How To Wear Leather Leggings

It seems that faux leather leggings may have become a classic.

With the look of long over lean, a slim-fitting pant is essential to balance with long boxy tunics. You can pair the look with short boots with a bit of heel or over the knee flat boots. I always wear a long top with them. This top is the long sleeve Covered Perfectly Simple Comfort tunic. Almost all of my winter looks start with one of these tops. They are perfect for layering, and I love to wear this neckline. I bought the leggings shown here at Chico’s last year. They have faux leather panels in the front, and the back is Ponte knit fabric. Ponte knit fabric has a double knit construction. It is more substantial and sturdier than jersey knits. It stands away from your body rather than clinging to every part.

Mr. Mickey is my adventure partner and the photographer for most of the photos you see here on the blog. When we go out, we discuss the general colors we plan to wear. We try to match, but we certainly don’t want to clash with each other. We often get compliments from strangers on what a handsome couple we are, making him so very proud. He always dresses in classic styles and solid colors as well, so our looks easily stand together.

He also plans most of our weekend activities. In the unpredictable winter months, we often take a day trip over to Asheville to shop, get something to eat, and watch people. We enjoyed an artisan cheese tasting at The Bistro in Antler Hill Village at Biltmore on this beautiful day. We shopped for a while and then had a lovely light dinner at the Lobster Trap. It was still early, so we decided to end the evening with an after-dinner glass of wine in the Great Hall Bar of the Grove Park Inn. There is often live music and always great people watching as we sit in front of a roaring fire.

Mr. Mickey and I share our adventures, and occasionally both our looks to inspire you to go out and enjoy life. Sometimes what we wear is years old, and we may drive only sixty miles away. There are times when we share a sandwich and then sit in the park and talk while watching people. Our joy comes from sharing life with someone who respects and appreciates kindness and loyalty rather than taking advantage of those qualities. We work very hard all week, so taking an afternoon off to relax and enjoy some quality time together gives me the perseverance and motivation to continue. We make the most of every day we spend together.

The long gray fringe duster and the Zac Posen bag are both old from Saks Off 5th. The animal print scarf is old from Chico’s. The short boots are old by Gianni Bini via Dillard’s.

  1. I think this is my fav of all the great blogs you have posted. Seeing both of you together and how you interact and compliment each other is so inspirational! Love your look as always , but was excited to see Mr. Mickey outfit . Just to clarify , is he wearing jeans? My husband is a jeans only kind of guy, so a look that dresses it up a bit would be fantastic. Thanks for sharing !

  2. Sounds like a perfect day! Thank you for sharing. Wonderful that you found someone who was a good photographer to get these great pictures of the two of you.

  3. Wow. This post is about way more than leggings. You ARE an attractive couple and to have someone like that in your life is definitely a blessing. What a perfect day you described here (such a gorgeous area of North Carolina!). I truly enjoyed this post, and it does remind me that life is about way more than work. To have adventures large or small to enjoy is really something to look forward to!

  4. You are beautiful and classy and you two are a beautiful couple. My husband and I need to take lessons from you and start getting out and enjoying life a little more!!!

  5. I love the term “Adventure Partner.” I am a newly dating widow of 4 years and have wondered what to call the man I am dating. Thank you.

  6. You look stunning, both of you. And your leather boots elongate your look. The next time we visit Asheville, we must visit Biltmore Village. It looks wonderful. And I am quite jealous of your weather!

  7. Love this look of both of you ! Another time, other places, memories . Thanks for sharing your lives with us. Love & Hugs.

  8. Classic style never goes out of style, does it. I love your boots and am amazed that they are old. They look brand new. How often to you polish them? Thank you for sharing a snip-it of you life with Mr. Mickey. You’ve inspired me to find places my husband and I can go for a day trip. It isn’t necessary to take a week for vacation if you have places around you to visit.

  9. Susan, Chicos has some faux leather pants that are faux leather in the front and back, just bought some and they are very comfortable, thought you might like to check them out.

  10. So chic & you both look darling together! Appreciated your statement on where your joy comes from and thanks for sharing your day together with us. May seem like an odd question, but when shopping & going on errands how do you manage all the handbag paper & multipe receipts clutter? I need to deal with that today. Liked the scoop on brands Mr Mickey favors as I purchase most of my hubby’s clothing & Mr M always looks fab! Wishing you both a great week, L

      1. Thanks for your response, got it under cobtrol & will try to keep it done more often. Just noticed you are up to 7500 on FB! Congrats Susan!

  11. This is one of my favorite posts! You and Mr Mickey are indeed a handsome couple. I love seeing what Mr Mickey wears (and very well, I might add!). My husband and I were discussing what appeals to a woman about a man, and I said “clean, well-groomed, well-dressed and a pleasant demeanor”. This is also one of my favorite looks on you. Love the duster! I wore a necklace with my scarf yesterday and wondered about it being too much, and lo and behold, you are wearing a scarf and necklace.

  12. Susan I love your blog! Especially the beauty & fashion tutorials. I have shared your blog with many of my friends
    Who also find it helpful. You & Mr Mickey are very nice together I’m looking for my Mr Mickey any advice??

  13. The word “dashing” comes to mind when I see photos of Mr. Mickey. What a stylish, classy couple you are. I so enjoy your day trip posts and seeing your part of the country. Cheers.

  14. I love your new blog. Please include a picture of both of you each time. It is very helpful to see ideas for men’s clothing and stance in pictures.I also enjoy reading about your weekend adventures.

    1. I agree, Lori. They are a handsome couple and I would love to,see more of Mr. Mickey, too. His style will help me and my husband choose some great looking clothes for him. I shouldn’t be the only one who looks fabulous!

  15. Great photos, Susan! Yes, you two are a beautiful couple. Everything about each of you compliments the other perfectly. You are both so lucky and blessed. I love that handbag you’re carrying. It’s a great shape and perfect color for the outfit you’re wearing. Hope you have a happy and prosperous week!

  16. Thank you and Mr.Mickey for sharing your adventures. I sometimes forget about the wonderful things available within my neighborhood that make an adventure. My husband and I need to do more of the quick trips instead of waiting for our once a year vacation. You both look elegant as usual!

  17. I bought some faux leggings but haven’t worn them! My tastes still border on the Southeast in me, however I lived in the West and people here don’t dress up to go to town like I did growing up in Nashville. As a partially disabled person I haven’t had a lot of dress-up occasions lately and the icy weather has kept us in. When I get home from my house-sitting assignment here in AZ, I am going to try a new outfit with them! Thank you for your ideas. I love Grey. Question: Most of my friends over 60 do not wear high heels. Can you show any lower shoes to match with your outfits?

  18. Susan – I just wanted to thank you for your inspiring me in so many positive ways. Less than 2 weeks ago, I turned 72. I have been recovering from a knee replacement surgery in May that required a revision surgery in October and the challenges all of that entails. I felt like I was sliding into becoming a grumpy, depressed woman with limited good times ahead. Then, I remembered the enormous challenges you faced and overcame to become the gorgeous, happy and joyous person you are today. You have become a role model for me even though our lifestyles and looks are different. It goes to show that you never know whose lives you can touch and make better.

    Thank you!

    1. Keep going, Rebecca! Mr. Mickey had a total knee replacement which failed. His other knee is literally bone on bone. Walking and climbing steps is very painful for him but he rarely mentions it and tries to remain active and engaged. He never ceases to inspire me. Sending you big hugs across the miles. (My best friend in first and second grade was named Rebecca so each time I see your comments, I smile and think of my dear friend.)

  19. Your outfit is beautiful as always ! I have always loved leather pants but was a little bit fearful to wear them because I wasnt sure what to wear with them. You’ve shown how to wear them so they look very stylish and elegant.
    Also, I want to thank you for the line that you wrote “Our joy comes from sharing life with someone who respects and appreciates kindness and loyalty rather than taking advantage of those qualities.” This means more to me than you know. Im going through the beginning stages of divorce after 21 years of marraige. As heartbreaking as it is this one sentence sums it all up for me. Your posts always brighten my day !

    1. Those of us who have endured the ultimate deceit will recognize the weight of my words. Stay strong my friend. Do not let this stumbling block of life harden your heart. I hope you find your own Mr. Mickey when you are ready.

  20. It’s such a joy to see you two together. Very inspiring – hard work, deep respect, great affection. Not to mention terrific style!!

  21. One of my favorite of your posts….Ya’ll are a very attractive couple and love the choices of clothes today on you both! So glad you have found each other to enjoy so much out there in this life! And, thanks, for sharing with us. You give great fashion suggestions….simple, elegant, and classic…Mr Mickey too….and love that you share your trips…Gives me, and I know all of us in blog land, great ideas as I live in east Tennessee…..And, yes, the weight of some of your words today was important as well…..very true!

  22. Dear Susan, I don’t now you personally and I live far away.
    Anyhow you are like my sister or best friend to me .
    Thank you.

  23. This is such a lovely post, Susan. And I appreciate your answers to Mich and Jo Lynn, above. Too many of us understand only too well “the ultimate deceit.” I will keep hoping that MY Mr. Mickey will come along soon. Meanwhile, if Mr. M has an available (and similar) brother, send him to me on the coast of NC!

  24. I have those Chico’s faux leather leggings . They are so comfortable and it is nice to have leggings to wear when I am tired of jeans every day. I feel dressed up when I wear them. I usually wear booties or knee high boots with them. Long sweaters or tunics go well with them. I love that duster BTW!!

  25. It is so sweet that Mr. Mickey cares enough to inquire about your planned outfit and wants to dress to enhance YOUR beauty! What a guy!
    Let him know us gals love that and that he is quite the “arm candy”!

  26. What a good looking couple! Thank you for sharing your adventures – I am always interested to see how others live their lives. It is so easy to slump in front of the tv, especially in winter, but there is so much out there to see and do. Thanks for the reminder.

  27. An excellent post, once more : with a “courageous” subject (the faux leather !), and very interesting conclusions.
    I enjoy also very much your comments about the prices of clothes.
    And also your humanity about everything, which is noticeable under every word, from your part, as from your compagnion part.
    Thank you very much for these daily and pleasant contributions, Susan (and M. Mickey !).

  28. My husband and I just celebrated our 40th anniversary in Ashville at the Biltmore Estate. This was our first visit to the beautiful area. I was tickled to recognize the location in your photos. I so appreciate your inspiation, thank you.

  29. Susan: I just started reading your blog about 2 months ago, and enjoy it very much. I am from the Johnson City area as well…do you ever do any speaking engagements?

  30. Ya’ll are just so darn sweet together. The jeans and sport coat look is my favorite for a handsome guy such as your Mr. Mickey . And also, i might add, my Mr. Chip. I can see why people compliment the two of you!!! ( on a side note, my husband and I were walking in the Mall one day and a guy said to us, hello power couple!) we both about died laughing!

  31. I like this look very much. And you and Mr.Mickey are a great looking couple. I always enjoy not only the pictures of what you are wearing, but the great locations you take us to on your adventures and trips.

  32. Susan, I am a 53 year old woman who is actually 24 in spirit! I lost a lot of weight – through more of a paleo-type lifestyle, and I have kept it off for years! I LOVE fashion again, after raising our girls (who are now off at school). I want to not go crazy with a big wardrobe, but I love a tailored, classic, classy, elegant, but trendy look. I LOVE how your rock your shoes! Sites like these encourage me to dress my inside age, not turning frumpy as I age. I am 5’6″, and about 135 lbs. I am always looking for pieces that will stand some test of time, but throw in inexpensive pieces that are more trendy. That way, I don’t lament spending any real amount of money on them! Blessings! Thank you again!

  33. What a beautiful story, it makes me teary. I’ve never wanted to marry again but then – to have a partner with such mutual respect is inevitable. Such a handsome couple.

  34. You 2 look like a totally adorable couple but yet very sophisticated and regal looking. I like your comment that Mr. Mickey has to compliment you and not the other way around. I agree that you should go out and enjoy life and you guys are doing it in total style.

  35. Also, because of your site I went and bought 3 pairs of black pants today. 2 are not completely faux leather but have strips on the sides of the legs. One pair wider than the other and one pair shorter. The other pair is a plain black skinny leg. I hope to as good in mine as you do in yours.

  36. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate and enjoy your pictures with Mr. Mickey. Every picture With the both of you together shows how much you care and love the time you spend together. I always thought you folks were a married couple. I don’t know why you aren’t because you look so happy and content – always brings a smile to my face when I look at your pictures. Susan keep on smiling. I think you’re the best over 60’s model yet. You have a sincere confidence that is natural, likeable, personable, honest and true. Keep Mr. Mickey around. You make a very handsome looking couple.
    Sincerely with God’s blessings,
    Betty Reese

  37. I bought those faux leather pants from Chicos las year for myself and for my daughter. I have not worn them yet. I am so glad to see you in them because now I will wear mine too!!! They look great on you! Oh my goodness, you have so many clothes. You will have to rent a warehouse.

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