Evolving Style

One of the fun benefits of living sixty-three years is watching styles come and go. Wisdom teaches us which of those trends we can adapt and which we should ignore, when to embrace a trend and when to let it go. Fads may be popular for a few months, whereas a trend may be around for a decade or longer.

Some say that fashion is frivolous, but I’m afraid I have to disagree. It is a form of communication, an expression of joy, and a way to convey hope.

When you look at the red blazer, do you sense my excitement that warm weather is coming soon? I wore this look to visit a couple of grocery stores on Saturday as I put together a Mother’s Day gift basket for my Mom. The temperature was only in the forties, but the sun was shining again.

A similar red blazer is here. Similar ecru shell here. Ankle jeans here. The Girls’ Night classic red lipstick is here.

The bag is here. The shoes are here.

I wanted to repeat the gold hardware of the bag because it is so bold. The gold bracelet is ancient. A similar one is here. A similar ring is here, and similar earrings are here.

I hope that sharing my outfits of the day gives you new ideas for using things you may already have or the inspiration to purchase items that you will often wear and enjoy.

  1. Polished casual, very nice. Do the jacket sleeves stay pushed up in their own for you or do you use those metal elastic sleeve holder things?

  2. Reds. So hard. Warm vs cool. Orange red vs blue red. Looks from the photo the jacket is an orange red. Do you have any thoughts on this?

    1. Hundreds of spam emails and porn postings come in that I do not want to be shared on my site, so I screen the comments before posting. I’m sorry I was away from the computer while you were trying to post your comment. The red of the jacket is a bright cool red.

  3. So classy as always. I see you are wearing a bit of gold, which I understand you are tying into the bag hardware. But I think it looks good on you. I am just having such a hard time figuring out what my undertone is, if I am warm or cool…is it possible that either would be suitable? And thank you so much for the posts.

  4. Another beautiful casual look that can take one throughout the day. I am a new convert to wearing red, since my hair is getting very white/silver, it gives me the pop I like. The jewelry you’ve chosen is perfect!

  5. oh. jeeze. sorry about the spam and porn. Thought I had offended you or something. Technology has its positives and negatives.

  6. Just purchased the shoes. The block heel is so supportive. I would never have found the great reduced price without you!

  7. I love your photos. You look beautiful in all. Question: Would you wear gold and silver jewelry at the same time?

  8. Do you ever feel that you’re overdressed compared to Mr. Mickey? My Mr. Wonderful is pretty casual so I wonder how casual I should dress.

    1. I don’t enjoy dressing in very casual or sporty clothes, so I dress to please myself. Fortunately, when Mr. Mickey arrives, he is usually dressed similarly.

  9. I live near the beach and I’m afraid my wardrobe has gone to t-shirts and jeans. But, seeing you makes me want to pay more attention to what I wear. Thank you.

  10. Loved what you said about evolving style. I began sewing and knitting back in the day when I was a young stay-at-home mom who loved fashion but had little budget. My mom advised me to always go the extra mile to make the harder patterns if they were “classics”. Now, 35 years later when I pull out that red blazer that took me a month to make, or the red knitted sweater that took almost a year, I always get compliments on them and I can still answer, “thank you, I made it!” Classics are worth the effort especially if the color is one that has always worked for you!

  11. You look stunning to go grocery shopping. A girl in the deli department told me once, I always looked neat. I would be exhausted to go dressed like you, but I admire your stamina. You dress a pair of jeans so nicely, with your blazers. Do you think blazers work well with slightly broad shoulders, especially the ones with more padding When big shoulder pads were trending in the eighties, it was to enhance the shoulders. Are shoulder pads getting a little larger these days? I’ve always been a stickler for proper fit and balance. BTW, I love the red blazer.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. The shoulder pads used now are more for crisp tailoring instead of exaggeration. The current shoulder pads look natural but give you a better line. For example if you have sloping shoulders, a slightly padded shoulder can visually lift your whole look subtly.

  12. Red is such a happy color; it was especially a good choice for our current circumstances. You are a perfect example of how well-dressed one can be when wearing jeans. I dress in a similar way and have frequently been complimented on how put together I look even when wearing jeans. So nice to see you putting care and pride into your appearance.

  13. Love the handbag, but I don’t see it with those shoes. We all have our own thoughts when it comes to fashion.

  14. I love your style! So classy! Your blog is the only one I’ve stayed with, because I love your ideas. I’m in Alberta, Canada…..little colder here, but style here, as well, can be as timeless as one wants it to be.

  15. I’ve followed your blog since Susan after fifty and enjoyed how you evolved over the years, always classy and lady like And not frumpy.

  16. You look great Susan!
    One of my last purchases before the shut-down was a red jacket! Seeing you in this outfit makes me restless to be able to wear it. We had snow here in Southern Ontario over the weekend and it is to be cold all week. Good news though – it is to be much warmer next week, so perhaps I’ll be able to wear the red jacket to the grocery store (the only outing I take for now). My red & blue face mask will match perfectly!

  17. Red blazer looks great. I love the handbag. It was cold and rainy in the Midwest yesterday. I enjoyed going back to Friday’s post with the flowers blooming.

  18. I agree with you that fashion is a form of communication and your outfit expresses a confident but loving lady! I love the satchel and when I clicked on it I expected it to be $150-200. I was surprised to see it priced at only 59.99! It goes to prove that when we invest in quality, well-fitted classic pieces, they make everything look more expensive! I’m going to order the shell from WHBM as I can see it being a work horse in my closet!

  19. Love the red blazer. Perhaps when we’re shopping again, I’ll look for one in my price range. I’m not a fan of shopping online. I like to feel the fabric, look at the workmanship, and try things on.

  20. Love your classy style. I just put an order in for the shoes. Hoping to get the handbag and a red blazer later. Thanks for the wonderful tips and links.

  21. I know doing this blog takes a lot of time and work for you. Please know and be encouraged that it is so helpful and valuable to many!! To actually get good advice on how not to grow into frumpiness is so refreshing and fun! We do have a choice.
    Thank you, Susan.

  22. Three great pieces like a white tee, blue jeans, red blazer are so simple, so classic and always look just right. I love the bag. It is like a crowing jewel on this look.

  23. The before and after picture of you are such an inspiration.If we just pay attention to our diet and what style clothes we look our best in,what a difference it can make.
    Thankyou for all your hard work and wonderful advice.

  24. I love red too. It does have a way to lift me up and it seems others pick up on that joy. We need more red in our lives lately so I am going to wear it again this week. I also love coral so that may find it’s way in an outfit if the weather is even a little bit warm.

    Thanks again and hi to Mr. Mickey.

  25. Susan, you make everything look so easy. I love your easy classic style and you encourage me to try new looks from my own closet. thanks!

  26. Susan, Thank you for all your delightful inspiration! I have recently retired and am adapting my wardrobe to my current lifestyle. You and I have the same coloring so the colors you choose work very well for me also. I enjoy your posts on ideas for shoes that are not heels but still look nice. My husband often compliments me on my outfits and many times I gladly give the credit to you! Living in Western NC, we often visit the same towns that you and Mr. Mickey frequent and I hope you won’t mind if I say hello if our paths ever cross! Looking forward to being able to safely travel again and wishing you all the best as Mr. Mickey recovers.

  27. Beautiful!! Love the red blazer…I have one in a bit bluer red. Also teal Tahari blazer 4-5 yrs old. Love all your ideas, thank you.

  28. Susan, I love this blog! Thank you for sharing your bio and photos. You are gutsy, glorious, and gorgeous! What an inspiration!

  29. How many purses do you own? I don’t believe I’ve ever known someone who has as many purses as you!

    You are lovely! Love seeing your latest styles!

    Hope you have a beautiful day.


      1. You do have a lot of accessories (shoes, handbags, jewelry) but I think it is your business and no one else’s. As you are a fashion blogger, one could argue it is a business expense! Personally, I always look forward to your posts and especially the ones where you give tips. Best wishes to you and Mr. Mickey.

  30. Thank you for all the style inspiration. We are the same age (born same month, same year) and have very similar style. I also do not enjoy dressing too casual. I always make the effort to be put together without spending an outrageous amount of money on clothes. Quality over quantity!!! I get compliments on my appearance often and even in this pandemic have had a couple compliments on my face masks. Be safe.

  31. I love red and you look great in it! It’s a happy, powerful color! Grey skies are going to clear up, hopefully soon!!

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