True Blue

If a color can be your trademark, mine is blue. From turquoise to cobalt to navy and all the other cool versions, blue is the color I always feel most happy and confident wearing.

I was in high school when I discovered the magic of accessories. (I bought most of my school clothes with babysitting money.) A few solid color pants and tops or skirts can be switched around to create more looks or made appropriate for any event by adding different accessories.

Since this Valentina top (here) is a relatively simple design, I chose simple dramatic accessories to pair with it. A scarf/wrap with the same bold blue and straight black pants, heels, and my grommet clutch complete the look for a date night without being too dressy. I loved the fit and design of this top so much; I bought all the colors except black.

The other items are a few years old, but I’ve linked to similar current items. I used ‘Surf’ bronzer (here) as blush and eye shadow. Poppy LipstickEarringsBraceletDome RingBagShoesPants

We recently enjoyed a delightful evening at our favorite restaurant in Johnson City (Gourmet & Company). Mr. Mickey loves to unwind in the lounge with a glass of Champagne before dinner. I hope they never take the deviled eggs off the menu. He loves them almost as much as bread!

He was so enthusiastic about the wild mushroom soup; he almost forgot to take a picture for you.

He ordered the Slow Poached Maine Lobster & East Coast Shrimp with house spaghetti “alla chitarra,” baby fennel, Grana Padano, preserved Meyer lemon, and West Coast uni butter.

I had the Jilton Vegetarian (named after Mr. Mickey). The current incarnation includes Carolina Gold Rice Middlings, a selection of local vegetables, mushrooms, fried local Chevre, roots & shoots, and herbed Green Goddess dressing. I always share everything, including the wine, with Mr. Mickey. The second half tastes the same as the first.

We hope you have a delightful weekend!

  1. Susan
    I love that top! If you don’t mind sharing …what size that is? I have lost about 40 lbs the last two years and some times still buy my tops too large.
    I have wide shoulders still.

  2. I love your saying, “The second half tastes the same as the first”. I remind myself of that when enjoying something sweet.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Purple is my go-to but l also love cobalt. It always brightens my look. You look great here as always. I am currently trying to figure out what to wear to a Michael Buble concert my daughter is taking me to tomorrow night. Any suggestions? I haven’t been in a while so not sure what people wear these days. I have a tendency to over dress.

  4. I heard a long time ago that Gourmet has a dish named after you. When I dined there I looked for it, but don’t know what it was called. Do they still have that?

  5. I can see your weight loss in these pictures Susan. I think you look fantastic. I hope your diet change is making you feel better. Keep up your blog it’s what I look for each day.

  6. Blue is so beautiful on you and the top is fantastic! Could you please tell me the length front and back of the top? I wish all websites reflected the length. Love the look! Thank you!

  7. Susan, you look fabulous! I’m aiming to get your figure as I turn 76 on Sunday. Slowly switching to eating clean and more green. I can’t do it overnight but I can take baby steps. I’ve been slender most of my life (size 8) but after age 65, the pounds crept up and I need to lose 15 lbs to get back to an 8. I’m focused.

  8. Wow, you look fabulous! It’s amazing how great only 2 simple pieces of clothing can look when you pay attention to color, accessories, proportion, make- up and hair, undergarments. It looks so effortless, but I know you spent a long time figuring out what works for you. Well done!

  9. Susan, you look absolutely lovely in that outfit and accessories.! The beautiful scarf adds a special touch.
    Thank you for all your help!

  10. you are rocking those bad ass shoes! you are such an inspiration to me. You exude grace, true ladylike ( lets bring that back) presence, and yet you present yourself as current, fresh, living in the real world.

  11. I binged on all your blog posts Fit not Frumpy and Susan After 60 and I found a woman who was more than willing to move with the changes in her body. Your mental attitude.was in transition too. I have learned from your mistakes and your great successes. Keep learning, keep moving and most if all keep a good attitude toward life and it’s many changes. Be happy Susan because you have touched so many lives and you deserve all good things. Thank you.

  12. Thank you Susan, I enjoy you posts and piccies, your colour favs are very like mine. I do admire your determination to live your life totally by your own rules. Mind you, you must have an iron will when eating out. All the best. Trish.

  13. Susan, thank you again for an absolutely beautiful and inspiring post. Royal blue is awesome and it happens to be my all-time favorite color too, especially for tops. As one of your readers mentioned; you are so ladylike & we need more inspiring gals like you right now. Keep up the great work you’re doing. (I agree that photo from behind is perfection!) Mr. Mickey does a wonderful job with his photography. You make a great team!

  14. I so enjoy your blog and thank you! Where can we purchase the scarf? Enjoy your weekend. You look fabulous. I’ll need to “search” and see how you lost the weight…

  15. Hi Susan,

    Me again. I am enjoying your emails very much and have learned a lot from you. Thank you for all the tips and information you provide. You are so beautiful in everything you wear. I would like to know how the Valentino tops fit. They do not show bust measurements and that is what I would go by. What size top in Valentino do you wear? I measure almost 41-1/2″ around the fullest part of my bust. Would you suggest a large top for me? I am 5’4″ and weigh 148 lbs. I do not like anything clinging to my tummy which I always try to hide. Thank you for your taking time for me.

  16. The cobalt blue is definitely your color. You look very nice for an evening out. The food looks yummy!

  17. For those of us who have reached the age of needing coverage such as scarves and jewelry on the upper chest, should we just wear tops which come up higher instead? I hate to give up open tops, and this blue one is so lovely on you. What will you do in a few years?

  18. Dear Susan, Could you please let me know what scarves might yet be available? Thank you and thank you for your posts, they are so helpful in trying to stay stylish and classic as well as ageless.
    Kay Skubikowski

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