Periwinkle and White

An appropriate, comfortable casual look for summer can be elusive. This periwinkle top ticks off all my requirements. The neckline scoops, but not too far. The three-quarter sleeves are not too tight, and the hem has some interest without being too long or too short or coming to an end straight across. The wash and wear fabric is very flattering from every angle.

My top and the pants were gifts from My Fair Lady.

I always wear the Shapeez bra here to be confident there won’t be any bulges or rolls showing under my knit tops. I find the bras to be comfortable even when it is ninety degrees.

Mr. Mickey snapped these photos on Church Circle in Kingsport, TN, on Sunday after visiting my parents. The wind made getting good shots a challenge.

The handbag is from a couple of summers ago. (Similar here.) The shoes are old by Marc Fisher. (Similar here.) Affiliate or referral links in my posts may result in a small commission paid to me.

  1. I have a Shapeez bra and I don’t find it comfortable at all in the SC heat of summer. I wish they would make one of lighter fabric for warm weather. Your summer look is lovely, btw.

  2. Lovely outfit, and I love your blog, Susan. FYI, I’ve ordered 3 Shapeez Ultimate bras, all in different sizes, and returned every one because none of them fit properly. Either the cups are too big and the body too tight, or vice versa. I followed the measuring instructions to the letter. Sorry to be negative, but I just wanted to share my experience. Thanks for all you do!

    1. If you call the Shapeez customer service number they will help you with fit. I found them to be very helpful. The fact that I gained some weight wasn’t their fault!!!

  3. I tried on one of those bras last summer after reading about it on your blog so often. It was like a straight jacket! I had to have help getting out of it. LOL! Will stick to my Natori bras which are both pretty and supportive. With the linen dresses and breezy tops I wear in summer, those little bulges are never an issue. With lots of rain and temps at 100, we’re under a heat advisory, and I just want to be comfortable. I love your outfits, and you look fabulous in them. I know you’re not a dress person, but my legs still look great and I love wearing them. The outfit today is something I would wear in the winter. Again, you always look amazing.

      1. I think I’m just too claustrophobic. Thanks for the tip, though. The periwinkle is lovely! One of my favorite colors!

  4. I love periwinkle. Many years ago I went to a Color Me Beautiful party and learned that I am an Autumn! Periwinkle is one of the best colors for me. I don’t know if it still exists, but it was a very interesting and fun party.

  5. I wanted a Shapeez and I went to a store about 45 minutes away that carries them to try them on. The sales lady at the store, Von Maur, was very helpful. She told me that the Shapeez cup size runs large and I found that to be true. They did not have the exact size I think I needed and I will not buy one without trying it on for a proper fit. I do not want to mess around with shipping returns. I am hoping to get back there soon and try again.

  6. I have been reading your blog for years. You have taught me to learn what styles and colors look good on my body, to buy quality whenever I can, to limit color choices to those I can incorporate into my wardrobe, to take change of my health and happiness and to adjust my choices as I age. And of course, to enjoy the experience of doing all those things. Thank you

  7. The color of the tunic is much prettier in Mr Mickeys photos, than on the My Fair Lady site.
    Love it!

  8. As always, a fresh, clean, flattering look for summer. I totally agree with your comments on Shapeez. I’ve been wearing them for several years and find them incredibly comfortable even in Phoenix. The temperature is flirting with 111 this week, but I am smooth, have the support I need and am more comfortable than wearing traditional bras. Thanks for all your efforts to help us look and feel our best.

  9. Thank you for bringing Shapeez bras to my attention. I have arthritis in my neck/back/arm and had spent a fortune on trying to find a comfortable bra. The fastenings on the back of ordinary bras cause me real pain and as I’m a 34DD I do need support. The first time I put on a Shapeez I almost cried with relief. I have the shorter version for day to day wear and have just returned from vacation in Italy where they were perfect. even on the hottest days. Again many thanks

  10. Love the top and thee periwinkle color so I looked it up on the site but unfortunately they don’t make it in petite sizes. Such a shame! I’ve run ito that before with them, but I was hoping this time that they had added more size options They are missing a good sized market and I’m missing a cute top. Hope they change their options……

    1. Von Maur carries a few petite Clara Sun Woo items every season on their website. They are shorter but they don’t seem to make much adjustment for the shoulder width. Don’t know if Shop My Fair Lady ever obtains any of the petites.

      1. I had no idea Clara SunWoo made anything in petite. I love the liquid jacket but would need it petite-ed everywhere.

  11. I love the way your tops drape so beautifully, Susan, neither clingy or baggy. Like you, I am full in the bust but my tops seem to stick out at an angle like a lampshade! What’s your secret, please?

      1. Maybe that explains why those no-iron shirts just never look right on me. I want to like them (think Chico’s or Talbot’s) but as I have a bust they don’t work. They look great on stick slim women though.

  12. I am sooo happy that I found your blog! You have been most helpful in helping me with how to put outfits together. I bought a shapeez to wear to my daughter’s wedding next month. I bought it at Mariani’s Boutique in Greenville. They were most helpful in helping me with the proper fit.

  13. Love your Periwinkle and White – you always manage to make casual look elegant, as well!
    I bought my Shapeez bra this summer after reading your blog & I absolutely love it. It is so comfortable and it’s great knowing there are no bulges and ripples. It also makes my back feel supported.
    Susan, you have really helped me with buying more solid colors and thinking about what looks good on me. I’ve learned so much from you (even though I thought I had my style all figured out!) Thank you.

  14. @Julia: Re the length of Susan’s pants (partial/full ankle reveal); the description reads ’28” inseam length’ with notation that they will be longer on a shorter person. That said though; as not particularly a big fan of them my personal preference and formula when wearing such is either with a tucked in top or a monochromatic colored one which not only gives the illusion of more height (so flat or low heels can look marvelous with them ) but by doing so the eye is drawn away from the ankle which really IMHO isn’t the ‘most’ flattering of body parts when one considers all the other options you can choose from to accentuate. (Just my opinion.)

    @Susan: The periwinkle color really suits you and the garments look very comfortable. Also I appreciate that the pants (considering they are industrial made) appear to have a reasonable hem allowance if one should desire to lengthen them without fear of ruining their straight leg styling. (The same for shortening BTW.) Wishing you a beautiful upcoming weekend. -Brenda-

  15. I’m only 5’1” and non of your sites offer petite sizing. I love your look and wish I could shop and pick up some of the items. Cali and York do offer petite but they are the only ones. Any suggestions where the shorter women can look? Love your tops

    1. I’m barely 5′. J Jill has everything in Petite, too. As a petite pear, their pants work really well for me. They truly make a petite version of items.

      I also think Land’s End does a great job with petites – jeans, pants, shorts, dresses, coats and jackets….. Plus, they have excellent customer service. I go there for many “basics”. There’s always a sale or promotion of some type.

      I buy a lot of J Crew petites, too. Love J Crew!

      Boden has lots for petites, too. Great basics with a “twist”.

      Also Anthropology – I go there for dresses – love their dresses.

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