Staying at Home

Today I’m sharing a few pictures I took on sunrise walks near my home or while doing my chores.

I had just returned from my walk. The top is here. Items similar to mine are linked – HatSneakersJeansSunglasses

We had baby Canadian Geese in the neighborhood for the first time this year. They are such devoted parents!

We always have lots of baby rabbits in the spring.

This tiny fellow is a shrew. I welcome them in my garden since they eat slugs and lots of insects. He was trying to cross the street, so I put him on my business card and moved him into the grass on the other side.

This frog is about the size of the end of my thumb. It has been taking naps on a shady window ledge outside my breakfast nook.

This big mama left the lake to find a place to lay her eggs. She is the largest snapping turtle I have ever seen. I carefully put my glasses near her so you could judge how big she is. They move much faster than you might think.

I don’t know the names of the plants above or below, but they make me smile when I look at them.

At last! It is now warm enough to put plants on my screened porch.

When life’s burdens get too heavy, I always seek out nature to soothe my soul. I hope that these pictures gave you a few moments of calm and peace.

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention.” ~Kahlil Gibran.

  1. Good morning, Susan! You certainly have an eye for beauty! I’ve enjoyed the creatures here and the nature scenes! The greenery and flowers too add to the soothing ambience. What a lovely post! And you look very cute and fashionable in your casual walking attire. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I would love to know the name of that beautiful plant with the purple blossoms. We have them here in Lexington, KY, and they are blooming profusely. Perhaps one of your readers will know. Oh, and I enjoy every one of your posts.

    1. Hi Janette. My readers have informed me. The plant with the oval leaves and brilliant blue flowers is called Baptisia, or false indigo. The purple houseplant is called Gynura.

  3. Susan, you are well turned out as always. Today I love your photos of the local wildlife, especially the Canada geese. Here in Vermont they are often seen. A couple of summers ago, I participated in a four-week workshop whose route took me through a swampy area. At one point, there was always a small family of Canada geese between the road and the swamp, busily feeding while the parents took turns keeping watch. The first week the goslings were yellow and fluffy. The second week they were larger and still fluffy yellow. The third week they were still larger and sporting a few feathers. The fourth week they were fully feathered and looked just like smaller versions of their parents. What a treat!

  4. The purple fuzzy plant is called “Purple Passion”. My mom used to grow it in our dining room. It went out onto the screened porch in the summer.

  5. I love your posts, Susan. The pictures in this one soothed my soul, and helped me forget, for a moment, about the world’s troubles.

  6. Beautiful plants always make me smile too. Relaxing moments with feathered friends. Great photos!

  7. We have two Canada geese families that come to swim on our pond and then retreat to the shade of the woods surrounding the subdivision. You were right to take the shrew across the street in the direction he was originally heading. The same is true for turtles, however many people think they should take them back to the water and they have to start their journey all over again.
    Such a pretty area to go walking.

  8. I love seeing pictures of your area, what a nice place to walk. Your screen porch is lovely and I love the little frog.

  9. Yes the purple fuzzy plant is called purple passion I love them . You have a nice collection of plants – soothing for the soul! Ahhh! Arkansas viewer

  10. Thanks for the pictures. I, too, live in a beautiful place, on a lake in Florida and I appreciate all the creatures around—with a few exceptions, like gators and poisonous snakes!
    Most people don’t understand how beneficial creatures like toads and good snakes can be. They eat lots of pests!
    Love the last picture! Looks like a Kincaid painting!
    Have you ever tried painting? You would probably be good at it, with your artistic eye!

    1. I studied art in my youth and was fortunate to have instructors who encouraged the use of unlimited media and styles. I preferred sketching over painting, but jewelry-making became my passion for many years.

  11. Lovely flowers! It was sweet of you to help the shrew across the street. I need some in my garden to eat the unwanted visitors. Our ecosystem is set up brilliantly and is far better than deadly chemicals. Somehow a bat got onto our screened porch and we couldn’t figure out why the dogs were whining and barking differently. The only way we could suss out how he got on the porch was through the dog door. Someone in our neighborhood may have a bat house as they do keep the insect population down. They also help pollinate plants and flowers.

  12. Thank you. Your pictures gave me some much needed peace. I hate to turn on the TV or read the newspaper. So much bad news.

  13. What a beautiful way to start my day! Thank-you Susan for sharing
    during this time. You are truly a blessing!!!

  14. Lovely calm pictures that are very much appreciated. Thank you for sharing them with us. Makes me wonder if it’s time for me to move from the center of Atlanta to a calmer spot.

  15. I wish I looked as adorable as you do in a plain white top and jeans. Very nice and I could picture myself working in an outfit like this one….which I do, not as flattering as you but at least I look good to my hubby, wink!
    Loved the pictures. The “shrew” reminded me of a mole. We have a tiny frog outside our front window that comes for naps as well. So darling. We also have snapping turtles in our lake and you are right, they do move faster than you would think they could.
    Thanks for the pictures, as yes, they have a calming effect just looking at them and perhaps visualizing being there with you.
    Clara from Iowa

  16. Thank you for sharing this lovely post and photos of your four-legged friends. I loved how you gently moved the shrew to safety and also the Kahlil Gibran quote. Such a timely reminder during these tumultuous times. Take good care, Peggy Roberts, Fountain Hills, AZ

  17. The blue flower is Baptisia australis, commonly called blue false indigo. It’s a native American plant I’ve had one that comes back year after year without any attention. You have a beautiful garden, Susan!

  18. So many beautiful pictures. God is truly wonderful in the miracles he has given us. Thank you so much for sharing

  19. Thank you for sharing pictures of the wildlife around your home, Susan. It’s wonderful to see such beautiful creatures. I live in the desert so when I walk, I’m almost afraid of running into a snake lately. haha. We’ve been warned that they are out and about in our area. I do love seeing and listening to the birds though. The other day I was tickled to witness a young girl trying to round up four baby ducklings. It was precious to see. You look lovely, as always. Your flowers and garden are magnificent. Thank you again for sharing.

  20. Nature soothes the soul, something we all need right now.

    We have large flocks of Canada Geese, which is maybe not surprising in Canada. One day they decided to cross a city path where I was walking on a work errand. I was surrounded by hundreds of them! I had to freeze, because they are prone to hissing, biting and flapping their wings, especially in the spring with new goslings. You don’t want to be attacked by these birds. Half an hour later, they let me pass. The work errand was delayed, and I’m not sure my boss believed me. Nature! These adaptable birds nest on top of downtown office towers in my city, where they make a lot of noise and presumably teach their young to fly, quickly.

  21. These do bring that ahhhhhh moment! You are blessed to live in such natural beauty! Are you still staying at home, or are you going to places as they reopen?

  22. Thank you Susan! I have been stressed out at my office today and just looking over your pictures truly did have a calming effect.

  23. Thank you, Susan, for the respite from the outside world. I am taking a break from the news and Instagram for awhile. Beautiful photos. I haven’t seen a frog in many moons. Do you know what the tree with white flowers is in the first picture? Gorgeous. Terry in TX

  24. During these difficult days I look to nature to restore my soul. Planted some happy annuals to make me smile. Thank you for your blog. You are always interesting, informative and helpful. My life is more beautiful when I learn from your blog.

  25. Hello Susan,
    What a wonderful way to start your day – surrounded by such natural beauty and wildlife.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Warm regards,

  26. Thank you for the nature stroll! Such a beautiful area where you live! I agree with one reader the last photo looks like a Thomas Kinkaid painting! You inspire to me by best and find beauty in each day!

  27. The first plant I believe is Baptist’s or false indigo.The purple plant is GYNURA known as a purple velvet plant.
    Your yard is lovely!

  28. Thank you Susan for a lovely blog today. You reminded us of the beauty of nature and the hope it brings to our souls.
    Thank you

  29. Very lovely post, Susan! A few moments to enjoy the beauty of nature. We have so much to be thankful for! I love the quote at the end. Small acts of kindness add up and truly make a difference. Have a good week!

  30. Hi Susan, beautiful photos! In case you are unaware, the Snake plants also known as Mother in Laws tongues, which you have grouped, are excellent air purifiers. I have one in my bedroom to clean the air and afford a better night’s sleep. Best wishes. Bernie

  31. Thank you, my dear, I very much enjoyed your walk with you. I’ve never seen a shrew before and if you hadn’t mentioned transporting him on your business card I wouldn’t have known how small he is! I too am looking to nature these days to cheer me up. The night sky has been a treasure but the full moon dominated tonight. I took the dog for a mile walk after dark (I carry the leash but she loves being off of it and everyone else has ducked indoors by then). I didn’t have to use my flashlight once it was so bright out. You looked wonderful, as usual. And it was good to see Mr. Mickey up and moving around (in a previous post).

  32. Love these photos. It’s so good to see the garden, plants and greenery doing so well. Our garden desperately needs water, patiently waiting for rain. Thankyou Susan , this was a delightful publication.

  33. Susan you have so many creatures by you house. It’s nice that you notice them as most people just walk by and don’t take notice maybe. I love the picture of the pond with the pink skies. I have those same colors some days to the east of my house. I love seeing all the different colors with sunrise and sunset. Thank you for all the pictures.

  34. Wonderful post,the more mature I get,the more I am taking the time to look around at how beautiful nature is.I enjoy watching all the birds at my feeders.
    Your pictures were refreshing to see. So happy to hear Mr.Mickey is doing well.

  35. I’m not positive, but I think your fuzzy purple plant is a purple passion plant. I love your outdoor photos 🙂

  36. Your plant with the blue flowers is called Baptisia or more commonly know as False Indigo. I planted one this year in my garden. They are supposed to be very hardy and a member of the legume family. Very nice plant!

  37. Thank you for your beautiful photos, Susan. You have made each of us feel truly blessed with a reminder to appreciate the beauty surrounding us each day. You have a wonderful knack for pointing out so many beautiful creatures and scenery. I really like that False Indigio plant – just might have to add one of those to my landscaping! We have those little frogs, too … we call them toads. Thanks again!

  38. I agree with what you said about nature. I am thankful the weather is now nice enough for me to “play in the dirt”. It soothes my soul and calms my thoughts.
    Also, I recently ordered olive oils from Devine and they are so GOOD! Especially on french bread with fresh tomatoes from the Farmers Market. Thank you so much for sharing this website with your readers. I would love to visit their store in person some time.

    Regards and elbow bumps,

  39. Love all the critter pictures!! Looks like a wonderful nature preserve….thanks for sharing!!

  40. Hi Susan,
    Beautiful photos! The first plant picture might be a lupine. The second one I can’t remember the name of but I had one a hundred years ago Lol.
    Thank you for always brightening my day!

  41. Love these photos. Your area is so beautiful. Do you take your photos with your phone or a digital camera? My wooded shaded property and the assorted birds and animals in it give me a great deal of joy. I’d like to get into the habit of photographing and sharing nature’s peace and beauty. Thank you for this post.

  42. Hi Susan,
    I too love the outdoors and plants. I don’t know the name of the purple plant but the blue plant is a baptismal or false indigo. I have two in my yard and love them so much that I recently purchased 4 yellow ones to make the blue/purple ones pop. So pretty. Hope you and Mr Mickey are well.

  43. A million thank you! I loved all these pictures. You’ve inspired me to get out there and see my own neighborhood. The beautiful sunset was a perfect ending to a perfect post. Have a blessed day! Oh just ordered the sneakers. I can’t wait to receive them.

  44. Your purple plant in bottom picture is a Purple Passion with the velvety leaves. I can’t figure out the other one. Sorry!

  45. Hi Susan,
    I love your garden, it’s so lush and green.
    I so agree being among nature and getting out to see all the beauty around you nourishes the soul.
    So kind, and sweet that you helped the shew cross the street, “random acts of kindness.”
    My mama gave me for my graduation from high school Kahlil Gibran. I think the pearl “The smallest
    act of kindness is worth the greatest intention.” I was raised on this way of being, and live my life still
    in this way. Thank you for sharing that with me this morning. I found it so “uplifting.”

  46. Susan great photos. Love seeing all your creatures and the last photo of a sunset/sunrise is fabulous really puts you in the moment. You of course look great! As always. Thank you for your posts

  47. Your living space is absolutely beautiful. What a great place to live. Thank you so much for sharing.

  48. Susan, I’ve followed you for years. Bought many items you’ve suggested so I know this is a fashion site. And your gardens are lovely.
    BUT you MUST comment on the unrest in America and particularly in your own town. Make a positive anti-racist statement at least. I hope you give support to the protests in your town of Asheville. Police there have been elevating the violence. Watch their decimation of a medic station. ANYONE with a platform must speak up.
    Silence is complicity. Silence is complicity.

    1. I live in Johnson City, TN, where we have had nightly peaceful protests. Racism is and always has been wrong. I encourage everyone to reach out, listen, learn, donate, and volunteer in your community. It’s never too late, and you are never too old to make a difference. Most of all, exercise your right to vote. For those of you who empathize to the point of daily tears, you are not alone.

  49. Susan
    That sunset picture is awesome! It fills my heart with appreciation for all the good things I have in life.

    A faithful follower,

  50. Very kind of you to share those pictures. The last one is incredible¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

    Virtual Hugs

  51. Oh, Susan. These were lovely. So different than where I live (San Diego). Thank you so much for sharing. You made today special.

  52. Thank you for the lovely pictures today. I live in the desert now, so my nature walks are quite different, but during this time, walking and appreciating the beauty of nature has kept me feeling that my life is still mostly normal.

  53. Enjoyed your sharing your walk. I love being out early on the morning usually working in the yard. This morning during a break I watched a robin gathering nesting materials. He had a mouthful when he flew off. I am in awe of Gods Creation. I don’t know the name of your plants either.

  54. Thank you so much for sending the pictures of nature that you see on your walks. I walk my doggies, but I never see as much as you do on your walks. You have a beautiful place to walk.

    By the way, thank you for sending me the links to the Beauty Counter, Counter Time, products that you use. I will check them out.

  55. It is such a joy to be able to walk outside and just enjoy nature, from the dew on the garden in the morning to the beautiful sunsets in the evening. It is a break from the stresses of the day. And the Vitamin D is healthy. Blessings for the joy you bring to us during this time of confusion.

  56. What a beautiful blog post. You had me at “took a business card to help the little thing.” The plants and flowers are beautiful.
    I can’t wear these tops although they feel so soft because they are just too thin for me to feel comfortable. I’m finding so many fabrics are super thin these days and most have much smaller arms. The chest will fit great but the arms are so small and tight. I haven’t gained weight so I don’t think it’s me.

  57. Susan, you were right. Your pictures did find a place in my heart. With all the grim news and sadness around, they were a lovely respite. Thank you! Please stay well.

  58. Your purple plant is a perennial called Baptisia or False Indigo. They are a beautiful plant.

    1. I have been staying home and avoiding crowds as much as possible. When I have to enter an enclosed space or building, I wear a mask and leave as soon as possible.

  59. Always love your photoes and fashion I live on the central coast Australia nsw so we are a season behind.

  60. Dear Susan,
    I really, really loved all of the pictures of nature that you posted! Thank you!
    Have a great weekend!

  61. Dear Susan
    Thank you for the lovely photos and advise on fashion.
    I am 53 years old, and I wondered whether you could advise me on how to look slender and also weight loss. After my total abdominal hysterectomy I just gained weight. I hope you can shed some light on my problem.
    Have a lovely day.
    Greetings from Pretoria East in South Africa.
    Amelia Schoeman

    1. It is a challenge to get back to yourself after a total hysterectomy. I remember so well! Be kind to yourself and accept that your body will be different now, especially if you are not taking hormone supplements. I eat much less quantity and much healthier foods now. I drink lots more water and try to go for a long brisk walk every day. It may be difficult for you to get enough sleep now too.

  62. Just now got around to reading some older emails and I’m sooo glad that I didn’t pass this one up!!

    All of these pics made me smile. ALL of them!

    I currently live in Memphis, TN and am looking to possibly move to West Virginia for a change of scenery and WEATHER!! I want to be able to take a drive to a beautiful mountaintop and just enjoy being alive. (Lung Cancer survivor…they caught it super early).

    I’m also on a diet as many health issues had me put on over 30 pounds in the last year. Yes…THIRTY POUNDS!! But I still like to keep up with your style photos as they are a great motivator.

    I did see that you lost quite a bit while fighting…whatever you had! 🙂 I do hope that you can put it back on as you have always been just the perfect size.

    Thanks for everything you do!!

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