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Our choice of clothing, hairstyle, and other appearance details are considered a means of nonverbal communication. Since I am naturally reserved, I’ve always especially enjoyed putting together my outfit no matter what the day might hold. It’s so easy to let my outfit do the talking! For example, today’s first look is one I wore to take Mr. Mickey for a thyroid biopsy. (Thankfully, benign!)

Have you noticed that you feel incredibly comfortable when you wear something authentic to your style?

The black jacket worn as a top is about three years old. I bought it and the jeans from Banana Republic. The jeans are here. The bag is about five years old. I purchased it from Kate Spade. The shoes are here.

The look above includes another older jacket worn as a top to have lunch with a couple of friends. I bought the jacket last spring from Gap. I’ve worn those pants at least once a week since I got them, so I ordered another pair. They are classic and comfortable. The pants are here. The shoes are sold out now, but these are by the same designer and similar. The bag is here. The earrings (here) are marked down now.

I wore the look above to pick up a prescription and have lunch with Mr. Mickey. The ivory and navy cardigan is here. My straight jeans in Bronson Wash are here. (I now have these same jeans in four color ways!) The tank is here. The same style of shoes is here. (Mine are from last year.) The belt is here. The pearl bracelet is one I’ve been wearing on repeat for a couple of years. It is here. Use my code SAS10 for $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry. The other silver bracelet is one I found at T.J.Maxx. The bag is old by Antonio Melani, but the recent bags are here.

If you have followed me for a while, you know I purchase items I intend to wear for years. When I saw this double-faced wool jacket, I knew it was meant for me. I bought it in a size medium here. I may not get to wear it until fall, but it will get lots of wear in the colder months. I’m showing it to you now because it may be sold out when cold weather returns.

This jacket is my first COS purchase. I am very impressed with the jacket’s quality, fit, and feel. Wool is inherently itchy, but I’m okay when wearing it with a sweater or thick tee. Since I’m only five feet five inches tall, sleeves are always too long for me, so I fold or push them up. By the way, rolling up your sleeves makes your legs look longer. Bonus!

The beauty of trends lies in the accessibility of our favorite items. So, I take advantage of this and stock up! By using the shopping links I provide, you not only help maintain this platform but also have a chance to earn me a small commission, all without any additional cost to you. It’s a win-win situation!

  1. The wool jacket is quite elegant and smart looking. Every style this week is sleek and lovely. Thank goodness Mr. Mickey is fine. Thanks for sharing your tips and advice. They are always helpful.

  2. You look absolutely adorable in each of these outfits!
    I think it’s the shorter jackets. They make your legs look so much longer. I’ve always tried to buy longer jackets and sweaters in hopes of hiding my hips. But I look back now at pictures of myself and see how they actually emphasized what I was trying to camouflage. You have truly found your personal best look with this style.
    I also love your hair at the longer length. It makes you look much younger than your shorter style did. Stay beautiful !

  3. Your choice of footwear always looks fabulous. The pretty blue shoes in the first picture are especially eye-catching. I agree with Miss Elizabeth regarding wearing longer tops to camouflage unwanted bits. Not always successful!

  4. These are some great outfits. Just basic and classy. Thank you for some more ideas. I have the same style as you do so this helps me put outfits together. Glad all is ok with Mr. Mickey.

  5. Susan,
    Thank you for some great ideas.
    I love your hair. Would you be willing to do a post on how you style your hair? Do you blow dry it or use rollers? Thank you.

  6. Hi Susan, you look stunning in all the outfits. I absolutely love your style. The short jackets are my favorite. So pleased Mr Mickey got good news.
    God bless you both.
    Elizabeth . SA

  7. You look so pretty. I am not sure I would last very long in the heels but they really make the outfits! So thankful the test came out benign.

  8. Hi Susan, I love everything you post. Glad Mr Mickey is doing well. What size did you buy in the J Crew navy and white jacket?

  9. Elegant as always – thank you Susan for this recent post. If I may suggest, it would also be helpful if you would post some back or side views, if that would be possible.

  10. You always look so polished and comfortable in your outfits. I have reached a time that I can’t wear heels of any height because of hip and back issues. So my outfit can be spectacular but my footwear mars the effect. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. An almond-toe slender shoe in the same color as your bottom half can look effortlessly elegant. Thank you for the question. I’ll create a post about this subject.

  11. Susan, you look gorgeous in all of these outfits! So glad you and Mr. Mickey doing so well. Is it just me or does everyone have problems shopping pants online? To be totally honest I hate pant shopping, even in person. It’s difficult to find the right fit and usually have to spend more to have them hemmed. Covid spoiled me with online shopping. Rarely go out to shop. Susan do you have enough interest to do a post of all the terms and how to measure for ordering pants online? I never know what all those inseams and rises mean, in addition to the waist and hip sizes. Now we have high, mid, and low rise pants,. Seems like it varies from one site to another. It’s very confusing. I would love all your knowledge about this. I hope you have a nice weekend!

    1. I do most of my shopping online but return more pants than anything. Finding a style you like and knowing how their sizes run makes shopping much more accessible. Knowing that a particular brand has higher quality in the fabric and construction makes me a loyal customer. Knowing the formula for your shape makes shopping much more manageable. I’ll do a post about this. Thanks so much for the suggestion.

  12. Susan, recently I was invited to hear a speaker at a private club that included dinner. The invitation did not say anything about a dress code. When I got there, I saw women in everything from jeans to long evening dresses. If you were going to such an event, what would you wear if you didn’t want to look too dressed up but also not in jeans and sneakers? I wore navy pants and a linen jeans jacket and felt okay but not great looking. I do not wear dresses or skirts.
    Thank you.

    1. Dresses are rarely my choice, but black slacks and an elegant jacket with a small clutch bag always seem appropriate for any such occasion. The details elevate the look. Pearls, brocade, velvet, and silk all say I’m going somewhere special. While we might not wear those items often, they can always elevate a look when the time comes.

  13. I too struggle with sleeves being too long. I invested in a pair of shirt sleeve extenders. Game changer… keeps the sleeves up without constant pushing up or re adjusting. My darling dad always wore them he had a big neck and short arms so I knew they would work regards meb159

  14. Smart outfits and the grey jacket in autumn (fall) will look lovely with the colours of Autumn but hey let’s have some summer sunshine first.
    the UK has had horrible Spring weather , Talking about dresses there is one dress in particular you wore a few summers ago it was a beautiful wrap dress small print turquoise colour, it’s one of my favourite looks of you.
    So very glad Mr Mickeys Biopsy was benign, these things always cause a bit of anxiety at the time but hey onwards and upwards into Summer .
    Take care Pamela Wales Uk xx

  15. Dear Susan , thank you for all the photo’s and helpful tips, very nice! I am glad that Mr. Mickey had a good outcome of the biopsy! May God bless you both.

  16. Hi Susan…what size are you wearing in the navy and cream stripe sweater? Do you go up a size? I’m petite but have fuller bust.

  17. Loved all your outfits today as usual and am so happy that Mr. Mickey’s test were negative. I too can no longer wear heels and am recovering from bunion and hammer toe surgery. I have found that low heel wedge shoes and sandals now work better for me and still manage to look well dresses with slacks. Like you I rarely wear a dress, sometimes a maxi.

  18. I’m so glad to hear the Mr. Mickey’s biopsy gave great news! I pray for the health of both of you. Thank you for continuing to share your emails with me. I really enjoy them and they have been a great help to create a wardrobe I can use and love!

  19. I noticed that you wear pointed-toe shoes a lot. I bought a pair that I love from Clarks. I bought them in my usual size. When they arrived I tried them on and they seemed fine. After all, they were my size. Now when I want to wear them they feel tight on one foot, on the second toe. I just cannot seem to be able to stretch them. Any suggestions?

    You look just great in your clothes. I like the shorter jackets.

  20. I already have the ivory/red/navy J Crew cardigan and just bought the one in navy/ivory. Being on the shorter side, I’m a fan of this length.

  21. Thank you for your advice. Please will you do a blog showing what you wear to different events that are not too casual or too formal. I do appreciate all of the help you give your readers.

  22. Your outfit choices are lovely. You always look great. I enjoy following you.
    Wishing you and Mr. Mickey good health and an enjoyable Spring.

  23. “Have you noticed that you feel incredibly comfortable when you wear something authentic to your style?”

    This is so true! I spent last weekend attending a three day conference where I was rubbing shoulders with many professional people. I’ve been retired for more than a decade and don’t really have a professional wardrobe anymore. Not wanting to buy new clothes for a one time event, I wondered what I should pack. I shopped my closet, carefully planned what I would wear each day, and felt completely at ease because I was wearing what was authentic to my style which I would label classy casual.

  24. Happy for the news about Mr. Mickey’s health! Everything you have put together here is just perfect. That Kate Spade purse with those shoes and that outfit looks so chic.

    I’ve realized that the shoes you wear with the wide-legged pants are a defining feature of your look. I don’t do well with heels for long periods of time, but I am now convinced that if I really want to carry off these looks, I just have to get some shoes like yours–“too cha-cha for words!” (Steel Magnolias)

  25. Susan,
    Love all these looks on you. How chic and sophisticated and so authentic to your style. I especially like the way you matched your hair color to your handbag in the first two photos. As we say in Quintessential Style: “if the bag goes WITH YOU, it will go with whatever you are wearing,”

  26. I really appreciate the outfits you have shown us lately. I’ve copied many of them, including the white jacket and jeans and the black and white scarf tied at the neck. I’ve gotten compliments every time from all ages of women. My grand girls thought the black and white scarf with the front knot looked especially “artsy”–wore it to the Julia Child exhibit in Richmond recently. Your casually chic style favorably stands out when so many women seem to be wearing nice track suits and sneakers. Thanks for all the ideas. Organizing my closet with these new styles and using things I already have makes getting dressed for appointments and lunch dates quick and easy and just brightens my day! I even had a “try on” session in my closet and eliminated tops and slacks that just didn’t flatter any more. Now there’s more room for planning outfits and no longer the guilt that I really should put on that ill fitting top/jeans! Such a freeing feeling….I think I’ll tackle the closet some more this week before it’s time to bring out the summer clothes. Thank you!

  27. That COS wool jacket looks beautiful on you, Susan. Two days ago it snowed all day, so this jacket would be appropriate for the very cold spring we’ve had here in southern Canada. Still wearing a down filled coat.
    Your other looks are so lovely. I still gravitate towards slim leg jeans and your outfit with the striped sweater looks so fresh and spring like.
    Would you consider doing blogs on disguising a prominent tummy and on styling white running/walking shoes that are so popular these days? Many thanks!

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