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I have been using the new Countertime line for a few weeks. I am thrilled with the results!

You may order the new Countertime line through my website here.

Several of you have asked me what I have done differently lately. Now I can tell you! Besides eating well, getting more rest, and spending more time in nature, I’ve been using the new skincare line created for us ladies of a certain age.

If you’ve followed me for a few years, you know I proudly embrace aging and the wisdom that comes with it. The sixties are my best decade yet! Eating clean and using safer products are my daily priorities. Those products should not be tested on animals or add to our planet’s burden of plastic.

I could share a long, wordy post about how wonderfully these new products perform, but I will let my photo speak for me. I would have dearly loved to have this clear, radiant skin when I was in my youth. (I never did!)

I am not wearing foundation or face makeup. My lip color is Poppy. I used bronzer as both eyeshadow and blush.

I have been using and selling Beautycounter products through my website for the past few years, so I earn a sales commission. You may place orders here. If you have questions about Beautycounter or anything else, use the Contact tab above to reach me.

  1. Are you using all of the product line? Your skin looks wonderful. I’m also dealing with thinning hair. It is a daily struggle. Thank you for all you do.

    1. I am using all the products in the Countertime collection. The boxes are numbered so that you know for sure which order to use them. The oil cleanser (#1) is life-changing! You can use it on a Q-tip to remove eye makeup as well as all over your face with a cotton ball or dispense 2-3 pumps into hand and massage onto dry face and eye area. Add warm water to form a light milk, then rinse clean. You may think your face is clean already, but you will be surprised. I’m so glad these products came out now when I need them most.

  2. How do these products differ from the BeautyCounter products which you had been using previously? Thank you!

    1. Countertime is precisely engineered to dramatically reduce the look of wrinkles and renew aging skin with a safer alternative to retinol. The plant-derived Retinatural Complex combines bakuchiol and Swiss Alpine rose, two revolutionary plant-based ingredients, to target aging skin and deliver results that are comparable to retinol—without the potential side effects. The Complex effectively fights the appearance of wrinkles, firms skin, and boosts hydration.

  3. Here’s a hint (you may be doing this already). Whatever you use on your face, (whether it’s cleanser, moisturizer or sunscreen) also take it down onto your neck and upper chest.

  4. Susan, your skin is radiant!
    What is the title of the post that your look was the white jacket you are wearing in this post? I recall it being a few months ago I believe.
    Your blog is wonderful! Thank you.

  5. Susan, Your skin looks beautiful! What kind of bronzer are you using? I like that it doesn’t have that orange look to it. Is it a mix of colors? Thank you for the endless list of things that you write about! You save us all so much time with all the knowledge you so freely share. That saying” You’re not getting older, you’re getting better “ certainly applies to you! Beautiful inside and out!

  6. Do you use any of the BC products on the backs of your hands? I’ve been using the night moisturizer but wonder if something else would be more effective. Age spots and crepy. Love their products.

  7. Wow, Susan, your skin looks fantastic! It’s so clear. I’m having trouble with some brown spots subtly all over my forehead and discoloration in places on sides of my face. No where close to what yours looks like. You look so lovely. Congratulations!

  8. Any advice on best items to begin with for aging skin. I would only purchase one or two to start with due to price points.

  9. You are always classy and beautiful and an inspiration. I have ordered a lipstick and will try the lotion as a sample. I am convinced by the list of ingredients! Thank you!

  10. YOU are so kind to share with each one of us. May I ask what bronzer you are using ? LOVE Poppy lipstick colour. Is it available on your site? Many thanks for helping make each of us better.

  11. Susan,
    If one could not afford to buy all the countertime products at once, which one would you suggest to purchase first?
    Thank you and you look radiant!

  12. Susan, I think you are the epitome of grace and beauty. You are an inspiration to me! and your skin looks just radiant!

  13. You look wonderful – I am inspired to try this line of skin care products myself!! Thank you – I love your blog!! You have inspired me and helped me so much.

  14. Don’t you just look Fabulous!!! Love the new ‘do’, also. You look so young and refreshed. I’m almost 72 and still look and feel good but have been wanting to try a new skincare line. Your picture sold me – I’ll be ordering next week.

    Thank you for your blog…I like it very much.

  15. All I can say is WOW WOW WOW!!!!! Your skin is beautiful! My skin has too many freckles and brown spots to look as lovely as yours but I am putting this new skin care line on my wish list.

  16. Hi Susan,
    Since a friend told me of your site, I too have become an avid follower and enjoy learning from your shared wisdom. Do you know is it possible to buy Beautycounter products in Australia, as I would love to try them? Thanks for sharing and giving us so much of your time, cheers Helen.

  17. Hi! I just love your blogs and I have been wanting to try the Beautycounter products for awhile but don’t know exactly which ones to start with! Can you help?

  18. Susan which sunscreen do you use on your face? I read that Beautycounter sunscreen has zinc. Does this leave a white residue?

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