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Products we put on our skin absorb into our bloodstream. (Think about nicotine and hormone patches.) There’s an old saying, “Putting it on your skin, lets it in.” I have had adverse reactions to some of the most expensive and highly praised skincare products, so I was leary about trying anything new. I researched Beautycounter, so I knew it was in a class by itself.

Over 1,500 questionable chemicals are prohibited from being used as ingredients in these formulas. The European Union bans or restricts over 1,400 chemicals in personal care products but allows them in the USA. Beautycounter does not perform animal testing. The packaging and plastics are reduced to a minimum so that most can be recycled. Many products are in recyclable glass bottles and jars.

I started using the Countertime Collection as soon as it came out, and I am happy to report this is my best winter skin since childhood. Formulated for our dry, delicate skin, this is the perfect collection for my sixty-plus face.

The products arrive in numbered boxes, so you know in which order to use them. Start with the Cleansing Oil. Dispense 2-3 pumps into your hand and massage onto your dry face and eye area. Add warm water to form a light milk, then rinse clean.

Next, use the Hydrating Essence. Pour a quarter-size amount into your hand. Gently press into face and neck with fingertips. Use morning and night after cleansing and before other skincare. I use the Essence on a cotton ball in the T zone during the humid summer months.

I use All Bright C Serum every day after cleansing. It can be used as a treatment step with any regimen. In the morning, after cleansing and toning, I pat All Bright C Serum on the face, neck, and décolletage. It nourishes my skin and gives me a glow.

Tripeptide Radiance Serum comes next. Dispense 1-2 pumps into your hand. Pat onto the face, neck, and décolletage. Use morning and night.

Antioxidant Soft Cream is the next product to use in the morning. Dispense 1-2 pumps into your hand. Pat onto the face, neck, and décolletage. Use daily.

Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream is a nighttime moisturizer. Scoop a small amount onto your fingertips. Massage gently into the face, neck, and décolletage with upward strokes. Use nightly, as well as during the day, if extra hydration is needed.

Apply Ultra Renewal Eye Cream with your ring finger. Gently pat around the eye area until fully absorbed. Use it morning and night.

Every other night, I use the Reflect Effect. Apply 1 to 2 pumps to a clean face and neck and leave on overnight. It may tingle upon application. Allow the product to absorb fully (3 to 5 minutes), then use a moisturizer.

Facial oils have rescued my skin from the dry winter air. I press a couple of drops into my hands and then press the oil onto my face, neck, and the backs of my hands. I use the All Bright Brightening Facial Oil here.

The sunscreen here goes on last and is reapplied after two hours if I am still outdoors. The full range of sunscreen products is here.

At no time in my past would I have ever shared a closeup in February.

I love Beautycounter products so much that I became a consultant in 2017. If you use my links to make a purchase, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

  1. Are Beautycounter products available in Europe (and if not, do you happen to know if there are any plans to expand to Europe in the future)? I live in Austria and am becoming more and more interested in educating myself about, and using, clean beauty products.

  2. Your skin looks so pretty.
    Also, your eyes just pop in the photo. Would love to know colors used in the eyeshadow and a tutorial on placement of eyeshadow for we over 60 ladies. Have a great week!

    1. Thank you! I am wearing a color from Merle Norman called Storm. I sweep it on over the center part of the lid and then blend well. Always avoid dark colors at the corners of the eyes. As I age, I wear less and less color.

  3. You do have beautiful skin. I know you have said you use the brightening oil but do you use the other two as well? Do you also get professional facials?

  4. Susan, you are stunning! Your skin looks fabulous, and you always look your best. What facial sunscreen do you use?

  5. Faithful follower here…you no longer get professional haircuts? I’ve dispensed with the other services you mention, but who cuts your hair?

  6. That explains it, Susan. Most of us wouldn’t dare attempt that, although I wouldn’t mind saving the money. Have a lovely day.

  7. I just checked out this collection and it’s a bit pricey. I was wondering how often it needs to be replenished?

  8. Thank you for sharing your skin care line with us. Your skin looks beautiful, I recently starting using Beauty Counter and I love it.

  9. Susan, your skin is lovely. I started using the CounterTime regimen in Oct and am very happy with the results. Regarding the other products that you mentioned – when, in the ‘sequence’ of products, do you use the overnight peel? And when do you add the facial oil and/or the mineral sunscreen? Thank you –

    1. Kathy, here is my unsolicited advice: I had the same problem with my fingernails. A friend suggested I try almond nail and cuticle oil and the results has been amazing! I use Body Shops because I like the “pen” their oil comes in. But I have used other brands and had good results also. Hope this helps you.

  10. Did you have an adverse reaction to Erno Laszlo? I’ve always had good luck with their products – since I was 18, in fact. As we all know, The only real wrinkle cream is sunscreen. Your skin looks beautiful!

  11. Susan , what a gorgeous skin you have .Are you also doing your own mani and padi ?
    Your feet looks always perfect with open toe shoes.

  12. I’m one of the lucky winners!! Thank you Susan for the opportunity to try one of BeautyCounter products! Their skin care line definitely looks like one to try.
    Thank you again

    1. I used Clinique when I was young. There are several things I like much more about Beautycounter – the products are safe, not tested on animals, and they perform exceptionally well.

  13. Hi Susan,
    Can you purchase these in Australia or do you ship down under. I had a big trip planned to USA this year, and I was going to purchase some products to try while I was there. Unfortunately we had to cancel as I was diagnosed with breast cancer so this year will be for fighting disease. If not possible I will wait until next year when I can make the trip. Have a great day
    Janne Bradley

    1. Susan, could you please send Janne my email address? I have Canadian relatives coming to visit me in Aus later this year and we might be able to work something out. Thanks!

  14. Your skin looks amazing! After I use up what I am currently using, I will try it also! Looks like an easy regime that has wonderful results! Thank you for sharing!

  15. Are you wearing foundation in the photo? Your skin looks healthy and glowing. I find that as I’m aging I wear less and less makeup as well. If I do wear foundation on occasion I mix a bit in with my day cream so it’s not so saturated and doesn’t tend to settle into all the fine lines and any wrinkles that I do have. I’m also struggling with a good hairdresser. I have fine wavy/curly hair that I prefer to wash and air dry most of the time. Most hairdressers want to cut my hair into a straight style that I have to blow dry, straighten and use a ton of toxic products which is too hard on my hair. Your lifestyle and fashion sense are an inspiration to many of your faithful followers. I look forward to each and every one of your blogs.

    1. I don’t wear foundation, because I have never liked wearing it. Now that I’m older, it travels into the lines and creases too quickly. I wear less and less color as I age. Fresh, dewy skin, filled-in brows, mascara, and a little lip color works wonders.

  16. I’m thinking about trying BeautyCounter products. My skin has never been the best but as I’ve aged (63) more spots and discolored areas have appeared on my face. I don’t feel comfortable without a little foundation or tinted moisturizer before going out. I’m interested in the overnight peel. I don’t have dry skin & the lines I have don’t bother me as much as the variation in color. Do you think the peel would help is this area? Your suggestions and recommendations are always such good advice. Thanks

    1. I have age/sun spots on my face and neck too. I do feel that the overnight peel has helped to diminish them a little. Dew Skin is an excellent tinted moisturizer, and I am using it more often.

  17. Dear Susan, please tell me your views on retinol and the prescription retin-A

    Retinol is touted as such a powerful product to help with lines and wrinkles.

    Beauty counter doesn’t seem to embrace retinol.

    Thank you.

    1. Too much vitamin A (Retinol) can cause a host of other problems. I avoid it. While it can make your skin develop cells more rapidly, it causes sensitivity, peeling, flaking, and irritation. Make sure you use a lot of sunscreen. Beautycounter is all about safe products that perform well.

  18. I’m delighted to win one of the facial oils! I am 62 and live in Cincinnati, Ohio, the weather is not always good to your skin. I cannot wait to use the oil routinely so I can experience softer and smoother skin! Thank you so much for sharing your skincare routine with us and giving us the opportunity to try it!

  19. I can’t get beauty counter in the UK, do you know of any comparable products? For example liz Earle, would this be the same? Your skin looks fab such a lovely picture.

    1. Whatever skincare line you use, look for safe ingredients and use the products consistently as designed. Sometimes, here and there don’t deliver the same results as twice a day every day. Be gentle with your skin and drink lots of water.

  20. First, may I say you look lovely Susan. Secondly, thank you for all the beauty tips, clothing guidelines, and the links to find the same items. Please keep up this wonderful blog! I look forward to every email for more tips.

  21. Susan. I love the natural look, and agree with you that it is too expensive to be unhappy for professional services. I thought I was the only one who does my own manicures, pedicures, facials. and resort to cutting my own hair much of the time. It is difficult with the back though. When I finish using the products I have on hand, I will try Beautycounter.

  22. Susan, you have an amazing story and lots of very interesting and important information for us older women to incorporate into our fashion and living style. Please consider including what makeup products such as your eyebrow pencil and eyeliner pencil product you use. There are so many eye products and videos on line it’s overwhelming! Also, what product(s) do you use on your face if not foundation? My aunt, who was like you, sensitive to just about all products, used Meryl Norman Prut seems exclusively.
    Thank you for such an uplifting informative on-line site!

    Susan Woodruff

  23. Good Morning Susan!
    Thank you for sharing your beauty tips with us. I have been following your blog for several years and love the pointers on fashion and beauty products you offer. I’m very interested in trying the beauty control products you recommend but I seem to have sensitive skin and eye allergies and must be careful about the products I use. Can I return the items I order for a refund if my skin becomes irritated? Maybe I could use samples before I order the products.
    Jamie Ball

    1. I have very sensitive skin as well but have been able to use all of the Beautycounter, Countertime products with very positive results. You can return the products if you are not happy with them. You can also order a sample each time you place an order.

  24. Hello Susan, I just purchased the brightening oil and the resurfacing peel a few days ago for the 1st time. I love the oil. I am 64 and just retired. After reading your blogs and seeing how far you have come I started on my own journey to good health. Thank you so much for all the inspiration. I have learned so much about healthy eating and makeup tips. Linda

  25. Hi Susan: I am 69 years old, have rosacea and because I have large pores on my nose, I often seen small blackheads. What cleanser would be best for me to use? My skin is more on the dry side rather than oily. At this time, I am using Clinique Moisure Surge CC cream foundation (light) but I would like to try a tinted moisturizer. What color in the Beautycounter line would be closest to the Clinique foundation?

    1. The Beautycounter tinted moisturizer is so subtle you don’t need to worry too much about matching shades. If you come close to what appears to be your skin color on the example, you will find that it blends in so beautifully, you can’t tell it’s there. Your skin looks better, but never as if you are wearing a lot of makeup. My tip for you is to use less moisturizer on your nose and more of the toner. (That’s what I do in summer, and it works well to eliminate some of the breakouts.)

  26. Hi Susan!
    I purchased the Countertime set and love it. Just curious about using a toner. I didn’t see it your skin care regimen.

  27. For the nights you do the peel, do you apply it alone without the rest of the regiment? I appreciate your numbered sequence. Too often I have purchased product lines and forget the order in which to use especially for the non-daily items. Also, the Collection description doesn’t mention the travel sizes. Is that separate? Are there any current promo codes? Thanks!

    1. I pat the peel on first and then pat moisturizer on last. There are no travel sizes for the skincare products. There are no promo codes, but always check the front page of the website for Beautycounter for any current promotions.

  28. My skin needs this so badly. I have used some of the products, but unfortunately it’s just too
    much for my pocketbook for the entire set. You look great.

  29. Hi! Susan, do you use the Cleansing Oil to remove eye makeup and mascara too? Or do you need a separate product? Thanks!

  30. Susan…what is your opinion on switching up brands of skin care every several months because your skin develops an intolerance to the brand? I have googled the question and I’m told that is not true. However, another blogger that I follow says she has done a lot of research and it is true. I’m terribly confused and was curious what you thought. Thank you!

  31. I just found your blog through Sandra Sallin! AS I have just ordered the VITAMIN C serum which I ADORE!
    Thank you fr telling us about the other serums!
    I have started to follow you and hope you will peek at my BLOG too as I do an AGELESS STYLE POST once a month with a DECORATOR Cindy Hattersley.

  32. As my hair is going to its natural color of silver, white, I’m wondering what makeup colors you use with your beautiful hair color.

    1. I use an eyeshadow color called Storm from Merle Norman and I blend The Radiant All Over Bronzer in Surf here across my eyelids and face to warm up my color and blend everything.

  33. I just received the CounterTime set. A little bit of a splurge for me so I’m excited to try this routine. Thanks you so much for all your style and health tips.

    To healthier living for us all.

  34. Hello hi I’m 66 yrs.old how can I avail of the BEAUTY COUNTER products? Is it available here in the Philippines ?

  35. A beautiful day…..
    Are you able to advise on hormone replacement. I am 55 in September and on keeping a lovely figure (as yours).

    Kind regards

  36. Hi,
    I am 61 and live in Honduras a hot and humid place. I like to try beautycounter skin care products. My skin is mix dry on the sides and oily at the center. What do you recomend me?


  37. Very nice. I’m 65 and have thought of a new routine I wear no makeup other than brow color and lip color. My hair is slightly grey.

  38. I’m interested in your products. Could I get prices and more information on them. I have rocesa and need to know ingredients and more information. Thank, Hazel Sue

  39. What to do with sparse eyebrows? Penciling them in rubs off when I wear sunglasses. I have tried fake ones, but those peel off. I have become very self conscious about my eyebrows. Thank you

  40. I have switched to BC cosmetics and I am very pleased with the product. I also use the BC Tintskin Hydrating Foundation, but I find that it doesn’t cover up my age spots that I have on my cheeks. I was wondering if you know of another foundation that would do a better job, something that gives more cover.
    I do also use a concealer and a primer, but I still seem to see these darn age spots. BTW, when I apply the concealer and primer, I have to do it lightly as not to show through the foundation.
    Thank you Susan,
    Christel Thomas
    Good move that you got away from FB no point putting up with annoying and irritating people.

    1. Are you using the Overnight Resurfacing Peel here? I have noticed that my age spots are not as dark now, after using it for over a year. At least they are not getting darker. I don’t wear any foundation or concealer, so I don’t have personal experience. It sounds like you are doing everything right.

  41. please tell me the lipstick shade or shades you are wearing in the picture with turquoise top and white slacks….looks like the absolute perfect shade with silver hair…Please, I hope you remember, it is stunning on you.

  42. What is in the resurfacing serum to make it tingle, retinol, AHA, or what? What allows it to do its job? Your skin is very pretty.

  43. Hi Susan!
    You DO look remarkable. My daughter taught me about SusanAfter60. She wanted me to “Class Up” my wardrobe. I have used many of your great ideas and love when my new emails arrive. I am a REALTOR and am turning 65 on October 7, in two days from now. I am excited to try the BeautyCounter and will use your link to purchase. Thank you for taking the time to share your great taste!

    Angela Lang

  44. I’m considering switching to Beautycounter products. When do you apply the facial oils in the process and do you need all three?

    1. You don’t need all three oils. I use Oil #1 because I love the way it smells. You can use it as often as you want. My skin feels dehydrated when I wake in the morning, so I pat it on my face right away, and I sometimes it on again a couple of times during the day in the wintertime.

    1. They do not add ingredients known to have gluten, a protein found primarily in wheat and other grains. However, none of the products are certified gluten-free, because the manufacturing partners are not certified gluten-free.

  45. Love your blogs! I have updated my wardrobe by listening to your advice. Thank you! Could you tell me if and which color of eyeliner. I have purchased lipstick from your blog at Beauty counter, and curious if you use brown or black?
    Thanks if you can answer:-)

  46. If I buy one moisturizing product to try it out, which would I choose? This introduction and review of products is so helpful. Thank you.

  47. Hi, with the beauty counter products do they have a line for skin that is oily in the T area. There seem to be so many oils in what you are using. I can wake up in the morning and the T area of my face will show oil on my hands. Thanks K. Ziegler

    1. I use the Counter+ Overnight Resurfacing Peel every other night, and I use the Counter+ All Bright C Serum every morning. Both products make a difference in my skin that I can see. The peel helps to remove all those dry cells that cling to the skin and make it look uneven. The Bright C Serum makes my face dewy and well-rested.

  48. As usual you look so put together. I can put the same outfit on and I looked like a played a round of rugby lol I’m 72 and I’ve used the same cleansing ingredients since a child. Grew up overseas and they teach there children very young how to clean there faces and use makeup. I’m going to practice putting together better outfits. We will see.

  49. Where is the sunscreen in your array of products? I need to use it every day myself as I live in both Tennessee and Florida.

  50. I am 80 years old. Should I use eyeliner on my lower lashes.? I seem to look better if I do. I do se eye shadow. I use blush sparingly. I will appreciate any advice.

  51. You are stunning and such an inspiration. I’m 70, fair complected, with a similar little red patch as you under your left eye. and particularly interested in reclaiming my lost eyebrows. I’ll find the brow pencils you suggested. I’ve been using light brown, but will look in to grey. Do you think that little patch is an age spot? Mine appeared a couple months ago and will not go away. My annual skin check isn’t until September.

    I’m still wearing a face mask (AZ where less than half are vaccinated), so still not wearing makeup below my eyes. I’m going to try tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. What shade works best for fair skin? And is it shiny? Do you need powder?

    1. I never use any powder on my face since I prefer the dewy finish from the Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer. (I use the color Light.) I blot with a tissue if I feel my T-Zone is getting too shiny.
      I’ve had my “wisdom spot,” as my dermatologist calls them, for many years, but it is getting darker as I age. Be sure to ask your doctor about yours when you go for your checkup.

  52. I will be 78 this month. I enjoy your articles very much. I’ve wanted to try your facial products but haven’t done so. I had to see a dermatologist because I have ended up with rosacea on my nose. He prescribed me a cream that I am using and it is much better. I purchased some facial products from him that I have started using. So far I’m not sure I am going to like it as my face feels tight and not as moisturized as I would like. That said, I’ve been looking again at the products you use. My question is, do you know if it can be used with someone with rosacea

  53. When I use up the things I purchased at dermatologist I’ll try the Beautycounter products you use. Your skin looks lovely. Do you ever do dermablading on your face?

  54. Hello Susan:

    I also have started using the same Beautycounter regimen that you have show here, and I do love them and everything else about this company in general. My question is that I run out of the moisturizer and the radiance serum much more quickly than the cleansing oil and toner, as they are, of course, in larger bottles. I only use one or two pumps of the moisturizer and serum, as you stated. I then find myself having to replace bottles individually. Does this happen to you, and, if so, what do you do? Do you buy a whole new set each time?

    I am a 67 y.o. woman, and, like you, have tried so many other products and found these to be the best for my sensitive skin. I suffered with cystic acne and rosacea in my youth and want to take care of my skin as I age. I can afford the products, I was just wondering about running out of some before the others. It’s a bit frustrating.

    Any help you can provide is much appreciated. Thank you for such a wonderful blog. It is a pleasure to read.


  55. Noticed that sunscreen was missing from your skincare routine; would you use it after the other steps or in addition to the other lotions?

  56. Susan, does the Overnight Resurfacing Peel contain Retinol or Retin A ? I’ve been using ZO Retinol Skin Brightener for awhile and wonder how it might compare to the product you use…thanks for sharing.

    1. This product is safer than most peels because it does not contain retinol, a high dose of vitamin A, which can be irritating and potentially harmful. It’s also not nearly as harsh as chemical peels.

    1. If you have breakouts, I recommend the Countercontrol Collection here. However, if you don’t have breakouts and need gentle products for oily skin and large pores, the Countermatch Regimen here will be a better choice.

  57. Thanks for your suggestions. Susan.

    I’ve never used eye shadow mostly because I don’t know how to use it but also because my eyes are sensitive to products, so I need to be careful.

    My eyes are deep set and likely would benefit from a proper use of eye shadow and other eye make-up (as long as it doesn’t irritate the eyes).

    Would you do a demonstration for different looks – casual & evening? Others would probably enjoy it as well.
    Thanks much.

  58. I am always puzzled that we can apply four or products on our skin one after another and they can each do their own thing?

  59. Do you use a retinol in addition to these products. Wonder how you exfoliate. My skin is also very dry and sensitive.

  60. Excellent post Susan! We will be planning a much awaited 17 day guided tour of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales in the Fall of 2022 so your tips will come in handy. This will be the first guided tour outside of Canada that we will be taking for that length of time. I tend to overpack, so I am determined to bring only items that mix and match easily, and that can be layered according to the weather. One tip from a friend that frequently travels on guided tours, is to bring some items that can be easily laundered and hung to dry overnight in your hotel room if required. A lightweight day backpack that is easily foldable for daytrips is one thing that I intend to purchase.

  61. Beautiful complexion. I use high end skincare as well and use to sell. I love looking at your blog. Gives me a lift needed lately.

  62. Susan, How do you reapply sunscreen lotion every 2 hours? Does it not smear whatever lotion, etc is on your face?

  63. Hi Susan, can you tell me if the Beauty Counter Countertime collection includes hyaluronic acid? I have an adverse reaction to HA. I’m considering the carry on set to test it out. If it has hyaluronic acid, I know it will not work for me. Thanks, Cindy

  64. Hello. Thank you for all the tips. I am trying Beauty Counter for the first time. Do you have any advice to help with the problem of layers of skin care rubbing off like pencil eraser after an hour or so on my dry, 66 year old face?

  65. I am considering buying the Beautycounter line…How do you know if the moisturizer tint or the lip color works for you if you can’t try it on? You look great! I have been following you for 4 or 5 years now (time flys)…and am now focusing in on skincare and hair etc…things certainly change as I get older. thanks for all the information. julia

    1. Look at the left column under Skin Care. There are blocks to check to pinpoint what you are concerned about. The site will show you the correct products after you check the areas of concern.

  66. Susan, i purchased the Brightening Oil earlier, and want to buy other items now. Would you mind recommending which product, or 2 products you would try next. I have medium fair skin, in good condition. Blond, and am 80 years old.
    Thank you, Jean Holmes

    1. The All Bright C Serum here is amazing! It helps my skin look much more smooth and supple. I also don’t ever want to run out of the Countertime Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream here. I pat it on my face, lips, and neck several times a day in winter.

  67. I appreciate your sharing these beauty & clothing tips! I soak them all in & try to find something I can manage. Your travel information is also fun to read!

  68. What do you use now to replace Counter Oils 2 and 3? I loved those oils!
    Thank you!
    Deb Mead

  69. Just read that Beauty Counter Mineral Sunscreen Stick SPF30 is on the top of the list at Enviornmental Working Group.

  70. Since you are promoting skin care products, I feel that I can ask you, have you ever had a face lift?

  71. I have followed you for years. I so enjoy you sharing your life with us. I just ordered the skincare and am looking forward to trying it. Joy

  72. Hi. I am looking for new skin care products. I have used Arbonne for years. I have sensitive skin and perfume bothers me. Is this product fragrance free? Thank you again for sharing. I love when you pop up.

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