A Small Diversion

Many of you have left me questions such as, “What are you and Mr. Mickey doing during quarantine?” “What are you eating?” “What is your exercise routine?” Today, I’m sharing the answers.

My daily looks have been very similar to the one above for a while now. I wear clothes I don’t mind getting dirty and the mask to avoid breathing dust into my lungs. Mr. Mickey and I have worked hard in his warehouse for the past couple of weeks.

Since 1976, he has owned RMJ Distributing, an industrial packing, shipping, and janitorial supply company on Industrial Drive, in Johnson City. Recently, he sold the building and the business. Thousands of items remain that were not for the current customer base. All office equipment, racks, machinery, and product must be sorted, stacked, labeled, and priced. He will offer all those items below wholesale prices to the public. (That is when it is safe for the public to shop again.)

You can imagine that working long hours in a warehouse, climbing ladders, unstacking, labeling, and restacking boxes gives one a hearty appetite.

Recently I’ve been inspired by some of the recipes in Claudia Curici’s new cookbook. She’s the blogger who publishes “Creative in My Kitchen.” Her book “The Living Well Without Lectins Cookbook” is available on Amazon here.

At about this time last year, I experienced painful digestive issues, including diverticulitis, which is common for folks over forty. I pay much closer attention to what and how much I eat now.

My weekend breakfast might include some steamed fresh vegetables, Eden Organic Beans (Adzuki beans are pictured), and a two-egg omelet with a little sharp cheddar cheese from grass feed cows. (Old Crock Australian cheese is my favorite.) A few slices of avocado with good olive oil are always welcome on my plate.

My breakfast often includes slices of warm baked sweet potato with pecans, walnuts, sliced dates, and warmed frozen fruit such as blueberries. If fresh fruits are in season, I will have those instead of frozen ones.

Late-in-the-day meals may be very light, including only charred brussels sprouts with shavings of that wonderful cheese and aged balsamic vinegar. If I have a small breakfast, I will have more food for my afternoon meal. Baked sweet potatoes are a favorite at any time of the day. I always use spices, herbs, good olive oil, and aged balsamic vinegar.

When I trim vegetables, or some of them start to go soft, I simmer them with filtered water to create a delicious herbed vegetable broth. Strain it through a sieve and keep it in the refrigerator for a few days. You can use the aromatic broth to steam or saute vegetables.

My grocery basket usually includes only fresh fruit and vegetables. I drink a glass of filtered water with fresh lemon every morning.

Some pilates, yoga, hiking, swimming, biking, or long brisk walks have always been part of my day. When I work too many hours and don’t allow myself the time to exercise and eat well, I always pay the price with declining health, poor sleep, and weight gain.

My skincare routine is a twice-a-day ritual that I enjoy very much. The step-by-step routine is here. I’ve been using Beautycounter for more than two years, and I’m delighted with my results. I signed up as a consultant a few years ago, so I will get a small commission if you purchase it from my website here.

On Monday, I’ll give away two of my favorite products, the Poppy lipstick here and the Body Lotion here.

Please leave a comment below to enter your name in the giveaway.

I am sending you love and light. Stay well, my friends.

  1. I’ve always loved your poppy red lipstick. Not everyone can wear a red lipstick. Is the color a warm red or more of a blue toned red?

  2. Thank you for the inspiration. The poppy red lipstick looks gorgeous.
    Stay safe

    Laurie Skusevich

  3. I’m surprised to hear that you are so busy at Mr Mickey’s warehouse. In England we’ve been advised to only go out for essential shopping, medical visits and work if you are a key worker. I’d love to win the beauty products as you cannot buy in the UK. Thank you.

  4. your meals look very appetizing and very healthy. I don’t do as well. Have a wonderful day Susan.

  5. Good morning Susan.

    It looks like very hard work! Climbing ladders, lifting stacks of stuff, must be exhausting! However, working hard is so much better than sitting around. A dust mask is very important!

    I love all the pictures of your food! This is basically the way we eat normally. This past few weeks have been challenging, to say the least, and comfort foods have crept in! Pasta, specifically. You’re photos are a great reminder to care more for health now. Thanks for including this in your blog!

  6. Hi Susan. I look forward to your posts and make sure to read before heading to work. Mr. Mickey and you are so lucky to have found each other. Enjoy your day

  7. Really enjoyed your blog today. Thank you for all the healthy information. Have yet to find a red lipstick I look good but your poppy shade looks fabulous on you!

  8. Susan, what a lovely post! I enjoy your advice on our wardrobes and skincare. Congrats to Mr Mickey on his retirement,
    All the best to you and your readers during this trying time!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your healthy meals and lifestyle. You’re such an inspiration. I started following you for your great fashion but have learned so much more than fashion from you!

  10. I always enjoy your diet and exercise posts. Your complexion looks beautiful! Looking forward to your next article.

  11. That recipe book looks like a good one for me and my husband to purchase! Thank you for sharing your routine!

  12. The food looks delicious. So happy you and Mr. Mickey are well. The poppy lipstick would brighten my day.

  13. Hi Susan, thank you so much for having another giveaway.
    It will be very uplifting to receive a couple of Beauty Counter products. How special.
    Thanks again,
    Linda Bright

  14. Sending love right back to you Susan. Thank you for sharing. It’s always informative and helpful. God bless you,
    Melanie Bunstine

  15. I look forward every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to a new blog post. You never disappoint. Appreciate the peek into your food and exercise lifestyle.

  16. Love reading about the way you eat for health and to stay lookin’ good. I would love to win the lipstick, the color is so pretty. Thanks for sharing your lifestyle!

  17. I have been using Beautycounter products for a few months. It has made a noticeable difference in my skin. I would love to win these products. Thank you.

  18. Your meals look delicious! Plus, your discipline is impressive! You look great! Have a good day!

  19. I would love to try that lipstick. A good lipstick color brightens the face and the day in my opinion. I am up and down on a ladder these days too painting. Great for the thighs.

  20. Susan, Thank you for sharing so much with us. Today, I especially enjoyed the You Tube exercise video that you shared. I would love to win either the lipstick or the body lotion.

  21. Love the fact that you are such an advocate for good eating and exercise habits. I’m 71 and if I don’t walk everyday I feel lousy! Thanks for always sharing your tips.

  22. I enjoy your posts very much. My friend who told me about your blog said “it has changed my life!”
    Would love to try the lipstick as most reds turn on me.

  23. Thank you for this light bulb moment – making veggie broth out of my vegetables that have gone south! Why didn’t I think of it? ‍♀️ Great post.

    1. Two young women knocked on the door of his office in horrible weather. They were selling the crosses made from twisted nails. As recovering addicts, they were supporting Teen Challenge, the organization that saved them.

  24. Per your recommendations I have started using the Beauty Counter skin care routine. I really love it and look forward to trying their other products. Stay well.

  25. Many women go for the “nude” lipstick look. As we age, I feel we need some color. You always look stunning when you are wearing the “Poppy” shade! I am going to order it.

  26. Love reading about the way you eat for health and staying fit. I like to try the lipstick and lotion.

  27. Wow, you and Mr Mickey have quite a job ahead of you. It’s difficult enough to move house but closing a business would magnify that many times. Good luck! I love sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts. I keep baked sweet potatoes in the refrigerator and cut up some pieces to go with my Chihuahuas’ breakfast. It actually helps their digestion. Reading your posts are always a treat and I come away with new inspiration and information.

  28. I really enjoy when you talk about your daily food choices. It gives me ideas for myself. And that Poppy lipstick is such a pretty color.

  29. Because of you, I have enjoyed using several of the BeautyCounter products. The balm and oil are probably my favorites.

    My cousin has suffered terribly with diverticulitis and he can no longer have any nuts or seeds. I found it interesting that you can still tolerate them.

    I look forward to your blog and read every word!! It is a bright spot in the morning. Thank you!!!

  30. Would love to try the Beautycounter lipstick and lotion. I have tried a couple of their products and have really enjoyed them. Thanks

  31. Please enter me for your products…I have never had a routine for my face and I am looking forward to better care…
    Thank you,

    Marilyn Pack

  32. Thank you for this great post. I am going to start eating more like you do. I love the Poppy lipstick!

  33. I, too, had a bout of diverticulitis. I was advised not to eat nuts and seeds. I see you have them in your diet.

    I’m wondering if my advice was incorrect. Nora

    1. I ate a lot of sweet potatoes and steamed vegetables before I could add a few nuts and seeds back into my diet. I did a lot of research to find out what was causing my issues and how to correct them.

  34. You are such an inspiration to us all, Susan. I love your style, food choices, beauty tips and especially your beautiful scarves! You make me feel better just reading your posts. I would love to be a winner in your giveaway. You and Mr. Mickey stay safe and don’t work too hard

  35. While I’d love to win, I also want to thank you for continuing your blog as a voice of calmness during these crazy times. You and Mr. Mickey stay well!

  36. I started using the Countertime regimen about a month ago, and I love it. It would be great to win one of these products.

  37. I would love to try the Beautycounter products. I’ve read and heard such good things about them. Thank you for sharing part of your life with us. I have learned so much!

  38. I purchased the lipstick in poppy based on your recommendation and how pretty it was on you. I’d enjoy trying the body lotion, too! Thank you!

  39. Love the lipstick color. I’ve never eaten vegetables for breakfast. I may have to try it! Enjoyed the blog today!

  40. Thanks for sharing your healthy eating ideas and ways to remove toxins/chemicals in our life. I’ve been reluctant to go all natural with my skin and hair care, but hearing about your experience and seeing your outcome is encouraging.

  41. I would love to try the lipstick & lotion. Thanks for the information. I’ve had a couple bouts of diverticulitis & need to change my diet.

  42. Once again, I am inspired by your positive attitude. I can’t imagine having to deal with your health issues. Some might complain about a restrictive diet. You, on the other hand, always sound positive. You inspire all of us to be glass half full people. That is the true gift you give beyond all of your wonderful fashion advice. Hope you and Mr. Mickey stay healthy!

  43. Love all your fashion blogs, and the Poppy lipstick! But as I too have gut issues I especially appreciate you sharing your healthy eating info posts. Thank you for being such a beautiful fashion and health example and inspiration to us all.

  44. Susan, Always love to read whatever you have written. Realllly need to get on a better diet routine. I do exercise daily but at “our” age that is hardly enough to remain on an even keel weight wise.

  45. I thoroughly enjoy your informative post Susan! Thank you for all you do! I would love to try the Beautycounter lipstick & lotion! Have a blessed day & stay well & safe!

  46. Hi Susan, It is a comfort to see your blog posted as usual, when everything else is topsy turvy, do to Covid19. I find your food choices especially inspirational! So healthy! Thanks for the generous giveaways. I would love to win.

  47. I just ordered the cookbook! I have read about lectins recently and it was news to me. I don’t have any issues currently by my husband does. I like to know what’s healthy before a problem exists!

    Mr. Mickey provided the best service ever to his customers. I know, because my daughter was one of them. He loved his job and you could tell. She would get regular deliveries for her business from him personally and I know she will miss his kindness and courtesy. Best of luck to him, he deserves a rest, although I know he’s probably too energetic for that! Good luck with the organizing and selling of the warehouse goodies!

  48. I, too, delight in the sharp flavor of Old Crock cheeses. I enjoy your blog so much! Thank you for sharing your lifestyle and tips!

  49. Thank you so much for your giveaways. They provide some excitement in these stressful times. Stay well.

  50. I’m 91 yrs old and need some new cosmetics for sure. A new lipstick and moisturizer would be a start.

  51. The poppy lipstick and moisturizer would be the perfect pick-me-up for my birthday (today). We are under our state’s stay at home order, so I won’t be able to see my family. Celebrating birthdays together has always been our tradition, but that is not as important now given what our country is facing.

  52. thanks for sharing all you do….from food to fashion! I’d love to have the products! I am 73 in Texas.

  53. I would love to try the Poppy lipstick. I have a lot of trouble finding colors that work on me.

    Ok great ideas for eating. I really need to improve and your food looks good.
    Thank you for always being an inspiration

  54. Thank you for sharing your diet plan Susan. I also have diverticulitis and monitor very closely what I eat. The lipstick looks beautiful on you. ❤

  55. I always enjoy the posts when you share about “A Day in my Life” like this post. I ,too, have had to change my eating habits, but my body doesn’t process gluten and cow’s milk products. However, these dietary changes are small prices to pay for health and vitality. Like you, I use and love Beautycounter products!
    Stay safe and well.

  56. My husband suffers the digestive issues you mentioned. He too has read a book about not eating lectins. I will look into getting this cookbook for meal ideas to help him. Thank you for sharing.
    I am very interested in the Beautycounter line, I will check out their skincare products and Makeup collection.
    Have a blessed day and stay safe and healthy!

  57. Good Morning Susan- I love your food ideas, especially the older celery and veggies as broth, as I eat similar to you and have a lot of veggies in fridge. I used to make your porridge, which I need to do again, as I’ve put on a few pounds. You have similar digestive issues, and have taught me about nightshades (which i had never heard of) and now lectins? will look that up. You are a fun inspiration without going overboard, I appreciate that. Have not tried Beauty Counter as I do have sensitive problematic skin, so I keep with what I know, however have heard wonderful things, so am open to sampling.

    Thank you for sharing.

  58. Your plating looks like the playing of a five star restaurant – everything looks so appetizing! I would love to try your Beauty Counter products! Thanks so much!

  59. Staying busy during this period is the best thing. Keeping one’s routine at home is a must to feel sane. Trying new beauty products is a fun hobby.

  60. Getting out to help is a good way to stave off cabin fever and stay active, just don’t overdo it. I love brussels sprouts, and wondered what temp you use to get that just right brown. I don’t usually enter the draws since I live in Canada, but the beauty counter body lotion sound great and the lipstick is a super colour. I do wear lipstick even at home these days to stay visible and feel feminine to avoid getting depressed. Enjoy a morning visit from you with my tea.

  61. That warehouse looks like a huge undertaking but coincidentally is probably a nice diversion during this scary time. I purchased a blush stick recently from Beauty Counter, and that gorgeous poppy lipstick would go beautifully with it! Stay well!

  62. Good for you two, staying physically active during this stressful time! On the bright side, I and many friends have finally found the time to thoroughly clear file cabinets, closets, and kitchen drawers and cabinets. Rooms are getting the deep clean that until now were always on the back burner. We’re getting good exercise and uplifted spirits as we clean and declutter. Certainly non profits across the country will benefit from an influx of donations! Stay positive and keep moving during these uncertain times. Your blog is a ray of sunshine 3x a week!

  63. I would love to try either one of the products you are giving away. I’ve been considering trying out this line for awhile now. Your blog is something that brightens my day, and I look forward to learning something new from each and every one of your new posts. Your positive, fresh outlook on life is inspirational.

  64. Hi Susan, would love to try your body lotion as my skin is so dry. I guess what I’ve been using is not working very well! I love the lipstick color, which is so pretty to cheer anyone up on these terrible days we’re living in now! Stay well and safe and always continue to brighten your day!!

  65. I love the Beauty Counter lipstick colors that you’ve shown. They are so clear and vibrant! Would love to try one of the lipsticks and hope that I win one!

    I have enjoyed everything I’ve ever ordered from you and find them true to the description and of really top quality! Thanks for your blog. Enjoy reading them every time it’s published and I re-read them often.

    Christine Waters

  66. Glad you are taking good care of yourself and Mr. Mickey…Have always loved red lipstick and this one looks just right…

  67. It is so important, especially now, to eat healthy and keep up an exercise routine …. and to treat ourselves to small luxuries. Stay well everyone.

  68. If anyone can get through this time with style and grace, it will be you and Mr Mickey. I always enjoy the details of your everyday eating plan and you always inspire me. Hope we will all come through this difficult period with dignity and good spirits, grateful for our many blessings. Today is the last day of my self-isolation due to possible exposure at my acupuncturist’s office two weeks ago. I have a LOT to be grateful for!

  69. I so appreciate your blogs. I am encouraged by the things you do to stay healthy. A healthy person is so much more attractive. If you feel good, you can smile more and your skin is more radient! You epitomize what I strive to be. Keep up with the blogging. I hope you realize the good you are doing in our lives not only with fashion but health. Would love to start using Beauty Counter products as well. Thank you, Susan!

  70. A new lipstick and nice lotion sounds wonderful about now! Thanks for keeping our spirits up during this “house arrest”!

  71. Thank you for sharing your lifestyle so openly. It is always helpful to learn how you cope with the challenges of the changing body. I will take a look at the Living Well cookbook. The plate on the cover certainly was appealing.
    Although it is a lot of work to clean out Mr. Mickey’s warehouse, it’s helpful to keep busy during these trying times.
    I would love to try one of your give away cosmetics, so include me in!
    Thanks for sharing! The best to you and Mr. Mickey. Stay safe!

  72. I really need to amp up my skin care. You are a great example to me to spend more time caring for my delicate face.

  73. Thank you for sharing your tried and true daily meals and beauty products! Stay safe and we’ll during this time.

  74. Thank you so much for your continued inspiration to live well and look your best. Stay healthy!

  75. Thank you for the tip on the cookbook and the chance to win…love that lipstick color. My wonderful husband had a BIG heart attack ( out of the blue, we eat healthy-ish, exercise, never smoked) so we are totally changing how we eat. Lentil soup is simmering as I write. We were great walkers and now find it hard to walk so slow while waiting for cardiac rehab which is closed due to the virus. I love all your posts, but this one was a great “day in the life”. Thanks so much for all your great ideas. Stay healthy and be well !

  76. I always feel inspired by you posts and seven weeks into my new healthy eating regime I’m beginning to see results. All thanks to you Susan. In the past I would never wear red lipstick as I thought it didn’t suit me. How wrong I was, it’s great. The poppy shade seems just the right shade of red for most people. Let’s hope this warm spring weather sees off much of this virus. Keep well.

  77. Hi Susan:

    Thank you for all of your tips. I have been following for a bit and just discovered that you are a fellow woman veteran!! I was in the Marine Corps around the same time you were in the Navy. Stay safe.

    Thank you for your service.


  78. I’ve been ordering Beautycounter products through your website since last June. It is relaxing besides good for my skin to have the routine as you demonstrated in the video. Thank you for offering the giveaways. I haven’t tried the lipstick yet and would love to try it. Thank you for this blog. Stay healthy and safe.

  79. HI Susan, Good tips indeed. I’m finding that walking outside somewhere different most days with my hubby has made a huge impact on my mental health these 2 weeks of only working from home. I also make myself get up every hour to get in 500 steps, again, the blood flows, my brain focuses on positive energy. Other things I’ve done these weeks is: keep my home office/craft room even more organized. I love when my co-workers are using their webcams and say “wow, your office if Pinterest worthy”, it brings me joy to be here (even if it’s more than i like now). I also try to do something creative every day, that brings me joy, making a card, organizing photos, pulling out a scrapbook project to put together. Creating brings me another escape that if happy. Amy

  80. Britain is in lockdown due to Coved 19. I’ve tried to place an order for my usual home delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables. Usually I can place an order for next day delivery. Today the next available delivery is April 11th. ( over 2 weeks away)
    So I have to go out, no matter what the government say, and shop in a supermarket that’s probably already been stripped bare by the over shoppers.

    Reading your blog is a few minutes away from the realism, thank you for carrying on.

    Stay safe, everyone. Let’s hope we can beat this evil virus into submission.

  81. I enjoy your blog and your Mr. Mickey is just too adorable for words!! Stay safe and well during this pandemic.

  82. I love your diet! I do something similar but I do cook meat for my husband. Sometimes I will have chicken or fish. We never eat after around 3 in the afternoon, my husband may have a snack in the evening but I don’t and I feel so much better ! Thank you for all the tips you share.
    Please enter me in the drawing.

  83. Routine during this quarantine keeps me going. I need to do a better job at putting myself together just for me. Thank you for the inspiration. Wishing you a wonderful, healthy week.

  84. Thanks for posting. I always enjoy your daily life posts and we’re all struggling with physical and mental/emotional health while we maintain our balance between normalcy and pandemic crisis. I’d love to try those products; the lipstick looks great on you!

  85. Thank you for including the exercise video in this blog post. It’s wonderful and I will do these exercises daily now as well.

    Also, thank you for such an informative post today. We all need to shore up our immune systems and you’ve offered some great ways to eat better. I’m glad that you and Mr. Mickey are staying well.

    Take care!

  86. Reading and meeting you in the morning helps keep me happy, energized, and focused. Thank you. I learn so much to adapt to me!♥️

  87. Thank you for all you do! I love not only your fashion insights but also those about healthy living. Hope you and Mr. Mickey stay safe and well!

  88. Thank you for your wonderful advice and examples for how to improve our lives health wise and in all ways. You are truly inspiring! I am so thankful to receive your posts, especially during this difficult time!

  89. I enjoy your blog so much. I wish I had your discipline. I’ve started using your skin care line and really like it. Need to get more into the makeup part. I would love to win your giveaway!!

  90. Thank you so much for all of your posts and information that are truly helpful. I would love to win either of the two Beautycounter products.

  91. Susan, you are a healthy model for us all. We eat organic fresh produce and it has turned my gut issues around. We use the Instant Pot three times a day to steam the vegetables. I have a Beauty Counter lipstick in “ First Date”. Hoping to win your giveaway!

  92. I also enjoy Beautycounter products and love their sheer lipstick. My favorite color is Orchid. We live in Beaufort, NC, one of the most beautiful places to shelter at home during this health crisis. However, they have closed our beaches to everyone, including local residents, to keep non-residents from bringing the virus here. I’m hoping to find a way to sneak a walk somewhere along our beaches.

  93. Dear Susan,

    Having followed your posts for years – this is my first comment.
    I appreciate your thoughtful approach to a healthy lifestyle, your common sense fashion advice and your upbeat outlook.
    Your posts are a special treat.
    Please keep them coming!
    Warm regards,

  94. Hi Susan: I so enjoy your blog. I have wanted to try Beauty Counter for a while so certainly hope I can win the products you are giving away.

    Stay healthy during these unsettling times!

  95. Thank you, Susan, for your inspiration! Had to laugh at your at-work photo – even your mask coordinates! Your blog is a ray of sunshine! I’ve tried Beautycounter products based on some of your previous reviews and each one has been of the absolute highest quality. Thanks for all your tips and suggestions!

  96. Susan, thank you for sharing your way of eating with us. It looks like you are getting your workout in the warehouse lol. As always you look great, even in mask and gloves

  97. I have recently tried these products and have become a huge fan. Thanks for introducing me to them! I would love to be a winner! Regards, Mary

  98. Thank you for including this cookbook in today’s blog. I will be checking it out. It may be a decade ago by now when I was referred to a gastroenterologist. By adhering to a Mediterranean “diet”, avoiding gluten and using dairy in smaller amounts plus using Florastor, a probiotic – it turned my life around. It was like working with my grandmother on the farm and what we took from the garden was on the dinner table. Returning to my roots, pardon the pun. Stay safe and healthy. Thanks for another giveaway. It is a bright spot in these stay-at-home times until April 24 put in place by our governor.


  100. I would love to try Beautycounter. Your lipstick always looks pretty. Thank you for Your posts on daily looks and healthy living. Stay well.

  101. I really enjoy your blogs, especially now that I am quarantined and have more time on my hands. Thanks for keeping it going.

  102. Love the lipstick color and would like to try this brand. I am very fair and must use lip color.
    Take care and stay safe.

  103. I always love to read your excellent Advice! Thank you for all the inspiration too. Stay well!❤️

  104. I have always been impressed with your eating plan. I too, fill my cart with mainly produce. I like this workout video and have saved it to incorporate into my workout. Are you able to get down on the floor and back up as she does? I sure can’t, but I have a few years on you.☹ I’m also impressed with your skincare, your complexion is so radiant. I would love to go foundation free.

  105. Thanks for all the different food suggestions. It’s good to have a personal recommendation about what works. I would love to try any of the Beauty Counter products but especially the Poppy lipstick. The color looks so bright and beautiful.

  106. So much good information!!! And congratulations to Mr. Mickey on the sale of his business. It’s an amazing amount of work to close and liquidate a business. I did that a few years ago as well. You’re certainly getting plenty of exercise. I hope you can both stay healthy during these challenging times.

  107. Thanks for the helpful tips. Based on your recommendation and beautiful skin I started using Beautycounter products. I would love to try the lipstick

  108. Thank you Susan for the peek into your daily routines and for the giveaway. My best to you and Mr. Mickey as you clean out that warehouse. What an enormous task!!

  109. I have been wanting to try Beauty Counter since your first post about it. I’m trying to go clean in eating and also beauty products. I would love to win this giveaway! Thanks Susan!

  110. I love the lip color and would love to try the lotion!!
    I hope you are well Susan, thank you for all the inspiration!


  111. Hi Susan~
    I got a kick out of the exercise video you shared. Being in my 70″s, there is no way I could do some of those like I used to.

    Could you recommend a shade of Beauty Counter lipstick in a mauve color? Red is too bright for me.

    Thanks for all your inspiration. You most certainly brighten my days.

    Stay healthy,
    Karen W.

  112. You inspire me with your discipline. Stay safe…
    I would love a lipstick.. I have some of your items, scarf and purse. Was sorry you had to close your store.

  113. I love this blog and especially now with our current crisis. Thank you for your uplifting tips about so many things and your positive attitude!

  114. You’ve always inspired me to stay active and take responsibility for your health.
    I love the ingredients in the Citrus Mimosa Body Lotion! Wishing you continued
    good health.

  115. Hi, this is Lucy. Can you give me the actual site where you found this workout. I know you said that yours is similar. I cannot seem to find it. I would greatly appreciate your answer.
    From a devoted fan, Lucy

  116. Your skin always looks so dewy and youthful. I also love the poppy lipstick on you. I admire how discipline you have been with your excise and your diet. I could only hope to be as diligent as you. Thanks for making my day with your blog.

  117. Because of your recommendation, I now a Beautycounter fan. I would love to win the lipstick and lotion.

  118. I have diverticulosis, and have been gluten-free and dairy-free since November. Thank you for the food suggestions!

  119. I always enjoy reading your posts. Thank you for sharing the things you eat. Gives me ideas when I am looking for something different. ❤️ Stay healthy and well.

  120. Thank you Susan for your wonderful blog. I look forward to reading it everyday. Here in Florida us folks over 65 have been asked to not leave home for the next two weeks. I love to read so maybe I can catch up on some books that I have put off reading. Would love to try some of the beauty counter products. You and Mr Mickey stay safe.

  121. I am loving your new haircut! You have inspired me to go shorter (when my salon is open again!) We are in the middle of a remodel of our new space, so I sympathize with the dust and all. God bless and stay safe!

  122. Love your simple life Susan…..glad Mickeys business sold and you can simplify your life. You alway look put together and love your elegant style.

    Love the color Poppy lipstick and your Body lotion. It would look nice on me as I am a brunette. I also love lotions.

    Blessings and stay well

  123. How lovely of you to have a beauty give away. I am trying to be lovely inside and out during this time of quarantine. Good health and prosperity to you and Mr Mickey. Thank you.

  124. What a kind heart and soul you have!
    Thank you for sharing all the knowledge you have accumulated over the years!
    Stay bright and healthy!

  125. I have used Beauty Counter products, especially their lipstick. I happen to love Rodan & Fields skincare and am a consultant for RF. They do not sell cosmetics except for a Radiant Defense which is a perfecter & protector for your face after using the a.m. skin routine. I continue to love your blog and to see the beautiful areas you visit in NC and VA!
    I would love to try the products in your give away.

  126. Thank you for this blog, it is fun and informative to read and I do enjoy the photos!! I would love to win the Poppy lipstick, I feel it would work well with my coloring, and with the constant hand washing at this time, the lotion would be a blessing too! thank you, Ann Lee Sweeten

  127. You have said in the past that Mr. Mickey likes to work in his business. My husband and I grew a mom and pop, to a medium size business. Forty years later, my son merged with a national company, after his father deceased. You and he can enjoy life now, and trust me he will not miss it. I ordered the lipstick in poppy some time ago, and can not find it. It is a nice color. Be well.

  128. Love bright reds and bright pinks lipstick. With my grey hair, I always feel washed out. Never ever leave home without my lipstick!!

  129. Your “day” report brightened my day. Your eating amazes me with all you squeeze into your day. You set a great example for your followers. Good luck with Mr Mickey’s warehouse.

  130. I admire your discipline and strive to follow your good example with my diet and exercise. Thank you for sharing your routine. I would love to win any of the Beautycounter products since I’ve enjoyed those that I’ve purchased and haven’t tried the body lotion yet. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  131. Please be careful as you help in the warehouse. . .up and down the ladders, lifting heavy things. This is no time for any accidents. Thanks for a great message today.

  132. I love your food choices, Susan. I use my Cuisinart indoor grill for veggies and some fruit. Love to grill fresh pineapple, chop and put on sweet potatoes with a bit of the juice and some walnuts. I consider it a dessert at times!
    Great that you have a project that’s physical. I’m using my time for spring cleaning. I have asthma so always wear a mask when I clean.
    Thanks for your positivity! I have same coloring as you and would love to receive the BC products.

  133. Hi Susan,
    I thoroughly enjoy your blog. You help me to be the best I can be, not only in style but with my health. Thank you for all the encouragement you put out here for all of us to be the best we can be!

  134. I applaud you for being able to do those exercises. At 71, I am no longer able to do that kind of workout.
    Take care and be safe.

  135. Susan,
    Thank you so much for the enlightening information you share with us. I always look forward to reading your blog! Please keep encouraging us to stay on the move, smartly dressed, and informed!
    Best wishes for good health to you and Mr. Mickey

  136. I am thoroughly enjoying the beauty counter oil I received, makes my face feel lovely! I would love to add the beautiful poppy lipstick and body lotion! Thank you for sharing your routine for good health, I appreciate your information! Stay well!

  137. I’ve long admired the lipstick named Poppy…sounds energized.
    I’m sure the body lotion is refreshing.
    I am recuperating from broken ankle surgery and would be a pleasant surprise! ❤️
    God bless!

  138. Susan, I love the Beautycounter products that I have tried. Thank you for introducing them to me!

  139. I am curious about Beautycounter. Do they have a serum that combats age spots? I love the poppy shade against your complexion!

    1. I have noticed some lighting of my age spots from using the Overnight+ Resurfacing Peel here. Apply 1 to 2 pumps to clean face and neck, and leave on overnight—May tingle upon application. Allow product to absorb fully (3 to 5 minutes), then follow with a moisturizer. Use every other night.

  140. Susan, I just wanted to say that I look forward to your posts each day, because you inspire me so!

  141. Always like to read your positive posts on health.
    You and Mickey are blessed to have each other. Thank you for the daily post. I look forward to reading them every day.

  142. I have never heard of that Aussie cheese and I live in Australia. Amazing. I’ll have to start trying to find the product when all is clear. Stay well

  143. I have been eyeing the Poppy lipstick.. My hair is silver like yours, questioned if it would be to bright?
    I would love to win it and see for myself.
    Follow your blog religiously, you inspired me to make better choices in my wardrobe.
    Many thanks from a 75 year old gal that is still learning..

  144. I’m glad that you and Mr Mickey have a project to keep you busy during these most unusual times!

    I keep veggie scraps in the freezer until I have enough to fill a large pot then I simmer them to make broth. I use it as a base for homemade soups or, as you mention, to steam or sauté vegetables. If I’m not going to use it within a few days, I freeze it in small batches for future use.

  145. I so admire your ability to be so disciplined in everything you do. What I am most impressed by is your beautiful skin. My skin is just the opposite…even though I do try to take care of it. I Really do look forward to your blogs and your method of buying cloths and using them in so many different ways.

  146. Thanks for the UPDATE from Johnson city. We enjoyed our trip to Tenn a few years ago where we visited the Vanderbilt estate and other places you mentioned. I have learned so much from you. Can you do a makeup lesson on improving the hollow eye look that happens with aging? Thank you for your great blog!

  147. You bring a breath of fresh air in these turbulent times! Love the poppy lipstick on you. Hope it looks half as good on me!

  148. Would love to try the Beauty Counter lipstick. I’m currently looking for a new favorite shade of lipstick since the one I have worn for years has been discontinued. Be careful climbing around on those ladders. I fell off of one last spring and ended up having surgery to repair a broken wrist. My daughters have declared ladders off limits for me right now with everything that is currently going on in the medical community right now. It is not a good time to create any extra work for those who are currently risking their own health and welfare for us. True heroes every one!! Take care!

  149. I stopped eating my dinner T six and changed to four because I read on your blog thst you ate earlier and thought I’d give it a try. It made so much difference. I had my gall bladder out last year and was having trouble still with digesting my food in the evening. I highly recommend eating early to others. Thank you for your blog. I binged fifty not frumpy when I found this blog and have followed you ever since.

  150. Love that lipstick color!
    Always enjoy your blog.
    One reason is because my husband is from Knoxville. We lived in West Virginia for several years and traveled through the tri-cities area on our visits to his hometown.
    Stay well and keep busy!

  151. Hi Susan!
    Now I’m inspired to try that workout routine! No excuses— I certainly have the time now! Thank you for all you do!
    Judy Smith

  152. I am enjoying your blog and look forward to receiving it daily. I would love to receive your favourite poppy lipstick and body lotion!
    Take good care and be well.

    Leslie Alexander

  153. You are such an inspiration, Susan. You have a gift for leading by example be it by fashion, eating healthy, exercise or make up routines. I love your confidence! Stay safe!

  154. Love the Beautycounter products that I have tried so far I would love the Poppy lipstick and the body lotion as those are on my list to try in the future. Thank you.

  155. Your posts are always the “calm” to my day ( and especially needed now ).
    You seem to live such a thoughtful gracious life which I admire very much.

    And I love that lipstick!! 🙂

  156. Oh, yes, I’d love this giveaway!

    Looks like you and Mr. Mickey will be glad when all the hard work is finished!

  157. I am so glad you and Mr. Mickey are finding things to do. I know everything is up in a roar with the virus, but you need to keep safe and keep praying.

    I would love to win your favorite products

  158. Hello Susan, Just what we need – some lovely inspiration from you. Both you and Mr Mickey stay safe and well. Happy warehouse sorting! Best wishes, Bernie

  159. Thank you for sharing. You have inspired me to take better care of myself! Turning 59 this year, and I am looking forward to my 60s!

  160. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for the cookbook suggestions. Your meals look good. I became primarily vegan about a year and half ago and have found that my love of vegetables, fruits, beans and sweet potatoes have really helped with my weight and how I feel.

    You have beautiful skin. I have tried some of the Beauty Counter products that a friend introduced to me and really like that.

    Good luck to Mr. Mickey with cleaning out his warehouse.

  161. I’ve just recently started using Beauty Counter creams and powder. I would love to try the lipsticks.

  162. Susan: what an uplifting post! I really appreciate the food pictures and your commitment to clean eating. I just purchased the poppy lipstick and I love it. Really brightens my face!
    Sending prayers for for peace and health!

  163. Hello Susan,

    I would love to try Beauty Counter products to see if I like them. I wear a similar shade lipstick but often find that, after eating a salad with lots of oil, the lipstick bleeds into the lines above my top lip. Not a good look! Have experimented with 24 hour shades but they are very drying.

    You are very generous with your giveaways, which is much appreciated,

    Kind regards,
    Halina Hassard

  164. Thanks for the few minutes of diversion. Your diet is so healthy and inspiring. I have been losing weight from stress during this crisis and most vegetables don’t seem appetizing right now but yours look good!

  165. I constantly learn from your blog regardless of subject, thank you Susan.

    Love that shade of lipstick, fingers crossed that Canadians are eligible to win as well.

  166. I always look forward to your ideas for healthy living, to look and feel our best! Beauty counter has made such a difference in my skin. I’m inspired by the food and exercise choices you make and you look fabulous! And I’m making better clothing purchases for items that can be mixed with many things, and not just serving as one individual outfit! Thank you!

  167. Hi Susan, thank you for all your advice! I would love to try the lipstick and lotion.
    Stay healthy, Jennie

  168. Susan, glad to hear your routine during this unprecedented time of our life.
    Please enter my name for the lipstick and lotion. What a treat that would be.
    Stay safe.
    Mary Ray
    Birmingham, AL

  169. Hello Susan!

    Having just turned 60 myself I was so excited to discover your blog and see how you’re navigating this new age. I love the Poppy color lipstick and would love to try the body lotion, I’ve become really conscious of how I’m taking care of myself in the last few years and am always looking for ways to improve that. Thanks for sharing life with the rest of us, take care.


  170. I love wearing reddish lipstick. It perks me up and I always get compliments.

    Sorting out Mr. Mickey’s warehouse is quite a job. Good luck and stay healthy.

  171. As I have aged I have struggled with clothing decisions. I’ve learned a lot from your blog and hopefully will reduce my purchasing mistakes. I shop exclusively online and through the blog now have a list of many new sources.

  172. Would love to win the poppy lipstick since I have so much trouble finding the right shade in the red family. Love the pictures of the food. I might order her cookbook.

  173. I would have never thought about steamed vegetables for breakfast but it makes sense. I love them!!! I would love to try your favorite lipstick and lotion! Stay safe and healthy!

  174. Susan I look forward to reading each of your posts. I would love to try the Beauty Counter products.

  175. Glad you are keeping busy, we all need a diversion of some sort. Your meals look amazing and yummy!
    I just started using Beauty Counter, thanks to your blog. Eye cream, moisturizer and body wash, wonderful
    scent. Starting small and will gradually build on the products. Thank You for your great fashion posts.

  176. You’re so lucky to have something to occupy your time! I was fortunate enough to be working up through Tuesday of this week, and now that I’m at home, I’ve lined up many projects to work on.
    Thank you for your blogs; I’ve heard that some think talking about fashion and beauty is frivolous at this time, but I for one welcome the diversion. Keep up the good work, and don’t work so hard your resistance goes down.

  177. I have been using Beautycounter skin care for several months and am very pleased. I switched from Lancomb and won’t go back. I haven’t tried the Body Lotion and would like to.
    Thanks for your blog. I have learned of some great new clothing. My Fair Lady is a new favorite.

  178. I love the Poppy color! You’ve worn that color in several of your photos.

    Stay healthy.

    Vikki Andrews

  179. Thank you Susan, you are always inspiring, entertaining and informative, especially in these worrying times
    I look forward to one day being able to purchase BeautyCounter products here in Australia.
    Thank you.

  180. Enjoying your blog especially in these difficult times. Susan Fontana. (Also a “Susan after 60”)

  181. You are an inspiration to us all. Such good suggestions with the food choices. Be well, and thank you!

  182. Thanks for answering what you and Mr. Mickey are doing lately. Wow I never dreamed you were cleaning out a warehouse. My husband and I have cleaned out houses to sell (after a death or person couldn’t live there anymore) so we know about cleaning but not the heavy duty stuff you are doing. My husband and I were also part time janitors at our church years ago. When we would get home from moving tables and chairs and all the duties with cleaning, I longed to put on a dress or skirt. I wanted to feel like a woman that didn’t do physical labor. So that’s what I did most days. When I would go to pick up the kids from school people would ask if I got a new job. Nope, just like to dress up!

    I would love to have the products you are giving away. Please put me on the list. Thank you very much.

    As always be safe and good luck with all the cleaning, sorting and labeling. Patty

  183. I have sensitive skin so I stick with my skin care routine. Lately I haven’t been getting the results I’m looking for.
    Would love to try these products! Thanks for the eating tips!!

  184. Glad you and Mr Mickey are well and busy, so important to keep a routine at this time. I have wanted to try Beautycounter for a while. Keep safe

  185. Stay safe everyone regarding this coronavirus. I’d love to be the winner of this giveaway. I’ve been looking for a new lip color. Poppy looks good. Also always like to try a new lotion
    Love to see what you are wearing, Susan. Susan Papa, Houston, TX

  186. Looks like you and Mr. Mickey have it under control! So nice that you are helping him organize his warehouse. I think it’s good to keep busy during this time of staying home. I love your meal plan and it is giving me inspiration. Good luck to you and Mr. Mickey! My husband and I have a first grand baby we can’t see and it’s very difficult. At least we have video and photos which makes it easier to accept. Surely wouldn’t want to compromise any of our family’s health!

  187. I would love to win. It’s so hard staying home all the time and that would be a wonderful surprise

  188. I look forward to reading your post! They provide so much information for “simple approach but elegant” dressing. I’m 63 and have needed to alter my wardrobe and buying habit for several years. Your blog has guided me toward moving in the right directions!

  189. I am so thankful to receive your emails Susan. You always inspire me to take really good care of myself. Thanks so much and have a wonderful day. We can choose to make it a good one can’t we?

  190. I am working at home all day, and trying to walk a bit at lunchtime to get some sunshine and exercise. I would love to be entered in the giveaway – the lipstick color is so pretty, and the description of the lotion scent sounds wonderful!

  191. Howdy from Texas to you, Susan,

    Being an advanced Senior, I would love to win a tube of your lipstick! My lips are very dry, yet require moisture. So, finding a lipstick that meets both needs leaves me still searching. If you have samples of your lines, I would also like to try what you so highly recommend.

    Like all of your faithful followers, am eager to once again wear some of your accessories, etc. once this time in our lives ends.

    Blessings to you and Mr. Mickey!!!!

  192. I celebrated my 70th birthday yesterday. It was a day that I will never forget, filled with drive by friends, a dinner with our son out in the rain and a FaceTime celebration with all my children and grandchildren. Stay safe and healthy. Starr

  193. Thank you Susan for introducing me to Beautycounter a few months ago. I started with just one or two products and makeup items and gradually building. So far I have been impressed with what I see. I am just shy of 69 so I do have some wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Really impressed with the lipsticks and glosses. They seem to stay on for so long and are not tacky feeling. I am workng my way to the blushes and eyeshadows. I would love to win any item from the Beautycounter collection. Wish I had discovered it (and your website) years ago. You and Mr. Mickey stay healthy and safe!

  194. How wonderful that you and Mr. Mickey met and became such good, supportive friends over these last 10 plus years.i am sure he appreciates your help.

    You are an inspiration for healthy living and dressing well. Thank you for your inspiration.


  195. I just placed my first order with Beauty Counter yesterday! I finally ordered the Poppy lipstick. Can’t wait to get it since I have had my eye on that for many months and now it is offered for 10% off! Would love to try that Hydrating Body Lotion in Citrus Mimosa next. My sister is having surgery today and she is on my mind. If I get the lotion, I’m going to send it to her. It sounds like the perfect self-care lotion and she deserves some pampering during her recovery!
    Love your blog – thanks for all the tips.

  196. It is very nice you help your partner organizing.
    Your meals and exercise inspire me .
    Stay healthy and write posts !They are so very helpful!

  197. With this safety distancing I have been cleaning out clutter and making cards for the shut ins at my church. I am hampered with weak knees so going to do sitting exercises. I am diabetic so I am on a count carbs plan, tricky at times. Thank you for your site, the meals look delicious! Sun is shining here! Outside on my deck meditation today! Have a blessed day!

  198. Susan, I love your posts and admire your regimen. You are definitely an inspiration to me. Stay well.

  199. Todays post is very informative. I am definitely looking into Lectins. The food choices are very healthy.
    Thank you.

  200. We’ve been clearing out our office building too. 54 years of stuff. Down to our last small load of paper maps, aerial photos etc.

  201. I would love to try your products. After just driving cross country from Tennessee to California I think that would probably give me a real boost! Always love your posts and suggestions! Stay healthy!

  202. This is the perfect time to do all those things that needed to be done, but were put on hold because of other activities and entertainments. My routine is just the same as before. Because of responsibiities at home caring for disabled grandchild and a daughter with her own set of social anxiety problems, my outside and people centered activities are next to nil. So it is pharmfacy, doctor and grocery store. Usually church, but that is not open now. So poppy lipstick would definitely brighten my day at any time. I have trouble finding a red color that I can wear. Keep safe and healthy.

  203. We are living through challenging times. Self-care, mind, body and spirit are absolutely necessary. Thanks so much for sharing.

  204. Hi Susan, I always enjoy your posts! I can’t recall if you have ever shared any info on the type of camera you use. Your pictures always look wonderful. I may need a new camera soon and was curious as to what you use.

  205. I don’t wear lipstick much but I’m always open to experimenting. We too just closed our small business and I can TOTALLY relate to excess leftovers (we were in the exhaust/muffler business) and i know all about sorting, cleaning, organizing, prepping for sale to public, etc. Enjoy and stay safe.

  206. Hi Susan,

    I would be thrilled to be the winner of the Poppy lipstick, and the body lotion. Lipstick always brightens my day, it’s amazing how it brings so much life to your face.

    Happy Day as you “shelter in place.” It’s a HUGE job organizing Mickey’s warehouse. Congratulations are in order for
    selling the business, this is never easy.

    in Arizona

  207. Good for you-working & being productive during this challenging time.

    Your meals look delicious.

    I would love to try some Beauty Counter products. I hope to order some of them when our world is not so crazy. Currently, I am only purchasing food & cleaning products.

    Love your blog & so pleased to discover it!

  208. The food you are eating looks delicious. Never thought of sweet potatoes for breakfast but hmmmm. I have also switched to paleo friendly foods and have passed on anything with added sugar. I will say I do feel more energetic and have less “brain fog” . Glad you are doing well in these uncertain times and hope we can get back to a new normalcy soon.

  209. I enjoy reading your blog. I lead an exercise class for 28 senior women and while I keep up the exercises at home; we sure do miss the group experience. Every day, I try to call a few of them just to see how they are coping. Glad you have a project to spend time on as many of us benefit from structure. ❤️

  210. Your eating routine sounds wonderful. Best of luck with the warehouse project – sounds like a great amount of work to do!

  211. I love the poppy lipstick and try to look my best daily . I am 73 but this virus has me somewhat depressed. I also am having a little trouble with diverticalitics. Have a wonderful day…Nola

  212. Love the suggestions for your meals. I love sweet potatoes too. But the beach body workout was too much. I find it hard to believe that you could do it. Send us a video please.

    1. I’ve been doing Pilates since 1998. Many of those moves are based on Pilates and using your bodyweight to work out. I do what I can each day. Some days are better than others.

  213. Hello from a Susan in North Carolina. I love everything about your blog but reading the positive comments from women all over the world, especially now, really lifts my spirits!

  214. Thank you for the meal pictures. They are a good reminder to me to make healthy food choices.
    Stay strong.

  215. just received my order of the Poppy shade lipstick and love it. It really perks up my daily uniform of jeans and tee shirts while I try to conquer all of the projects in my house. It also looks good on my 5:00 cocktail party on Zoom with all of my golfing partners….

  216. Thank you so much for continuing your blog. I have learned so much from you. I would like to be entered in the drawing. The poppy lipstick is very flattering on you. Lipstick is one thing I make sure to wear every day, especially now.

  217. I am a Canadian who has enjoyed and look forward to your daily blogs. I have followed you for close to a year and enjoy your tips and images of how you put your pieces together. Stay safe and keep well in these trying times.

  218. I am 73 and the other day, my 6 year old granddaughter asked me in her innocent way, “Grandma, why do you have so many wrinkles around your eyes?” I think it’s time to update my skin care routine that I have been doing for years. Thanks, Pam Artzner

  219. My daughter introduced me to a more plant-based diet. Like you, with regular exercise, I no longer have to worry about my weight. I feel I am as healthy now (age 63) as I have ever been, maybe even more so. Cheers to us!

  220. I’ve cleaned my house from top to bottom and now the weather is changing and my husband and I can work in the yard cleaning it up also. Thank you for your posts, they are encouraging. Hung out the sheets to dry for the first time this year. Yay.

  221. Thank you for showing up every so often in my e-mail! I look forward to your posts. I would love to try the Poppy lipstick in particular. Being a “spring” person, I think it would be a good color for my skin tone. 🙂

  222. I would like to be entered in your drawing for the lotion.

    Thank you, Karen

    Ps; I enjoy your daily encouragement and advice. Thanks for working so hard on your blog.

  223. Hello! I find this post especially inspiring! Thank you for the lovely food pics and meal ideas.

  224. Hi Susan
    My first time ever to comment on any blog. I have followed you for many years and continue to be inspired by your classic chic style. I love how you show how to wear clothes you already own in new and updated ways. I would love to win the lipstick and moisturiser it would be a great boost in these troubled times.

  225. Hello Susan,
    I am really enjoying your posts and am completely changing up my routines as a result. May I ask what brow pencil and color you use? I am allowing my natural silver/white hair to grow out now, and saying goodbye to a processed golden blonde. I’ve changed my brow color to a cooler taupe, but I’m not completely satisfied with it. I would love to win your poppy lipstick giveaway! Love the color on you!!
    Thank you so much
    P.S. Good luck with your warehouse project…it looks daunting!

  226. Healthy eating looks delicious!! I’m thrilled that you use Beauty Counter. I look forward to trying it!!

  227. Hi Susan, Hope you’re staying well! Working from home this week seems pretty quiet compared to being in the office. Your posts are even more welcome than normal – it’s like hearing from a good friend. Please enter me in your Beauty Counter give a way. Thanks for continuing to post!

  228. Such a wonderful blog! I usually enjoy your blogs, this one was particularly. At 62 I’ve gone to my natural hair colour after following your posts. I try to walk or do the treadmill on the days our Canadian weather doesn’t permit outside walking. I will definitely be adding the exercise video you shared. Thank you so much of for the inspiration. You and Mr. Mickey stay safe during these unsettling times!

  229. Thank you for all your hints and tips – they are very inspiring and keep me on track! Please keep up the good work.

  230. Love the poppy lipstick! Maybe this will be my lucky day and I will win a tube to try and see how it looks on me!

  231. I love all your looks and could dress very easily from your closet aside from only being 5 ‘1.5″ tall. I love the classic look and the way you make it so easy for the rest of us to put great looks together. Thanks for keeping up in spite of the difficulties we’re all going through these days. Stay healthy and keep smiling.

  232. I love all your tips. Can’t do the PILATES—but I can walk–which I do. I would LOVE to try the BEAUTY COUNTER products>
    Thank You!

  233. Thanks for sharing!! Love all the tips of what you do in your day!! I still have and use there bags from Mr Mickey that you use for shipping the scarfs!!! stay safe!!

  234. I hope your cleaning and sorting continues to go well. I appreciate the information on what you eat and the beautiful photos. I’d love to win the Beauty Counter items.

  235. So good to know that you are healthy, Susan. Thank you for the laundry advice re-my navy silk blouse.
    Would love to win the lipstick because it would spark up my pale complexion. The body lotion would be put to use right away because of the cold weather. My 63rd was on Monday and Mother Nature gifted me with 7 in. of snow which made the nearby forests look gorgeous! Luckily we can still go out to walk.
    Thank you for another generous prize to win. Please keep well Susan and Mr Mickey.

  236. Thank you so much for giving your readers a chance to win the products that keep you looking so lovely. I would love to try the Poppy lipstick or the body lotion.

  237. I never realized the importance of healthy eating until this past year. Last May, I changed my diet focusing on vegetables, fresh fruit, poultry and fish. I reduced refined sugars, carbs, and beef. These past two weeks, I have gone back to my old comfort foods loaded with sugar and carbs and paid dearly with headaches, sluggishness, weight gain and skin breakouts. Lesson learned!

  238. Thank you once again Susan for the lovely giveaway! I would love to try the two Beauty Counter products you have shown. Thank you so much.

  239. What a great post! Much luck in clearing the warehouse and selling the remainders. I’ve been wearing mostly athleisure wear during our shelter at home orders. And try as I may, I’m feeling a little blue with the cumulative uncertainties. Any ideas/advice to lift our spirits?

    1. I’m trying to keep myself as strong and healthy, both mentally and physically as possible. Don’t watch the news too much. Get up and get dressed every day. Always have something to look forward to.

  240. Looking at the walls in Mr Mickey’s office tells us all we need to know about him….pictures of you and his family, American Flag, and a cross…..all the things he wants to have close to him. We are lucky to know both of you.

  241. Your ‘small diversion’ looks like quite a task! You go girl! Me? During this self-quarantine/shelter at home time period I have luckily been blessed with a new horse! JoJo, is his name – he & I have spent some quality time together riding as I am so fortunate to live where I live: in the country! I always love reading your posts. Thank you & stay well & safe!

  242. I love Poppy lipstick it brightens the face. I would love to try the body lotion. I have liked all the beauty counter products I have tried so far. Thanks Susan.

  243. You manage to look put together, even when clearing out a warehouse! Please enter my name in your draw. I have been wearing nude lipstick so long, I need to up my game and add some colour.

  244. Thank you, Susan, for offering these Beauty Counter products. I’ve been thinking about trying out a new line of beauty products and winning this giveaway will give me a chance.

  245. Thank you Susan for sharing a glimpse into your healthy lifestyle. And for keeping our spirits up during these tense days.


  246. Thanks for a peek into your lifestyle details. It is very inspiring that one can make changes for the better at any age!

  247. I love the Poppy lipstick and I am looking for navy blue blazer. I don’t want wool since it gets so hot here in the Atlanta area.

  248. Susan,
    I love your blog and your sharing very useful ideas on a wide range of topics.
    Please enter me in your current give away. Beautycounter products sound excellent.

  249. Susan, your blogs are always so informative. Thank you for taking the time to put them together.
    Stay well,
    Brenda Done

  250. This was a great post! I loved all the different clothing combinations and the variety of watches! Thank you! I’ve heard a lot about Beauty Counter, but have not used any products yet. Hopefully, this is my chance!

  251. Your food choices look so nourishing, Susan. I love your haircut, and you style it beautifully! Thank you for inspiring all of us to eat right and to exercise.

  252. Thank you for sharing your diet and exercise routine. Would love to try the lipstick and body lotion.
    I love your hair style and I always show my stylist your photos and tell him that’s what I want.
    Stay safe.

  253. Thank you again for this fun opportunity to try what looks so good on you. I love your ideas and pictures. Stay safe and healthy!

  254. I’ve never heard of Beautycounter products. I would love to win these products and try them on me.
    Stay well!

  255. I’ve always loved the color of your lipstick. Would like to learn more about Beautycounter, but just haven’t had the time! Thank you for entering me into the contest. Be safe. Thank you for all you do for us!

  256. I would live to receive this luscious lip give away. The colour is beautiful and looks great on you.

  257. Susan, I admire your eating habits so much. I, too, have loved the poppy lipstick since you first started wearing it. Have a great weekend and stay well.

  258. I started reading your blog about 2 years ago when I was going on a hiking trip near Asheville & to tour the awesome Biltmore. A friend suggested that I look at your website and I was hooked. I absolutely love it. I’ve upgraded my wardrobe with some of your ideas. Because I look better, I have more confidence. I really enjoy the healthy diet suggestions. I am intrigued by Beauty Counter, and would like to win the lipstick. Thanks so much for sharing your world with me.

  259. Hi Susan…I have always enjoyed eating healthy, and plan to continue (will turn 71 this year.). Love the pictures of your meals!!

  260. Thank you so much for your post during these uncertain times. Love seeing your food and your workout routine.

  261. Please pick me. I use many of the Beautycounter products! I would love to receive this great give away from you!
    Thank you
    Joyce Wiatrek

  262. Peace,Love and Health. Everyone needs a blessing during these times. I am a new user of Beauty Counter products thanks to your blog. I have followed you now for three years. I am slowly changing my clothing style, my eating habits, and lifestyle. Beauty Counter’s lipstick will be my next addition to the transition of my makeup. I am 77 years old and continue to learn how to be the best that I can be.

  263. Hi, Susan – I just want to tell you how delicious your meals look to me! I plan on adding them to my menus. And thanks for the workout. We all need that now that we are staying home. I’d go outdoors but I need the weather to get a little better first. Hugs – Angie, http://www.yourtrueselfblog.com

  264. I’ve been exercising and spring cleaning these lock-down days. The poppy lipstick would brighten anyone’s day!

  265. Please enter me in your product giveaway. I love reading your blog & borrowing your ideas!!!


  267. Your breakfast omelette with beans and veggies looks delicious and healthy. I’m going to give it a try! The Poppy lipstick looks so cheerful!

  268. Thank you for all your helpful and useful health and beauty tips. I love your wardrobe choices, you always look so elegant. Stay safe and thank you for all you do to make our day better.

  269. Love to read your blog. I’ve been interested in sampling the Beautycounter products. Currently using Alastin which I purchase online or through the spa. Been using for last year. On the expensive side. Switched over from L’occtaine. Actually loved the line but they keep changing or remove products I love. I liked going there because it was just their products in store and the women were knowledgeable. If it didn’t work I could return for something else.

    I live in Western Mass and there is no consultant for Beautycounter . Do you have samples or smaller units to purchase.

    Your skin looks amazing. Of course it’s not just the product as I can see from blog you exercise and eat right. I’m 70 and frankly my skin looks like 50. Want to keep it that way

    Thank you

  270. Watched the workout video. I think at my age (72) I would throw out my back and would never get up. I think I’ll stick with a walk when the weather permits. Enjoy your blog. Something to look forward to during these trying times.

  271. I have been following you since you were known as 50 not frumpy. You have been and continue to be such an inspiration to many, Thank You Susan! The very best to you and Mr Mickey!!!

  272. I love this site! I am 63 and it is so nice to read about you and your life. Most of the websites are geared for much younger ladies! Thanks!
    And I would love to try the Poppy!

  273. I know this blog is older and know you most likely will never see it. But I am old overweight and very unhappy with myself, you are giving me hope.

  274. I truly appreciate you sharing this post about your life – and daily – journey. Really interesting breakfast options I’m going to try. Thank you!

  275. I love this blog! I am 68 years old and recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and have chosen to treat it through diet and lifestyle changes. I have the book Plant Paradox and just purchased, from your recommendation, Claudia’s book. I have eliminated lectins from my diet as the science behind this makes sense to me, and have adopted a plant-based diet with some fish, calorie reduction, online light exercise and daily meditation. This, and awareness of what works and what doesn’t, is helping me feel better. I live alone with no family and closest friends are geographically distanced, dealing with their own challenges, so it’s important that I take charge of my well-being. Blogs like this one really help so thank you Susan! I also will be trying the skincare products.

  276. Always love reading about your rules for looking fabulous! Thank you for being so enlightening.

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