Dinner With The Dude

My love affair with linen continues as we celebrate Mr. Mickey, aka The Dude’s, 90th birthday month. (His license plate reads ‘Hey Dude.’) Each of his various circles of friends has given him nicknames, so he has several. His upbeat personality always makes people feel comfortable and happy.

Evenings at higher elevations can be much cooler, so I always wear or take another layer. I topped my linen-blend dress (here) with a short denim jacket from last year. I bought the dress in a size medium. A similar denim jacket is here. The sunglasses are here. All of my jewelry is several years old.

The shoes are from last year, but these are similar. The bag is also from last year, so here is a similar one.

The design details, including the smocked back, allowed me to comfortably wear this dress without a bra.

As always, Mr. Mickey was well-dressed and smiling, ready for another celebration.

Located in some of North Carolina’s highest terrain, the Interstate 26 Scenic Highway in Madison County takes motorists straight through the heart of the Appalachian Mountains and offers stunning views. We stopped at a lookout on the way to Weaverville for these photos. Blue skies always make us happy.

We enjoyed a delightful meal at the Glass Onion in Weaverville, just outside Asheville, NC.

Have you ever seen a man so happy to see the garlic bread arrive?

The Seared Scallops over Creamy Polenta were divine!

I ordered the Herbed Gnocchi Primavera, which is served with tomato cream sauce, roasted fennel, peppers, zucchini, and mushrooms topped with shaved parmesan.

The Southern Style Coconut Cake was moist and delicious.

Consider using my outfit formulas with items you already have. Today’s look includes an easy black dress in a flattering fit-and-flare shape, a denim jacket, natural-tan shoes, and bag. Shopping links on my site may allow me to earn a small commission without costing you anything.

  1. I love the Glass Onion! You both look wonderful. And refreshingly cool during this,oppressive heat wave!

  2. I love the dress! I have a similar linen dress with a slightly different shape. These are so versatile to style. You have so many dining experiences close to you. The food looks scrumptious. Both of you look terrific for Mr. Mickey’s birthday outing. I’m hoping you find relief from the heat that is hanging over you very soon.

  3. Ah, Susan! Lovely as always. So will Mr. Mickey be celebrating until the next birthday? For sure!!
    Love the simple and elegant look you are wearing. I like the bob very much; such a simple and beautiful shape to the hair.
    Love going along on your outings!

  4. I love your dress it looks so comfortable and slimming of course. It is wonderful that Mr Mickey gets to celebrate his 90th birthday the whole month that is a awesome idea. We are always so enthralled on the special day that we actually don’t get to take it all in. The nickname Dude suits him. You make such a gorgeous couple.
    Look after yourselves and God bless.

  5. You look lovely, as always, Ms. Susan, and Mr. Mickey looks great too. Happy birthday to him! I also have to tell you that you rock that sleeveless black dress … I envy you! What’s your secret? I wish I felt comfortable with my bare arms.

  6. Oh my goodness, amazing looking food! And where is our photo of Mr Mickey’s socks? Lol. (PS as always, you look great Susan).

  7. I definitely needed to see your comment on your arms! Honestly, I really have to get over how my arms look and how I wish they looked. Working on it.
    You look lovely as ever and Mr. Mickey as dapper as ever.

  8. Your Dude looks amazing…HB.

    Nice to see you in a dress. With the heat, dresses are coolest item for me.

    Be well

  9. Can”t believe “The Dude is 90.Love the shoes on both of you.
    Wish you showed the socks he wore with those shoes.
    The dinners looked delicious,
    Happy Birthday Mr, Mickey,May God continue to bless you with good health,joy and peace

  10. Love your outfit! You two always look so happy together. Happy birthday Mr. Dude. Cheers to many more

  11. You both look wonderful and happy. It’s always a pleasure to see your posts and enjoy the stories and photos of your adventures.

  12. Hi Susan,
    You both know how to live it up and enjoy Mr. Mickey’s special birthday. The scenery is pretty. You both look great. Your arms are fine. Just remember ladies are more concerned about checking out their own arms to be concerned about yours.
    It’s great Mr. Dude knows how to chill and keep life light and full of happy JOY. You are blessed to have one another as pals right? You can see how compatible you both are that makes for close to perfect partner/friendship.
    Take care of yourself and one another.

  13. You and Mr Mickey always look so smart, never would have guessed Mr Mickey was 90. You both look young and spritely. Keep on keeping on.

  14. Hi Susan,
    Love the Black Dress & almost everything but Those SHOES!!! I would have preferred a lighter looking Sandal with a Heel.
    I enjoy what both You & The Dude are wearing on your outings

    1. If you have slender feet and ankles with long legs, a delicate shoe might be the right choice for you. However, if like me you have thick ankles, fleshy feet and short legs, a delicate shoe with a midi length dress will look very dated and frumpy.

  15. My daughters who lives in Raleigh is considering getting married at Henderson Acres in Weaverville next year.

  16. The two of you are a handsome couple! You always look like you’re having fun & enjoying a life well lived. Happy Birthday, Mr. Mickey.

  17. You and The Dude look great! Love your look, Susan, and your hair! Happy Birthday–all month long, Mr. Mickey! We love the Glass Onion, too!

  18. Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey! You both are a symbol of people taking care of themselves and living the best life ever.

    Congratulation to both of you.

    Many more years to go…..enjoying reading your articles Susan!

    Thank You

  19. Good morning
    Both of you look stunning!
    Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey
    Have an amazing weekend.
    Kind regards

  20. Belated birthday wishes to Mickey! You both look terrific and I love the photos you provide of your outings. Mickey – I totally get the enthusiasm for garlic bread! 🙂

  21. Happy birthday Mr. Mickey! It’s my birthday month also! I’m always ready for a birthday party!

  22. This was a nice way to spend a Birthday lunch. You both look so good and healthy right now. I know you do eat well and it really shows. Our health is very important as we grow older.
    I do remember North Carolina has some beautiful places in the mountains. I do miss it there.

    Thanks for the tips and especially how to use items we have in our closet.

  23. Everything looked lovely, including the two of you! I love Mr. Mickey’s outfit! I think he stole the show this time!

  24. Happy Birthday to “The Dude”. Looks very young for 90. Love his “Smokey” Saddle Shoes. My late husband used to wear them. Have a great dinner.

  25. Dear Susan,

    Thank you so much for continuing this blog as you can, with helpful info on how to look our best at any age without spending too much!

    I love your constant optimism, in spite of setbacks that tend to pester us all as we get older! I keep feeling the need to hit “like” on so many of your photos!

    Do you think there’s any possibility of your doing an updated skincare/makeup video in the near future? The one you did during the pandemic was especially helpful!

    Please keep up the good work!

    And may you and Mr. Mickey and the rest of your families enjoy good health!

  26. Mr Mickey is a “Dapper Dude” per my husband! Shoes plus cool car and you!
    Beside your lovely outfits we enjoy the restaurants you choose. WE are in NC for 6 months in the summer and hope to try the Glass Onion before long. We are on Badin Lake in the middle of the state!

  27. I had to laugh when I saw the title of this blog! One of my favorite movies is The Big Lebowski, starring Jeff Bridges as the main character. He goes by the nickname of “The Dude”, with a slovenly appearance—the antithesis of your Dude! If the two of you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend that you stream it. Others in the movie are John Goodman, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Julianne Moore.

  28. Love your style. I don’t know if I can do those shoes. I’m good at 1.5″ heels. Would love to find the same with a lower heel. Thank you for your posts. Always look forward to them!

  29. Happy 90 th Birthday Mr. Mickey you don’t look a day over 75. Love to see you are doing well & you & Susan getting out there to celebrate with a lively dinner.

  30. Susan, I really like when you wear black color in your outfits. And I also love when you wear these fantastic high heel mules on your pretty feet. Always so beautiful, always so feminine…

  31. You and Mr. Mickey are such a special couple. You are both beautiful. Happy, Happy, birthday and many more happy, healthy birthdays!

  32. Stunning views and food, you and “the Dude” looking happy and healthy…what more can you ask for.
    I love your suggestion Susan; to create an outfit like yours with what we have! That’s why you’re a blogger and I”m not! You help us to think about our clothes, what we already own, and how to be more creative instead of always buying new.
    I am being more selective now, thanks to you, and I’m just adding key pieces that work with others I own. It’s really all so much fun!
    Hope Mr. Mickey had a wonderful birthday and many more!

  33. Happy Birthday 90th Mr. Mickey! You’re looking as fresh and healthy as ever! I love that beautiful food presentation!

  34. Susan,
    I have followed you since 50NotFrumpy and you continue to be a wonderful role model for me not only in wellness, fashion and beauty, but especially in the way you approach life. I know I speak for all of us here that your posts are always encouraging and refreshing – a bright spot in our day.

    I hope the rest of yours is lovely,
    Belinda Stevens

  35. About five years ago, you did a wonderful blog on your daily food choices. Grains and most fruits were eliminated. I wonder if you are following the same regimen. I am in awe of your ability to avoid snacking. Is it possible that your years in the Navy gave you a self-discipline that most of us lack? I enjoy being part of your community.

    1. I am still careful with my food choices and walk for at least an hour each morning. Intermittent fasting serves me well. I rarely eat anything in the evening. Vegetables are my first choice, followed by nuts, seeds, and a small amount of fresh fruit.

  36. HAPPY BIRTHDAY , “DUDE”!!!! It looks like you had a fantastic 90th birthday celebration. CONGRATULATIONS on being 90!!

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