Lunch With Friends

On a recent stormy afternoon, we joined our dear friends Lenora and David for a late lunch at the Grove Park Inn on the Sunset Terrace.

Since it was a rainy day, I wore black to avoid showing splatters. Accessories always add an extra touch, turning a plain black shirt and black jeans into a look worthy of a lunch date.

The bag is here – dome ring here – watch here. Similar shoes are here. The other items are many years old.

The shirt is here and the jeans are here.

We always thoroughly enjoy our visits to the Sunset Terrace.

Mr. Mickey’s look included his favorite customized socks.

Spending time with sweet friends is always great fun!

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  1. I enjoy seeing you and Mr. Mickey having such a wonderful time visiting the local restaurants and scenic areas. My husband and I decided to explore more of our local areas too. These outings are a highlight! You both are looking full of vitality! It’s good to see people taking the time to dress well and look their best. Have an adventuresome week!

  2. Great outfit and love the green bag. It’s an unexpected pop of color. Adore Mr. Mickey’s fun socks!

  3. Sunset terrace sounds amazing! Love the inspiration you give us! Mr. Mickey’s Sox are perfect!

  4. Susan, you and Mr. Mickey look so handsome and lovely. Looks like a wonderful outing with friends!

  5. Susan, you’ve made my day (again) – I’ve been wondering what to get a dear friend for her birthday, and the pup socks are perfect! Lovely to see you both looking well and happy, and enjoying life.

  6. You look wonderful as usual. Love the all black outfit. Mr. Mickey’s socks are adorable!

  7. Love the socks with both your faces on them. Love your outfit, you inspired me to wear the same with my turquoise jewelry. Always an inspiration Susan!

  8. Love your look and Mr. Mickey’s, too! Super custom socks! We are still having stormy days in Asheville, making today a perfect day to head over to Sunset Terrace with your wardrobe tips in mind!

  9. Susan: would you please post a link for the fun men’s socks. The plaid background is very versatile.
    Thanks from Susan

  10. Thank you for continuing to share your style and travels. I really enjoy seeing your countryside travels.

  11. You look GREAT! Your accessories really made the outfit pop. I love your guy’s sweet sock choice too.

  12. Thank you for this great reminder that a simple black shirt and black jeans can look amazing with carefully chosen accessories! You look stunning in these photos (and the socks are very fun).

  13. Hi Susan gorgeous as ever the green bag just makes the outfit and brightens what seemed to be a dull day. Always an inspiration to me to look so elegant.
    Mr Mickey looks so handsome and just love the socks.
    You both look well and relaxed just the way retirement should be.
    Keep well and God Bless.

  14. Susan, this is a lovely outfit! Your style is fabulous. One question — how do you decide whether to wear a necklace INSIDE a collared shirt or OUTSIDE? For this outfit, I would have totally messed up the look because I’d usually put the necklace outside the collar. Here, it looks wonderful inside the collar, but is there a “formula” that helps you decide? (Or is it just “see what looks best?”) Thank you!

  15. Black is always a basic conservative & classy outfit and accessories are the key to a fresh look. Cant believe I donated my lime green bag last fall, never thinking to wear it with black. : (

  16. What a nice way to spend a day. I really like the pop of color! Actually it could be any color which is nice. But the green is nice.

  17. Susan,
    Can I get BeaintyCounter products from you ?
    If so, can I place an order through you ?

    1. You can still buy Beautycounter products at Ulta. The company isn’t closing, but it is restructuring after the woman who started it bought it back from investors who were bankrupt. The Beautycounter website will be back up and better than ever later this year. I’ll let you know as soon as it is.

  18. I heard Beauty Counter is going out of business. I love their cleansing oil. Do you know of something similar? Also their Resurfacing Peel?
    Thank you!

    1. You can still buy Beautycounter products at Ulta. The company isn’t closing, but it is restructuring after the woman who started it bought it back from investors who were bankrupt. The Beautycounter website will be back up and better than ever later this year. I’ll let you know as soon as it is.

  19. Love your outfit – what a fun accent the green bag is! And Mr Mickey’s socks couldn’t be cuter! You both look very well!

  20. What a perfect “fun” accent. You look wonderful in the black column. One of my favorite casual but polished outfits is a column of black with a white or ivory blazer. And love Mr Mickey’s socks!

  21. Such a smart look , I personally love one colour head to toe and pops of colour . I wouldn’t have chosen a bright
    green bag if I saw it on a shelf , but I must admit it looks gorgeous with the black column outfit.
    You never fail to inspire me. I used to love your scarf pops of colour too but you don’t seam to wear them often The necklace is so pretty though .
    What a pretty name Leonora it always reminds me of and Operatic name and I can’t recall the Opera I am thinking of.
    Gorgeous veiws , gorgeous people, gorgeous socks (lol) and I am sure gorgeous food but we didn’t get a sniff this time .
    Hey take care,
    Love Pamela fro Wales UK xx

  22. This is just THE perfect outfit for you Susan. You are absolutly amazing and charming when you wear all black, transforming you to take the appearance of a gentle panther. And I just love so much…

  23. You all look so beautiful as always! These are my favorite socks of your sweetie. I love them! Thanks for sharing.

  24. Another inspiring outfit! You continue to dazzle.
    Thank you for sharing the name of the book you were reading, “Becoming Mrs. Lewis”. I enjoyed reading it.
    Do you have another recommendation as we move forward into the summer months.

  25. Hi Susan,

    Looking healthy – taking care of yourself and pacing yourself after treatments so important. Having been down the same road, it’s not aways easy but it’s an inspiration to others to see you thriving.

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