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On Saturday afternoon, we took a long drive through the country to pass by Watauga Lake. Later in the day, we drove through Elizabethton, where the town hosts an antique car show each Saturday.

Some trends are right up my alley. When I saw these shoes on sale at Dillard’s, I knew I would enjoy wearing them often, even if they are this summer’s trend. They look as cute with a pair of faded jeans as they do a midi dress or cropped linen trousers.

Similar red sandals are here and here. Similar black linen culottes are here.

I’ve enjoyed carrying this cute crossbody bag for a couple of years. It always adds a bit of fun to any of my basic, conservative combinations. The bag is here.

Only the pearl lariat necklace is still available here. Use the code SAS10 For $10 off any item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.

All of my other jewelry is several years old. Similar earrings are here. A similar ring is here. A similar gold bracelet is here.

I bought the black top here. My black and white polka dot mask is here.

Four Northeast Tennessee counties, including Johnson City, have mask mandates.

My everyday makeup routine is here.

Watauga Lake, located east of Elizabethton, Tennessee, is the local name of the Watauga Reservoir created by the Tennessee Valley Authority with the 1948 completion of the TVA Watauga Dam.

Thanks to Steve McKinney for snapping a photo of us at the car show. (We removed our masks for the image.)

The winner of the beautiful silver link bracelet here and the mask strap of your choice here is Gail Russ. Congratulations!

  1. What a beautiful area you live in. I’m so glad to see you and Mr. Mickey are both feeling so much better and back to more normal activities. Have a wonderful day!

  2. It’s got to be fun riding around in that car! Love those shoes! My hubby is Steve McKinney too. We have met at least 2 others locally. Ha!

  3. Susan,

    I love reading your blog. I enjoy everything about it. You have helped me so much in choosing what to wear and how to dress. I have to watch my sodium intake and trans fats because of stents placed in my heart in May 2020. I have learned a lot from you about what to eat also.

    Thank you so much for helping me.

    MaryAnn Kinsler

  4. Susan, I have very similar clothing pieces from j.jill couple years ago, along with similar jewelry and red bag but no red shoes. What do you suggest? Thanks, ps. You look so cute,

  5. As always you look good. I am not especially fond of the cropped trousers for you but you like them and that is what counts for you. Besides, whatever you seem to put on, you can make it look good no matter what.

    I enjoy the pictures you share. The one with you and Mr. Mickey in the car looks a lot like my Crossfire car.
    Your pictures taken in TN are an inspiration for us to travel and look at some of the same sites you have posted. Glad you say where they are so others may think about going to visit some of them as well.

    Have a safe and wonderful week and keep those blogs coming as they are filled with lots of wisdom and tid bits for living well.

    Clara from Iowa

  6. I love the outfit. The black and black look great with the pops of color and the pearl lariat. I sometimes find it hard to match the blacks in tops and slacks. I enjoyed the pictures of your Sunday drive. It looks from the picture of the first car the color would have worked with your shoes and handbag.

  7. As a Californian, it is surprising to me to see people at gatherings with no masks! The people at the car show and on the park bench, for instance. Thought you said there was a mask mandate????

  8. Congratulations to Miss Gail on winning the beautiful bracelet! You look really nice in your black outfit with red accessories. Love the red shoes…they actually look comfortable. They are a good choice for the cropped pants. Love the picture of you and Mr Mickey!

  9. Love the outfit and shoes. You are an inspiration on how to go out and about in these Covid times. A question about the purse, are you able to get your phone and wallet in it? It is such a beautiful accent piece.

    1. I don’t always take my phone with me, but it will fit inside, but I don’t have one of those large iPhones. I use a small card carrier instead of a wallet with small bags.

  10. You look lovely as usual. Glad to see you and Mickey can be doing your drives together again and enjoying them. I loved the mask and just ordered them.
    Thanks for all you helpful suggestions and dressing tips.

  11. So pleased to see you looking your old self after what you’ve been through. I love reading what you’ve been doing and seeing pictures of the lovely places you visit. You are very fortunate to have such a variety of scenery and beauty spots that are manageable to get to. Keep well. X

  12. Love the outfit! I have long legs a usually wear a cropped pant or dresses,however you’ve inspired me to put on my cropped loose leg jumpsuit today for my coffee date with my sister in law. The shoes made me smile because 2 years ago I gave away all my square toe sandals and boots, thinking they were never going to come back in style…. I should have known they would be back and looking so darn cute❤️

  13. Too cute!!! Although I no longer wear heels, I have found some darling flats. Your red shoes are fabulous!!!

  14. I couldn’t wear that style but I love red footwear and will be looking for a cute pair of flats after seeing this post! So cute!
    It must be very discouraging for you, having been so ill (even though it wasn’t COVID) when others won’t wear masks.
    They don’t seem to understand that wearing a mask protects the other person, not the one wearing it, so it seems so disrespectful and so against the ‘do unto others’ teaching we grew up believing.
    Please stay safe as you adventure out with Mr. Mickey!

  15. I have a pant length question, Susan. I’m 5’2″ish and feel I’m not tall enough to pull off wearing pants above my ankle. It always strikes me as “high water” or “flood” length. Shorts yes, even cut-offs at the knee. But that ankle look…what’s the “rule”. And what shoes when wearing that length. By the way, your hair looked particularly relaxed and “free”. for such an occasion as “cruz’n”. Lovely
    Many thanks
    La Donna

    1. I don’t wear shorts or capris, so cropped pants or culottes are my limits. It isn’t a particularly flattering style for me, but they are more comfortable than long pants when the temperatures rise. I always wear them with high chunky heels to balance with my thick ankles and calves. The top should be slim and fitted or tucked in if you have the waistline for it. Long pants are more flattering and leg lengthening for us gals with short legs. Ankle length pants have been in fashion for more than twenty years and they are the best option to wear with some footwear.

  16. Miss Susan, You are a great inspiration. THANK YOU. May I ask you a question? Since you are a super shoe collector LOL how do you store your shoes? do you leave in boxes or do you use a shoe hanging bag. Each time my husband and I have moved I pack my shoes in a box and label KITCHEN!! My husband would croak if he saw the large number of shoes I own Typical man you don’t need so many shoes. You can only wear one pair at a time. I remind him there are 7 days in a wee k . Many thanks for your wonderful ideas. My best to Mr. Mickey

  17. Love those red accessories with the black outfit. The shoes may work for more years than you think! All as classic as that lovely car and Mr. Mickey

  18. Fun red shoes! It pops and looks great! Congrats to the winner, Gail! Your generosity is so nice, thank you Susan!

  19. Hi Susan, Can you please tell me why you prefer Beautycounter to Mary Kay skin care? I’m trying to decide between the two. Thank you!

    1. I’ve never had any reactions to any Beautycounter products. More than 1,800 ingredients are never used in Beautycounter formulas. They don’t test on animals. The packaging has been refined to include a minimal amount of plastic. Most of the containers are recyclable glass.

  20. Susan, this is a great outfit and also for early fall. My only shoes in the red family are wine and burgandy. Now I need true red!! You look well rested and glowing. So good to see the two of you out and about.
    I am curious if you have had the antibody test? The symptoms you had were indicative of covid, yet I know your tests were negative. Take care.

  21. My brother lived in Elizabethton in mid 70’s after graduating from UT. We loved visiting that area! Watauga Lake is beautiful. We camped near there in our RV last August at this time of the month. Enjoyed walking around town and seeing the covered bridge.
    Love the red shoes! I think about buying a pair and then decide I don’t know what to wear them with but love it with the black, would be cute with denim too!

  22. I love this outfit!! I really like to wear black basics and add interest with amazing shoes and accessories. The red shoes are so gorgeous and totally take this look to the next level.

  23. Cute red shoes! I thought you were going to stop wearing “high” heels? I have! I had plantar fasciitis that just cleared up last month after 8 months and it was because I am now only wearing shoes with great support! Regardless, I love your shoes! Thanks for always sharing good info!

  24. You are blessed with beautiful places to visit in east TN! I am curious & may seem overly cautious: when yall go on drives, where do you stop for bathroom breaks? Convenience stores, fast food locations? I am still nervous about using public bathrooms. Also, do you pack lunch/snacks or get food to go?

    I am pleased to see that you & Mr Mickey are feeling better!

    Elbow bumps from west TN.

    1. I am with you all the way, Sheila. We plan our outings to last for only a couple of hours so that no food or bathroom breaks will be necessary. We still get an occasional take out item, but mostly I have been preparing all meals at my house.

  25. Hi Susan,
    You look darling in your black and red accessories outfit, I’ve always loved that combination too.

    Watauga Lake sure is beautiful, and the car show looked like fun to see. You two look so cute in the car together.

    Happy joyful day,
    Katherine in Arizona

  26. First, congratulations Gail on winning the beautiful bracelet.
    Susan you look stunning as usual. I find cropped pants awkward for me. Red and black is sch a great combination too.

  27. There is just no way to duplicate the leg lengthening effect of heels and pointed toes. That is why models (like Susan) are often seen with these visual helps. Most women over 60 just cannot do this any longer, due to plantar fasciitis, other foot issues, and, most importantly, balance problems that can lead to falls. Susan is smart about how to look her sharpest and is blessed (apparently) with none of these issues.

  28. Love those red shoes!! Too cute! What a fun afternoon. We enjoy looking at classic cars as well. So glad for you both that you are able to get out and enjoy the fresh air.

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