Stay At Home Makeup

I get up, shower, put on a spritz of perfume, a little makeup, and then get dressed every day, even if I am staying home. It lifts my spirits, makes me much more productive, and puts me in work mode. This ritual also provides a sense of calm and normalcy.

The blouse is old. Similar here. The comfortable pull-on pants are here.

I only wear these soft sneakers inside my home. They are here. My no show Active X socks are here.

I share my daily makeup routine in the following video. All of the products I show are listed below.

In the video above, I misread the tiny print on the tube. The lip color I show is actually the color Orchid here.

I use the whole Countertime Collection here every day, twice a day. During the dry winter months, I use more moisturizer and include Counter+ No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil here. My skin was already clean for the video, so I only showed the steps, including the Countertime Mineral Boost Hydrating Essence and Countertime Tripeptide Radiance Serum. I have added a new product after this step. I love how the Counter+ All Bright C Serum here makes my skin glow even without any makeup.

My treatment routine also includes Counter+ Overnight Resurfacing Peel here. Three evenings per week, I pat it on my clean face, neck, and chest, then pat on moisturizer before bed.

Color Outline Eyeliner Pencil is here. Volumizing (thickening) Mascara is here. The Precision Liquid Eyeliner is here. Dew Skin tinted moisturizer is here. My color number is 2. The Radiant All Over Bronzer is here. I use the color, Surf.

I have been a consultant for Beautycounter for a few years. My website is here.

The video nor this post are sponsored. I purchased all of the products myself. I will earn a small commission if you purchase from the links above.

Merle Norman, Storm, and Chamois eyeshadow colors, and the Brow Sculpting pencil in grey are here.

Stay well and beautiful!

  1. Hi Susan,

    You look beautiful, as always. Thank you for another terrific video. I always learn something new from you.


    Judi Hume

  2. Hello! Just to clarify…you put no mascara, etc., on the bottom lashes, right? Also, thanks for the tip about patting product vs. rubbing. That’s an easy change to make. I, too, have to put on makeup and regular clothes each day. Otherwise….depression! Thanks again!

  3. Thanks for another instructive video. You are inspiring in many ways.
    Have you ever done a “color” video/instruction. Years ago what colors are “your colors” was popular. I have let my hair go natural and am salt and pepper, I feel it makes me look pale. What clothing would look good? I notice you wear blues, but that does not look good on me.
    I live in Florida and as you are staying home and catching up on projects……the desk will be given a couple of days to really purge. Exercising each day is a must…..could be walking or yoga or the pool!
    We can all stay strong together, apart!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I agree with you about staying busy, productive, and active. I have never done a video about color, but I do mention the importance of the right colors for you. Look at your eyes, the inside of your lip, and the underside of your wrist to see some of your best colors. Repeating our colors is always flattering and harmonious.

  4. Hi Susan, thanks for making the video, the bronzer you used does it has sparkles in it or is it a flat base?

  5. Like you, I must dress and “put on my face” daily. It makes me feel better. If I stayed in pj’s and did not fix my face a bit, I’d feel out of sorts all day! You seem to be drawn to the cooler colors in your wardrobe. Are you a “winter”? A “summer”?

    1. I am a winter and always gravitate to the bold, saturated jewel colors. As I age, I am exploring the softer, more dusty tones such as the blouse I wore in this post.

  6. Glad you are well !

    Thank you for the video, very instructive in a short time
    Have the same routine, but will up a little bit the skin make up part

    If you have the possibility to sample somewhere the Eau Dynamisante from Clarins please do
    It‘s not a perfume, but my secret weapon for lifting my moods in tough times (bedridden with a bad back) or like now starting the 3rd week of house bound
    (most virus infected part of France)
    it has no alcoohol so,that you can even spray it in Summer

    Please keep,your viedos coming, we all love them
    Thank you

    Keep safe you and Mr Mickey !
    Kindest regards from France

  7. Thank you again for putting the links to your products in your blog. It is so helpful!! Thank you too for sending me the link to the black dress. Hopefully I didnt lose it again.

  8. I couldn’t agree more about getting dressed, made up and pulled together for the day whether you are quarantined or not, whether you are going out or not.

    I teach Facetime piano lessons right now and you better believe I am dressed (including NO PJ or yoga pants) and ready to go to teach those kids!

    Makes a real difference to me and (probably subconsciously) to them.


  9. You are a natural beauty. Thanks for sharing this makeup video. It is so helpful to see the steps used.
    I too need to feel my best each day. I think I will experiment again with my eyes following your tips. Have a great day!

  10. Hi Susan,
    I hope you and all of your followers are healthy. I have a question for you. You often write about not wearing certain shades near your face. Did you use any formula or metric to figure out your best colors, observations or was it trial and error? Perhaps it would be helpful for your followers to learn some color and coloring pointers.
    Thank you,

    1. If you evaluate different colors against your skin and near your eyes, in natural light, it will become obvious which colors make you look well-rested and healthy. If I wear tan, lime green or any colors with a golden undertone near my face, people always ask me if I am ill.

  11. Since you mentioned your shoes are worn indoors only, I was reminded to share a brand of slippers that I have recently discovered that work for ladies like me who need support. They are Giesswein and they not only have arch support but also a removable insole which accommodates an orthotic. I have been looking for a pair of shoes like this because I have to wear a lift in my left shoe due to scoliosis. They are not pretty pointy-toed shoes but they are comfortable and fill a need.

  12. Susan, I can certainly tell that Beauty Counter has improved your skin texture. You look lovely without make up and certainly stunning with it! Your tutorial was informative. Just a small bit of cosmetics yields a soft and natural look. Thank you so much. I’m going to try to incorporate these techniques.

  13. Hi Susan. You have such beautiful skin. I have slight rosacea. How would your BeautyCounter products work for me? Are there some I should stay away from?
    I enjoyed your makeup video and all your tips. Your look is very natural.

    1. Some of my customers have mentioned that using the Countertime line as well as the Overnight Resurfacing Peel have relieved some of the rosacea. Avoiding tomatoes, hot peppers, carrots, beets, eggplant, onions, radishes, and spinach can lessen the redness. Drinks such as alcohol and hot coffee or tea, can dilate blood vessels and contribute to the issue.

  14. I laughed at your first line because I also put on a spritz of perfume every day, even if I’m staying in under ‘normal’ circumstances. It’s something I’ve always done. I also always shower and get dressed and put on my ‘at home’ makeup because it puts me in work mode.

    Thanks for all your great posts, recommendations, wisdom and photos. So much appreciated.

  15. I have worked remotely from home for the past two years, as my family moved away from my Polytechnics office (to the South Island of NZ) and have always made a practice since of getting up, showered and dressed, put makeup on, spritzed perfume and began work at the same time each day. I find this makes me feel more professional and ready to complete my online admin work. (Sadly, I do have a large collection of shoes (250ish) and half of them I don’t get to wear any more, now that I don’t go into the office each day.)

  16. First of all, you have beautiful skin. Your video gave me a lot of pointers. Pat, don’t rub. The eye instructions were just what I needed. My eyelashes have become very spare and you helped me with that. I have to admit, I have been showering and then just letting my hair air dry. Not a good look! Tomorrow, I will go back to blow drying my hair and taking a bit more time with my makeup, which had also gone MIA. I do spray perfume everyday just for me. Thank you for your inspiring video. You and Mr.Mickey stay well.

  17. Susan great video and I follow your advice since I retired and dress well every day with make up and fragrance.
    I really took notice of your lovely hair in this video and it looks so soft and the natural colour is gorgeous. I would love you to tell us your story from colour to now. I have stopped colouring my hair twice but the mirror sends me back to the colourist. I have even had just foils but still the mirror sent me back. Would love you to tell us your journey

  18. Such an interesting topic! Thank you.
    Even though I’m retired now, I shower, get dressed and apply makeup each day. If not, I have no motivation to complete any tasks.
    Making a Daily To Do List keeps me focused during this difficult time too.
    I really like your short hair. So flattering.

  19. Thank you Susan for the make up tutorial. I needed this pick-me-up! I haven’t worn make up in 2 weeks till today. I did feel better and when I saw myself in the mirror I was happier! I will try a spritz of my cashmere mist by Donna Karan tomorrow. I don’t wear pajamas or yoga stretch pants but I did let the makeup lapse. Thank you for boosting our spirits when every day the news is scary. PS I loved your flower pictures from your drive!

  20. Thanks to you Susan, I did find one good thing about self isolation/quarantine, and that is now that I have all my medical appointments by phone and facetime, I can wear my favorite perfumes. I never did before out of respect for the doctors, their staff and fellow patients whenever I had actual office appointments..
    It’s not easy to find anything good at all about this Covid-19 virus.
    Thank you ever so much for posting/sharing all of your wonderful hints and tips. I always look forward to your videos.

  21. Thank you for a cheerful and positive post, Susan. The patting, not rubbing technique will be part of my routine now.

    Like you, I aim to look good even if no one sees me; it’s good for morale!

    I’m alone in quarantine/lockdown here in the UK, but I prefer to use the term Homestay – and feel grateful for the internet and telephone that helps me keep in touch with friends, family – and Susan After Sixty.

    1. They are inside only shoes because they are so comfortable and I want to keep them clean. They protect my feet from my ferocious office chair and the other furniture my little toe is destined to crash into whenever I am not paying attention.

  22. Good morning Susan,

    Thank you for your makeup tutorial. You have shared some really good tips today. Throughout my life, I have always, gotten up showered, dressed and put a little makeup on. Even when I was a stay-at-home mom raising three children with my husband, cleaning and cooking. Back then most of us did that, in the 50’s and 60’s. My mom did the same. She always had her clean apron on and wore her 2″ heels. I’ve never changed my routine and I always felt better for doing this. I’m still following this routine. Making my bed is the absolute first thing that I do. I somehow feel better doing that and consider it exercise. Every thing I do physically, I consider exercise. My walks are very important and I now have a little floor bicycle to pedal on when watching TV. Wonderful for your legs and tummy. I am a healthy 84-year-old and have been learning Norwegian for many years, as my son is married to a Norwegian lady and has lived in Norway for 27 years. We have four beautiful granddaughters there. My husband died this past December, 2019 and I am learning to live my life without him. He was the love of my life and we were married 58 years. I look forward to your emails so much and love all your videos. I am keeping safe and looking forward to a safer world. Hope you have a wonderful day and once again thank you for being in my life through the internet. Pat

  23. Hello, Susan,
    I am highly sensitive to all eyeshadows. Was so glad to hear that you found the one brand that works for you. Ordering the same brand for myself to try. Fingers crossed…
    I am also allergic to perfume. Even sitting close to a person wearing it will make my eyes eachy and skin red. Wonderring if you know of ‘safe’ fragrance? Or is it hopeless…

  24. Susan, you have skin like rose petals! This video is so helpful. My sensitive eyes are at the point where I avoid mascara. Is Merle Norman mascara as non irritating as their eye shadows?
    Since retiring a few years ago, I never lounge around in night clothes. Get up each morning, shower, dress, quick blow-dry, then breakfast, my fav meal of the day. This routine is especially comforting during this unsettling time. Please keep healthy & offering us positive and informative posts. Thanks!

  25. Interesting video tips Susan, I particularly like the patting technique with products. I have tendency to have rosacea so this should help. (not able to use peels scrubs and perfumed products etc . )
    If you don’t mind can I ask any UK respondents if they have any suggested brands to try for sensitive eyes .
    Also is there is a mascara that can be removed with water that stays put during the day ? Thanks to the Internet for these conversations, stay well all.

  26. Susan, loved this post and bravo for going in front of the camera sans makeup! This gave me the push I needed to get up and put on real clothes, makeup and a spritz of perfume – rather than languish in my sweats bemoaning the coronavirus.

    Linda sittig

  27. I guess it was lucky your stylist cut your hair a little shorter last time you visited. You’ll still look polished for some time! I, on the other hand, was already overdue at the salon. Poor me! LOL

  28. Hi Ms. Susan,

    It’s so nice that you shared your morning routine of putting your makeup on. You just took your beautiful face to another level. Let’s just say, maybe a touch of “kissed by the sun” a bit. I am so with you about keeping eye makeup, brows, foundation, lipstick to a bare minimum as we grow into our character lines. You are appreciated on so many levels and thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your insight and wisdom so unselfishly. I always look forward to reading what you have to say. You are very special.

    In Appreciation,
    Katherine in Arizona

  29. Hi Susan – What would your color suggestions be for eye makeup for hazel eyes? I am going to be 75 this summer, if I make it through the current pandemic, and I still enjoy going into the office everyday (my husband and I own our own small business) because it gives me a chance to dress in business casual attire rather than lounging around the house in sweats all day. Your site is so informative! I really look forward to new posts from you, and love your chic sophisticated look.

  30. I am being blessed by your attitude. I share the same view of dressing at home to the degree I feel pretty and better than in my pjs. I put on my makeup, not as much, I wear more knit clothing, and even sneakers so my knees and hips are supported. I am 64, a petite and try to take best care of myself by eating healthy, doing yoga, and exercise. I slipped down on the activities because I feel a little depression but I try to work my way back. You are beautiful. Thanks for all your tips. God bless and keep you.

  31. Hi Susan,

    which eye shadow from Merle Norman do you use? Is it semi Matt? I’m getting ready to place an order
    Thanks so much. Stay safe, we’re staying home.

  32. Dear Susan,
    I was excited to come across your video on “Stay at Home Makeup”. Thank you for your makeup demonstration. At my age (63), it is getting harder to have a makeup lesson from someone decades younger than me, selling products behind a beauty counter. It was refreshing to see your beautiful face without makeup and then see the subtle makeup applications enhance your looks. Thank you for uplifting my spirits as I am currently at home teaching on Zoom and missing my students. If I may ask, which perfume scent do you use? You mentioned that you wear it for yourself and I thought to myself, it’s those little things that uplift our spirits. Thank you!

  33. I love this but, I have some sun spots/age spots on my cheeks. Any suggestions on a concealer that isn’t too heavy? At 58, I’m blessed with skin that is still very moist, so I have to use light moisturizer and I actually use light powder to help cover the spots. I realize that that can make one look older but, so far I don’t have that problem. I’d love to not wear powder but I kind of need the coverage and living in high humidity, my oily skin gets very very shiny with out it.

  34. I bought some of the all-birds wool runner mizzles for my recent trip to Australia and New Zealand! I love them! Very comfortable and the mizzles repel water so the were great in the rain! I love your haircut, i hope you do a blog soon on your haircut! I need mine cut bad but it may be a while! We self Isolated after our trip due to all the flights and travel. Then when our 14 days were up we were put on Stay at Home orders and all hair salons were closed! Guess it is a good thing I am not going anywhere! May be wearing my scarves on my head!
    Look forward to your blogs and can’t wait until we are out and about again so I can wear my Spring clothes! May have to jump right into Summer!

  35. my computer erased most of my favourite files like yours, my daughter needs to come over and set up my computer after this isolation period
    so glad to find you again
    love your advice on fashion and beauty
    right now need advice how to look great at home
    casual fashion tips

  36. Thanks so much for sharing this. You look wonderful. I have dry eyes and have stopped using mascara, which I need but find using a small amount of color on eyelids help. I need to remember to put some makeup on everyday whether I leave the house or not. You are very encouraging.

  37. Good to hear that Mr. Mickey is home! You take care of yourself as well. I really love your casual look, now that I’m retired my look is more on the casual side but you are an inspiration for me to continue with makeup everyday and dress with comfort and style!

  38. Hi Susan! I’m so glad I found you!! I love your style and I’m enjoying your videos!! Your skin is beautiful – unfortunately I have some age spots from too much sun when I was young and I also have dark purple circles under my eyes. Any suggestions? Would the same tinted moisturizer work for me? I like the idea of something light, as I tend to go too heavy to cover it all up. I was considering a retinoid cream, but I may just try your skincare line. Again – I’m so glad I found your blog and instagram. It’s wonderful to find someone the same age that’s so stylish!! Lots of great tips!! Take care!!

    1. Hi Debbie, Use a green concealer to neutralize the circles under your eyes. Look down to apply small dots where your circles are and then pat the color until it is blended, and your circles are no longer so visible. Then pat your makeup or tinted moisturizer on.

    1. I do add moisturizer in the winter, but not always in the summer. I can’t seem to get enough moisture in the winter but tend to be a bit oily in the T-zone in the summer. Pay attention to how your skin reacts to treatments. You may also need to be flexible with the weather changes.

  39. I ordered the BeautyCounter CounterTime Regimen and I had a virtual consult with Melissa at BeautyCounter !!!
    I am so excited. I believe you will benefit, if only a little. I appreciate your input about facial products and the email you sent me regarding the products you use. Thank you, Jan

  40. Good Day!
    I haven’t been using any foundation or blush since the mask mandate because it shmears up the inside of my mask. I wear a medical grade N95, not cloth, so it can’t be washed. I figure no one is going to see my cheeks anyway!! I just make sure my eyes are happy and sparkle!
    Stay well everyone!!

  41. Susan, if my coloring has no pink undertones and my eyes are light brown with lots of green, and I have brown hair, what colors would you recommend for eyebrows, eyeshadow, and bronzer?
    Thank you

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