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I appreciate garments that are soft and comfortable enough to wear while relaxing at home. When those pieces also have enough structure and quality to wear when I need to go out, I am even more grateful for them. Different shoes and accessories can elevate a comfy casual look in a moment.

The Covered Perfectly royal blue top here is so very soft and comfortable, and it has a great style too. As always, you get a free top when you buy two at Covered Perfectly. (This is a small, woman-owned company. The tops and even the fabric are made in the USA.)

Comfort is key when relaxing, so I always wear Sheec no-show socks with my sneakers. They really do stay in place all day. The site for Sheec Socks is here. Use the coupon code SUSAN for 15% off full-price items for one purchase only.

The sharp-looking leather sneakers are here.

Today I am showing you how I dress when I am working from home. These same garments can be appropriate for lunch with friends, a meeting, or a casual dinner date with just a few tweaks. (That is when it is safe to be out and about again.) I expect a lot from the investment in my clothing and accessories. I want them to be flexible, comfortable, and flattering for several years.

I’ve worked from my home office for decades. I quickly developed the discipline to get dressed each morning. If my hair and makeup are done, and I put on real clothes, I am more productive and feel much better. I’ve never been one to lounge around in my pajamas all day.

A cardigan or jacket is often part of my relaxing at home look. I always enjoy wearing the third piece. The soft jacket is here.

The jacket’s material has a bit of a metallic thread running through the gray, black, and white. The link bracelet is here. (Use the code SAS10 For $10 off any item.) The handbag is several years old. Similar bag here.

The top is here. The soft black pants are here.

Pictured above is the fourth pair of shoes I’ve purchased in this style. I’ve worn the others out! These shoes are here.

The elements of my looks are rarely new, so I share highlighted links to similar current items. The shopping links in my posts may result in a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.

I’m wearing Beautycounter products. My lip color is Poppy here. My skincare routine is here.

Congratulations, Gale McDonnell! You are the winner of the Nordgreen watch bundle of your choice.

  1. Good morning, Susan. Another great post. Do you order a size M in the Covered Perfectly top? Do these tops typically run true to size?

  2. Hi Susan
    Greetings from Ireland at this worrying time for us all
    If you find by any chance that you have a bit of spare time could you do another makeup video. I must say your look today is perfect. I completely agree that even as we are confined to home we should get dressed and do our makeup to start the day in the right way
    Thanks for all you do and I hope that you and Mr Mickey keep safe

  3. Stay safe everyone. Susan you look very nice. My husband and I have been having a bit of fun wearing our pajamas and having a pajama party!

    Since many of us here love scarves, is anyone else really admiring Ambassador Deborah Birx’s fashion style and her scarves? She looks so nice and I love to listen to her.

    We will emerge from this stronger than ever!

    1. Lynn, I have admired Dr. Birx’s scarves and jackets also and also many on-the-street reporters who wear beautiful and colorful scarves, probably as much for warmth as style!
      Congrats to Gale! Beautiful gift.
      Susan, great post and love the cap toe shoes. I duplicate certain items too as they wear out, especially my loafer and oxford style shoes. Be safe everyone!

      1. Yes, I’ve enjoyed Dr. Birx’s style, too…her beautiful scarves are a joy, and she is a national treasure!!!

    2. Lynn I’m glad you mentioned Dr Deborah Birx’s daily press briefing attire. She sets a beautiful yet professional example even in this time of crisis. I like her frank yet calming tone as well. Stay safe everyone.

  4. So very smart and elegant, even when relaxing or working from home. I always appreciate your practical tips for looking our best. Thank you, Susan. Please stay safe.

  5. Those are my favorite no show socks…to those of you who haven’t tried them, use the discount code and place an order. You won’t regret it. You look great, as always, Susan.

  6. What a lovely jacket. . What size are you wearing so I can gauge what to order? It looks so nice with the black pants and t shirt which I already have. Thanks for the outfit inspiration

  7. This post is extremely helpful! I love it! I, too, am getting used to styling shorter hair. (Was not my choice, newer person.) Have you any hints on styling shorter hair, especially the top? Love the lipstick, too.

  8. Very inspiring. What is the length of the black pants you show? I couldn’t find that information on their shopping site.

  9. THANK YOU!!! I am so excited about my Nordgreen watch bundle! Have a great day and a blessed weekend!!!

  10. I’m so glad you are showing a way to look great all day with some small, but significant changes as activities change. There is no reason to not look your best just because you are at home. Thank you for demonstrating how this can be easily done.

  11. Love these looks and so practical as well as comfortable and a little flair when needed beyond being at home. Thanks for all your great tips.

    Clara from Iowa

  12. What is the name of your sheee socks that you wear with sneakers?I look forward to Monday,Wednesday & Friday emails . I have followed you for years & I save everyone.Thank you so much ! You have no idea how you really help women.

  13. Love Beauty Counter products! I use a few products and my favorite is the oil I wash my face and makeup off with each night!!

  14. Hi Susan, I‘ve tried a few of the Beauty Counter products and I’ve been very pleased with my results. I’m 64 and was having trouble finding the right products for my combination skin. Thanks so much for introducing me to them. I’ll be looking forward to entering the giveaways next week.

  15. Congratulations Gale, you will love your watch bundle! I wear mine all the time, thank you, Susan!
    I have two pairs of shoes of the same style, I just love the look. I really like your work from home look and I feel so much since I started following your advice. Get up in the morning and get dress, fix your hair and put some makeup on. It makes you feel so special when you see yourself in the mirror as you pass by!!
    Thank you for all your tips!!

  16. Love the outfits!! I have been following for eight years and just love how you show how to wear different outfits!! Love your hair here these photos!!

  17. Hi Susan,

    This is one of my favourites! I often need to run out to do something and think I have to change my entire outfit.

    I am definitely going to implement these ideas.

    A Long Time Fan from Canada

  18. Susan
    I look forward to each and every one of your posts. Thank you for being so thoughtful. You have had a positive
    Influence on my life, and probably many others too.

    Good luck, stay healthy and safe
    Jean Liston

  19. After seeing your posts on Sheec socks, I decided to place an order. I LOVE them! They stay put, and they are sized for my small (size 5-1/2 to 6) feet. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Hello Susan,
    As others have said, I look forward to all of your posts. There are so many great and practical ideas in all of them.
    I would like to start using BeautyCounter products, but need to start off with just 2 or 3. Can you recommend a starting point? I am currently using a department store product line and am finding the products are becoming too harsh for my 70 something skin. (I also need a product to clear up whiteheads.) Thank you for any ideas that you can give me.

    1. Hi Elaine. Start with the Cleansing Oil, massage it into your face to clean it, rinse well with warm water. (Click here) Next, use the Hydrating Essence on a cotton ball until it comes cleans. Then apply more essence in your hand and pat it on your face and neck. (Click here.) You may be using too much moisturizer or one that is too heavy, which may be causing the bumps. Finish with this light daytime moisturizer here. You can also use it at night if you wish.

  21. This will be my first time to order Beauty Counter. I
    Is there a code I use for you to get credit.

  22. I’ve been dying to try the Beautycounter line. I have the balm and like it very much. Unf6, the rep never got back to me so I could try other products in the line. Would like to try the serum in the line you use. I am 65. Please do a blog on the line.

  23. Love the poppy color lipstick on you. I read many years ago that even if you aren’t planning on going out, to always put on clothes, style your hair and wear makeup. I’ve tried to follow that rule and for me it works. When I had my babies and time was a priority, I still followed the rule. I just felt more productive when I looked my best (for that day).

    Susan, do you and Mr. Mickey miss going out to eat meals? We miss it but are ordering carryout so our local restaurants stay in business. They really appreciate our business even more now.

    Take care.

    1. I eat most of my meals at home. I think Mr. Mickey is continuing to get food from local places that are still open for takeout. I occasionally prepare a meal for us to share at my home.

  24. You look great, and I can copy your looks with what I already have in my closet. I think dressing nicely and comfortably is especially important right now.

  25. I have learned so much from you on true style and class. And it’s really not what’s on the runway, or from season to season.
    I would dearly love to try the Beauty Counter products and hope you would consider selecting me. Love the bright lip color poppy, very pretty. Thank you Linda Primeaux

  26. I really look forward to your emails and enjoy seeing what you wear. You always have such helpful tips. You are an excellent example, just looking at your lovely face, of how healthy you are. You inspire me every day. I hope you and Mr. Mickey will keep safe during this COVID-19 epidemic. My husband passed this past December 20th having had Alzheimers’ disease for eight years. It would be so easy to just let myself go and sleep the day away, but you inspire me to keep up my good healthy way of living. Also to help others and choose to be happy and grateful for my family, health, friends and for the sunshine and rain. Spring is coming and we have much to be thankful for here in Ontario, Canada. God bless you both and your families, and keep you safe.


  27. Thank you for ideas to dress comfortably! I am loving your new hairstyle. I think it makes you look young, especially tucked behind your ears. Keep well!

  28. I love your ideas and think many items in your wardrobe would look good on me. Any suggestions on shopping online for similar items in petite sizes? I am 5’2” fairly slim(106) and 67 years old. Not interested in low riders anymore!

  29. You look so beautiful and radiant. Would love the opportunity to try out these cosmetics on my 70 year old face!!!

  30. I followed my daughter’s lead and purchased BOMBAS socks. I got the low cat for golf and love them . I wear them with sneakers or golf shoes, They are designed to be worn on specific feet so have an R and an L on the socks themselves. This way they fit the toes well. They also now make no-show model. You might give them a try.

  31. I agree that it is important (after first cup of coffee) to get dressed for the day including makeup etc. It elevates your mindset for the entire day.
    Love the color and sleeves on the royal blue top. However, the focus of the eye quickly changes from the face to where the garment is tied. Yikes!

  32. Hello Susan
    I love your blog because it talks to my 65 year old body. Younger women don’t always understand women in their sixties can be just as stylish sexy and sassy as the younger crowd with a few tweaks here and there you can feel both beautiful inside and out.


  33. Liking the posts about dressing when working from home. I also work from home and need to get in the habit of dressing a bit nicer than I actually do. Your posts are inspirational.

  34. Dear Susan,

    I truly enjoy your blog and never miss a post. When I first discovered you, I went back as far as I could and read all of your posts to get caught up. Loved ’em all, including the comments.

    Re your comment in the above post, “Even if fashion seems trivial in these trying times…”: I personally don’t believe fashion or style (they are two different things) are ever trivial; however, they may have to take a backseat once-in-a-while. But, then, one needs to get back on track as quickly as possible. They are two of the things that help us to feel better about ourselves and perform better. Getting out of bed, taking a shower, fixing one’s hair, make-up, putting on a nice outfit and getting on the with tasks of the day is invigorating and can inspire others. (One always has viewers.)

    This latest virus is tough, (especially if it becomes personal to one’s own family and friends) but it’s not the worst thing to have happened to the world – not by a long shot. I’m almost 73 and I have seen, heard and read about much, much worse. I do realize that the situation could become the worst, but unless or until it does, let’s pray, prepare as much as we can and “Keep calm and carry on” (Winston Churchill to the British during WW2).

    One more thing: if any of you have any toilet paper, please send me some!!! (the locusts (hoarders) have bought it all up!

    Thank you and warm regards to all your readers,

  35. Hello Susan. I just wanted to say, you’re a super person Susan and such an uplift to our spirits during these very dark days. Thank you.xx

  36. Hello, again Susan,

    While I was surfing the net tonight I came across images of Loretta Young. You remind me so much of her. I have tried to copy and paste her image here but it doesn’t paste. Anyway, I’ve always admired her and you are both beautiful.

    Just click on this link and you will see the picture I couldn’t copy and paste.


  37. I love your blog and never miss a post since many years.
    I admire your new haircut, but hairdresser s are closed now in Greece .
    I would like to have the same style ( I have gray hair too )
    I appreciate a lot your companion in those difficult times. Thank you

  38. Susan, love your Poppy lipstick. Is Beautycounter sold in any store or are samples available? Thanks. PS I have been following your blog and like your down to earth approach to style.

  39. Thanks for still posting Susan. Something to look forward to seeing what your latest topic is. I think it’s important with having to stay in so much these days , to get up and dressed. Love your new hair style – it really suits you.

  40. I love all the items that you wear…I’m happy that you do this …so women can enjoy looking beautiful st all ages.

  41. Great outfit! I It looks so classic yet very comfortable. can’t imagine not showering and getting dressed each day. To me, this sets the tone for a productive day and I can accomplish what I have planned.

    1. Many times, the belts are years old so I don’t mention them. If I wear the belt with mid rise jeans I wear a medium. If the pants are high rise, I need a size small.

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