Which Socks?

Each time I wear shoes with bare legs, I get lots of questions about no-show socks. My favorite brand is Sheec because they stay in place, and they are comfortable even on long walks. The company offers many different types and styles of socks for different kinds of shoes. Today I’m showing you examples of each of the socks and the types of shoes to wear with them.

If high heels make the balls of your feet ache and burn, the SockShion® Ball-of-Foot-Sock-Cushion below is the answer to your problem.

The Slingback – Seamless Toe Cover Socks protect your pedicure and provide comfort when wearing Slingbacks.

Secret 2.0 Ultra Low Cut is perfect to wear with ballet flats and other such flat shoes.

If you also avoid the sun, a self-tanning lotion can reduce the glare of your white feet. The one I use is here.

Secret 2.0 Low Cut above is the best choice for dressy loafers and pumps that are cut slightly lower on the vamp, as in the shoes above.

Secret 2.0 Mid Cut shown below is perfect to wear with loafers.

Wear the Solehuger® Secret 2.0 High-Cut Liner Socks pictured below with the types of shoes shown above.

Active-X Low-Cut for low-cut sneakers and slip-on shoes are appropriate for the styles of shoes shown above.

Antibacterial No-Show socks are great to wear with sneakers and casual slip-on shoes, as shown in the photos above. They provide the most coverage and can also be worn with short boots.

I’ve stopped wearing crew socks or knee socks because they cut off circulation, and the band always shows through my pant legs. Sometimes opaque tights are too bulky under slim-fitting pants, so the socks here are the perfect solution. You will receive 15% off sitewide when you enter the code AUTUMNSUSAN.

  1. I don’t mind a ruffle detail on the sleeves (never at the bust). When I wear simple tunics in summer, they often have uneven hemlines or some other design detail that makes them unique while remaining rather simple.

  2. Great info! Have tried the Sheec ultra-low cut (from previous posts where you mentioned them) and love them–they don’t come off your heel. I too am becoming disenchanted with crew and knee socks. They tend to be bulky and sometimes the seams can rub against & irritate my feet in boots or fall down when walking long distances. Thanks for all these other novel solutions for feet!

  3. Great article! I didn’t know there were so many variations.! I may have missed this but what socks do you wear with boots/booties? In Canada that’s what I wear 6 months if the year.

  4. I find the ultra low-cut peds don’t stay on. I’m for any sick that stays put! Especially crew & knee highs. Knee thighs that don’t fall down but don’t cut into my calf – constant challenge!

    1. I don’t know if this helps, but I have athletic calves and purchased a brand called Hue knee-hi’s at my local Dillard’s in the queen size (size 2). They stay up but do not cut into my leg. Although I do not wear queen size clothing (I am a petite small/medium), I found these socks did the trick. And they are thin enough to not show through slim-leg jeans.

  5. Susan, thank you. After many years of following you, I finally purchased from Covered Perfectly and Sheec. I am grateful that you share your discoveries, I think it is so important to look lovely and feel comfortable…that way, we can stop fretting about how we look and feel and get on to enjoying life and being the positive force that we were always meant to be.
    In the last few years, every time I saw a picture of myself, I thought that the picture, itself, was terrible. But no, they were mostly realistic images, and I finally understand that I need to change what I wear and how I wear it, along with making some changes in how I care for myself.
    Thank you for teaching us how to do that.

  6. As always~ thank you for this information. Another option of socks that I discovered many years ago is Key Socks. This company has a variety of styles, colors, etc..My choice is the knee sock and it allows warmth to my legs, and openness to wear cute flats in cold weather.

  7. Thanks fo this helpful info Susan! I can’t wear the socks that interfere either circulation and cause swelling. The sock liners that slip and slide around are unbearable! The Sheecs you’ve featured look promising and an answer to making my feet happy!

  8. Thanks for all of this great info about these socks. I’m in Florida for a month, so I’ll check out the Sheecs brand because I’ve never seen it in Canada. The last photo of you looking so chic in the snow – is that a recent photo? I know there is a lot of snow where I live outside of Toronto.

  9. Susan, thanks for the info. I have a small foot and most socks do not fit me well. I will try a pair of these sock to see if they solve my problems

  10. I have been LOOKING for no-show socks to wear with my slip-on tennies. Every pair I buy slip off my foot as I walk. Thank you for this post! I’m going to order a pair to try right now.

  11. Wow, this is great. I just purchased some low cut socks from Bombas and they were more expensive (I believe 4 pair were $53) for low cut. They are great I will say. I used to buy Smart Wool no show but they have changed the design and they don’t stay in place. I will definitely try these as I can wear with flats & heels. Thanks again.

  12. Thank you, Susan, for also talking about those pale, white feet. I will try the self tanner you recommended. Do you do just your feet or entire leg? Haven’t had a lot of luck with self tanners. Messy, streaky, wears off on my clothes, especially white jeans, and just feels icky. LOL . Will try this one.

    1. The Jergens Tanner is so light and subtle. It is just like putting on lotion. Make sure you keep rubbing it in until you no longer feel moisture. Since no one sees above my calves, that’s as far as I go.

  13. I ordered Sheec socks when you mentioned them a couple of months ago and I’m so happy that I did. I have bought several of the styles and they all perform beautifully. I think the ultimate challenge was when I wore them in Italy in September. Many days I walked 15,000 to 20,000 steps in heat and humidity and they were great. Not one instance of slipping and they laundered and dried easily. Thank you for sharing this great product,

  14. Love the socks! I purchased them from a previous post! but……how do you organize your socks? Mine are jumbled in a drawer and I have to search for the right sock cut each time. Help!

  15. I have suffered with foot pain since foot surgery a few years ago. Then I broke the same foot 9 months ago. I cant wait to try the cushions for the ball of your foot! Thank you so much Susan for addressing these pesky issues that no one else does. Knowing that there are solutions to our problems as we age is great!! I look forward to your posts. THANK YOU!

  16. I have purchased these socks from a previous posts and love the way they stay on your foot …. not coming off the heel while wearing them. Thank you for providing useful information on your posts.

  17. Susan, thanks so much for the reference photos. Because you had mentioned these previously, I visited their site. With your helpful post, I now see what I’m looking for. Unfortunately, my eternal dilemma remains. I have wide feet. I have a drawerful of socks I cannot wear without shedding them like spare skin as you mentioned. I could find no way to contact them on their site, but I was wondering if anyone had mentioned or if you know if they would fit a wider than “normal” foot.

    Keep on inspiring us!

  18. I wish I had seen this last week. On your recommendation I I ordered these socks. Thank you – you are so right that they stay put. I have spent so much money on socks that slip. I ordered 3 different styles but I will be exchanging 2 because only one works with most of my shoes.
    I also love (and am wearing) the long line bra you recommended. THANK YOU, Susan. I am fairly slim but I hate that muffin top. Keep posting. I love skirts and wear them often. I don’t feel dressed up in pants. You always look lovely.

  19. What do you wear if you want to wear loafers or flats and it’s very cold outside? Sometimes tights are too much under slim fitting pants, but socks that just cover your feet are too little protection from the cold. Thanks, Pam Artzner

  20. Susan, thank you for sharing your fashion and health journey. Does the Whole 30 way of eating most closely resemble how you eat?
    Thank you

  21. Thanks for the info on Sheecs. I forgot to use your discount code, so only got the 10% off special for new customers. But after I received them and wore them, I just ordered more and used your discount code. I have tried so many different brands that all promised to stay put, but they were all empty promises! I can’t believe I got so excited about socks!

  22. I am wondering about the crack in your driveway. I have one just like it. What are we to do about it? Mine is getting wider. One quote involved taking out the whole section of concrete. Another quote was to fill it (much, much cheaper). Yours seems to be straight across; mine has a curve to it.

    1. We have earthquakes occasionally here, so I’m guessing that’s why so many people in my neighborhood have cracks in their driveways. Even newly replaced ones often get cracks after less than a year. I will wait to replace mine. I’ve never had any luck at all with patching.

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