Covered Perfectly Final Offerings

Covered Perfectly is closing down on November 27th.

In this unique Saturday post, I am showing you some of my favorite pieces from the company. (These items may now be very limited in quantity.)

Shop for Covered Perfectly jackets here.

Shop for Covered Perfectly tops here.

Shop for Covered Perfectly items here.

Pauline Durban, the company owner, will be shipping everything personally to make sure you get the fastest service possible.

Nothing on the website is over $39.99. After November 18th, there will be no exchanges.

She is also offering a 50% discount on one or two items, using discount code PD50. She still offers the buy 2 get the 3rd free, and as usual, they can only use one discount per order. Click here to shop for Covered Perfectly items one last time.

Shopping links on my website may allow me to earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

  1. I love how you teach us to take different articles of clothing to change our entire look. Thank you so much, Susan. You look fantastic in every outfit!!!

  2. I have stocked up as their tops are the best and the company is ethical and excellent. I am very sorry to see these good people go. Thank you for telling your readers about Covered Perfectly.

  3. Thanks for the link to covered perfectly. I’ve always enjoyed their clothing and sorry they’re going out of business. I got a really good deal.

  4. Thanks so much for this post!!! I just scored 5 wonderful tops!! Checked out twice so i could use discount code also. Now if I only I can make them loos as good as you always do!

  5. Hi Susan. I hope you are well. It might amuse you to hear that I’ve spent a very happy afternoon “shopping my closet” and building outfits starting with just black jeans (casual) or trousers (dressy) and a black scoop neck long-sleeved top. I discovered your website a couple of weeks ago and have been an avid reader ever since, catching up on the back catalogue of posts. I have learned so much! I was inspired to go out and comb the local charity/thrift shops (where I like to shop for environmental and financial reasons) for classic items you’ve suggested that I could see would go with my existing wardrobe. Sadly, the UK has now gone into a second lockdown for a month, so I thought I would challenge myself to see how many outfits I could make based on those black basics and items I already own. Just adding grey, red and cream pieces, I easily made 10 very different outfits in less than an hour! I’m completely sure I could have made more. As you suggested, I took photos of each (without my head! Especially as my hair is not in the best shape at the moment) and am keeping them in a file on my PC to refer to for inspiration. Is there any way I could send the photos to you? They would make you feel very proud. I love animal prints and indeed had a couple of scarves in them, but never wore them because they are brown/tan and I am a cool bright like you, but I managed to incorporate even those into the outfits. So exciting! I know now that I can do exactly the same based on different coloured basics underneath in navy, grey or white. Never mind the alternative of making dark/light/bright combos. You are an extremely generous genius – thank you so much for giving me a great project that will last me through lockdown and beyond.

  6. Hi so sorry I missed out on the Covered Perfectly Items. As I mentioned before I just came upon your Pinterest site.
    Keep your articles coming. Karen Ziegler

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