Down By The River

We are always seeking safe things to do on the weekends to break the monotony of confinement. When we heard about a small secluded campground located along the Nolichucky River banks, we decided to check it out. Even if we don’t go camping, we can always take chairs and sit in the shade while watching the wildlife and the river flow.

Soft, stretchy denim pull-on pants and my white eyelet top made for a cool, comfortable look for the afternoon drive. The sun is setting earlier now, and the mornings are sometimes cool enough to require a jacket. It was eighty-two degrees and sunny for our drive yesterday.

The pants are here. A similar mask is here.

A similar bag is here, here, and here.

Similar shoes are here, here and here.

The pearl earrings are here. A similar watch is here. A similar bracelet is here, and a similar ring is here.

If you are looking for us this weekend, we’ll be down by the river for a picnic.

  1. Susan,
    Reading your posts make me so happy! I am a Tennessee girl too (living in NC.)
    Love your style!
    All the best to you and yours.

  2. Love this outfit! So comfortable to travel in. Can you share your size on the pants? I’m wanting to order a pair but hesitant about what size to get. Thank you! Such a fun day!

  3. I bought those Sam Edelman sandals the first time you wrote about them, and I’m so glad I did! They are so comfortable and I feel very confident wearing them!

  4. So happy you & Mr. Mickey are getting out again & being safe. You both had me worried!
    I hope you both have a blessed week.

  5. What a great idea to go to campgrounds, set up chairs and enjoy nature, Susan. Thank you for that photo, too. So serene and lovely. It’s sad to see the days getting shorter already, isn’t it? Thank you, too, for sharing your outfit. I just ordered the pants.
    Best wishes, Mary

  6. I like this look on you. Comfortable and chic for a nice drive and park setting. Not sure about the purse and shoes but otherwise very nice.
    Loved the water pictures as that is always special to see. Hope you had a very nice outing.
    Take care, stay safe and continue to be cautious like you do.

    Clara from IA

  7. My husband and I decided to “escape Covid confinement” by weekend drives to areas to the east, northeast, and central Florida from our Naples, FL home. It has been interesting to see how different these areas are from Naples and the immediate Naples area.

  8. What a lovely spot to sit & relax! My husband & I are the camping types & we love to find a spot by a flowing river or a beautiful creek. I hope you have a chance to go back & enjoy it again.

  9. It is hard to beat relaxing by a mountain river! So calming and relaxing! We all need a little of that after these last 5 months!
    Always love white and blue!

  10. You look lovely as always. So glad that you came through Covid, as it must have been so scary for you.

    Stay well,

  11. As a new follower I wonder where you are living and posting your fashions? Not sure which state the Nolichycky River is in. I am quite a bit older than you but wear the same styles and my hair is the same color and similarly styled. Looking back on older postings I notice your hair was longer. You look great both ways! Diane

  12. Perfect outfit and accessories. And the river looks so refreshing! I love wide rivers with broad valleys, like the French Broad.

  13. This brought back memories. When my husband and I were new empty nesters we would often get home from work and head to the river. On those very hot summer days we would pack up our lawn chairs and spend and hour or so in the shade and cool breeze off the river. He would read the paper and I would just stare at the river running by. A chance to unwind. This was a small state park on the Mohawk River in NY, close to our home We were usually there alone as most folks were in their homes making dinner. Thanks for bringing that memory back.

  14. I love sitting by the river. So peaceful.It has been awhile. I just love that blouse, I have been contemplating a similar one for awhile. Perhaps today is the day.

  15. Do you mind if I ask what kind of wallet you use with your little handbags? I also need room for glasses, keys and phone. Thank you for all of your tips! You’ve been a tremendous help to me.

    1. When I carry a small bag, I put my cards and money in a holder such as this one. I use smaller zippered pouches to organize the contents of my bags. I can grab only the ones I need when I switch bags. When I am away for the day, I always take a tote bag with everything I will need, including a small crossbody bag to carry into stores.

  16. Hi Susan,
    That’s just what we did. Our 50th anniversary occurred during the pandemic & we cancelled our celebration. When the day arrived we went to a campground by a lake & walked around. The buildings were closed but we found a park bench with a view of the lake & spent several pleasant hours talking & taking in the view. Then we found a restaurant offering take out & ate it in the van. Who knew such a significant event could be cherished so simply. Have a great time.

  17. How tight are the legs on the pants? Would you consider them skinny jeans or straight leg jeans.? I don’t enjoy skin tight jeans, but I like the looks of these.

  18. This post inspired my husband and I to pack a picnic lunch and take a drive to a lake at a nearby state park. Thanks so much for your posts!

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