Spring Styling Tips

Dressing for those days when the temperatures change by thirty degrees within a few hours can be challenging. Winter items suddenly seem too dark and heavy for a sunny day.

We recently went out to lunch on a beautiful sunny day. I employed some of my favorite early spring dressing tips to remain comfortable throughout the day since our lunch dates can often become a whole day’s adventure.

It was the perfect day to wear a white scoop-neck tank with an ivory cardigan and tan open-toe shoes. The pants are made from a lighter-weight fabric than denim. Layers in lighter colors feel more appropriate for sunny days. The tank is here, the cardigan/jacket is here, and the trousers are here.

Black shoes or boots feel and look too heavy for a sunny day, so I wore open platforms in a tan color. When I saw these shoes two years ago, I knew I would wear them often during the in-between seasons. The shoes are now on sale here.

Sunglasses are necessary if I am not wearing a hat. Mine are several years old, but similar ones are here. A large black leather bag would also feel too heavy for a lunch date on a sunny day. The bag has also been in my collection for several years. The F&W Style website is here.

My lip color is Savvy: Neutral Berry here. I’m wearing a lovely, lighter new fragrance coming soon (Sun Spill).

After a delightful lunch at Stony Knob Cafe in Weaverville, NC, we took a leisurely drive upon Reynold’s Mountain to enjoy the views and spring flowers in the landscapes of the fabulous homes.

To summarize my tips for lightening up for sunny spring days: Choose lighter colors and fabrics. Wear layers that you can remove if you get too warm. Lighter shoes and smaller, lighter handbags feel appropriate on a sunny day. Softer, more natural lip colors and lighter fragrances are also more in keeping with the sunshine and fresh air.

I hope you have a lovely spring! I have summarized my recent outfits here. Shopping links on my website may allow me to earn a small commission without costing you anything.

  1. I have always loved your blog and I do have some questions about your style of eating if I may – I think it is brilliant to eat like you do, but my question is, what do you do when you eat out? I am often out with friends and never know what to order – a light salad gets old after awhile!! I generally fast until lunch FYI and would enjoy some suggestions if you would – thank you!

    1. I always start with a salad or vegetables, followed by protein or fats, and then starches. Sweets should always be consumed last if you have them. I usually eat about half of what is served in American restaurants. Cleaning your plate will not save the planet. Only serve yourself small amounts in a family-style situation. Note that broccoli and beans have protein if you don’t eat meat. Smaller portions and simply prepared meals that are mostly plant-based are my goals. I rarely eat after 2 pm.

  2. This is an appropriate post for the warm weather we are experiencing in Central FL. I always say that Spring is about a month long and the summer has arrived by the first day of Spring. I appreciate the different options in the clothing choices. I totally agree about the lighter colors making more sense especially where I live. Dark colors in the warm sunny days do not seem appropriate.

  3. What lovely scenery, you have a style that resonates with me and I read all your tips even though I am down under and we are heading into fall right now. It is still possible to use your style tips because I can layer lighter fabrics for those days that start and end cooler. Thank you for all the wonderful posts, may you be blessed with many happy memories to come.

  4. That outfit is great. Pretty but understated for a casual lunch. My question concerns wearing different shades of white together. Am I correct that any non cotton item will not be pure white so it will conflict with a pure white tee? I never feel OK when the whites clash.

    Many thanks

    1. If the textures of the fabric are different, it looks intentional even if the colors are not exactly the same. I do try to match warm with warm and cool with cool undertones.

  5. It’s good to hear it is warming up where you are. I used to live in that area and springtime is my favorite season there.
    Dressing in layers is very important that time of the year.

  6. You always look fabulous! I am curious if you see others when you are out dressing with flair and looking as pulled together. Most of your style would be “overdressing” in our community, and it’s a Midwest city.. I don’t believe we should dress for anyone but ourselves but I’m just curious.

    1. I’ve received compliments from four young women (under thirty) in the past two weeks. It makes me happy to think I have inspired a young woman to dress to please herself and with a bit of modern flair. One of my favorite quotes is, “It isn’t about getting dressed up, it’s about getting dressed.” I would not feel comfortable, confident, or happy in lounging, sporty or very casual attire, even if I was going to the grocery store. Being “underdressed” would be a much greater source of discomfort for me.

  7. You have found a great formula for your body type and always look good. My problem with wide legged pants is that I just look dumpy and shapeless. I am an “hourglass” shape not overweight but not super slim either. Any suggestions for the type of jeans/trousers that would look up to date but flattering?

    1. The reason flare-leg or wide-leg pants and jeans work for me is that they visually balance my larger top half with my more narrow bottom half. Since you have an hourglass shape, you will benefit from tailored slacks and jeans with straight legs. Always bring focus to your waistline since that is your most narrow part. Covering it with a loose-fitting top will always make you appear larger.

  8. Susan.. Elegant as always I love your blog it is an inspiration to me and I’m sure loads of other women as well. Your advice on the lighter color shoes is great something I have always avoided as I was taught everything must match. Well considering how good you look it is something I need to change. I mostly wear shoes and bags with the outfit I bought them for and as a consequence don’t get to use them that often. I recently did a closet clean out and only kept what I really love so I will surely now use them. Thank you for a fabulous blog. From South africa.

  9. I love reading your blogs. I discovered you about 6 months ago and your advice has helped so much. I used to buy my clothes on a whim without any thought about what goes with what. Now I decide what I need and keep to plain colours. My husband compliments me more so clearly doing something right!
    I am 64, 5’ 6” and 10 stone, living in the UK. Thanks Susan, keep up the good work!

  10. Do you find white tops or jackets flattering with our white hair? I feel it all blends in and I’m just one white blob.

  11. The links to the sweater and trousers are not working. It comes up as “bad request”. I’d love to know where they are from.

  12. Concerning Susan Silbermann’s comment: I think one should dress in a way that makes us feel good about ourselves. We should not worry about what others might think, within the bounds of modesty and propriety for the setting, of course.

  13. Hello! You look lovely. I’ve recently stopped coloring my hair and discovered I have a head of almost all white hair. I no longer look good in gold jewelry or warm colors.

    I noticed that you favor silver accessories. This will be my new habit, too. I also see that you don’t sweat the gold buttons. Thoughts?


    1. I don’t mind mixing metals at all. If every detail and color match exactly, it can look like we tried too hard. Effortless is always more relaxed and modern looking.

  14. I love your style, and have learned a lot from your suggestions. I have one question. You seem to enjoy pointed toe shoes, but I find them difficult because the toe box is too tight. A bigger shoe isn’t the answer, so I never wear them. Any suggestions?

    1. Try almond-toe shoes for a similar effect. My toes are slanted, so I can wear pointed-toe shoes without difficulty; however, I couldn’t if they were more squared. My toe shape is Greek. Here is a toe shape chart.

  15. I looked at the pants shown online and was wondering are the 2 front pockets removable? I don’t need any attention drawn to my tummy area. Thank you.

  16. I love the outfit on you Susan. I tend not to wear tank tops, as I do not like my upper arms. I also am broad shouldered and thus look boxy in sweaters. I am happy you show your excursions, I love pretty scenic areas. I am wondering if you could provide some help with pajamas, bathrobes, sleepwear? TIA. You’re beautiful!

  17. Susan, I so envy you wearing high heels. I have a very difficult time with much more than a 2 inch heel. The shoes in this article look comfortable. How high are they? I could not find the height in the description.

  18. Hi Susan, can you repost the video from your trip to Northeast Fl where you showed everything you packed? Thank you!

  19. Hi, Your hair looks whiter and fabulous ., the style is such a classic never out of date style, .I love your fresh outfit but flares are a no go for me I just
    love straight leg classic or ankle grazers in summer.Gosh there was a time I could wear any shape shoe, any heel height ah but alas those days are long gone.
    My favourite is an almond toe or a pretty sandal peep toe for summer . I was amused at the toe chart I didn’t think there was such a thing, I am an Egyptian
    perhaps that’s why I could get my feet into any shape toe, I have very good feet but they kill sometimes well that’s age and being stood on for 7 decades ouch.!
    One of the ladies mentioned gold jewellery with grey silver hair and I agree with her silver jewellery looks better,.You used to wear those beautiful French Kande necklaces a lot and you carried them off well.
    Beautiful scenery but where is Mr Micky hiding ? He must have put boring socks on today and was depressed about it .lol.
    I just love you two.
    All Radiotherapy finished now and doing well , I will never ever forget your courage to share what you did and at that time I wasn’t diagnosed with Cancer but when I was, I took such strength from you and my lovely family was amazed how well I dealt with it. That was down to you and I sincerely mean that from the bottom of my heart.
    Other readers it’s great that we have Susan and Mr Mickey long may they inspire us .
    Regards Pamela Wales Uk.

  20. Dear Susan, I have been following you for a long time, I am 84 years old! But feel a lot younger! In August I am taking my 2 grandsons to Italy for their College graduation present from me! I have tried to find clothes that I can wear but find they are either too young or to inappropriate! You are my style guru! I was hopeful you can help! I know it will be hot, I need sleeves , I am 5’3 and 148lbs ! Maybe this is not your thing, I can certainly understand, love all your posts, your style is all that I rely on but I also could not find pieces of styles that I think would be appropriate! We will be in Rome, Positano, Florence and as I have said in August. Love everything you do, best of wishes to you and yours.

  21. You always look lovely and I try my best to do the same. Can you consider doing a post on what to wear when it is 100+ degrees and 90% humidity. It easier to look put together in cooler temps. A real challenge is to look good in a “sauna”. Thank you!

    1. I agree! It is challenging to look good when it is so hot and steamy. I wear a hat for shade and to look fresher. Lightweight fabrics in lighter colors and loose-fitting flowing garments worn with sandals are the best options.

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