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Now that the weather is warmer, I’ve been on a linen shirt kick. If the creases and wrinkles of linen are too much for you, opt for black, which looks a bit more crisp. I wore a black linen shirt and white jeans to the mall to pick up new bath towels today.

Similar shirt (mine is from last year)- JeansBagSandalsSunglassesWatch

We held our fifty-year high school class reunion last Saturday. What fun it was to see some of my pals again. The dress code was casual, but I wanted to feel like myself, so I wore a black linen top here and black trouser-style jeans here with heeled sandals here and carried an orange straw clutch from RAFÉ New York. A similar bag is here.

Vicky (in green) and I have had lunch several times over the years but haven’t seen Peggy (in black) since our graduation. Isn’t it great when you can pick up where you left off without skipping a beat? Jim in the foreground has been my pal since seventh grade!

Those are the perfect summer earrings! I bought them here, and you can use my code SAS10 to get $10 off your Beauty in Stone Jewelry purchase.

I’m in the middle back row between my pals Jim and Steve. (The red line points to me.)

Thank you for your kind comments and good wishes for my father. His pacemaker was implanted on Wednesday, and all is going well. On Sunday, June 9th, my parents celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary!

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  1. WOW 70 years — we’re at 52 and I thought that was going some! Tell them congratulations and many many more! I’ve been worried about you – take care of yourself while you are trying to do so much for everyone else!

  2. Congratulations on your parent’s 70th Anniversary!!! I hope your father continues to do well. You look so lovely and great to attend your 50th high school reunion. Continued blessings to you and your family.

  3. Thank you Susan! Happy Anniversary to your parents! The first time I’ve ever heard of a 70th! How nice to have friends back then. It must have been something to see everyone. I love linen, wrinkles and all:)

  4. Congrats to your parents, what a lovely marriage they must have had. And thank you for showing us your reunion, sure it was fun.

  5. Great news! So happy to hear your father is doing well after his surgery. A 50th reunion can certainly connect you with old friends and help you make new. I ended up adding many Facebook friends after my reunion. It is fun to keep in contact with people from high school. We even get together occasionally for mini reunions. Wishing much joy and peace to you and Mr. Mickey.

  6. Wow, lots of milestones this year – 50, 70, 90, and all still going strong like the energizer bunny! Congratulations to everyone. You looked lovely, Susan, for your reunion get together. I’m imagining it will be a sobering moment when I reach my 50th (which isn’t far away) but when one looks and feels as good as you do, Susan, that will be the best milestone of all.

  7. So glad to hear from you and that your dad is doing well. Love how you stayed true to yourself. You continue to inspire.

  8. Gorgeous as ever at your reunion Susan. I am so pleased your Dad is doing well. Congratulate your Mom and Dad on their 70th Wedding Anniversary it is wonderful.
    Take care and God bless.

  9. You look the very best at the reunion!!! My 50th is next year! Thanks for the jewelry link….I ended up getting the pearl necklace with the three different raffia attachments!
    Also, I wonder if you have a favorite restaurant in Asheville? My ex-husband is having his 80th birthday in August and we’re going to celebrate in Asheville where my son and his girlfriend live. My son manages a wine bar in downtown Asheville for Marked Tree Vineyard and she works in one of the bars at the Grove Park Inn! (We’ll probably go to the Grove Park Inn for drinks, but probably want to go to a restaurant not quite as pricey as there.) I’m getting dinner ideas from everyone! Thanks and glad you Dad is doing well!

    1. In downtown we like Posana Restaurant and The Glass Onion in Weaverville outside of Asheville are both very good. It all depends on what type of food you like there are a lot of options on nearly every block. Here is a link to what Tripadvisor reports as the 10 Best.

  10. Please pass on my congratulations Susan. 70 years is amazing! It’s my Dad’s 80th birthday today and it’s wonderful that my family are all now back living not far from each other, we are meeting for lunch. (there is a huge sports games on here tonight so we decided to have a big birthday dinner in 2 weeks time). Also lovely to see and hear about your reunion. Gosh, isn’t it all the special milestones that make life wonderful!

  11. So good to hear from you. Enjoy ALL the pics u post. U and Mr. Mickey make such an awesome couple. My hubby and I just celebrated our 66th wedding anniversary on June 6 th. Our health is pretty stable, but we have had several major ups and downs. Stay cool. It is very HOT in San Antonio, so we don’t get out very much, but try to walk two miles nearly every day in early morning.

  12. I love your elegance. It’s so simple and unaffected. Love the shorter shirt too.
    The outfit for your reunion just shouts elegance, and I do love your hair – mainly because it vindicates mine at that length too, although I think yours might be quite thick? Mine’s quite fine but has a bit of body. Do you ever pull yours back?

  13. Looks like a lovely celebration with old classmates! What a blessing to get to enjoy friendships from our youth! All the best!

  14. Prayers for your father’s continued progress. Please congratulate them on 70 years of marriage. What a blessing. This year is our 58th class reunion . However since the 50th we haven’t had anything extravagant. We post an announcement on fb that we are getting together at the city park. Those who come thoroughly enjoy themselves. There’s fewer of us each year. It saddens me when I hear people say they didn’t have good school memories so won’t attend. We all have grown over 50+ years and changed into nice adults not mean teens.

  15. Hi Susan,
    Wow, you gave been very busy between taking care of your father.,I’m so happy to hear his pacemaker was implanted and all is good. A major congratulations to your parents. I don’t know anyone that has been married for 70 years. Your parents are special, I know by listening and seeing you.
    The 50th high school reunion is so very special. What lots of fun reconnecting with some of your pals. You stood out in the crowd, looking so pretty.
    Take care of yourself.

  16. Congratulations to your parents!
    Also every good wish for your father’s pacemaker recovery – my husband is on his second one (battery replacement) and, upon insertion, wondered why he hadn’t done it years previously!

  17. Congratulations on these fun milestones and celebrations! Glad to hear everyone is well. Thank you for continuing to inspire us Susan!

  18. 70th !!! My goodness what a milestone achievement. Congratulations to them both. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your Dad

  19. Happy Anniversary to your parents. That’s quite an accomplishment. Hope your Dad is doing OK with the pacemaker. Hi to Mr. Mickey and have fun this summer. Thanks for the post.

  20. Susan, I’m wondering if you’ve had your colors “done”? All I ever read from practically everyone is how we shouldn’t wear black, especially near our face! What is your opinion on this? Maybe you are a “winter” and black is complementary for you? Supposedly I’m a warm spring and black is a no no and will make me look terrible. But I love black sometimes!

    1. I have not had my colors done, but it’s true black may be too harsh for many of us as we age. It is still one of my favorite colors. Another dark color, such as brown might be a better choice for you.

  21. 70 years! What an amazing achievement for your parents. Congratulations to them, and praying for continued good health for your dad.

  22. Happy to learn of such good results for your father, as well as news about their 70th anniversary . We celebrated 61 years on June 8. Thanks for the suggestion about black linen.

  23. Wow! Many blessings to your parents for 70 years!! That takes lots of hard work, love, and forgiveness! And a belated Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey!! He looks great at 90. Wishing him continued health for the future.

    I’ve added several linen shirts to my wardrobe in the last year! Love them. I live in Rockport, TX on the Gulf Coast, so it’s hot and humid like you are. Linen is SO comfortable.

    Thanks for posting.

  24. As always, Susan, you look lovely, and perfectly appropriate for the occasion. You had a great turnout for your reunion- I’m glad it was fun for you to see your old friends! I love Vicky’s green top- did you find out her source?
    Best wishes for your Dad’s recovery, and for your parents continued good health.

  25. Susan
    So glad your Dad is doing better. 70 th anniversary is wonderful! Your reunion looks like a lot of fun. It is so neat when you get back together with friends after a long time & you just pick right back up like you have never been apart. You looked beautiful & classy as always.

  26. Blessings to your parents on their 70th anniversary. I live in humid east Texas so linen is what I love to wear…… wrinkles & all. You look so pretty in black. Love your hair.

  27. Thankful your father is doing well with his Pacemaker. Your high school reunion outfit looks wonderful. It is so great to see old friends like that.

  28. Congradulations to your parents for 70 years.May God continue to bless them and you for being there for them.

  29. Love your looks! What size did you get with the square neck top. I’m debating between a medium and a large. My bra size is 40D. I usually wear a medium at JCrew.

    1. I purchased a size medium, but I placed stitches at the bust area on the back side of the button placket. I must pull the top over my head, but otherwise, it would have gaped at the bust.

  30. Susan, I was delighted to hear that your father is recovering well after his pacemaker procedure. What a relief it must be to him and to all of you!
    It’s wonderful, too, to hear about your parents’ 70th. Some marriages, such as mine, don’t last. So it’s great to hear about one that has endured the test of time, and one hopes, very happily.
    You looked very elegant at your high school reunion. How wonderful that so many alums showed up! You would have been happy to visit with many of them – and then go home to peace and quiet 🙂

    1. That’s what I did! I arrived after the food and left before the bar opened. Crowds quickly overwhelm me, but I’m so glad I popped in for a visit. It was so good to see my friends after such a long time.

  31. You look perfect and so do your friends. I have never attended a reunion. It’s half a country away and the one I had planned to go,to my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and I was with him. I’m glad you had fun.
    I’m happy that your dad is doing well! 70 years is quite an accomplishment!

  32. Just a comment about linen: if you iron it on the inside with spray starch and then again on the outside with another spritz of starch, linen will wear very well.

  33. WOW, how blessed to still have both your patients! Celebrating 70 years together is amazing!! So glad your Dad is doing well with the pacemaker.

  34. Congratulations to your parents on their 70th Anniversary. The best to your dad
    Wishing them both good health & happiness always.

  35. Congrats to your Father & your Parents! I hope your Father’s health remains stable & good in the future, & your parent’s have ma y more good years together too! How wonderful they’ve been together so long!

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