Madame Buttermilk

Saturday offered the perfect weather for traveling to Abingdon, Virginia, to enjoy a delightful play at the Barter Theatre followed by dinner at Sister’s American Grill.

We each had a blackened salmon salad, and we shared a bread pudding for dessert.

Links follow for what I am wearing or for something similar if it is not current inventory. Shoes (taupe suede)- Bag or HereLink BraceletSunglassesTankJacketPants. Referral links may generate a small commission for me at no cost to you.

Thanks for your lovely comments and emails. I’m so glad you find the blog entertaining or helpful.

  1. What is your secret for looking so good in a Chanel-style jacket? You have often referred to your busty body, and I wonder how you manage to reconcile that shape with the horizontal lines of the pockets and trim. I too am busty and have given up yearning for the Chanel look.

    1. I was determined to make some version of this look work for me. (I love it!) I will only wear it with a deep V neck camisole. A high round neckline with this jacket would be a failure. It isn’t overly bulky, and the dark piping supplies straight lines which are more flattering.

      1. I enjoy your photos and write-ups. You always look chic and classy and your ensembles are inspiring. When I’m having trouble deciding what to wear l click on my Pinterest saves and voila, decision made. Love the suede shoes.

  2. I can’t help but notice how casually dressed the people waiting to enter the theatre are. As much as I love my jeans, I enjoy dressing up somewhat in a similar style as you when attending such places as the theatre or nicer restaurants. It completely changes my attitude!! My husband is a professional musician in the Texas music scene which calls for a lot of boots and jeans events almost every weekend. I mainly focus my fashion style on great tops, jackets and jewelry and really enjoy the many fashion tips you provide in these areas.

    1. Andi, I’m right there with you. I am Texas born and bred. Love me some Texas Country Music! However, there are times when the jeans need to be put away for something a little more dressy. And that doesn’t mean it HAS to be a dress…Susan has taught me how to dress up pants. I remember back in college, one of my sorority sisters had gotten a ticket and went to court in Houston/Harris County. She was wearing flats, “dressy” shorts and a top. The judge refused to see her, and told her to come dressed appropriately for court (and no jeans) when she rescheduled. Ha! That would never happen today.

  3. Love this and I love the nude shoes. I’m so sad I spent my young adulthood automatically wearing black shoes with black clothes, and navy with navy . . . I recently wore nude/wood/gold chunky Calvin Klein heels with a LBD and I think/know my 27 year old daughter was jealous of my outfit!

    Susan, they need to consult with you about Delta Airlines flight attendant dresses. They are choking all those lovely ladies with the neckline of that purple dress! The V is so flattering.

    1. Lovely look as always! Your haircut is so flattering. Are you wearing nude stockings? Would you please share your thoughts on wearing stockings with slacks as the weather gets warmer for casual or more dressy events?

      1. I am not wearing stockings here. I wear tights or stockings in the winter with pants, but in the warmer months, I go with bare ankles and nude shoes. If I wore dresses or skirts, I would always wear stockings, since my bare legs are not for show.

  4. Susan: you look lovely in that outfit. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos. Virginia is a beautiful state. I’ve only been there once. Here in south Texas, Spring is nearly in full bloom already!! I love this time of year.

  5. Love your outfit, that jacket is so adorable. Jealous that you have such nice weather and gorgeous flowers. The snow here is starting to melt, so not very pretty yet. No flowers, no leaves, no green grass yet – but soon.

  6. I love this outfit. I always think if I wear black, I have to wear black shoes, but I see you do not necessarily do that as you have taupe shoes here. I’m a little old school. I’m going to try to wear other color shoes with my black now.! Thanks.

    1. The trick is to wear nude shoes when spring comes. No socks (or a no-sock appearance) looks more like spring than socks or tights. Try Sheeck no-show socks. They actually stay on your foot as you walk.

  7. You always look so lovely, Susan. I have started to incorporate your tips & suggestions as I clear out my closet & I’m finding it is so much more convenient & pleasing to have fewer pieces of clothing when they all mix & match. And, your hairstyle is very becoming on you. I really enjoy your blog.

  8. Love your look today! The column of color and the white jacket was perfect! Love the shoes too. I went on Nordstrom but can’t tell, Are they fairly supple? I suffer with feet issues but need to dress up 2 times a month for heritage society meetings. Also loved seeing the tulip tree! I guess that’s what it is, also known as saucer magnolia? Mine already bloomed here in Houston!

  9. Wow! Love the whole outfit. The sweater/jacket is perfect! So happy to see the shoes come in wide width, also. Some of us have wide feet with bunions and such as we’ve aged, but still like to look chic in our footwear.

  10. Classy look. Susan, did you purchase your regular size in jacket? Several reviews said it runs a little large. I am usually a 12 (however never a 10 in a jacket) but would like a medium in this as the sleeves will be too long in a large. Thanks for your assistance.

  11. My daughters always take me on a girls trip each summer. Because of you and your beautiful pictures ,we are coming to Asheville and the Biltmore. I was wondering if you prefer the inn at Biltmore or the Omni? I want us to go see many of the towns in your area. You have been such an inspiration to me. I love reading about all the wonderful advice you share about fashion,food, and travel. Thank you for all you do for your readers.

    1. You are most welcome! I love sharing the helpful tips I’ve learned over the years. I have never stayed at the Omni near the Biltmore, but I’m sure it will be lovely. The Inn at Biltmore is elegant and beautiful. The Village Hotel is quiet, comfortable and much more affordable. I hope you thoroughly enjoy your trip to the Biltmore.

  12. I love your comment about wearing nude shoes with black or navy in the summer instead of the standard black with black. Not a fan of white shoes. My question is relating back to my newfound “colors”. I am a cool and clear. Will a nude shoe work for me? Or is it a situation of I can get away with whatever color since it’s on the foot rather than near my face? I am on the hunt for a lovely straw type handbag too that I saw you were using last summer. So cute!

    1. A color rule that I follow: If it matches me (hair, eyes, skin, whites of eyes, teeth, etc.) it is always a good color choice for clothing, shoes, bags, etc.

  13. I love Abingdon, Virginia. And now that my brother and sister-in-law are moving back to their beautiful Victorian house on the hill it will soon be a much visited spot once again. I have been to all the places you mentioned many times. Thanks for highlighting this wonderful little town.

  14. You look stunning and the adventure looks like a fun experience. I enjoy your posts and videos and look forward to seeing them.

    We in the north, haven’t experienced blooming flowers and green grass yet and are envious of your spring season.

    Kathy Briscoe

  15. I, too, am enjoying your blog! I will turn 70 this year, I don’t care for dresses and skirts, wear only pants, capris in the summer. Since I am ‘curvy’, I have discovered wearing all one color beneath a jacket, long shirt or sweater looks better on me. I’m still adjusting to ‘skinnier’ pants. Your blog is just what I need to validate my choices of clothing combinations! Thanks so much, Susan! You are a trusted resource for stylish, conservative dressing!

  16. Quick note… The link to the bracelet takes one to an ankle bracelet. I did find the regular bracelet by searching but I don’t think that was your plan.

  17. Susan, I recently found you on You Tube and have started following your blog. As I am a woman of a certain age, I love your style and how you accessorize. Thank you for the inspiration. ….. Elizabeth

  18. Dear Susan
    You have inspired me to dress with style and elegance using simple pieces and clever co ordinating.
    Thank you so much!
    Judi Hughes

  19. Gorgeous. Chic as always! Such lovely pictures of Spring in the South. The salmon salad looks really delicious.
    Thank you once again.

    Carole Hart
    Portland, OR

  20. I’m a little surprised you wore that jacket. It seems like it violates some of your design principals – horizontal lines at the chest, fluffy fabric- but it isn’t oversized and has a flattering length. I think the nude shoes keeps the vertical going well.

    1. The one thing that makes this jacket work for me is the deep V cami in the same color as my pants. That is the only way I will wear this jacket, even with long pants and black shoes.

  21. You look fantastic! Why didn’t you wear your black/tan shoes with that outfit? They would’ve looked good as well, don’t you think?

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