow businesses to reopen.

  1. Love this outfit on you Susan. I’ve never purchased Nic + Zoe , so would you say it runs true to size or on the smaller size? Is this jacket something you can wear in the middle of a hot summer? It looks heavy and maybe not appropriate for warmer weather but not having the ability to see it in person at this time, I trust your opinion. Thank you. All my best to Mr. Mickey. Take care of yourself also.

    1. I may not wear the sweater during the daytime in summer but certainly during cooler evenings. It is not at all heavy. I took my regular sizes in the cardigan and the pants I mentioned.

  2. Welcome home Mr. Mickey!
    Hope you both stay safe.
    Thanks Susan for your posts, always a breath of fresh air and doable ideas.

  3. Lovely outfit. I have similar jacket but with black detailing. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Mr. Mickey and prayers to both of you ! ♥️

  4. Beautiful jacket and love the shoes as well. . Such a classic look.
    Sending prayers and strength for Mr. Mickey’s continued recovery.

  5. Very pretty jacket Susan. The colors are lovely on you. Welcome home Mr. Mickey and all the best to you both.

  6. Good morning! Love the look! Could you fix the like to the camisole? When I click on it, it takes me to the jeans. Thanks! Elaine

  7. Lovely outfit. I love the Nic + Zoe brand. Welcome home Mr. Mickey! Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Mr. Mickey and prayers to both of you ,

  8. Thank you for featuring this jacket (it also comes in petite), and thank you for all that you do to keep up our spirits during quarantine. BTW, does your link take you back to the jeans, rather than a camisole?

  9. The beautiful smile on your face must be due to Mr Mickey’s homecoming. Prayers for his continued healing and good health. Love this outfit…simple and chic.

  10. Susan I love the jacket and it’s available in petite! Can I ask you what size you are wearing so that I can judge what I need. Welcome home Mr Mickey – keep well.

  11. What do you use to keep your silver jewelry so it won’t tarnish? What product do you use to clean it? So glad Mr. Mickey will get to come home.

  12. You look lovely , with the colors of your clothes and accessories matching your own coloring. Looking forward to Mr. Mickey’s full recovery and “seeing” him back (in the photos) soon!

  13. Wonderful news about Mr. Mickey. I hope his recovery continues to be very successful.

    Love the blue cardigan. I have a similar item from Talbots but it is white with black trim. Love the texture and it can be dressed up with dress slacks or casual with jeans.

  14. Beautiful in blue!
    Mr. Mickey’s going home is great news. I think your smile in this picture says it all.
    Thinking of you and well wishes for Mr. Mickey.

  15. I love this look. Comfortable, coordinated but classy looking to boot.
    Good luck with Mr. Mickey’s return home. Men are not the easiest patients….

    Clara from Iowa

  16. Beautiful look on you Susan! I wear same colors as you. Love the pewter shoes. Such a hard shade to find. So many metallics with champagne and goldish colors which I like too but always looking for pewter shades that aren’t bright silver, if you know what I mean!
    You have outdone yourself on relatable and comfy styles of late. Thank you for all your effort. You look positively glowing!
    I wish Mr Mickey an easy as possible transition to home. Take care of yourself Susan, as your state moves forward!

  17. So glad Mr.Mickey has recovered enough to leave rehab. I hope he is headed home. I bet he’ll feel so much better in his own home!
    The new jacket is adorable! I have something like it hanging in the back of my closet. I need to dig it out!. You always manage to take a pair of jeans and tee and make it look great.
    Have a good week and I’ll be looking forward to your next post when you are able to get to it.

  18. So glad that Mr. Mickey is headed home. He is a strong man to rehab in such a short time. Love the look on you. Maybe you will show a dressed up version in another post.

  19. What great news that Mr. Mickey gets to go home. Yes indeed, we do understand if you miss a post. Stay safe and take care.

  20. No problem! I know you will be busy with Mr Mickey.
    Please relay our prayers for him for a complete recovery.
    Warmest wishes

  21. I love this cardigan. I’m going over to see if I can afford it. : ) You look beautiful in blue. I know Mr Mickey will be happy to get his freedom back. Nothing like sleeping in your own bed at night.

  22. Susan what great look for Mr Micky’s homecoming! All the best to you both!!
    I love short 3/4 sleeve jackets and this one is fabulous on you. The whole ensemble! I’m learning I definitely have to upgrade my shoe choices to polish off an outfit. Thank you another great post

  23. What a darling jacket! A great look with head to toe great details. Oh joy that Mr. Mickey is out today! Best to you both!!

  24. Hi Susan,
    Love the jacket on you and I just ordered it in plus size.
    So happy to hear Mr. Mickey is coming home and I’m wishing him a speedy recovery. I have really been enjoying these blog posts and have picked up lots of new styling ideas.

    Stay safe and take care of Mr. Mickey, don’t worry about missing a blog post. We will be here when you return to blogging.

  25. Dear Susan,

    Glad to hear Mr. Mickey is being released from rehab. may he continue to recover so we can get to see him soon.


  26. Lovely outfit, Susan. All my best to Mr. Mickey – I hope his recovery goes smoothly. Take care and stay safe.

  27. Wonderful update on Mr. Mickey!
    I have a question about your silver items- do you store them individually with “non tarnish” paper? Wondering if that works better than those special storage cases for silver? I always have trouble keeping my silver looking as nice as it should.

    1. I have used Connoisseurs Silver Jewelry Cleaner here for many years. I don’t store my silver jewelry in a special way, but I do give it a dip in the Cleaner when I see darkening.

  28. Susan, you look best in those blues. I may be bias , since they are my favorites also. I’m sure Mr. Mickey will be getting more rehab at home. It’s much safer there. God speed. Be safe and well.

  29. What a classy terrific look for spring! I am always drawn to Chanel type jackets. Always chic. Question Susan: I have rather narrow shoulders yet a (too) ample bust-line. It seems to me that jackets or coats without collars are not very flattering on me, making me appear round shouldered and heavy thru the chest. It seems lapels particularly one that are larger or may extend down the front towards the waist distract from this imbalance and compliment my square jaw. Yet, I may be just seeing what I assume looks good. You are very savvy regarding fashion and ladies shapes. Your educated viewpoint would be much appreciated.
    Much thanks and good wishes! Leslee

    1. Your best jacket type will have some padding at the shoulders and no lapels or small soft shawl lapels. Darting to allow for a better fit over the bust area will make a significant difference in the way jackets fit you. Wear boatneck tops underneath. Avoid raglan or other deep armhole tops and jackets. Structured shoulders are essential for you. Even small shoulder pads will provide balance.

  30. Please tell Mr. Mickey that I’m sending both of you best wishes and a full recover from Las Vegas Vegas.

  31. Welcome home to Mr. Mickey. Indeed you will be busy this next while – take all the time you both need, we will be here when you return.

  32. Shout out to Mr. Mickey! So happy that you are out of rehab. Keep up the good work.

    Love the cardigan. I know it’s strange to go by our huge mall and not see cars outside. Usually there are no parking spaces on a Saturday or Sunday so it just looks too weird now. Hopefully we will open slowly and get back to our normal lives or what will be our new normal.

    Thanks for the blogs. I do enjoy looking at all the ideas and dressing up at home.

  33. You make the outfit look beautiful! I love the cardigan!!! I’m considering purchasing. I’m so happy to hear that Mr. Mickey is out of rehab and things are going well. Thank you for your blogs!!!

  34. So glad Mr. Mickey is being released. Hope he continues to fully recover.
    I love your posts and look forward to seeing them, no matter when.
    Stay home and stay safe.

  35. Lovely sweater! I love Nic & Zoe also! I’m going to try to order it! All the best to Mr. Mickey and you during this transition to home!❤

  36. I just want to thank you for continuing your blog thru the pandemic. I live in Colorado and opening my in box and seeing a post from you was like a visit from a good friend. Plus I love all things blue and white in clothing or home decor so the past week has been such fun. I have not sent a message for Mr. Mickey but warmest wishes as he continues his rehabilitation. Many thanks again. ♥️

  37. Hi Susan,
    The entire outfit looks great on you.
    Would you comment on choosing the size of handbag relative to one’s height
    and general body shape?
    I’m 5’2″ and medium build (narrow hips, a bit busty, and broader shoulders).
    I gravitate towards smaller bags and generally shoulder bags that end about hip length or waist (the shoulder
    strap, mostly for the convenience) but the smaller size because I don’t like carrying a lot and because
    the bigger bags sometimes seem overwhelming for my height.
    I’m not sure if my reasoning is valid or what the best look might be.
    Id’ like to hear your thoughts

    1. Your reasoning is on point. Carry a bag in proportion to your size, although a petite woman looks elegant with a larger bag. I often carry structured bags in my hand because that suits me much more than a shoulder bag. I avoid carrying clutch bags because when you tuck them under your arm, it adds visual weight to the bust.

  38. Hi Susan,
    Best wishes and a speedy recovery to Mr. Mickey.
    I look forward to each blog post and my life and appearance are enriched by your photos, descriptions and explanations. I have gone back to your post about feet. Your shoe selections are always so …elegant and “right.”
    My feet are short and wide. It’s difficult to get a pointed toe shoe to elongate my leg. The photo in this post features a more squared off toe. I would appreciate any suggestions for selecting the best shoe shape for my wide and small feet.
    In keeping Mr. Mickey comfortable, remember ice and rolled up towels can help with pain management and getting to the “comfortable spot.”
    Thanks for all your work.

  39. So glad Mr. Mickey is coming home. I had knee replacement a couple of years ago, and while the rehab center was great to me, there’s nothing like being home. God bless you both as he continues to heal.

  40. You look lovely. Thanks as always for your posts. Glad to hear Me. Mickey is doing well and will be home soon.

  41. Best of luck to Mr. Mickey and prayers for his speedy recovery! I know he will have an attentive nurse!

  42. First and foremost, all the best to Mr. Mickey. I hope his recovery is smooth and swift. I am sure he will enjoy being home and near his loved ones. This is an adorable jacket – a great outfit on you! You have a great eye for color and design and style. Last year, I found a knit jacket in black, chocolate brown, and ivory tones -very Chanel – at Nordstrom by Ming Wang. It looks like a jacket, but feels like a cardigan and is so comfy to wear and packs like a dream. It was pricey, but I knew I would get a lot of wear out of it and would have it for years. I have a brown and gold leopard print jacket that is a forever piece, but did not have a chocolate brown option. I had settled for one other brown houndstooth plaid blazer that I did not like as much and wore only twice. I purchased the new jacket knowing it would get a lot more wear because it looked so good and it fits my lifestyle. It is perfect for dresses and with skirts and looks great with slacks. I sold the other blazer and this is now my go-to brown jacket. I love it when I find a forever piece that I know I will wear to death. Be safe, everyone!

  43. Love all your outfits,and suggested combos.
    Makes me excited to put things together out of my closest!!

  44. I just joined your blog and I love it. You share ideas that are helping me rethink my approach to being in my 60’s – age is just a number…. I so look forward to reading your blog. Thank you for sharing you!

  45. I absolutely LOVE this outfit!! It looks spectacular on you. I’m looking at the jacket, but the fit guide has me in between @ and M. Can I ask what size you’re wearing? I don’t want it to be too snug, but also don’t want a boxy fit!

    Thank you!

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