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Do you have an important event such as a family wedding, reunion, or graduation coming up? Keep reading!

We’ve all looked back at pictures of ourselves in family photos and cringed while asking, “What was I thinking?” Here’s how to avoid that scenario. Don’t wait until the day of the event to get dressed and have someone take pictures of you exactly as you plan to look on that special day.

The silhouette of your outfit might not flatter your shape. The colors may wash you out. The accessories you have chosen may look cluttered. You can correct these issues before the outfit is out there for all the world to see if you tweak the look ahead of time.

It will help you to appear confident and relaxed if you get used to having your picture taken. Learn which is your best side. When we feel self-conscious or shy, it shows in the photo. Own that lens!

I wore this jacket recently, but I wanted to show you how it looks with a different top — sometimes making your outfit better can mean just changing the top.

I wanted to wear a lighter color top this evening, but the V-neck black cami looks so much better. That silver/gray tank cost three times the amount of my five-year-old favorite tank from Chico’s, but I have never been happy with the fit. I always buy a size large in tanks because I don’t want them to pull at the bust or cling to the belly. This gray one is an extra-large! It all goes to show, you can pay a lot for something and still not get the best option.

The jacket is on sale here. The tank is a couple of years old (I wouldn’t recommend it anyway). The pants are by Lior Paris via My Fair Lady here. The shoes are old by Sam Edelman (similar). The bag is three years old (similar).

Mr. Mickey and I were on our way out to dinner on Saturday when he snapped the photos above. We each had the halibut. On Friday, I will share a video and a blog post update on what I eat each day for my best health. I posted the composite photo below on social media this week and received numerous requests for an updated post on my food choices.

  1. I took selfies in a long mirror last summer before my 45th class reunion and came up with 2-3 outfits to wear that looked best. I took your advice….dress comfortably….and in all the pictures from the 2 day reunion, I feel like I looked my best. Thanks for the advice and suggestion to photo yourself….it works!

  2. Great suggestions! Taking pictures of our outfits can truly show where a tweak here or there would improve the look.
    The link goes to a Lior Paris denim pant but those pants don’t look like denim in the picture.

  3. I am glad you gave a link to a “better” option for the silver/gray tank top. I am now sliver haired and I think silver or gray tops would be a nice change and perhaps be attractive with my silver hair. A nice change when wearing navy blue or black, when I tend to chose cream or white tops. Did you too find wearing silver/gray was a good change as your hair color changed over the years? Congratulations and thank you for sharing the beautiful photos of you showing how your body and your style has changed over 10 years time.

    1. I have found that silver gray or light clear gray (never a gray with any trace of yellow) is an excellent option for tops now that my hair is silver.

      1. Thank you for pointing out about avoiding a gray with ‘yellow’. I was in Chicos the other day and was greeted by a table of t-shirts in a rainbow of colors. I was looking for gray/siliver. I took two back to the dressing room, but neither one did a thing for me. I now realize that it was that yellow-ness in the gray. Glad you pointed this out to me!

  4. Question: I think I read somewhere in one of your posts that you gave up wearing high heels — as over the many years of wearing high heels they left your feet with some damage? Did I read that wrong? But I have seen you wearing some fairly high heels in photos lately. As I have aged I find a lower “square-ish” heel feels more secure and high and wedge heels I find myself easily twisting my ankle. Maybe there is a trick to walking in higher heels?

    1. I’ve stopped buying high heels because I no longer find them comfortable to wear for long periods. I don’t have any issues with my feet. All of the heels you see me wearing are a few years old. I’ve given away or sold most of the four-inch (and above) heels, but I can still wear three-inch heels for the evening.

  5. Royal blue always looks stunning on you. I love the black pants you are wearing in the first photo with those edgy shoes–great look. You really are amazing in light of your journey, which you have shared with those of us who have been following you for some time. I often wish I looked like my 53 year old self–but I will borrow a line from L’Oreal (I think?) you’re not getting older–you’re getting better! You are an inspiration to all of us. In fact I just lost 8 pounds and I feel SO much better. 4-5 more to go and I will look to maintain. Thank you!

  6. At age 53, before you got a real grip on your health, you looked years older than your current age of 62. That’s a real testimonial to your choice of a more healthful way to eat and live. Keep reminding us of the wisdom of those choices, OK?

    1. Susan, you look so much younger. I’ve never see a before photo but you are just getting better. Thank you for all your posts.

  7. Love your suggestion to take a photo wearing an outfit for a special occasion in advance. I intend putting this idea into practice, thank you for the tip. I must say looking at your photos aged 53, 58 and 62, you seem to be getting younger with the years! Well done you! Looking forward to reading your next blog.

  8. I love your look and the heels but I can’t wear heels anymore. I’m always on the lookout for comfortable shoes but even the flats I purchased recently are not an all day wear.

    I’m 66 and really don’t want to look like a fuddy duddy.

    Jill James

    1. I’m still struggling with flats that are comfortable but look like me. I’ve found the pointed toe with a buckle, or some interesting detail is better than very plain. I have also learned that the arch must always be visible, no totally flat shoes.

  9. I needed this last week when I was trying on outfits for Easter. I thought my pale tweed jacket with off white top and pants looked good for early spring. Oh boy the photos showed me way washed out while the other ladies looked smashing with deep colors or black. Lesson learned although we will always have that photo 🙁

    I agree with all the comments about you looking younger. You are beautiful.

    I’ve lost 20 pounds this year and look younger too. Part of that for me is not hiding under larger clothes I think, and paying more attention to posture. What is interesting is I still have a self image of being over weight and need help with deciding what size to wear. I’ve had to return tops that I thought looked ok at the store but not when I tried them on at home. I wonder why my perception is different. Any ideas? Did it take you some time to figure out your best size and style?

    1. It took me a couple of years for my self-image to merge with my slender body. I would go straight to the plus size department, and then it would dawn on me that I was looking at the wrong sizes.

  10. My outfit for this weekends college graduation is just like yours with the white top. But my blouse is unfitted. Love the Chanel-ish jacket! I’ve worn mine for dress up and with jeans!

  11. Superior advice Susan. I think we have all made the mistake of waiting until the day of the event and being disappointed in the look. I know I have. Lesson learned.

  12. Hello Susan
    What is the stainless steel counter water system you use? Looking to buy. What size, gallons, etc. Do you have to buy the filters to Thanks for your beautiful posts.

  13. You are like the mythical character, Merlin. Instead of aging you are youthening. At 53, you really looked like a nice old lady. At 58, you were a hottie.
    You inspire us all.

    1. Could you talk about the shoe choices and why you have black in one and beige in the other? I’m still getting used to the beige with black instead of matching. Loved this post!

      1. The nude shoe looks more modern and appropriate for spring. I am also wearing lightweight pants, so the nude shoes are the correct visual weight as well. Dark socks and shoes are more suitable for the fall and winter months. When you are going without socks or wearing nude hose, it is always more flattering to wear a nude shoe to avoid a visual break at the ankles.

  14. Hey Susan,

    I’ve been browsing Pinterest for outfits and styles I like. I’m 57 with an hourglass figure and jackets that end at the mid-thigh seem to look best on me. However, Pinterest shows some styles where the jackets are shorter (waist length) over tunic tops that fall to the mid thigh, all with jeggings.

    Would you comment on pros and cons of short jackets, long tops vs. short tops and longer jackets on which figures?

    I struggle with short jackets because I have a tummy (OK waist, but a little pooch) and I want to keep my waist without drawing attention to my tummy. I like longer straight styles, but my husband doesn’t. I think it’s because I don’t define my waist properly. Anyway, if you could shed some light on what is most flattering with hourglass, pear, apple shapes, that’d be great.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. I often add a short jacket over a long straight top to give the illusion of waist definition. Ruching, wrap styles and other silhouettes that don’t rely on a traditionally structured waistline all play down a thick waistline or the pouch we all seem to have at this age.

  15. I love the black top under the white jacket better as well. What a difference it makes! Thanks for sharing these.

  16. I love you different age pictures. Now you are so much more polished and sleek! Beautiful Lady!

  17. Hi Susan,

    You truly are like a fine wine, you just keep looking better and better!

    Love, Katie

  18. I find the tri photo amazing. How much more vibrant and attractive you have become by making changes in your diet and following new style choices. Very inspiring Susan!

  19. Taking outfit photos in advance of a special occasion is a great idea! Thanks for the suggestion.

    I would never have recognized the age 53 photo as being you. You look a generation older in that one! Your transformation is both amazing and inspiring.

  20. Michelle, you also don’t want the jacket hemline to end at the widest part of your hips because that will add visual weight. Also make sure the sleeves are the right length and have your tailor nip the sides in so the jacket doesn’t look too much like a box.

  21. You look much better now than you did with the extra weight and better, also, than the skinny you. I enjoy your posts so much

  22. This is a great suggestion! My daughter is getting married next year, so yes, I want to try to look my best in the photos. In years past, I would go shopping for weeks to find a new outfit, shoes, jewelry, etc. for a special event. Then as I got older, I discovered I felt better and more confident in some of the things I already had. I realized how I felt in clothes was much more important than having something new.

  23. Just like fine wine, you and many women, mature better with time! Looking sassy and fine my friend.

  24. Thank you, Susan, I’m looking forward to seeing what you eat to maintain that fabulous shape. I really enjoy reading your articles and seeing the photos, please keep up the good work

  25. I’ve recently started following you and really love what I’m learning! In all of your photos that I’ve seen so far you always wear a jacket or sweater, often with a tank under. What do you wear in hot weather when there is no need for a jacket/sweater?

    Thank you

    1. I show you what I wear for the day, so it is always appropriate for the weather. Until now, it has been too cool to wear just a shirt, stay tuned. As the weather heats up, I will wear shirts and tops.

  26. Amazing transformation! I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but you look so much younger now.
    I’ll be anxious to hear what foods you eat to remain healthy and what you did to lose the extra weight.

  27. Weird question re: black tie up pumps. Do you have issues with the ties coming undone while walking? I have a similar pair of open toe sandals that tie up just like yours and i feel the laces loosen up after awhile when walking. Wondered if it was my pair, me or common. Thanks!

  28. I love your pictures especially this one with you at different stages of your life. Yes – please do share your eating and exercise routine. I find that now that I am 56 I am having a harder time keeping the weight off. Would love to know what worked for you. P.S. going to my step-daughters graduation in two weeks. I love your suggestion to take pictures beforehand to see what I will look like on that day. THANK YOU!

  29. Wow, you are an inspiration to me. I am a rather new follower of yours and enjoy your thoughts on what looks good and not so good. These pics of how you have changed your look really give me inspiration to improve my look. Thank you for sharing this. Have a blessed day and I look forward to your future posts.


  30. Susan thank you for all your wonderful posts. I look forward to them. You keep looking younger and better with age. I am also looking forward to seeing your posts on food choices. You are such a an inspiration to me. ♥

  31. Hi Susan, I look forward to your blog every week and love all your stories…I love all your clothes and how you wear them and also I am waiting to see the foods you eat…You are truely beautiful inside and out…thanks so much for all the information you give us girls…Nola Frisbee….Candler ….right outside Asheville….

  32. You get better with age. The photo of you at 53 vs 62 is astonishing. Not only do you look younger now but you look healthier You are motivation for many of us gals Thanks for your inspirational blogs.

  33. I went back & binged on your fifty not frumpy blog and it reminded me that you never know what burdens people are bearing. That rude woman in line might just have lost a family member or might be worried about the bills this month. Being kind is the right thing to do. I have learned a lot from your blogs and just want to thank you. You are beautiful inside and out. You overcame a lot and baby just look at you now!

  34. at first glance I thought the hem of your pants were tattered. soon realized it was the straps on your shoes. love the blog and photos

  35. Wow! your transformation is amazing and inspiring! Yes, others have said the same and I totally agree! I started gaining weight in my late 50’s. I am now 62 and have lost 20 lbs. by going keto green. I believe everyone’s diet has to fit them, and the keto works for me at this time in my life perfectly. Your blog and tips are such a godsend for me! I’ve been shopping and use all your suggestions and can really see the difference in what works and what doesn’t! I too prefer the black top in your outfit, but you look beautiful in both outfits. And I love the black heels!

  36. I have never seen a more dramatic make-over than yours. This is why I subscribe to your blog!

  37. You look fabulous in a heel shoe! I, however cannot wear a heel of any kind. Could you address flats and loafers for all occasions some time? My daughter recently got married and I tried to wear a 1″ heel and I about died. Any suggestions?

  38. Hi Susan. I’m excited for an updated post on your food choices. Love all your posts. They are well done and informative. Thanks. I know you put a lot of time and effort into them. It shows! Well done!

  39. You certainly get better with age. I’m very interested in whatever advice you offer. Thank you for taking the time to share this part of your life. You offer such positive encouragement by example.

  40. I love your suggestion of taking a photo of the outfit. I had my hubby take a photo of me from the rear in a favorite pair of jeans…after seeing the photo, I’m not sure if a diet or a new pair of jeans is in order…probably both!

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