A Special Birthday Celebration

Mr. Mickey will celebrate his 90th birthday this week, which calls for a special evening with beloved friends.

Our looks are coordinated as a couple, but we do not dress alike.

As always, Gourmet and Company in Johnson City is our venue for any special evening. Their attention to detail, impeccable service, and excellent food make them the perfect restaurant choice for large or small celebrations.

The fellows have been great friends for more than forty years. I feel fortunate to have known and loved these wonderful people for almost nineteen years.

At Gourmet and Company, the food is always a feast for the eyes and the palate.

Morel mushrooms are on the menu for spring!

A special birthday dessert for a special gentleman!

I attempt to include helpful fashion or lifestyle tips in each post. Today, let’s discuss dressing for summer events that are a step above casual. Linen, raffia, sling-back shoes, a sedate tank top, and light metallic shoes all combine to make my go-to combo feel a bit lighter. When I wear dramatic earrings, I skip the necklace and wear a bracelet that complements my attire. That pearl bracelet is a year-round favorite. I bought it here a few years ago. Get $10 off your purchase at Beauty in Stone Jewelry with my code, SAS10.

A small raffia or straw bag is perfect for a warm weather evening. Here is an attractive rattan bag. Mine is not new.

Linen wrinkles and creases easily, but that is part of its comfort and character. Embrace lightweight natural fabrics as the weather heats up. I have a white linen blazer and the navy one pictured here. I wear them whenever overzealous air conditioning is likely to cause a chill. The trick is to wear a bra-friendly top that will allow you to remove the blazer as needed (or wear a strapless bra.). I found my square-neck double-layer tank here last fall.

I wear white jeans on sunny days all year round, but they are perfect for a summer evening. My white jeans are here. Metalic shoes and bags are also favorites. My shoes are here. A similar navy blazer is here.

Thank you for your concerned emails and comments. I am well. However, my primary focus for the past few weeks has been helping to care for my father.

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  1. Wishing Mr Mickey a very happy 90th Birthday and many happy returns ! And hoping your father is improving too … such a stressful time for you . Sending love and very best wishes from England .

  2. Sorry to hear your father has needed more care lately. But congratulations to Mr Mickey on reaching such a milestone birthday in such fine shape. And if I have as many close friends in later life as he does, I will be lucky indeed.
    Best wishes from another follower in the UK!

  3. Happy birthday to Mr. Mickey. I want to look that good when I’m 90. Praying for you as you help care for your dad.

  4. Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey who is looking as dapper as ever! I hope your Dad’s health is improving.

  5. Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey! You both look healthy and fabulous! Will add your father and his caregivers to my prayer list.

  6. Prayers for your father. A very Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey!
    You both look great. You have been missed!

  7. Wishing Mr. Mickey a wonderful birthday! He looks very handsome and you look beautiful as always in your lovely outfit!

  8. Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey! What a milestone. So great to hear from you and wishing the best to your father.

  9. Happy Birthday wishes Mr. Mickey!! What a wonderful gathering to celebrate a very special milestone. You’re a special couple and wished the. very best. I’m sorry to hear of your fathers health concerns and hopefully he will be improving. You have been missed.

  10. Happy 90th Birthday to Mr. Mickey!
    What an honor.
    I hope he feels celebrated in style.


  11. You and Mr Mickey and your parents are in my prayers. Please tell Mr Mickey that I wish him a blessed year and continued good health. He looks great! Does he have any health routines we can learn from or is it just good genes and good living?

    1. He has never smoked a cigarette or used recreational drugs. He was an avid tennis player for more than forty years. His parents lived to be ninety, so good genes are also part of the equation.

  12. A very happy and healthy 90th to Mr. Mickey! Looking handsome with his favorite sweetie pie! Sending well wishes for your dad.

  13. Happy Birthday wishes to Mr. Mickey. He is one classy gentleman. Hope he enjoys many more birthdays.
    Sending positive energy to your father. Hope he is feeling better.
    Take good care of yourself. I enjoy your blog.

  14. Happy birthday to Mr. Mickey! What a remarkable man! A beautiful celebration with lovely friends! You both look fantastic!

  15. Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey!

    Caring for aging parents is a challenging task. But you will never regret the time you spent with him.

    Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  16. Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey, the epitome of class! Hope your father is doing well….and, like the others, you have been missed !!

  17. So good to “see” you both. Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey! Quite a milestone. You both look wonderful Susan, and of course you, classy as always! I hope Mr. Mickey had on his birthday socks!☺️

  18. Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey! It looks like a great celebration.

    I wish you would do a few video blogs of your adventures and daily life etc.

  19. What a wonderful celebration for you and Mr. Mickey!! Thank you for sharing! Y’all looked fabulous!!

  20. Wonderful that you are able to help care for your father – hoping his health concerns are not too great. Happy birthday to Mr. Mickey! It looks like it was a fun gathering, and you both looked elegant as always! Wishing him a blessed & happy year ahead!

  21. Blessings and best wishes for birthday celebrant! You both look amazing! And your metalic shoes are out of this world, my dream shoes! But my feet hurt so bad I’m only 54 and can only wear flats.

  22. Hi Susan, just wanted to say a very happy birthday to Mr Mickey who doesn’t look his age by the way!, it’s always a delight to spend time with close friends and as the years roll on they become just as important as family. I hope you are keeping well and Mr Mickey too our health is so important to us and both your recent cancer scares make you focus even more on how we live what we eat and a good positive mind. So sorry your father is unwell and I hope its nothing serious , you continue to inspire us ladies of a certain age so thankyou for your precious time and long may it continue. Kind regards Paula

  23. It was great to wake up to a new post from you this morning. I had been wondering. Happy birthday Mr. Mickey. You are a true southern gentleman, a class act and a picture of fine aging. Susan, you two are a stricking couple, love that you compliment each other so well and find the time and energy to enjoy life. May you find peace as you take the journey with your father. You will be covered in my prayers.

  24. Congratulations and happy birthday to Mr. Mickey. Very best wishes for the year ahead. I am so pleased to hear that you are keeping well Susan. Sending you strength for the future

  25. Dear Susan, happy birthday to Mr. Mickey and you. Wishing the best to your father, many blessings to you all!

  26. Happy Birthday Mr Mickey
    My husband turned 90 in February. We had a celebration lunch that was great. He keeps saying I”I do not know how 90 is suppose to act”. He has a great sense of humor.

  27. Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey!! God bless you today and all year long. Thanks for being so good to our friend Susan!. You both look marvelous!!
    Miss Molly

  28. Happy Birthday Mr Mickey , you both looked so smart . My favourite colours at the moment are white, navy and light
    grey or silver , classic colours which never look dated . I also love column dressing , shoes are gorgeous my days of wearing heels are long gone you carry them off well Susan..Look forward to your summer adventures. Full marks to Mr Micky never smoking , it’s my pet hate . Hey it would be great to see some photos of the younger Mr Mickey. watching tennis is my favourite sport , but I am hopeless playing it , I have absolutely no eye hand coordination at all.
    Pamela UK

  29. Well, happy birthday, Mr Mickey!! As usual, the two of you are such a stunning couple together. Although, we are two different sizes, and I can no longer wear heels, your blog leeps me focused on buying clothes not on a whim, but classic clothing to be worn for years to come! Thank you! Ellen

  30. Wishing Mr. Mickey a Happy and blessed birthday,with much joy, good health and happiness!

  31. Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey! You both look wonderful. So sorry to hear your father isn’t doing well.

  32. First happy birthday to Mr. Mickey!! Looking good and living large.
    Healthy wishes for your whole family.

    1. Capri and crop pants often end at the widest part of the leg and if worn with a long shirt and sneakers they always make me look shorter and wider, so I don’t wear them. I also don’t wear shorts.

  33. Wish Mr. Mickey a Happy 90th Birthday for me. As our birthdays increase, we learn to truly appreciate the time spent with friends and family.
    I’m glad you’re well and hope your dad is comfortable. Caring for our parents can be great blessing and opportunity to get to know them better.

  34. Happy Birthday, Mr. Mickey. Looks like a wonderful celebration.
    Susan, I was concerned about not receiving your latest post. Now I know why. I hope your father is better. Sending good thoughts and prayers.

  35. Dear Susan,

    You are in my thoughts taking care of your father. You both are in my thoughts and prayers. Being a care giver is not easy. Knowing you, you give it 110 per cent 24/7.

    Mr. Mickey oh wow, what a beautiful celebration at Gourmet & Company. The food and presentation looked amazing. Happy happy birthday, YOU look so handsome all dressed up with your beautiful Susan. You make such a stunning couple.

    Sending you warm birthday hugs, and hugs to you Ms. Susan

    Susan on a side note my messages continue to not go, it’s a disappointment to me.

  36. You and Mr. Mickey are a lovely couple who radiate health, vitality, youth (yes, youth!) and happiness. Wishing Mr. Mickey a very happy birthday and you both many years of joy together!

  37. Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey, what a wonderful chance to celebrate a 90th birthday! May you have many more birthdays to celebrate together. Wish you both health and happiness!

  38. Happy birthday to Mr. Mickey! I must say I was very surprised to learn he was turning 90 years old — He looks easily 15 years younger — you are both an inspiration. And prayers for your father, and for you. I know what that is like.

  39. So glad to see your post! You are missed but we understand other obligations that are most important and time consuming. Prayers for your father’s health to improve. Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey and many more! You and Mr. Mickey are a dashing couple and an inspiration. Thank you for taking us along for the beautiful celebration!❤️

  40. Happy 90th to Mr. Mickey!!

    Your outfit was totally gorgeous, & you looked very beautiful, Susan!!

    Thanks for sharing w/ us!!:

  41. Thank you for the heartfelt messages over the years, your blog has been such an inspiration!
    Best wishes to Mr. Mickey for a year blessed with good health, good friends and good fortune..
    Sending prayers for you and your Dad.

  42. Happy 90th Birthday to Mr. Mickey!! It’s amazing how young he looks. And, I’m very glad to hear you are doing well.

  43. Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey
    90! No way! You look fabulous, no more than 70.
    Always love seeing you & Susan enjoying life & you both are always soooo elegant.

  44. Mr Mickey looks way younger than 90 and always so handsome! Happy Birthday! Also, I hope all goes smoothly as you take care of your father.

  45. BIG Birthday good wishes to Mr Mickey! 90 is an achievement….he makes it look easy.
    You both are inspiring!
    Sorry about your dad. Stay strong.

  46. Oh what a wonderful 90th celebration for a fine gentleman! I generally read many of the comments. Isn’t it great to have readers from so many places. I do miss your postings, but understand you are having much of your time spent caring for your family. I hope your father is doing better. Many best wishes to Mr. Mickey as he enters another decade on this wonderful planet. Have a lovely week, Susan.

  47. Happy bday to your fella. Please take care of yourself as you continue to care for others.

  48. I lost my father in March. He was 90. Had been healthy most of his life. But the last 8 months or so dementia was very evident. But God blessed him and he didn’t linger for long.

    Glad to hear you are well and Mr. Mickey looks well, too. Happy birthday to him.

    I will pray blessings for your father.

  49. Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey ❣️ You both look fabulous!

    Sorry to hear about your father. Hope he improves

  50. So enjoy your blog Susan. Having been a caregiver for parents for many years I understand the challenges. Prayers are with you.

  51. Those gorgeous shoes! I love how you pair dressy shoes with casual clothes. I would never have thought of that until I saw you doing it. I wish I could wear heels for more than an hour, especially 3″ ones like those. I know I look better and walk better in them, but at my age, something’s gotta give!

    Speaking of age–the remarkable, handsome and brilliant Mr. Mickey is turning 90! You’re keeping him young, Susan!

    Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey, and how wonderful you celebrated with such dear friends!

  52. Very best wishes to Mr. Mickey on his 90th birthday! He looks terrific, as do you. Thank you for sharing the pictures of his birthday celebration.

  53. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MR. MICKEY, he looks great for 90. My mom just turned 93 in May and looks great for her age also.

    Diana Scott

  54. Hello Susan, I am so sorry to hear your father has not been well. I hope he gets well soon and will keep him in my prayers.

    Happy Birthday 90th Birthday Mr Mickey may you be blessed with many more.
    God bless

  55. Susan,
    Great outfit as always. Your shoes are beautiful and add the right amount of pizazz. Both you and Mr. Mickey look very stylish and healthy.

    Sorry, to hear about your father and hope he has the best possible outcome.

    The food looks excellent at Mr. Mickie’s celebration and it’s nice that he has many long-term friends.
    The table is perfect for conversation and not so large (like a few I attended) that guests barely get close enough to say a few words.
    Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey and Thank you for the post.

  56. Happy 90th birthday to Mr. Mickey. You both looked fabulous. I especially like the silver with the white. I am sorry to hear your father is not well. I hope he improves.

  57. Birthday wishes for Mr. Mickey & prayers for your father. Love your blog. Have learned so many tips over the years.

  58. Susan you’re stunning as always!!
    Happy Birthday Mr Mickey! No way you’re 90!!

  59. Susan, A very happy 90th birthday to Mr. Mickey, you both look fantastic as always.
    I hope your Dad gets better soon.

  60. Happy 90th birthday Mr Mickey! You look fantastic! (you both do!). Wishing you all the best as you care for your father.

  61. Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey! You look wonderful~~~~so dapper! Susan, prayers for your father! I love your blog and posts. The best advice for women to not spend attention to trends that do not suit our bodies. You always look fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  62. Happy birthday to Mr Mickey. What is a wonderful milestone. I’m sorry to hear your father is not too good. It can be very draining looking after an elderly, unwell parent. Please take care of yourself as well.

  63. Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey, and many more! You both look fantastic for the celebration.

  64. Mr. Mickey, I hope you have a wonderful birthday. 90 looks good on you! And Susan, you always show all of us how we can look fabulous with the right accessories and clothes that are stylish and comfortable. It is wonderful to have a group of friends to brighten our days! Enjoy each day. And Susan, I will say a prayer for your father. I know he enjoys the love you show him every day.
    Blessings to you both and your families.

  65. Happy birthday Mr. Mikey! Wishing you a wonderful new decade. I hope your father’s health improves. Sending hugs from Canada

  66. Nice to hear from you again. I’m glad you’re doing well but completely understand how care of loved ones takes a lot of time. Hope your father is doing better. Happy Birthday to Me Mickey! What a wonderful celebration of 90 years.

  67. You look wonderful, Susan. Those white jeans are lovely. A very Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey! Hope you two enjoy a tasty celebration!

  68. Happy, Happy Birthday, Mr. Mickey!!!! May you have many more!! You look wonderful, and you both make such a handsome couple.
    Saying prayers for your dad, Susan, and for you and the rest of your family.

  69. A joyous Happy Birthday to Mr Mickey! How lovely to celebrate in the company of friends! Caring thoughts regarding your father’s health.

  70. Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey! You both looked so nice and the restaurant was so kind in having special things for you to enjoy. What a wonderful evening.

    Best of everything to you both and thank you for the post.

  71. What a wonderful party for your gentleman. He looks wonderful, too. Certainly not like a 90 year old. You seem to be doing well, continue what you’re doing. i’ll keep you on my prayer list.

  72. Happy 90th Birthday Mickey!! What a reason for a Gourmet celebration! Looking sharp as always:)

  73. Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey! You both are inspirations for living well. Thank you for sharing your life and your thoughts with us.

  74. Happy birthday to Mr. Mickey and my best to you as you care for your father and his needs.

  75. Happy birthday to Mr Mickey
    Susan please make sure you take some time out whilst being a care giver to take care of yourself. Best wishes.

  76. Happy 90th to Mr. Mickey. He still looks great. You are an inspiration for me. Reading Eat to Live.

  77. Susan, as you mentioned Mr. Mickey was an avid tennis player for more than 40 years, I heard a statistic just this week that people who play tennis live, on average, 9.7 years longer. Genetics and tennis are serving Mr. Mickey well.

  78. Susan, you look absolutely gorgeous. Mr Mickey looks so debonair.
    Wishing Mr Mickey good health and happiness on his 90th.
    Wishing you only the best as you support your father.

  79. Hello Susan, what can I say? So many things… I’ve “known” you from your blog. You don’t know how much I wished we’d be friends living in the same town so that we could share so many lovely dates with you and your Mickey. I wish you well, I wish Mr. Mickey well and your father as well. Although I am a very active 80 yrs old you make my day (or evening) when I read your blogs. God Bless You.

  80. Hope all goes well. Caregiving is exhausting but so appreciated. I have been there. Cared for my son and his family. He had Gliobastoma.

  81. Dear Susan,
    Thank you for your wonderful example of style and elegance. I have learned so much from you. 70 years together-such a wonderful milestone. I hope they will be able to be together. Hoping you are able to care for yourself. The anxiety and stress is so difficult on a caregiver.

  82. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers today as your dad undergoes his pacemaker surgery.

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